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since 06/03/2004


Sony MDS-JE 480 MiniDisc Player & Recorder 20/05/2004

Sony MDS-JE 480

Fujifilm FinePix M603 20/05/2004

Fuji Finepix M603

Fujifilm FinePix M603 I bought this camera as a replacement for a much cheaper 'Trust' model and immediately noticed the difference in quality. Since I purchased it when it had only just been released I no doubt paid over the odds for it though i did recieve a free 512mb microdrive with it. The camera can take at up to 6 million pixels with its superb CCD technology so it can be a little heavy on memory usage still i fit a good few hundred on the microdrive card. The camera is capable of recieving both the cheap and large capacity microdrive cards, which i am told is fully compatible with CF type 1 and 2, and the new super fast XD cards. The package includes a 16mb XD card though most people would want to upgrade as soon as possible as access times on these tiny cards are far superior to the microdrive which is actually a small hard disk. As well as excelling in picture quality with perfect colour tones and a very intelligent white balance, the M603 is a very competent video camera offering a frame rate of 30fps in a high quality with audio. My 512mb microdrive fits just over 6 minutes wort of video on it which is great for quick shots which can be used to rip frames from on the cameras huge screen. Just as well really as it has no optical viewfinder. Some people complain about this vastly reducing battery life but this coupled with the power intensive microdrive and the standard NP-60 battery last for a good hour longer than some similar models such as the F601 and it can be upgraded with the ...

Kill Bill Vol.1 (DVD) 20/05/2004

Kill Bill 1

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