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Nissan Primera 2.0 16v Saloon 14/10/2000

It can't be nissan

Nissan Primera 2.0 16v Saloon I bought a primera (k reg) just over a year ago. I only bought it because I was told, being a japanese car, they are very reliable. My car has so far driven 40000 miles. One would say, it is a bit on the low side. As I have bought it from a main dealer, I did not and perhaps do not suspect the milage. Having driven it for just one year, it has recently failed its MOT.. costing me £400 in repairs. Only last week I was hapily going to work and all of a sudden, the engine switched off. After calling the AA, it was determined that the fuel pump was not functioning. Took it to a garage for repairs and they had to get the part from a nissan garage as any other would not fit. The fact that nissan actually stocked the part must indicate that might be a part which commonly goes faulty. This latest problem set me back another £320. I wonder what's next

England 07/10/2000

Another Sad day for English Football

England Yet another sad day in English football. The team loses at home and the Manager feels he is not upto the job and quits. I have watched some of the highlight and there was only one team which deserved to win. Unfortunately that team was not England. There has been so much expectation, and as usual so much disapointment. I feel sorry that Kevin Kegan has resigned, however had he not done so, the press and the public would have been criticising in their numbers (myself included). What is so sad, is the timing. We have another match on wednesday & the country is leaderless (I have no doubt that Howard Wilkinson will do a good job. I don't think it is a lost cause for England, but more discipline is required (especially in attack). I remember during the last world cup, France did not start amongst the favourites. At the end of the day they won the cup (be it with some determination & luck). If England are going to achieve anything, they must do well at home territory. Bring on Bryan Robson...(or anybody that will take the job) 05/10/2000

do you say dooyoo or ciao I joined ciao after reading about it on one of the iii bulletin boards. At the same time one of my friend was already using ciao to express opinions. I didn't believe at first that one can express opinions and for that gain money. After trying for a few days, I began to enjoy writing at both dooyoo and ciao. I found that my opinions were read a lot quicker than they are in ciao. Also it is difficult to get hold of a new opinion unless the opinion has already been approved by other people as useful. There appears to be little discipline with ciao, in that one can express many opinions on the same subject. Although the rate of payment is higher with ciao, I feel given time, dooyoo will earn a huge amount more.

TD Waterhouse 03/10/2000

Competitive - Maybe?

TD Waterhouse I have been using Yorkshare over the phone for a number of years. Their price for me was the most competitive (0.7% against 1% commision) at the time. Minimum commission was also lower than other stockbrokers (sharelink, halifax, barclays etc...). As part of the recent industry consolidation, Yorkshare has been taken over by TD Waterhouse. Commission went up (1% for Telephone orders), Minimum fee increased (14.50 against 12.50). Now adays, I do not see real advantage in using TDwaterhouse as a Telephone broker service as there does not appear to be clear difference between brokers.

Barclays 03/10/2000

Barclay stockbroking

Barclays I have been dealing with barclays (initially by phone) stockbroking for a good few months. Although their rates are somewhat higher than some of the newer internet stockbroking firms, I find this a simple and convenient way to deal. They do not check to see if you have enough money in your nominated account, giving you plenty of opportunity to move funds from elsewhere. The barclays web site is quite user friendly and reasonably easy to navigate. It would be nice however, if their rates can be a bit lower, but looking at the competition (other banks), I suppose it isn't too bad.

Sharepeople 03/10/2000

Selling can be awkward

Sharepeople I signed up with Sharepeople in May. When I signed, there was an offer of not having to pay £50 admin per quarter/year. I have bought some shares a couple of times and there has not been any problems. Recently I tried to sell a stock, and to my surprise I was unable to. Reason - quite simple, I had to have 20% of my total sales value in their account, which I found difficult to understand. No other brokers, I have used in the past require money to be in the bank for selling shares. Transferring money into the account can take 3-4 days, thus by the time you have transferred money, the opportunity to sell may no longer be there. 03/10/2000

Not enough dollars I joined this company in July after a recommendation from a friend. I have run the adbar for a number of hours (15 ish) in the month of july and thus far have accumulated $1.99 in my account. Just looking at the figures, the rate is of course pretty poor. However, for someone who works from home or generally surfs a lot, perhaps there is a sizable income to be made. One thing, I like about this program is, that it forces people to click on the continue bar every 20 - 30 mins. This is good in that, only people who at least checks his/her monitor from time to time gets paid. The click rate is by no means as excessive as say other adbars such as getpaid4 & cashfiesta (although cashfiesta appears to have improved in the last few days). In conclusion, I would say, as it allows unlimited hours, even at very low rates, it is worth keeping.

Liverpool 01/10/2000

Title - What title?

Liverpool As much as I want liverpool to do well, they have have proved over the last few years that their defence does not exist. Many millions of pounds have been spent recently to improve the defense, yet not a lot of joy. It seems they have been spending far too much money on players who need a huge amount of time to blend in to the team. Lately, it appears that they are unable to score when it matters unlike the Liverpool of old. I was hoping, and still hope that they lift a cup this year, but looking at recent performances (scores), I would not hold my breath. 30/09/2000

Work hard for your money I have now been using this program for the about 4-5 days and already find it difficult to keep the fiesta man awake. Like someone else mentioned in another opinion, he is probably the laziest thing I have ever seen (sits adle within a few seconds at times). In a way, this is clever programming tactics, where you need to concentrate on the fiestaman & hence ads. However I feel, the little man needs far too much attention. Sometimes it appears to be obvious why the fiestaman is sleeping (there are no ads to view). However, it appears to be sitting idle even when there are plenty going on. When it decides to run, it runs all over the advert, forcing the user to click on the advert. I have used (still using) adbars, where I am forced to click a button every so often, but never as frequent as this. I hope they improve things otherwise one will have to be very patient chasing around a pretty disobedient cartoon.

Adsenger - adsenger viewbar 30/09/2000

A Gimmick

Adsenger - adsenger viewbar I joined this company a couple of months ago after being refered by a friend. This is similar to, where you are notified if there are any ads to view. Like bepaid's adsender, this does not occupy any desk space. Again, I have ever seen 2 adverts during the last 2 months, making me a total of 10 (2 x 5) pence. This I fell is not worth my efforts and thus have uninstalled the software from my PC. At current rate, this is a lot worse that bepaid - I feel as though a payment date will never come for this. I have seen and used many other "earn as you surf" programs and this must come pretty low in my list. 29/09/2000

Never bepaid I joined this company a few months back after being refered by a freind. It seemed like a wonderful idea as it does not occupy any desk space. I have ever seen 2 adverts during my period of membership, making me a total of 65 pence. At the current rate, it will take some years before they make any payments (provided they survive). It may well be that they will raise the minimum payment level (I don't actually know what it is currently) and thus delay payment for even longer. I also downloaded a similar product, a couple of months ago. On that one, the promise was up to $10 per advert. Having received 2 x $0.05 ads, I uninstalled the program. I will not be unhappy if I never hear of that program again. 27/09/2000

Not many miles to surf From the information I came across a few days ago, indicates that they pay at a rate of 30 pence per hour. Although the maximum number of hours one can surf is 5 hours, it may not turn out to be too bad. Unlike other programs, you are allowed to have more than one account per housewhold. Say there are two adults in the household, adult1 can refer adult2. This will mean, for any hours adult2 surfs, adult1 will get 10 pence extra. If adult1 & adult2 surf for the maximum 5 hours each, total income could be 30P*5 (adult1) + 10P*5 (adult1) + 30P*5 (adult2). Should anyone feels brave enough for yet another paybar program please use abulkalam200 as your referer id 26/09/2000

More Siesta than cash I have been using this program for the last half an hour and already I had to wake up the little cartoon (icon) 6 times. Sometimes it appears to be obvious why the icon is sleeping (there are no ads to view). However, it appears to be sitting idle even when there are plenty going on. When it decides to run, it runs all over the advert, forcing the user to click on the advert. I have used (still using) adbars, where I am forced to click a button every so often, but never as frequent as this. I hope they improve things otherwise one will have to be very patient chasing around a pretty disobedient cartoon. Having looked at the payment rate for the last month, it seems quite good ($0.6 per hour) Should you wish to try it out, go to please use abulkalam2001 as the referer id. Hope this helps.

Making Money 26/09/2000

will we ever getpounds

Making Money Like many others I have been a member of this site for a number of months. I am getting to a point where I may actually remove the banner I downloaded and never look at this site again. There appears to be absolutely no news regarding this program. Have they realised that £1 an hour is not sustainable and thus are not bothering? Could it be that the company has been unable to get decent revenue and thus are keeping quite? I for one is somewhat confused. Also opening the banner for me requires a couple of attempts. There are of course other program (alladvantage, surfmiles, desktopdollars ...etc ) which pay currently and may be worth installing. 24/09/2000

Free CD's for Music? Lovers RadioFreeCash pays you to listen to your favorite music (so it is claimed) their Internet radio site while you do whatever else you like — surf the net, work, send email, write term papers …whatever! The only snag is, with the current version of Radio Bar, you do not necessarily have to listen to anything to get the credits. All you have to do is open the Radio bar, which will hapily sit in the background. The idea is of course to allow people to listen to music and periodically one can expect to hear some ads (and hence revenue for the Company). At times, the view bar simply crashes when one tries to listen to something. They are not paying UK listeners yet, however you can earn CD's (£15 Amazon voucher) provided you listen (have the bar opened) for more than 20 hours a month. There is no limit set (yet) so for people who spend lots of time online, this may be worth looking at. My account shows that I have so far earned 2 CD's in the last 2 months. I have not yet received confirmation of this yet. AND...not only do you get paid while you listen to music on, you also get paid when your friends listen and your friends’ friends and so on through 4 levels of referrals. So if they can survive and sort out their viewbar, it may well provide another source of income. ...
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