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A father of 2 toddlers in a busy house . I need / write honest reviews and count value for money as honest quality .

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Nickelodeon Land, United Kingdom 27/10/2013

Costly Fun for the Whole Family

Nickelodeon Land, United Kingdom Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure beach has had a lot of Marketing this summer / autumn on Tv and radio . Having been a childhood fan of the pleasure beach I decided that for a half term treat I would take my children aged 5 and 3 , also my parents too . Firstly I used the Pleasure Beach Website to try and plan my visit and found it more than a little confusing and hard to use . It has been designed to direct you to buy tickets at every click , when what I was trying to do was research the height restrictions so I could make an informed purchase of wristbands based on what rides my kids could actually get on. This is very nearly impossible ! On arriving at 2pm on Thursday 24th Oct , with a plan to ask what was best , and having the kids there so they could be measured , we instantly were greeted with a grunt from a disinterested staff member , who just kept repeating that there was 19 children rides in the park and we cant just by the children wristbands as they need to be accompanied onto most of them! My father parted with £138 to get us in ( yes you read that right ...£138 for 4 hours . ( 4 adult wristbands and 2 children ) Now even within the park it is not clear what rides the kids can get on and which they cant , we met similar families struggling with this . Nickelodeon Land itself , is a very small part of the park but looks great and the kids were amazed and excited . They went on all but one ride in NL as they wernt big enough for the Nickelodeon streak ...

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm, United Kingdom 30/08/2013

ICE CREAM FARM - too big for its boots?

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm, United Kingdom I am lucky enough to live within 15 minutes of the Ice Cream farm at Tattenhall in Cheshire . I have 2 toddlers 5 and 3 and so over the past 5 years have visited many many times! When we started going it consisted of 3 main things : Inside playbarn Outside playarea and animals Ice cream parlor This meant that it was an ideal visit with toddlers and was reasonably cost effective for an afternoon out . Recently though this place has expanded beyond its capabilities with quad bikes / crazy golf / huge cafe/ art and crafts place / more animals / more outside play . Unfortunately this has had the effect of losing some of its charm . The staff are run off their feet with the masses that decent daily throughout the summer , and it shows in their attitude. ( you should see their faces when 100 cyclists arrive together on a Sunday morning! ) Basically what I am saying is that they have gotten greedy. Everything is now designed to take your money , Picnics are banned ! so beware your wallet will quiver ! Toilets outside are still the same shed/ caravan that set on fire years ago and they painted over them . Shame they haven't spent some money on this ? I would highly recommend a visit but head there out of season ! Sat/ sun mornings are usually reasonably quiet . Ideal for ages 3-8 out of this bracket are either too small to enjoy much or bored. Entry is free ( To the site) Playbarn (indoor) is £6.95 each , ...

Aparthotel Tamaimo Tropical, Tenerife 27/08/2013

Fun in the Sun- Tamaimo Tropical style

Aparthotel Tamaimo Tropical, Tenerife I Love this place , Its a large hotel surrounding 2 huge pools in a lovely area of Tenerife . I visited last year and we had a great time . Coming back this year , it was still great but....... The pool area was tired looking a really needed some attention ( tiles missing , pool cracking, edge platform flaking paint , Sunbeds dirty and broken ) I did see some start of work as we were leaving and so so hope that they are addressing this as it lets down what is a great , simple , hotel Had a 2 bedroom apartment and didn't use the all inclusive as there are so many fantastic restaurants , which are very reasonable, right on your doorstep . Apartment was clean well furnished and in a good state of repair , Sea view . Due to make up of hotel you will always have road one side and pool the other , can be quite noisy ( head for route 66 bar across the road and you wont care !) I will be heading back for a 3rd time next year and really really hope that the hotel has continued to improve . Top tip - Book self catering only - they will offer you a much better all-inclusive deal when you arrive and you can also choose to only use it on certain days , saving ££££

Hotel Holiday Village, Sarigerme, Dalaman 21/08/2013

Brilliant Place with few issues ! - Holiday Village - Turkey

Hotel Holiday Village, Sarigerme, Dalaman firstly I should say that we had a brilliant holiday here , we are 2 adults and 2 children aged 3 and 5 . 1. The room: we booked a 'family Den room' but the only difference we could see is that we had bunk beds for the kids instead of a pullout sofa bed . The room was large and clean, ( cleaned daily) It comprised of a bathroom to the left on entry with shower over a fair sized bath , then the main bedroom with huge bed , then sliding doors to the kids room with a balcony after that. it is not practical if you want to use the balcony for anything other than drying swimming stuff as we would wake the kids . people we spoke to had the same room size for 3 teenage kids and said they couldn't get to the balcony. Also note , the corridors are very noisy at night and echo the noise of people knocking on doors , running up and down etc we were woken at 1 am quite frequently! 2. Food: Plentiful , you could never go hungry in this place ! the choice was good and the quality good too . It was impossible not to find something that you fancied . However the main restaurant was very busy during dinner and the noise was off putting from so many people in one place ( we sat outside for every meal and although hot it was worth the peace . Lunch is served in the pool restaurant and is even more manic than dinner , head for the chill-out bar and pancake house for toasties / pancakes to avoid the crush . Ice cream was served for 2 hours only 3-5 pm and there was a fair queue throughout . the ...

Huawei Ascend G300 21/08/2013

Good Value Smartphone-Huawei G300

Huawei Ascend G300 I bought this as my I-phone 4 was playing up as a replacement until my contract expired . I paid £95 from Vodafone on a pay as you go and inserted my contract Sim. The phone is really good looking and is Slim with a silver and white casing . the rear Battery/Sim cover is really easy to remove and replace and feels like quality when handling . The screen is large and covers the entire front of the phone making it appear sleeker . The pone is operated by a power button at the top which also controls the lock screen and so is in use constantly , It can be a bit fiddly to find at first but you get used to it . The phone has stood up well to being dropped a couple of times and has gained a few scratches in the 4 months i have had it . ( mainly as I keep putting it in a pocket with coins/keys!) The android operating system is quick and has everything that my HTC used to have + more, the screen looks great and the vivid colours give a great appearance . I have downloaded and installed many games and find no issues in operation , even when app sizes are very big ( candy crush!) It does all the social networking you like such as Facebook and Twitter ( already installed) I think that this phone is absolutely brilliant value when compared with other smartphones and should be seriously considered if like me you don't care about brand and want something that works plus doing a bit of the flashy stuff! At £95 it was an absolute bargain and i now use it as my main phone . The ...

Generic Allwinner 4GB Wifi 20/08/2013

Good value but not child proof ( not even nearly)

Generic Allwinner 4GB Wifi I got my son aged 5 one of these at Christmas as he liked the simple android App's I had on my phone . The tablets looks good in a variety of colors and feel quite sturdy . The tablet is easy to use , easy to set up and download apps from Google play . However after just 2 weeks i noticed that the screen was becoming scratched badly and the battery was running down very quickly . After about 3 months the power connection to recharge became loose and it would not charge properly . After 6 months the power/ charger slot has completely broken and slipped inside . I opened it up to see if I could fix it and was shocked by what i saw ...... the chips / wires and components are held in place by tape ! It is obviously a very cheap build process which keeps the cost down but it will not last in the hands of a 5 year old ! ...

LG F1289TD5 20/08/2013

Quiet and good looking , slow spin though

LG F1289TD5 I have had the LG direct drive 8kg Washer for 5 weeks now . I am a Father of 2 toddlers and the washing machine is in use at least once per day . Our busy washing schedule means that the 8kg drum option was a must and it really makes a difference compared to the 5kg washer it replaced . If you think a couple of kg difference wont make much difference ( like I used to) then you will be pleasantly surprised. The machine looks sleek and stylish and feels good on build quality . There are multiple wash cycle options and extra rinses that can be selected . I must admit that i almost always now press the ' crease decrease' wash option and find that it really does reduce on ironing ( provided that you get the wash out immediately when finished . On that note it has a handy wash delay system which will allow the machine to turn on up-to 6 hrs in the future . The display also counts down the wash time remaining and even plays a little tune when finished . The spin cycle is very quiet and even on the final spin it remains very quiet . The only downside that I can see is that it only has a 1200rpm spin and this makes a noticeable difference especially with large loads which come out noticeably damp, my old machine had a 1800rpm spin and although noisy , spun much of the water out .
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