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Green Wing - Series 1 And 2 (Box Set) (DVD) 20/04/2008

A british version of Scrubs - but insanely better.

Green Wing - Series 1 And 2 (Box Set) (DVD) Green wing is and offbeat British comedy that follows the lives of doctors and employees of the east Hampton hospital trust. The main characters include, Mac the strawberry blonde (ginger) hunk of the show who has many admirers amongst the hospital staff. He is played by the ever so charming Julian Rhind-Tutt, who has also featured in black books alongside the outrageously funny bill bailey, and more recently the risqué film rabbit fever. However no leading man is without his leading lady, enter Dr Guilliame Secretan ( known as Guy to his hospital posse) He is the arrogant anaesthetist who we can't help but hold a soft spot for. Played by Stephen Mangan, the character Guy never fails to say the most inappropriate things at the wrong time, for example when Mac's ex shows up with a child, claiming it is his, Guy can not help but mock his so -called best friend during a surgical procedure, singing the words "You've got a ginger child, that floated out of your penis" This scene also highlights the classic Green Wing surreal style that makes this programme stand out from the crowd, when Guy whips out a huge keyboard mid song to accompany this memorable moment. Alongside this duo stands Dr Caroline Todd, the newbie in the hospital who later gains the affections of both men. Played by Tamsin Greig, who has also starred in black books and smack the pony, Dr Todd is a more realistic characterisation of female hospital staff, e.g. she is not blonde and does not have big ...

Zanussi-Electrolux ZDF 511/ZDF 511 S 19/04/2008

Never Wash By Hand Again

Zanussi-Electrolux ZDF 511/ZDF 511 S I had never used a dishwasher before in my life, i had always had to settle for the kitchen sink but with my life being so jam packed with things to do and with money to spare i thought i would buy this Zanussi-Electrolux ZDF 511/ZDF 511 S. The delivery man turned up on a friday morning and i gave him a hand unloading it into our kitchen. It was love at first sight this dishwasher was elegantly made and its silver body and stylish design fitted into my kitchen magnificently. Once i had stopped admiring my new appliance's beauty the delivery man was unwrapping it and getting it ready to install. I left him alone with a cup of tea and left him to get on with it. About 40 mins later it was installed and he was showing me to work it. Showing me all of its different wash functions i wondered to myself how many will i be actually using?. I then looked quickly in the instruction manual and found out that it had a 19 hour time delay which was extremely useful for when i had my hands full at the time, and i know when it would finish thanks to its LED display. This dishwasher also features 12 place settings for all of my washing needs but the real good thing was that its water consumption per wash was only 15 litres, so this baby would save me cash on water bills as well as time. No wonder its rated A for efficeny plus i can do my bit to help the enviroment as well. The thing that did bug me though was its 47dba which in other words means its very loud when its washing ...

LG L204WS-SF 20 in 18/04/2008

What A Great Monitor

LG L204WS-SF 20 in If you want a stylish widescreen monitor from a reputable company then i suggest you buy this one. Why you say?, well because it looks greater and performs better than the old CRT monitors. When the delivery driver came to drop off my little bundle of joy i was very surprised how light it was. 5.5kg to be precise which made it easier for me because i missed my delivery time. I had to pick it up at the royal mail holding place and walk about 2 miles to get back home with it. I would of used the car but the flipping alternator failed on me so it was in the garage for repairs. When i finally got home i got it out of the box and placed it on the desk (where my old monitor used to sit) and grabbed the set of instructions. Reading them was a doddle, the instructions were nicely set out and highly informative but i didnt really need them because the monitor was plug and play. All i had to do was plug the old cables from my montitor in and hey presto my new widescreen monitor was working and i could save the new ones as spares. I booted up my computer joyfully to see if the screen was genuinely better than my old one and i could see straight away that it was. My new twenty inch monitor was really bright thanks to its 300 cd/m2 and the colours were alot clearer. It said in the instructions that it boasts a 5ms response time which isnt just technical waffle, it really means that fast moving images like someone running on video or an explosion in a game dont ghost or jitter making ...

Home Sweet Home (Limited Edition/+DVD) - Kano 17/04/2008

Home Sweet Home Review

Home Sweet Home (Limited Edition/+DVD) - Kano Home Sweet Home is the 2005 debut album from East London rapper Kano. Produced by top label 679 Recordings It includes the singles "P's and Q's", "Typical Me", "Remember Me", "Nite Nite", "Brown Eyes" and "Signs in Life". "Don't Know Why" samples the song "War Pigs" by metal band Black Sabbath. Ok im going to focus on a few of the tracks here to give you a better understanding of what the albums like. "Reload it" The guests on this track play a substantial part with Dirty South rap mogul and M.I.A. deejay Diplo taking control behind the dials by hitting home hard with frantic breaks and bouncing rhythms, allowing underground grimey stars Demon and D double E to double up and do double time on this track with the equally energetic Kano himself. "Signs In Life" has a very nice bassline and you could tell kano really got into this song. Not just because it lasts for 6 mins, its the fact the emotion that he showcase's on the track is suberb. "P's And Q's" Now this tune has to be my favourite with a banging bassline and kano just doing some serious spitting. soft electrical sounds and a low base synthetic sound make this a real banger of a tune, no wonder it was played up and down the country in the raves,clubs, pubs, bustops lol etc. The dvd has an very interesting journalist givin kano some very thoughtful questions and there is a music video for the tune "Reload It" accompanied with a poster in the plastic jewell case. So If your into garage, grime and hip hop you will ...

The Great Escape (DVD) 16/04/2008

The Great Film

The Great Escape (DVD) The Great Escape, written by James Clavell, W.R. Burnett, and Walter Newman (who went uncredited for this film), and directed by John Sturges is a popular 1963 World War II film starring Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough and James Garner, based on a true story about Allied prisoners of war with a record for escaping from German prisoner-of-war camps. The Luftwaffe placed them in a new more secure camp, Stalag Luft III, from which they promptly formed a plan to break out 250 men. The film was based upon the factual book of the same name by Paul Brickhill, who observed the actual events as a prisoner, as did George Harsh who supplied the introduction. Harsh, one of the few Americans in the British section of Stalag Luft III, died in 1980 at age 72, according to a 1980 page of obituaries in Time magazine. Featuring an all-star cast including McQueen (whose motorcycle chase is the film's most remembered action scene; he also did many of his own stunts), James Garner, Richard Attenborough, James Coburn, Gordon Jackson, Charles Bronson and Donald Pleasence, The Great Escape is regarded as a classic and frequently repeated on television near christmas time. The march tune written by Elmer Bernstein (which everybody knows) serves as the the films theme tune and is also regarded as a classic. . This is probably my favourite all time film and the fact that its packed with added extras makes it even more so. It comes beautifully packaged in a little steel book and the ...

London Town (Limited Deluxe Edition/+DVD) - Kano 15/04/2008

London London London Town

London Town (Limited Deluxe Edition/+DVD) - Kano London Town is the second studio album by Kano, released on September 10, 2007. The first single, featuring Craig David, "This Is The Girl" was released on August 27, 2007, the second being "Feel Free", featuring Damon Albarn. Guests include, other than David and Albarn, Vybz Kartel, Kate Nash and Leo the Lion. The album entered the UK charts at #14 which doesnt look good but when you consider, it is very good for a uk rapper which is kano. I wont go into depth at all of the tracks because i havent got the time but i should highlight a few of the good ones. The Product is a very decent song with a decent set of drum kicks running through it with a low base synth sound. Kano raps about how he came up through the mean streets of london to what he is today and his wordplay is second to none. London Town is quite similar in the respect that he is spitting straight from the heart its chorus is good, the beat is good, its a real club banger. Buss it up features the infamous Vybz Kartel with his phat jamaican deejaying style along with kanos lyrics and the hard sounding electrical sounds make this a really good song. The grime mc revisits what kano has left behind on his album with a really grimey sounding tune accompanied with nice drum kicks and some beatboxing. It explains how kids in the grime scene are in the present day. The other songs are really good but dont have enough character to be mentioned as true great kano songs unlike most of the tunes on his first album. ...

Selca Split 88 Wireless alarm 15/04/2008

Selca Spilt 88 Wireless Alarm Review

Selca Split 88 Wireless alarm This Selca split 88 wireless alarm protects any property in a 30 metre radius such as your car, boat, garage, shed, caravan and even your home. Using its latest and greatest RISC generation processor with its 4 PIR and/or magnetic contact sensors within its 30m radius will provide a high level of security. When the 4 sensors are programmed correctly this makes for a very versatile alarm system and when an unauthorised break-in takes place the alarm will sound... very loudly causing everyone in the vicinty of this annoying sound to wonder what the hell is going on. its also packed with two special functions which are its two anti-hijack functions which protect against the theft of keys and using its interior movment sensors it can protect the building in which the vehicle is being held along with the vehicle. The first anti-hijck function allows the vehicle to operate via a two digit pin code which has to be programmed by the owner of the vehicle everytime he/she steps inside the vehicle or if one of the doors are open then the code must still be entered to make the alarm ready. If the code is not set then the antihijack function will operate and eventually make the car come to a grinding halt. This will also protect your car from being started by a thief with stolen keys. The second anti-hijack function is completely automatic and does not need to be set by the owner of the alarm system. It works by using a PST key (which is about the same size as an after eight mint but ...

Selca Wireless PIR 15/04/2008

Selca Wireless PIR Review

Selca Wireless PIR This selca alarm brings you a good standard of security by using wireless RF technology, Which means it is a system that uses infra red and contact sensors to protect your vehicle. Designed and produced in Italy, These decent alarms are manufactured to the highest standards. This product is easy to set up and should be used in conjunction with other selca products such as the selca split 88 wireless alarm to give that added extra bit of security. I actually bought this as a gift for someone in my family who owns a caravan and they told me that they were greatly pleased with this product because it not only improves the security level in your automobile it gives you that peace of mind as well, plus the actual alarm noise is very loud which is a good thing because if you are being robbed then everybody will know and either call the police or aid you in your attempt to sort out the problem. Advantages: Easily Installed, Cheap, Good Standard Of Security, Loud Alarm Disadvantages: None if installed correctly Technical Specification: Battery powered (PP3) 66 Bit coded signal output Can also be used with the Splitt 88 Standby current consumption 20 micro Amps 30M maximum range Ideal for motor homes, caravans, etc Setup for single, double or triple movement triggers Price £55

Sony Ericsson K750i 14/04/2008

Good All Rounder

Sony Ericsson K750i I own this phone and its very good but there are better out there on the market at the moment but if your low on cash this could be the phone for you. It cost me a 100 quid at the time but im sure its gone down quite alot by now. Advantages Good Sound, Clear menu system The 2.0 megapixel camera, Durability, Interchangeable covers and the phones bright light which is very useful for finding the keyhole on a drunken night out lol Disadvantages heavy and bulky, The zoom on the camera isnt too good, plus the joystick does seem to stick in sometimes. So the conclusion that i've reached would be that this is a very good little nifty phone and i would recommend this for people to buy.

Disklok 14/04/2008

Disklok Stands Up To The Test

Disklok I bought this from halfords for £80 i think about a year go.My first impressions were that it wasnt exactly what i had in mind for a steering lock. It was so heavy and so big i had problems storing it away but what an investment it was. On march the 14th i awoke to found that my prized possesion had been broken into and what a mess it was. The drivers window was broken, glass all over the seat and driveway plus my £180 cd player had been stolen. I invesigated further, looking under my steering wheel there were wires hanging everywhere, an obvious sign that these mindless thiveing scum had also tried but failed to steal my car as well that night thanks to the help of this disklok. The Disklok had been attacked with something heavy i could tell because of the small dentings and scratches that had been left on it but still the thieves didnt prevail. Dont get me wrong i was annoyed that i had been robbed but at least they didnt steal the car. That was the first time i had ever been robbed and i hope it will be my last thanks to this thatcham and approved by me disklok.
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