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Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit DVD 15/01/2006

The curse of the Were Rabbit

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit DVD This first (and hopefully not last) Wallace & Gromit feature lives up to expectations. There are plenty of jokes (some a bit cheeky) as well as some great tributes to past Science Fiction movies. With the barrage of awful and formulaic movies being spewed forth from Hollywood it's great to see such a great film like this that's enjoyable for almost everyone. If there is any justice it will be top of the box-office and be at least nominated for best animation at the next Oscars. The animation is wonderful; the characters are remarkably expressive and their adventures are great fun. This is one of those films that the whole family can enjoy. Charming, clever, fun and well made, what's not to enjoy? An excellent and enjoyable movie for everybody!

The Village (DVD) 20/09/2004

If you go into the woods today...

The Village (DVD) OK, I wasn't expecting to be quivering in my seat, but for some obscure reason I got the overwhelming impression that 'The Village' was supposed to be a Scary Movie! Don't get me wrong, it did make me jump, it is incredibly captivating, but it isn't a horror by any means! What it is is a very well shot, well directed and well acted movie. Set anonymously outside Philadelphia is an isolated village deep in the middle of The Woods. The residents of the village have an uneasy but well established truce with ‘those we do not speak of’ - monsters that live in the woods and wear red capes (I personally couldn't help being reminded of 'little red ridding hood!'). The Village elders (William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver...) assure the younger villagers that as long as they don’t go into the woods ‘those we do not speak of’ will not enter the village. All is good... until the children start stumbling across skinned animals and the villagers get an unexpected visit in the middle of the night! You're right! It does sound like a horror but it just isn't. In fact the most engaging part of the movie is the heart warming love story between Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix) and Ivy Walker (Bryce Dallas Howard). Adorable, moving and poignant it is indeed a very well written aspect of the movie but it sits slightly unwell with general direction of the film. As a romantic period piece the film effectively establishes a tone of realism. In fact it also succeeds in portraying an ...

Boots Soltan Suncare For Kids 16/07/2004

We're all going on a summer holiday.....

Boots Soltan Suncare For Kids My 18 month old son has sensitive skin so summers are a worrying time for me. Not only is the weather dryer which makes his skin worse but there's also the considereation of having to protect his skin from the sun. To do this I make sure that he always wears his hat when we go out (which usually ends up on the floor or thrown in the gutter because he never wants to wear it) and I dress him in long sleeved tops and long trouser. But when we went to Spain earlier this year and it was over 30'C long sleeves were out the window and suntan lotion was in. I bought Soltan for kids because it claimed to be moisturinsing as well as providing great sun protection. It is a nice smelling green coloured cream which he found extremely fun to apply. So he didn't mind taking a break from building sand castles in order to reapply the cream. But best of all it kept his skin extremely moistuirised and healthy looking, oh yeah and he didn't burn once! The best thing about this product is that it actually works! It does exactly what it says on the bottle. ...

Fujitsu AMILO D-7830 16/07/2004

I should have spent my money on drugs!

Fujitsu AMILO D-7830 You make a decision to buy a laptop. You read up as much as you can and enter this wonderful world of computer terminology. how many USB ports do you think you're going to need, do you want a CD/DVD RW, 60GB Hard disk space blah blah blah. At the end I just went for the best my money could buy, even I must admit that I will never in a million years need 5 USB ports or 520MB RAM and what is the difference between a DVD RW and a normal DVD thingy again? But you get a laptop because you want to keep up with technology, you want it to have all the gizmos and you want it to look good - even though it ends up being used for internet brousing, writting the odd letter and downloading the occational movie. Imagine my dissapointment when the speakers started playing up, although the sound was swiftly replaced by the awful sound the fan makes every 2-3 minutes and at the back the connection to the mains just fell off one day! OK its all covered under warranty, but I got a laptop because I needed to use it not so that I can constantly send it off to be repaired! So be warned! I was told that Fujitsu Siemens products were very good and long lasting, but I am not the only person that I know to have had problems with their laptops. If I had my money to spend again I will never buy another product from them again! ...

BSM 16/07/2004

Crash Crash CRASH!

BSM Excellent reputation, great cars to drive in with all mod cons, and driving instructors who are as cool as the air con - so you'll wonder why I'm giving them a bad review! Because - all they want is your money and they'll teach you as slowly as possible to get it! I had to book 2hr lessons without much flexibility which is great if I was driving from London to Brighton, but who the hell wants to sit in a traffic jam for 2hrs AND pay for it! Instead of giving me advise on when to book my driving test they just encouraged me to book more lessons. The instuctors can be a little aggresive and a bit too controlling. I had 10 lessons with BSM a total of 20hrs and passed my test first time they are very good teachers but can be a little inactive in telling their students when they are ready to take a test and pass. Thankfully I quickly came to the conclusion that after 8 lesson I hadn't crashed so I took my test, even though I was never once told that I was ready! Shop around is my advice because most driving instructors are ok, but if the prices are similar then choose BSM, it's nice to learn to drive in a brand new car! ...

Avent Feeding Bottles 11/03/2003

feeding companion

Avent Feeding Bottles I am a mother of 14 week old twins and decided to breastfeed. Unfortunately I had to go back to work when they were 7 weeks old but was adament that i'll continue to breastfeed. I bought the Avent breastpump wich is extremely easy to use along with 10 large bottles. They have been a life saver. They can be put in the freezer, microwave & dishwasher. I have boiled them and dropped them and they're still as good as new! Best of all they don't leak. The silicone teats are also very good and haven't caused nipple confusion at all. The bottles are light weight compact and the measuring graduations are very easy to read however, I do sometimes find that when feeding I have to pull the bottle out of my babies mouth because i can't quite see how many Oz. the have drunk This is a great product for mothers who are nursing or formula feeding their babies. My twins haven't suffered from colic and still take to the breast when offered! I'll rate Avent bottles 4.5 out of 5 ...
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