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Dear John (DVD) 14/06/2010

Dear John- A classic romantic film with slightly sad overtones.

Dear John (DVD) Based on a novel by Nicolas Sparks(The Notebook), Dear John is directed by Lasse Hallstrom(The cider house rules, Chocolat, An Unfinished Life). The film stars hollywood hunk Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. John Tyree, an US soldier falls for the beautiful Savannah during his vacation but has to live for his duties after spending 14 days with her. Through the year, they keep in touch through letters and the movie focusses on how fate plays its hand in their story. Its a classic long distance relation film, with its moment of smiles and tears. The story will remind you of The Notebook written by the same author. It focusses on distance between the lovers, and how that affects the way they feel for each other. The film also has a more human side to it, bringing in love of different kinds and deals with other relations other than the one shared by a girlfriend and a boyfriend. The film works primarily because of the love story and would appeal mostly to the youth. There's something very fascinating about sad love stories and this is a classic example. I liked how the screenplay unfolded, and the drama has a constant flow to it which never makes you disinterested. While the first half is more sweet and fluffy, the second half is rather mature and sensitive. Both the actors do a fine job with their roles. John and Savannah are perfectly cast and well acted by both Tatum and Seyfried. This film is for lovers of romantic films! Rating:3.5/5

What Women Want (DVD) 12/06/2010

What Women Want- Not this i'm sure!

What Women Want (DVD) What Women Want is director Nancy Meyers'(The Parent Trap, Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday, It's Complicated) second film. Starring Mel Gibson, Marisa Tomei and Helen Hunt, this romantic comedy was released in 2000. Nick works for an ad agency where he has to work under a new female boss Darcy whom he slowly falls for. Nick undergoes an accident and is blessed with the power of listening to women's thoughts! Nick's life revolves around his profesional life and his daughter who hardly trusts on him, and he uses his new found power to solve all his problems. The idea is not something revolutionary in terms of the content of the story. You have to accept the fact that the film crosses the boundary of real world and transcends into fiction when the whole accident happens in the bathroom and he gets the new ability! What follows is a regular story, a romantic comedy at heart which never rises above the average mark and actually falls below it by the end of the film. I was quite disappointed with the film, especially because I was expecting a good film since it featured big names like Mel Gibson and Marisa Tomei. Not only did I find Mel Gibson underperforming, Marisa Tomei hardly had any role to herself. Helen Hunt remained to be the only saving grace of the film- she was a treat to look at and was good in a role that hardly demanded any heroics. What Women Want does have its share of moments, but they are few and spread out. If you are in the mood for a romantic comedy, ...

Lars And The Real Girl (DVD) 10/12/2009

Lars and the real girl- Different and original

Lars And The Real Girl (DVD) I decided to watch this film after I was very impressed by Ryan Gosling's outstanding performance in Half Nelson. Directed by Craig Gillespie it also stars Emily Mortimer and Paul Schneider. Lars is an introverted guy who decides to move to the garage since his brother and sister-in-law moved in. He keeps to himself,goes to work where he hardly speaks to anyone and comes back home but stays away from socialising from his brother Gus(Paul Schneider) and his wife Karin(Emily Mortimer). They become happy when Lars suddenly comes to them and announces he has his girlfriend coming over dinner. The surprise is the fact that the girlfriend is an anatomically correct doll that he ordered online!! Wondering how such a film will progress? That's the sheer brilliance of this film-the way it has been written. The writers are focussed to make the film beleivable and I felt they were succesful to a great extent. The fact that Lars is delusional is not overdone,nor is it overdramatic. You will actually be surprised at how the film shapes up,how things fall into place and you will be amazed how you are actually following what is going on screen. There is a whole lot of other emotions here, Gus and Karin's concern for Lars is well portrayed. The characters are well developed and very realistic. The approach is subtle yet heartwarming. The objective of the film is to show Lars' journey and how his interaction with Bianca(the doll) helps him mature as a person and see life in a different ...

Stone Of Destiny DVD 06/12/2009

Stone Of Destiny-An okay film!

Stone Of Destiny DVD Stone of destiny- directed by Charles Martin Smith stars Charlie Kox and Kate Mara in principal roles. I had decided to watch this film since it falls under the "adventure" genre, a genre that is hardly ventured into. I won't say it satisfied my expectations but its not too bad a film either. The story is about a group of young Scottish students lead by Ian Hamilton who venture out to reclaim the stone of destiny from London where it is safely kept in a museum. There is not much to add to the story but you need to watch how the adventure unfolds. I dearly missed the thrills and suspense which you usually associate with such films; the film is somehow very quiet and the focus seems to be on the characters. The director seems to be giving a lot of attention to building up his characters and to adding a lot of layers to them. Its like every character has something to prove and that is what drives the film. The best moments come in the form of the group scenes which has a lot of natural comedy in it. The film do tend to keep you at the edge of your seat at times since there are so many close calls, but its sad that the fizz doesn't stay for long. It cools down after a while and the film seems quieter in the final reels. The performances call for nothing exceptional and all the actors are sufficient. Charlie Kox as Ian Hamilton is impressive nevertheless. You can give this a try but don't keep huge expectations!

Half Nelson (DVD) 04/12/2009

Half Nelson- A Gem of a film

Half Nelson (DVD) I was meant to see this film for quite a while now and finally saw it the other day. I am so sorry that I neglected this film for so long; a quality film like this shouldn't wait to be watched! Directed and co-written by Ryan Fleck, it stars Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling plays Dan Dunne, a school teacher who has drug problems himself. The film is just based on Dan's interaction with students which comprises most part of his life. One of the main focus point of the film lies in the bonding he shares with one of his students who finds him in the school bathroom doing drugs. In one sense the film doesn't have a broad story but the director knows how he wants his film to shape up, he stays with Dan's character the whole time. A film which rests solely on a couple of characters needs to be poignant and intense and this film is nothing short of both. Ryan Gosling is the soul of the film,playing a school teacher who is a free thinker. His character is complex and independent. Its a pleasure to see such a character on screen who is so different from the cliche teachers, a character who has lots of dreams. Yet he knows his limitations as a single person who won't be able to change the world by himself. His concern for the student adds a lot to his character, showing us how he feels for others and how he wishes to do good. I loved the whole feel of the film, the way it has been made. The camera work is fabulous and gives you the impression that you are watching it first hand because ...

Inglorious Bastards (DVD) 01/12/2009

Inglorious Bastards- A favorite for the oscars this year

Inglorious Bastards (DVD) Inglorious Basterds is Quentin Tarantino's(Pulp Fiction,Reservoir Dogs) latest offering.This war drama stars Brad Pitt,Christoph Waltz,Diane kruger among many other promising actors. I was highly anticipating this,primarily because it had been lauded at many film festivals. Set during World War II,it tells the story of an American Jewish group "The Bastards" who are set to kill the Nazis. Quentin Tarantino chooses a very interesting screenplay and sets out individual chapters to unfold the film. From the first chapter when the Jew hunter(Christopher Waltz) comes to catch the hiding jews in a local village, you are hooked to the screen. The dialogues are fantastic and gripping. In the next chapters,we are introduced to the Basterds who are planning to attack the Nazis. The characters are interesting and Tarantino adds his own style to each of the character. He builds a complete history to each character which makes the script stronger. Tarantino is famous for putting in more than one story to a certain event and he does no different here. The involvement of the Shoshanna Deyfus from Chapter 1 works wonder for the film. You will be astonished how the story progresses,each chapter has its own story to tell and ultimately adds up to the end. Another amazing thing about the film is how long each sequence is, the film has a limited amount of different sequences and every portion register an impact in your mind. The story moves forward as a Nazi film is supposed to premiere at a ...

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind (DVD) 27/11/2009

Confessions of A Dangerous Mind- Weird but good

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind (DVD) Confessions of A Dangerous Mind(2002) is directed by George Clooney and stars Sam Rockwell,Drew Barrymore,Julia Roberts and George Clooney himself. The film is an adaptation of tv producer Chuck Barris' autobiography where he claims to have an alternate undercover FBI agent career. My main reason of watching the film is different though!I am amazed by Charlie Kaufman's work as a writer and the screenplay happens to be written by him. The film is about Chuck Barris's life and mostly focusses on his life when he acted as a t.v. show producer. The interesting twist is the fact that he was also contacted by FBI and also worked as a FBI assasin by night! The film follows him through the years, a journey accross years which makes him realise how he had spent his life,what his dreams were,what brought happiness in his life,what love meant for him. Its a rather unusual biography and credit certainly goes to the film-making team to come up with such a unique film. At times its so unique that they actually lose their focus! But when you are set out to make such a crazy film I guess some hits and misses are bound to happen. Some scenes don't add up and you wonder as an audience where the film is headed. Like most of his films,Charlie Kaufman manages to create a world of his own.His alteration of fact with fiction is fantastic and will leave the audience amused. The screenplay has to be the strongest point of the film. Drew Barrymore stood out in terms of screen presence. The screen ...

Three Colours White (DVD) 25/11/2009

Three Colours:White- Not as absorbing as Blue

Three Colours White (DVD) White-Director Krzysztof Kieslowski's second film in his trilogy of colors was released in 1994.The follow upto a rather intriguing Blue(1993) isn't as polished or intriguing. Polish immigrant Karol is facing a divorce from his french wife Dominique due to his inability to perform in bed. The divorce leaves Karol in the road without any home or money to survive and he somehow manages to leave for Poland with the help of a newly found friend. The film is essentially about how Karol faces life after the tragedy and how fate and his hardwork makes him succesful. Its also about love but that certainly needs a strong viewership to relate to since it is so subtle. I was expecting the world from this trilogy and I have to say I was really disappointed! Blue was absorbing but this film somehow fails to maintain a constant hunger in the audience,the plot is certainly thin. Performancewise,Zbigniew as karol is effective.Julie Delpy is hardly there. The ending is certainly a high and somehow strikes a chord in the viewer's mind. The story and screenplay is rather slow and lack entertainment value. I wish more emphasis was given to the love story part,wish they had more screen space for the couple to enact. This film has limited audience and it sure does leave the audience slightly disappointed.

Being John Malkovich (DVD) 24/11/2009

Being John Malkovich- Innovative

Being John Malkovich (DVD) I had to watch Being John Malkovich because its written by Charlie Kaufman,who is one of my most favorite writers.His work(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,Adaptation,Synedoche New York) speaks for itself. Being John Malkovich is directed by Spike Jonze and stars John Cusack,Cameron Diaz,Charlie Sheen and John Malkovich himself! John Cusack plays puppeter Craig,married to Lotte(Cameron Diaz).Having financial problems,he decides to take up a job where he meets Maxine(Catherine Keener) who intrigues him.One day while working in his office he finds a small hidden door and is rather surprised when the opening takes him iniside John Malkovich's mind for 15minutes. Things become more interesting when Craig tells Maxine about it and they start a business of taking money from people to make them live as John Malkovich for 15minutes.But things get out of hand when Lotte once goes inside Malkovich when he meets up Maxine,and both Lotte and Maxine realise that they love each other(but Lotte has to be inside Malkovich's body for Maxine to love her!).Craig goes mad and uses Lotte to call Maxine up to meet Malkovich and Craig enters Malkovich's body so that Maxine loves him. I know the plot sounds a bit weird,but that is actually where Charlie Kaufman comes in.His affection towards blending facts with fiction is apparent in most of his films and this is no exception.He borrows a lot from John Malkovich's life and puts in a big twist by introducing John Cusack's character.The ...

Julie And Julia (DVD) 20/11/2009

Julie & Julia- A delicious journey!

Julie And Julia (DVD) Julia and Julia is director Nora Ephron's adaptation of two books:one written by Julia Child and another by Julie Powell.Any film that takes life from life itself is usually good and this film is no different. The film tells the story of Julia Child,the author of the famous cookbook and Julie Powell,a simple working woman who decides to make Julia's recipes by herself and decides to write a blog about it.The two stories(one set in 1940s when Julia was young and another set in 2002 when Julie is reading Julia's book) run parallely on screen and unfolds gradually on screen. Both women share lot of similarities in their respective lives and the director lays it down beautifully for the viewer to experience. If you feel this is a film for women,you are certainly mistaken.Yes,the central characters are women and it involves cooking,but the film is much more than that.The film balances entertainment and artsy attributes without hampering the flow of the film.All four characters(Julie,Julia and their respective other halves) are well sketched and perfectly cast.Both the story and its characters have lot of depth and dimensions; the director goes into minute details and spends time building the characters and relations.The film actually follows these two women who are trying to reach their dreams:Julia's journey of writing her cookbook which took years and Julie's wish of finishing all the recipes of the book within a complete year. The film has a lot of cute moments(not the ...

Funny People (DVD) 19/11/2009

Funny People- Give it a go

Funny People (DVD) I was apprehensive about watching this film after I heard bad things about Sandler's last film Bedtime stories. To me Adam Sandler is a genre by himself(Ok,don't get me wrong here but all I mean to say is that his films have hidden meanings beneath the layers of comedy) Directed by Judd Apatow(Knocked Up,40 Year Old Virgin) it tells the story of comedian George Simmons who comes to know he is suffering from leukemia.Knowing he has limited time left, he starts seeing life in a new light. He goes back to do stand up comedy and sees new talent in Ira(Seth Rogen),whom he offers a job as his assistant. The film then progresses to show us how George decides to live his final days and how his friendship with Ira changes him personally.The last half gives ample space to George's interaction with his ex-girlfriend who is married and has two kids. From the writing point of view,the basic plot is thin and the writers try hard to make lots of single scenes which don't contribute much to the story.The film is too long and the second half tend to drag on.The jokes are Adam sandler trademark and might not be suitable for kids.The film has its moments,mostly in the form of the scenes between Seth and Sandler.Its their friendship which makes the film work and certain scenes leave a strong impact on the viewer's mind. The inclusion of leukemia makes the film more meaningful as it makes the character wonder about the real achievements of life. Adam Sandler is cool as a cucumber and plays the ...

2012 (DVD) 18/11/2009

2012-A disappointing film

2012 (DVD) I went to see it in the theaters the other day with a huge group of friends and we ended up laughing a lot.Well,if you are wondering if it is actually a comedy,its not! We couldn't help but laugh at the silly things that kept happening on screen.Directed by Roland Emmerich(Independent Day,The Day after tomorrow) and starring John Cussack,this was certainly highly awaited. The film starts with Curtis(John) taking his kids from his divorced wife's house for camping where he comes to know of this certain phenomenon which is going to put an end to the world.Following a series of catastrophic events which kept happening since the past few days in the world,the world was predicted to come to an end due to extreme atmospheric conditions. Long story cut short,Curtis goes back to try and save his family from the disaster. The director/writer picks up an interesting concept but makes a mess out of it.Films like this require much research and clear vision which is unfortunately missing in this film.The director/writers opt for a very commercial route and tries to put in as many commercial trappings as possible.The world falls down around the family but they somehow manage to escape every time!Talk about being lucky! And why does the crack always appear from their back and not from the front or sideways? The first half an hour is a complete chaos,with cars,planes and a hell lot of explosions. The story progresses rather predictably and the ending didn't work for me at all.I just ...

Wanted (DVD) 17/11/2009

Wanted- A pure entertainer

Wanted (DVD) Wanted is the remake of the tamil action superhit "Pokiri" and is directed by ace choreographer Prabhu Deva.It brings Salman Khan back as an action hero and Ayesha Takia plays his love interest. Radhe is a gangster who belongs to no specific gang and works for anyone who agrees to pay him.Soon his name is known in the underworld area and he is taken in by one of the main gangs of mumbai.As the story unfolds,we see him going up the rank in the gang and certain situations bring the head of the gang back from dubai.Radhe is trusted with a very important plan but there is more than that meets the eye. A love story runs along the whole time when Radhe is in awe of Ayesha Takia's character which also plays an integral part in the film. I had expected a fun filled entertainer and was ready to overlook the small flaws in the script.And boy was I entertained! Barring the flaws in the script and commercial trappings of the film,this really works big time. You can say that the story is like any masala indian film but it does have a strong twist in the end. I don't deny that the script tends to get silly at places but that's something it never promised the audience.It was always marketed as an entertainer. Wanted belongs to Salman Khan.He roars as Radhe and is fantastic to watch. He is certainly the only one who could have played such a character with so much charisma and conviction.Wanted brings back Salman Khan in a big way and Salman brings back masala films which never fails to ...

Three Colours Blue (DVD) 16/11/2009

Three Colour:Blue- A brave tale.

Three Colours Blue (DVD) Blue is a part of Krzysztof Kieslowski's trilogy of films symbolizing the colours of france.All three films were released in a short span of two years(1993-94) and focusses on different attributes of life. Julie(Juliette Binoche) loses her world famous composer husband and her child in a traffic accident and decides to live a rather independent life of her own. To make things easier for herself,she decides to sell off all the previous belongings and moving to a new neighbourhood where she can channel all her focus to a new life by herself.She is focussed to keep the tragedy out of her life and tries to take a new look at life. Soon Julie realises she needs to work on one of her husband's last work as a musician and on her journey comes to know new things about him that she never knew. Its a film which has a rather strong impact visually when you watch it.The director sets the story beautifully and the whole ambience works for the film.I loved how he kept the colour blue throughout the film;it was never on your face yet it made a huge impact on the viewer's mind. The swimming sequences and the scenes with the blue lamp create an impact which is hard to describe in words. Juliette Binoche lives the character and adds a certain intriguing character to the role.Her expressions and silence are priceless.The story does become slightly slow and inconsistent halfway through the film,but the end is okay. The audience needs to be of a certain niche to admire such a film which ...

Love Aaj Kal (DVD) 15/11/2009

Love Aaj Kal- An underrated gem!

Love Aaj Kal (DVD) Love aaj kal is director Imtiaz Ali's latest film after the hugely succesful "Jab We Met".This is his third film and his affection to make films on love is apparent.Starring Saif Ali Khan,Deepika Pudakone and Rishi Kapoor this is one of the most succesful indian films of 2009. Meera and Jai are part of the regular youth in London and they have been dating for a year or two.They are casual and have lots of fun together.When Meera needs to leave for Delhi for work,both feel that long distance relationships don't work and they would rather stay as great friends instead of complicating their lives by bringing in the difficulties of a long distance relationship.Jai meets Veer Singh(Rishi kapoor),an old guy who runs a cafe in London who tells him his love story set in Punjab. The two stories run parallel to each other and is a casual comparison of love in different ages.The story follows Jai and Meera for a period of several years as they become more mature and realise what each other means to themselves.They realise what love,life and their dreams are. Imtiaz Ali is a great director and shows his grip here as well.The film is laced with lots of fun moments,a great soundtrack and great locales.This is a story which both the youth and our previous generation will connect to since love is something that everyone experienced.Imtiaz blends the two screenplays beautifully. Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Pudakone are perfect for their roles and Rishi Kapoor is charming whenever he's on ...
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