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Hi Honey I'm Home! ;-) Finally back in the land of the living June 2012. It seems the bullets I took had more impact than first thought. Hope to catch up here on my R/R/Cs. Kate xx

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since 03/05/2011


Everything About me 11/06/2012

A little something to send you to sleep. The Ciao About Me Quiz

Grolsch Beer for the Boys 09/09/2011

Military "Beer For The Boys" The Best Beer In The World Thank You

Tesco Finest Raspberry & Strawberry Torte 20/06/2011

More of an Economic "Tort" than an Economical Torte!

Tesco Finest Tarte Au Citron 20/06/2011

Made in France, but presumably by an Englishman?

Sainsbury's Oil Trio 20/06/2011

Versatile for 'Can't Cook', 'Won't Cook', 'Isn't there to Cook'

General Mills Lucky Charms 16/06/2011

Lucky Charms? Well They Were For Me.

The Watermark, Looe 18/05/2011

The Watermark, Looe - R&R at Great B&B but not for Fat or Unfit

The Great Western, Cornwall 17/05/2011

Even John Wayne wouldn't stable his horse - Great Western Newquay

House Of Marbles, Newton Abbot 04/05/2011

House of Marbles 2011 Great Lunch. Disappointing, Expensive Place

CCS Heel Balm 03/05/2011

Heel Balm works as you sleep, so you can hit the ground running!

CCS Heel Balm CCS Heel Balm "Professional Foot Care" by Du'it. 75g tube (price generally appears to range from £2.89 to £8.00) CCS says on the packaging that "CCS Heel Balm is clinically proven to effectively control the most severe cases of rough, dry skin and cracked heels. Containing vitamin E and 25% Urea, the body's natural moisturiser, it breaks down hard skin and helps repair and relieve, leaving feet smooth and skin supple." They recommend that you "Initially apply at least twice daily to clean, dry skin, then as necessary. For best results use at night and cover feet with socks" They advise caution and say "Do not apply to bleeding and broken skin." Du'it say "using CCS Heel Balm twice daily you can expect to have visible improvement of skin softness and appearance of your heel condition within 3 days. After using for 7 days you can expect smooth, soft skin with a reduction in the dryness of your heels". I've used heel balms and foot creams etc for more than 30 years now. I normally use Scholl Heel Balm at approx £5.99 per tube (average UK price, but can be very expensive for me to obtain overseas - upto equivalent of £13 a tube!) I noticed that a local independent pharmacy in Bodmin had some "CCS Heel Balm" (a 75g tube for £2.89). Due to the huge price disparity I was reluctant to buy the CCS as I've often found the adage "you get what you pay for" to be true!! However the assistant in the shop recommended it saying she had personally used it & as she was wearing flip-flops ...
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