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Ten Thousand Fists (Parental Advisory/Limited Edition) [PA] - Disturbed 27/11/2007

Land of distinction

Ten Thousand Fists (Parental Advisory/Limited Edition) [PA] - Disturbed I have to disagree with some of the negative reviews that this album/band have got so far. I personnaly own all three of disturbeds albums in special edition versions and i have to say they are superb. Although the lyrics and riffs may seem humdrum for those inexperienced in the metal genre i assure you that they stand above the rest with thier rough edged, melodious sound and excellent compatibility with the lyrics. The album like most has one or two tracks that are average and are better suited for background music but overall each track has a distinct sound and feel to it. In my opinion Track No. 5 'stricken is a clear sincher for this album if you are undecided then go to the bands website and listen to the track on thier intergrated player, then make your desicion as is sets the bands style out very distinctly and is thier most popular track to date. Overall i would highly recommend this band if you are a fan of any metal band such as slipknot, korn, stone sour or linkin parks older material. If you arn't then i would advise against a purchase before sampling.

Ultimate Force - Series 1-4 (Box Set) (DVD) 21/11/2007

Passed Selection!

Ultimate Force - Series 1-4 (Box Set) (DVD) An excellent series shown on itv for the past few years. Ultimate force plays well of the auora of mystery that surrounds the SAS. Although the dialouge does start to drift into the usual technical-jargon banter that occurs during this genre of television it more than makes up for it with its stunning special effects and deeply involved storyline that hooks in the viewer right from the start. A must for fans of any action or sci-fi series produced in the past or any ex-millitary personell. Special features on the DVD also add to the value rather than acting as padding to make up for a mediocre ammount /quality of work. Due to its nature if you are of US origin i would advise against a purchase unless you have a good sense of humour as they play off american faults with sything british humour.

Ultraviolet - Ed Allenyne-Johnson 21/11/2007

Electronic Rock meets classical

Ultraviolet - Ed Allenyne-Johnson Ed Alleyene-Johnson is an incredible artist who uses electronic mixing techniques to compliment his masterful skill of the violin. Not only this but he does it while playing and uses 'looping' to play several parts at once. His melodies are soothing and harmonious and although similarties between songs may become repetitive all have thier distinct differences from one another. My personal favourite from this album is 'Orange' which slowly builds up from a simple base line to a flurry of well orchestrated violin solos. Overall i would recommend Ultraviolet to anyone who wants an original take on classical and rock fusion or just wants some relaxing music to play in the background after a long days work. I emplore you to investigate his other albums as well as they consist of some well perfomed covers from well known artists.

Star Trek - Voyager - Series 3 - Complete (DVD) 21/11/2007

Homeward Bound.

Star Trek - Voyager - Series 3 - Complete (DVD) Star Trek Voyager is an excellent addition to the star trek universe with a reputation that is well deserved. The characters are superbly constructed and performed by the various actors employed during the series. Prostetics and special effects are second to none and the storyline is so diverse and involved that you will feel part of the story as voyager trys to find its way home through the treacherous 'delta quadrant'. Despite the above however, like any programme voyager has its flaws. A good example is captain janeways insufferable 'humanity' which although liberating and heartwarming in small doses, numbs the mind in large ones. Although this does remove some of the enjoyment of voyager it is greatly outdone by the opinions mentioned previously. So i willingly recommend if you are either a fan of action, sci-fi, drama or horror voyager has something that will appeal to everyone.
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