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Thistle Euston, London 13/06/2005

Thistle Euston - very disappointing :(

Thistle Euston, London This weekend I celebrated my ma's 70th birthday by treating her, my son and moi to a weekend in London to see the Lion King. My mum has never been well off and always put her kids, then grandkids first, like many many mums, so I wanted this to be extra extra special for her. I booked first class train travel and that was just wonderful, she felt like royalty. I checked with Theatremonkey and booked top seats at the theatre where we had THE BEST view to an AWESOME performance (it should be made compulsary to go see it). London was buzzing, and they even laid on a bit of pomp and ceremony for us by way of Trooping the Colour (ta for that Queen) ..... So you see everything was pretty much perfect ....... but for the hotel. I hadn't been able to stretch to a 5 star but had heard such great reviews about Thistle hotels that rather than shop around I decided to play it safe with that. BIG MISTAKE! There was nothing madly wrong with the hotel, it was clean enough and the service was very friendly .......... it was just that the decor was very very tired, the carpets were showing signs of threadbare, the breakfast was nice in a B & B sort of nice, the beds just were not very comfy and we had to lug our cases up about 10 stairs and down looooooooong dark narrow corridors ........ and if I am to be extra picky the shampoo didn't half make my scalp itch (thank goodness I used it AFTER the show - though it didnt make for very polite 1st class train travel behaviour ...

What I Meant to Say - Donny Osmond 13/06/2005

A grown up Donny Osmond with grown up music

What I Meant to Say - Donny Osmond This album is incredible. Whether a fan or not beforehand you really need to set all preconceptions to one side and just sit and listen to the lyrics and music to appreciate the talent of this man with 40+ years in the business. 'What I Meant to Say' is supposedly a literal offering of getting what it says on the label. Osmond co-wrote most of the tracks and has explained his meaning and inspiration behind some of them, but I get the feeling that there is much more behind the lyrics on some tracks than first meets the ear, which adds a healthy seasoning of curiousity to an already tastey album. The first track - 'Breeze on By' - A smooth jazz, chillin-on-a-lazy-day, sound that evolved from George Benson's 'Breezin'. It has a comfy feel good factor that can't fail to raise a smile, especially when watching the video on your pc, in which Osmond manages to make middle age seem something to embrace with pleasure. Track 2 - 'Keep Her in Mind' - Osmond has been very open about the fact that this album is written from deep within his being and that in exposing himself in such a way leaves him very vulnerable. Listen to the lyrics from this track and your first thought is that he is confessing to an extra-marital affair, your second thought is 'how the heck did he get this one past his wife?' (Married to Debbie for 26 years). My take on this is that he is referring to his faith which is very much the other being in his life and Osmond makes no apology for that fact, ...
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