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Honda NSR125 11/08/2010

Shame they don't make them anymore!

Honda NSR125 This bike looks amazing and is lovely to ride. I commutted 30 miles each way to work on this bike, mainly on dual carriageways. This bike holds it's own on the road and the size of it makes you feel safe amongst the traffic! The fuel tank is quite small, so if used for longer commutes, it needs filling every other day. Because the bikes a two stroke, it also requires regular oil top ups and the oil tank is under the petrol tank, which can make top ups a little fiddly, but not impossible! This bike has NO fuel gauge, so you need to remember when you filled it up... i got caught out a few times because there isnt a massive difference in weight between it being full or empty. The handle bars are quite low and other reviews slate the rider position, but i never had an issue with it! Not sure if my height (5'3") had any influence on that. Unfortunately I recently came off my bike and damaged most of the panels, the insurance company immediately wrote it off becuase they are no longer produced and black versions are like rocking horse poop to get your hands on, so spare fairings are few and far between ;o/ ...
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