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Sun Tropical Lanzarote 17/09/2003

5* Star All The Way

Sun Tropical Lanzarote Before I had a complete breakdown we decided it was about time we took a long deserved holiday, I was willing to go anywhere as long as I could sit and vegetate by a pool with a book for a week, and not be anywhere associated with the working environment, as I have been working seven days a week. Therefore, we decided the breezy isle of Lanzarote for our family holiday. We booked through first choice and paid what seemed an arm and a leg for one-week half board in an apartment which was 5*, which slept four. The price was just over £1,000 for two adults and one child. The only down side of not visiting lanzarote before, was we had not pre conceptions of what to expect especially since we booked The Sun Tropical Apartments which were only completed at the end of May. My only thought was they finished. Were there builders on your balcony at seven in the morning? I have been there before and never again, so we took the chance and only booked one week. Upon arriving at Arrecife airport just before dusk the coach collected us and deposited various passengers off at their holiday destination then the tour rep then gave his story about the complex. So far so good, and not a builders bums in sight. My worries had been to bed. The complex was enormous, the reception was the only way in, and the way out so once you are in there was no chance of any wondering off with out being noticed. The staffs, on first impression were very warm and friendly and they had even arranged us ...

Vacuum Storage Bags 31/10/2002


Vacuum Storage Bags Well I finally think that summer has finally ended, with the leaves turning to their autumn shades and the fashions changing to warmer shades and warmer materials, what to do with all those clothes from summer. If like me, you never throw any thing away until the summer season starts to find out if you can recycle some of last seasons fashions, then here is the solution. Why not invest in some Space Saver Vacuum Bags, now widely available at most shops. Argos, Littlewoods, Lakeland Limited all sell these through their catalogue services, and not forgetting the place where they first appeared on our screens QVC. These bags are a miracle for people with not a lot of space or a large amount of clothes, summer duvets and odds and sods they want safely storing until they need to come out again. I purchased some of these through Lakeland Limited, after looking in my cupboards and realising that if I wanted more clothes for this winter some of the stuff was going to have to go. However, never throwing anything away, remembering Lakeland having sold this product for a number of years. So I endeavoured to find this product by surfing the web, low and behold there they were just as I thought, under their storage section. The bags come in two sizes the first being a jumbo bag which measures 36” x 48” (91cm x 122cm) this comes at a cost of 10.25 GBP and the second bag which is a Large measures 22” x 33” (45cm x 84cm) and this one is priced at ...

Lilo And Stitch (Animated) (DVD) 05/10/2002


Lilo And Stitch (Animated) (DVD) After eating half of Tesco’s supply of Dairylea Lunchables and saved free the cinema tokens we decided to take our three-year-old daughter to our local UCI cinema to watch the newly released film from Disney, Lilo, and Stitch. The film is a U like all Disney movies, and after recently purchasing Monsters Inc and watching it daily, I think I built up my expectation of the forth-coming movie. The animation was nowhere near M/I but more like Pocahontas, very flat visually. I was not very disappointed as the story line and the comedy aspect won me over. The film is based on a broken family living in Hawaii, the family consists of a small girl called Lilo, who is totally scrumptious and her sister who is her guardian. Stitch is an alien from a far away galaxy, who was made by a made professor. Stitch was made for one purpose and one purpose only destruction, his maker was sent to jail and Stitch sent to exile, but things go wrong and he escapes and takes a pod and lands on the island of Hawaii. Lilo does not have many friends, as other children think that she is strange, mainly because their parents were killed in a car accident. She starts to feel lonely; meanwhile there is a social worker on their case to try to separate them both. As her older sister has a hard job holding down a job and looking after the mischievous Lilo on her own. Therefore, after hearing Lilo prayers she takes her to the dog pound to get a dog, who should be there but Stitch. After adopting ...

Blossom Hill White Zinfandel 02/10/2002


Blossom Hill White Zinfandel If you are one of many who think that pink wine is for pussy’s think again, Blossom hill white zinfandel stands out amongst the crowd. Blossom Hill is a fantastic wine from the sun kissed coasts of California. ~ PACKAGING ~ The bottle has taken a face-lift in the past year and now is modern and up to date. Starting at the top of the bottle the cork has the good old name of Blossom Hill wrapped round it, the main label is a two-tone red effect with B/H on it. The description label is in trendy silver with White Zinfandel on the top with the year under it, below that a small description of the contents ‘This luscious medium rose has aromas of strawberries, raspberries and watermelon and a crisp fruity finish’ well if the packaging does not sway you into purchasing this little gem the contents certainly will. The wine inside is very pink, a lot pinker than the Ernest Julio Gallo White Zinfandel, and to me a better quality of wine now that I have had the opportunity to test both. ~ PRICE ~ The price is very reasonable at £4.49, but when shopping in France this is where you can bag a real bargain with the price dramatically dropping to £34.00 a case of 12, roughly working out to be £2.83 a bottle, which is certainly not to be sniffed at. The size of the bottle is a standard 75cl and with 10.0% volume, it is more than just pop in box. ~ STOCKISTS ~ Well I can tell you Threshers Wine Shops definitely have this little number in as I have a thing for ...

Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Segments 29/09/2002


Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Segments This is the big brother of all little brothers!!! I was looking for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, as a rule I do not buy this very often because it can be quite expensive, I can not comment on the original packaging, but I can inform you of the latest Christmas box of sheer heaven known to thousands as Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The box for this Christmas is as blue as the night sky with a robin singing Christmas cheer on the front with a hole where his red breast would be there inside peeping through the hole is the chocolate screaming to get out, all wrapped in festive red foil. On the lid of the box is the Terry’s logo with a picture of orange peel with mistletoe entwined with the words ‘Merry Christmas’! I’ll give Terry Merry Bloody Christmas is it not still September, have I gust fallen into the Christmas time warp again! I seem to do this every year. In a rule I generally refuse to buy anything seasonal until such times as the frost is thick enough to freeze your knickers to the washing line. Anyway this particular purchase was cheap at £2.09 from Sainsbury’s, and for Sainsbury’s that was either a pricing error a cheap ploy to get people to buy early, well it worked I brought one; but it certainly was not going to last till Christmas, be lucky if it lasted long enough to reach the kitchen cupboard’s. As a rule, in our house you either have to eat chocolate in the dark or when everyone is either out, in bed or at work and luckily it has fallen into the ...

Miele The Revolution 500 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners 24/09/2002


Miele The Revolution 500 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners Picture this neurotic woman, 9 months pregnant, one moulting Golden Retriever, one husband allergic to the vacuuming, and a vacuum that is so knackered it spits out more than it sucks. Well that was the exact picture in our house hold three and a half years ago, nothing changed much apart from the dog dearly gone to doggy heaven, one screaming satanic toddler, husband still allergic to all electrical appliances and me still a little neurotic! After I deposited the trashed vacuum cleaner out the back door and went on strike my husband was forced to take evasive action, no not repair it, but took me out for the day. Yes you got it to choose a vacuum cleaner of my choice! And I thought the romance was dead! Whilst in Curry’s I had every vacuum cleaner off the shelf and had most of the sales assistants running around demonstrating the sucking power on most of the vacuum cleaners available on the market. If I was not already mad, I would of found it highly funny to watch! I was undecided between an upright and a cylinder vacuum cleaner, I was not falling for the pretty looking ones like my husband was indicating at, I was more interested in the sucking capabilities this poor little addition to the family would have to cope with. So I had decided with a cylinder cleaner but which make? I have used the Meile cat and dog cleaner before round my mums so I decided to purchase the Meile Revolution 500 cylinder vacuum cleaner, and made my husband part with his hard earned ...

England to France - Channel Tunnel 24/09/2002


England to France - Channel Tunnel Note to self: If you work in an off licence the last thing you need to do is go to France and purchase more of the stuff!! Ok reminder over, I have to keep telling, myself this otherwise I might just find myself eloping to France; not only for the cheap booze, but the relaxed life style to accompany this! A couple of weeks ago I had the need to have a spending splurge and what better way than to get the neighbours together and the favourite family members and travel to France in a two car convoy, and filled the boots with copious amounts of alcohol, and enough cheese you could smell from Folkestone. Having travelled on Eurotunnel on many occasions we decided this would be the easiest option as the children are all penned in like caged rats and could not escape, even though we lost our little darling in the hypermarket but that is another story. We booked our tickets over the internet, and my husband being a little tight nearly passed a kidney when I booked the tickets, as we usually travel after 12.00 and return before midnight which is £39.00. Me being me I booked all the tickets for two cars to travel on the morning train which leaves Folkestone any time in the morning and returns at anytime at the price of £49.00, why did he nearly pass a kidney I used his card!! Oops forgot to tell him! As a frequent traveller on Euro tunnel we took the option of paying an annual fee of £10.00 and joined their Points Plus scheme which not only gives you points when you ...

Black Hawk Down (DVD) 23/09/2002


Black Hawk Down (DVD) Was I lucky or unlucky enough to see Black Hawk Down on DVD last week, the decision is up to you? A woman can only stand so much death and destruction and this grand epic based on a true story that happened on October 3rd 1993, a battle which took place in the war torn city of Mogadishu, whether they should have been there or not, who are we to decide. This story was based on the real life events of that day in early October, The book written by Mark Bowden tells the story of the real life events that happened to the Americans soldiers of the Rangers (rapid light infantry), Delta (excellent marksmen) and the Night stalkers (highly skilled helicopter pilots trained to fly in any situation). Some of which did not come out of this bloody conflict alive. The intended mission was to deploy ground troops in to the city to capture a couple of members of the Somalian warlords (Mohamed Farrah) lieutenants, The American soldiers deployed to this mission were under the impression that it was going to be a very straight forward ground attack, to find and capture the men and return with in the hour, oh, how wrong they were proved! It was like throwing a leg of lamb into the lions dens, these solders most of which were only 18 years of ages and trained to protect and serve their country were only doing what they were trained to do. This mission turned into 15 hours of your worst living nightmare. The attack that took place this day not only did it claim the lives of 18 ...

Longleat Safari Park, Warminster 27/08/2002


Longleat Safari Park, Warminster Longleat house and safari park is situated in Wiltshire, with a house of outstanding beauty and many acres of manicured lawns and gardens to explore this is the ideal family day out not only for the young, but for all ages. Longleat house has opened its doors for the safari since 1966, by becoming the first drive through park outside of Africa, the safari park allows the animals to roam free across hundreds of acres of land and to interact with fellow animals that they would actually interact with in the wild. The park is divided into eight areas: The East African Reserve, Elephant Country, Monkey Jungle, Big Game Park, Deer Park, Tiger Territory, Lion Country and Wolf Wood. My advice to you is if you love your car, avoid the Monkey Jungle or be prepared to have exterior fitments on your car removed! Failing that you can go round on the Safari bus which is an extra at £3.00 per adult and £2.00 per child, but, you must book on arrival or you will be disappointed. They do inform you that the bus is unable to accommodate large groups and at the moment unable to accommodate wheelchairs, which is a shame. Admission fees are as follows, and I found that to your moneys worth was to purchase a passport ticket which allows you to all areas of the estate. Each attraction may only be visited once, for Adults £15.00 Children (4-14) £11.00 Senior Citizens £11.00. This passport entitles you to return free of charge until the end of the season which is very good value ...

Chocolat (DVD) 27/08/2002

Anyone for Chocolate

Chocolat (DVD) Chocolat Finally got round to purchasing this on DVD for a staggering £9.99 in Virgin, and sat down to watch, what I thought was a fantastic film! Not only did I find this film brilliant, but it also warranted a cool five Academy Awards, Best Picture, Best Actress (Binoche) Best Supporting Actress (Dame Judi Dench) Best Adapted Screen play and Best Original Score at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards. The director Lasse Hallstrom is no stranger to the film making industry as previous projects include: The Cider House Rules What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? ABBA the movie And coming soon Shipping News ~The Cast~ Juliette Binoche ~ Vianne Rocher Victoire Thivisol ~ Anouk Rocher Dame Judi Dench ~ Armande Voizin Alfred Molina ~ Comte De Reynaud Johnny Depp ~ Roux Hugh O’Connor ~ Pere Henri Carrie-Anne Moss ~ Caroline Clairemont Aurelien Parent Koenig ~ Luc Leslie Caron ~ Madame Audel John Wood ~ Guillaume Blerot Lena Olin ~ Josephine Muscat Peter Stormare ~ Serge ~The Plot~ This film is set in 1959 in a pretty tranquil French village called Lansquenet; the village is small and is the type of place where everyone knows everyone including their business. The village is run by a very stern village mayor called Comte de Reynaud, with it being the beginning of Lent and having a new priest in the village he writes the sermons for Sunday service, so the village can be lead with a good example of good and bad especially if it comes from the mouth ...

Costa Blanca (Spain) 21/08/2002


Costa Blanca (Spain) Moraira on the Costa Blanca and is just under 2.5 hours flight away from Gatwick, the weather in June is as you would expect fantastic with temperatures up into the 90’s daily and with nearly 12 hours of sun shine what more could you ask. Moraira is situated north of Alicante away from all the hustle and bustle of Benidorm. Moraira lies in a bay on the south eastern coast of Spain, between the larger resorts of Javea and Calpe, 80km around 1 hours drive from Alicante airport. And 110km 1 hour 15 minuets from Valencia, with excellent motorways and costal roads from both directions. The Costa Blanca is known as Spain’s ‘White Coast’ which is because of its miles of white sandy beaches and warm water. Moraira is a pretty fishing village based around the cobbled square with a very pretty marina an fish market, stunning churches, main square and back streets bursting with shops, restaurants and bars, makes this town worth exploring, Moraira has been designated as a conservation zone of extraordinary beauty so there is a height restriction and density of buildings are strictly controlled. Nestled amounts the green mountainous scenery, and pine covered hills it gently slops to the town which has many pretty shops to explore, there is a small beach here and is a water sports enthusiast dream, beautiful blue flag beaches, and a large marina where there are some fantastic boats to have a nose at. One of the fantastic features of Moraira is the white cliffs and the ...

*Aromatherapy in general* 20/08/2002


*Aromatherapy in general* Aromatherapy is an ancient art of healing; it is holistic therapies using the aromas of essential oils which are obtained form various plants and trees. It is said that these essential oils are the life force of the living plants that they are extracted from; this essence is then absorbed into the skin by many methods of application which in turn brings balance of mind, body and spirit to promote good health and wellbeing. Aromatherapy is very easy to explain the word Aroma meaning fragrance and Therapy meaning healing treatment. Last year I was lucky enough to study Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage and learnt a great deal about the way alternative therapies can help treat every day symptoms we all suffer from whether it is stress or just PMS. Aromatherapy can help relieve the following conditions and many other more:  Stress and Anxiety  Cellulite and fluid retention  Colds and bronchial symptoms  Headaches and migraine  Circulatory problems  Muscular problems  Skin disorders such as eczema and acne  Allergic conditions such as asthma and hay fever  Emotional imbalances and depression  PMS  Digestive problems  Children’s ailments, colic, nappy rash and sleeplessness Essential oil is extremely concentrated and very powerful. It must always be used in small amounts and diluted in a vegetable oil before using on the skin. Sunflower oil and Almond oils ...

Costco (Shop) 19/08/2002


Costco (Shop) COSTCO Costco is an American giant brought over to the UK to tempt us into buying in bulk for less, they have branches all over the UK and my nearest is the new store at Reading just of the M4 near the Madjeski Stadium. The stores are aimed at a select few with in a certain field of employment, or one of the two categories. 1. TRADE You can apply for a trade membership if you are able to prove that you are the manager or owner of a registered company, you will need to produce two pieces of information a utility bill for the aforementioned company and a VAT registration certificate. The price for your membership is an annual sum of £20.00 + VAT with this you get a further 6 membership cards at a discount of £12.00 + VAT and further cards after this are £20.00 + VAT each. 2. PRIVATE INIVIDUALS You can apply for membership if you are being employed by or retired from any one of the following categories. Airline Staff Accountancy Banking Education Civil Service Police Medical Solicitor Barrister Architect Local Government Insurance The fee for this is £25.00 + VAT but you do get a second card for your spouse or partner free. Opening times vary for trade and individual members usually the morning is only open for trade them after 12.00pm for individual and weekends are free for all. Payment is either by cheque, cash or debit cards they do not run a pay by credit card system. I started going to Costco the moment it opened at Reading in ...

Asda Get Fruity Shower Gel 19/08/2002


Asda Get Fruity Shower Gel Three easy steps for a fruity sensation.  STEP ONE Purchasing this might be a good idea to start with, available at ASDA for a grand whole price of 98p, and at that price if it cleans your body and smells nice you have to be on to a winner. This shower gel is called Get Fruity; its packaging though seems to be a bit of an after thought, with a set of brightly coloured juicy lips on the front with the letters get fruity in bubble writing on the label underneath with the fragrance. This shower gel comes in a 250ml squeezable bottle, with a hanging cap for easy dispensing. The fragrances are Raspberry, Tea Tree and Lemon, Peach and Mango, and Lime and Kiwi. They should actually have on the label NOT FOR COSUMPTION because they do actually smell divine, and if you are after a cheaper alternative to The Original Source Lemon and Tea Tree one is very similar and at a fraction of the cost.  STEP TWO Testing the product is the nice part of the three steps to a fruity sensation routine, especially in weather that we are experiencing at the moment. Shower as per usual no matter what time of day, making sure that you have either a sponge, flannel, body buff or your good old hands. Remembering to remove the cap and hang up side down before hand as opening the bottle with wet hands can prove slightly tricky. Squeeze a small amount onto your chosen washing implement and rub all over your body, this product has very good lather ability and ...

Phones - Virgin Mobile 16/08/2002


Phones - Virgin Mobile Virgin mobiles – Pay As You Go I have had a virgin mobile for the past 2 years and so far never had any problems with coverage apart from the depths of North Devon when I have to stand on a wall to make a phone call. I purchased a Nokia 3310 to replace my siemens, which was my first purchase via the website, only then to be replaced by my Nokia about a year later. Virgin Mobile offers you a discount if you have already purchased a phone from them previously and chuck in a £5 air time voucher to get you started. Sort of an up grade if you like. Virgin mobile offer something called Virgin Extras when you are online, you can set up text alerts for free on the following subjects i.e. Sports news, music, going out (cinema releases), staying in (video/DVD releases) travel offers and news, shopping, organiser and fun such as horoscopes and lottery results all this to your phone for free. The reason I switched to pay as you go was because I used to run up such a phone bill and wonder if it was really me using all that air time, so with this system I now only have to pay £10 every 3 months for my phone, and yes I do have friends and I can manage on a tenner! You can now apply for an E-Top up card which enables you to purchase airtime whilst out shopping with the aid of a quick swipe of your card at a check out at some branches of Boots, Argos, Boots, KJC, Link, Asda and soon Sainsbury’s and Tesco. This eliminates he need to purchase airtime vouchers and ...
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