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Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm 25/05/2017

Ok But Not Really My Cup Of Tea!

Burt's Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm I was sent the Burt’s Bees Hibiscus tinted lip balm when it first came out. It is a small 4.5g stick lip balm that twists up. It comes in black packaging with pink around the bottom of the label and the lid is pink. The product is 100% natural. ~ Price ~ It usually costs £5.99 and is available from or It is also available from for £6.94 ~ In Use ~ The lip balm is a dark pink colour, but it doesn’t transfer like a lipstick so it doesn’t appear as dark on your lips. It just gives them a touch of colour. It has a nice balmy feel to it and it gives a slight shine to your lips but nothing too intense or glossy. The lip balm has an odd scent to it that reminds me of visiting a farm. It isn’t a cow pat smell though, possibly more of an animal feed scent. The scent isn’t too strong and you can smell it when you are applying the lip balm but I don’t notice it after I have applied it. I don’t honestly know what hibiscus smells like, but if it’s anything like animal feed then this lip balm smells just like it. When my lips are dry or sore I often like to over line them with lip balm to make sure they are protected. I also like to use a specific consistency of lip balm as I find some lip balms don’t feel like they are protecting my lips from the cold or from me licking them because they are dry. I like the consistency of this lip balm. It is balmy and doesn’t annoy or irritate me while I am wearing it. It feels like it is protecting my ...

Boots No7 Precision Brow Pencil 23/05/2017

Not Quite A Shining 5 Star Product!

Boots No7 Precision Brow Pencil I have had this No7 Precision Brow Pencil for a while now. The pencil is black with gold lettering with the name of the product and a gold lid. It also has ‘hypo-allergenic’ and ‘fragrance free’ written on it. ~ Price and availability ~ No7 is a brand that is only available from Boots in the UK. It seems that this specific pencil has been discontinued but it is available brand new from ebay for £9.99. ~ In Use ~ The pencil I have is a dark brown colour. The brow pencil itself is quite soft and the colour transfers easily to my skin/brow. I have been using brow powder for a while, but I find that this brow pencil is a lot quicker to apply. It is easy to apply and the colour transfers as I’d expect. It isn’t too light and it isn’t too heavy. I have fair hair and skin and my eyebrows are a bit lighter than the colour of this pencil, but it is a colour that I like to use and it doesn’t look too harsh or outrageous. I don’t go for a full on coloured in eyebrow look and just draw in hair like strokes over any sparse areas of brow. Having the sharp point makes it easy to apply and when it is sharpened it can be applied very precisely. Something I have noticed with this brow pencil which I’m not happy about is that it makes my brows look shiny. If I go over my brow hairs the hairs have a shine to them, which they don’t have in real life or when I use brow powder. It isn’t an obvious shine that everyone would immediately notice and it doesn’t look ridiculous, but I’m not keen on ...

Original Source Lime Shower Gel 22/05/2017

My Favourite Original Source Shower Gel

Original Source Lime Shower Gel I have used Original Source’s lime shower gel a few times over the years. I like the scent of lime and the last lime shower gel I used was Radox’s key lime and peppermint and I was a bit disappointed with the peppermint tainting it. I kept getting mixed up and thinking it was Original Source’s lime shower gel that I was disappointed with so I haven’t bought or used this shower gel for ages. ~ Packaging ~ It comes in a clear plastic bottle and it sits on its black flip cap lid. There is a sticker on the front of the bottle with Original Source written in black lettering across the middle and ’40 Real Zingy Limes Are Packed Into’ before the name of the product. It also has a Vegan logo on the front. I think all of Original Source’s packaging looks quite masculine. ~ Price and availability ~ This shower gel is around the £2.00 mark for a 250ml bottle, but can often be found on offer for £1.00. It is available from most supermarkets as well as Superdrug, Boots and Wilkinsons. ~ In Use ~ The shower gel is a bright green colour. It is thin in consistency but not watery. It lathers up well and feels hydrating on my skin. It has a lovely lime scent. The only similar lime ‘product’ I can think of is ice pops (some people know them as freeze pops or ice poles, I recently learnt) from when I was a child. It is also similar to lager and lime ice lollies (which don’t contain alcohol). I loved them as a child too. With this shower gel I get a waft of lime ice lolly/pop scent and ...

Clarins Double Serum 38 21/05/2017

Clarins Double Serum

Clarins Double Serum 38 I have been using Clarins Double Serum on and off for about 3 or 4 years. ~ Price and availability ~ I buy the 50ml bottle which costs £70.00 from Boots. The 30ml bottle is £55.00 from Boots. It is also available from most department stores for near enough the same price. ~ Packaging ~ It comes in a tall cylindrical bottle. The bottle is a dark red/ brown colour. The front half of the bottle contains the serum and the back half is made from brown metallic plastic and is empty. This is done to make it look as though there is more in the bottle than there really is. It is quite pricey and if the bottle looked tiny it could put buyers off. The bottle has a clear plastic lid. The top of the lid is white with ‘Clarins’ written in red letters. ~ In Use ~ The product claims to be the only anti-ageing treatment with 20 plant extracts to stimulate all of the skin’ vital functions and prolong its youthful appearance. The unique two-phase formula stimulates skin to fiem and reduce the look of fine lines, to restore a radiant, more even complexion and for less visible pores. Clarins recommend applying the product in the morning and/or evening before your regular moisturiser. I usually shake the bottle up before dispensing the serum because it can come out looking a bit separated. What I mean by that is it has an oil in it which is an orangey colour and when I dispense the serum onto my hand there is a bit of clear liquid and a bit of the orange coloured oil in the serum that has ...

Soap & Glory Heel Genius 20/05/2017

Heel Genius

Soap & Glory Heel Genius Soap And Glory have a good range of products with quirky names that play with words and phrases such as ‘The Scrub Of Your Life’ and ‘Clean On Me’. At first I didn’t get what ‘Heel Genius’ referred to but there is a 1985 film called Real Genius which I haven’t seen. I received a mini 50ml tube of Soap And Glory’s Heel Genius, a foot cream as part of a gift set. I have been receiving Soap and Glory gift sets occasionally for Christmas or birthdays for the past 10 years so I have tried a lot of their products. ~ Price and availability ~ Heel Genius is available in a full size 125ml tube for £5.50 from Boots. ~ Packaging ~ It comes in a pink coloured tube with a sticker on the front with the name of the product and the ingredients on it. The packaging is quite busy with lots of information on the front all in different fonts. ~ In Use ~ The foot cream quite thick. It has a similar consistency to toothpaste. It is a pastel blue/ green colour. A little goes a long way with this foot cream and you don’t need to use much of it to cover your feet. As long as I don’t apply too much it is very easy to rub in and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated without leaving any stickiness or residue. I think it feels like a very good quality product. A few of the ingredients are listed on the front of the tube; allantoin, glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers. The product has a strong scent of menthol. I’m not always a fan of menthol, but ...

Green People Gentle Cleanse Organic Cleanser & Makeup Remover 18/05/2017

Not So Gentle

Green People Gentle Cleanse Organic Cleanser & Makeup Remover I have a 10ml miniature tube of this Green People Gentle Cleanse Make-Up Remove & Cleanser. I think I received it in a beauty box a while ago and I am trying to use up all of my random products and samples as I have far too many. ~ Packaging ~ I have a small tube of this cleanser but it usually comes in a white cylindrical bottle. The packaging is fairly plain. It is all white with black writing and the blue and white ‘Green People’ logo on the top. The packaging looks quite clinical. I’m not particularly a fan of the packaging design. ~ Price and availability ~ The full size 50ml cleanser is available online at where it costs £12.50. I think this falls between budget brands such as Garnier and Simple and high end brands such as Clinique and Estee Lauder. It seems a reasonable price for a cleanser. ~ In Use ~ The cleanser is white in colour and it is quite creamy. It is not thick, but it is thicker than I expected it to be. The back of the tube advises to apply in small circular movements and to remove either with tissue, cotton wool or to rinse with lukewarm water and then a splash of cold. I put the cleanser directly onto a cotton wool pad and then apply it onto my skin. It feels light and creamy and it works well to remove my make-up. It leaves no greasiness or residue on my skin like some make-up removers do. The cleanser is alcohol free and 93% certified organic. The packaging states it purifies and moisturises your skin and it is suitable for ...

Burt's Bees Hand Salve 17/05/2017

Handy Hand Salve

Burt's Bees Hand Salve I got this Burt’s Bees hand salve as part of a gift set a while ago and have recently started using it. ~ Price and availability ~ I have a miniature 8.5g tin with a yellow, red and silver design on the front. It usually comes in an 85g tin which is available on for £8.32 or for £10.99. The 8.5g travel tin is available on for £3.49 or you can get it as part of a gift set along with another Burt’s Bees product for as little as £5.67. ~ Ingredients ~ The ingredients are 100% natural and are listed as Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, beeswax, lavandula hybrida (lavandin) oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil, eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower powder, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, tocopherol, glycine soja (soybean) oil, canola oil, limonene, linalool. ~ In use ~ The product itself is a light yellow colour and it looks dry in the tin but when you swirl your finger in it it begins to look wet and rather greasy. It feels quite greasy on my fingertips but as soon as I wipe my fingers over my palms and the product starts to spread out the greasiness diminishes. It no longer feels greasy on my hands but it looks a bit greasy and my palms look more shiny than usual. The shine lasts a while on my hands but it is quite subtle so would probably not be picked up on by others. The ...

Impulse Be Surprised Body Spray 16/05/2017

You Probably Won't Be Surprised!

Impulse Be Surprised Body Spray I have had a few cans of Be Surprised which I have received in gift sets and I may have bought a can for myself when it first came out. Be Surprised is one of the newer Impulse body sprays although there are more recent releases. ~ Packaging ~ It comes in a silver can with a deep pink colour around the bottom and a blue and pink floral design on the front. To spray the body spray you twist the plastic top and then press down on the top to release the spray. The plastic top can then be twisted back so that the spray cannot be sprayed accidentally in your handbag. ~ Price ~ Impulse Be Surprised can be picked up in 75ml cans from Boots, Superdrug, most supermarkets and pound shops. It is usually £1.99 but can often be picked up on offer for £1.00. I always buy it when it is £1.00. I’m sure you could never buy Impulse for £1.00 in the late 90’s/ early 00’s. Am I right? ~ In Use ~ I sometimes use this spray in the morning after getting ready just for a burst of scent but more often I will carry this with me in my handbag and use it during the day for a burst of freshness. I spray it on my clothing and sometimes under my arms, although it is not deodorant so I use this as well as deodorant. I have a rather large handbag so I currently have three 75ml body sprays in there and need to sort it out. This spray also comes in a 35ml can for smaller handbags but these are usually only available in giftsets which come out around Christmas time! You can buy 12 35ml cans for £23.99 ...

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator 13/05/2017

Love Love Love The Product, Hate Hate Hate The Packaging!!

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator I received a sample of this Clinique Moisture Surge Intense skin fortifying hydrator a few years ago. It was part of a little set I got free when I bought two Clinique products. I kept the empty pot for a while so that I could remember the exact name of the product and last year I finally got round to buying a full size pot of it. ~ Packaging ~ It comes in a light pink frosted plastic pot with a silver screw on lid. The name of the product is on the front and it comes in the standard green Clinique box. ~ Price ~ This moisturiser is available from Boots as well as most department stores for £34.00 for the 50ml pot. ~ In Use ~ The first thing I noticed when I opened my full size pot was that the white piece of plastic that covers the moisturiser preventing it from going into the lid of the pot and making a mess was incredibly thin especially compared to the incredibly thick plastic in my last pot of moisturiser by Clinique. This has proved a real problem because the plastic is tricky to pick up off the top and as I have to pick it up by its edges I have found that I often drop it into the pot making a mess or pick it up and end up dropping it on the floor or a nearby surface so any excess moisturiser on it has to be wiped off and wasted. I tried swapping it for the good quality plastic cover on my other Clinique moisturiser but it didn't fit so I am left with this low quality plastic cover. This stopped me using the moisturiser for a few months as it really irritated ...

Irregular Choice Rockhopper 06/05/2017

So Hideous They Are Good!

Irregular Choice Rockhopper When I first saw these Irregular Choice Rockhoppers shoes I was fascinated by how hideous they were and I wondered who would ever buy them as they were some of the ugliest things I’d ever seen! I first saw them on Irregular Choice’s outlet website which they no longer have where they were just under £40.00, which I believe was at least £30.00 off their original selling price. I found myself on the website a lot and I started to see the shoes a lot more and I came round to the shoes and started to think maybe their unique selling point was that they were so darn hideous! I thought they’d be a laugh to wear at Christmas with jeans instead of a Christmas jumper, which is also something that is supposed to be hideous! A good few months after I first saw them I ordered them. ~ Price and availability ~ This design is no longer stocked by Irregular Choice. I think I bought my pair about 4 years ago. They do still come up brand new on ebay with limited sizes for £34.99 and I imagine the price may sneakily be increased towards winter. ~ Appearance ~ The shoes come in a dark blue colour or a purple colour and I ordered the purple ones because they were more hideous than the blue ones and hideousness was the reason I was buying them. They are virtually flat shoes with a 1cm block heel which is glittery. The front of the shoe is white and fluffy to represent snow on the ground and there is a penguin design on the front which isn’t small and cute, but takes up all of the front of ...

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Nail Spray 27/04/2017

For Those With A Need For Speed!

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Nail Spray I have had this can of Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for a few years and have used it on and off. It is basically a spray for newly painted nails to make the nail polish dry quicker. ~ Price and availability ~ It comes in a silver and purple can and contains 125ml of product. It costs £3.05 and is available from Superdrug. I have had my current can for years and I am happy to find out that it is available so cheaply. I had in my head that it cost £5.99. It is also available from Boots. ~ In use ~ When sprayed onto my nails it feels icy cold. You don’t need to hold it too far away from your nails when spraying, the can recommends 10cm, but if you have put a ridiculously thick layer of polish (which I have done in error in the past and is likely to result in disaster whatever you do) you can see the polish being pushed across your nail with the force of the spray. On a thin layer of nail polish I usually still wait a minute or so before touching my nails after spraying this on as I absolutely hate having to repaint them if they smudge. After spraying your fingertips are left wet with a slight greasiness to them (like that of some eye make-up removers). The greasiness won’t dry on its own and I normally find it is best to rinse it off after about a minute. Drying my fingertips off with a towel is not usually something I opt for because of the threat of smudging. The spray will go all over your fingertips no matter how precisely you try to spray it. I think this spray definitely ...

Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Eau de Toilette 17/04/2017

A Great Scent But Will Only Last On Fabric!

Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Eau de Toilette I tried Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower a while after it first came out not expecting to be too impressed but as soon as I sprayed the tester I wanted it. ~ Bottle ~ It comes in a glass bottle which is the same design as the original Illicit fragrance. It is cylindrical and has ridges around the bottom half which look like buildings of all different heights, but the design is quite subtle and well done. ‘Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower’, is written across the front in black lettering and on the top there is a silver, mirrored cube shaped lid which fits over the spray dispenser. The liquid itself is a light pink colour. I really like the bottle design. It is quite simple, but pretty at the same time. ~ Price ~ Illicit Flower is available in 40ml, 60ml and 100ml bottles. It is an eau de toilette. As I liked this fragrance so much I decided to get the 100ml bottle. The 100ml bottle costs £67.50. The 60ml bottle costs £43.00. The 40ml bottle costs £35.50. It is available from John Lewis, Boots, Debenhams and The Fragrance Shop. I expect most department stores will carry this fragrance. ~ Scent ~ Immediately after the fragrance is sprayed I get a mature, floral scent from it. It is quite a light fragrance with fruity undertones. I love the scent. The top notes are apricot and mandarin. The middle notes are grapefruit blossom, jasmine, rose, freesia and pear. The base notes are sandalwood, cashmere wood, musk, vanilla and benzoin. The mandarin blends well with the jasmine and rose, not ...

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush Eau de Toilette 25/03/2017


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush Eau de Toilette I bought Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush last year when it first came out. It was released at the same time as two other fragrances Daisy Dream and Daisy Dream Blush. ~ Price and availability ~ This fragrance comes in a 75ml bottle. It is an eau de toilette and it is priced at £58.00. It is available from Boots, Debenhams and The Fragrance Shop. ~ Bottle ~ The fragrance comes in the same bottle as the original Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrance which was released in 2011, but uses a different colour scheme. The bottle is tall and has a spherical lid with rubber flowers attached to it in different shades of pink. The bottle is fun, youthful and feminine. I do quite like the Marc Jacobs bottle designs; the bold blocks of colour on the lids make me think of the pop art style. ~ Scent ~ When first sprayed the fragrance is bold and bright. It is quite sweet and citrusy, but the light, fresh floral notes calm it down a bit. The top notes are pink grapefruit, mandarin and apple. The middle notes are rose, lily of the valley and freesia. The base notes are apricot nectar, cedarwood and musk. The citruses in this fragrance are the most prominent notes. The pink grapefruit and mandarin have a sharp scent that reminds me of blood orange. The pink grapefruit is also very evident and blends well with the mandarin without being overpowered. The floral notes combine with the citruses wonderfully to give the fragrance a bit more depth. I can detect the rose which sits quietly behind ...

What are the main changes do you plan to do for Spring? 22/03/2017

Spring Saving!

What are the main changes do you plan to do for Spring? My main goals for this spring will be financial goals. A few weeks ago my partner and I went out for a drink and were trying to agree on where to go on holiday this year and then we started talking about houses as we plan to move to a bigger house in the next two years. When we got home I looked at a few holidays online and then I thought I’d look at houses just to get a better idea of what I want and how much it is going to cost. After seeing some amazing houses I am feeling really motivated to save up a good deposit so that we can get what we want. I plan to save as much as I can each month and have even thrown the idea of a holiday out of the window. I have made a spreadsheet with the amount we have saved already and the amount we intend to save each month and if we can stick to it we will have a good deposit in two years. I am trying to find as many ways as I can to save money. I have been using Amazon vouchers earned on to buy birthday presents and a present for my mother for mother’s day and will save up for more vouchers so that I can buy more birthday presents in the future. I have sold some clothing and random items on ebay and I am going to dig some more out to sell. I have been using comparison websites to look at savings accounts. It seems that savings accounts will offer better rates than ISAs at the minute, but sometimes you only receive the interest rate for up to a certain amount of cash. For example 5% interest on up to £2500.00. 5% is the ...

Original Source Orange and Ginger Shower Gel 18/03/2017

Nice But A Bit Too Much Spice

Original Source Orange and Ginger Shower Gel I bought this Original Source orange and ginger shower gel early last year. I actually found that I didn't need to buy shower gel at all last year as my partner and I got so many in gift sets for Christmas and our birthdays that we managed to survive on those all year. This year doesn't seem to be much different and the other day I counted 25 unopened shower gels in the bathroom waiting to be used and then spotted some more on my husband's aftershave shelf. This was one of the ones I bought at the beginning of last year but I have only just got round to using. ~ Price ~ I bought my bottle for £1.00. The shower gel is 250ml. It is available from Boots, Superdrug, Wilko and most supermarkets. ~ Bottle ~ It comes in a clear plastic bottle which sits on its black plastic lid. The shower gel itself is bright orange. There is a clear sticker on the front of the bottle that boasts that 3 and a half juicy oranges are packed into each bottle. It is also a vegan product. The black flip cap on the bottle is fairly easy to open but it does seem to pose a threat to your finger nails. It is better than Radox's flip caps as the lip is thicker and wider. With a little bit of effort you can open it with your thumb instead of your nails. ~ In Use ~ I am a fan of the Original Source brand. I have tried quite a few of their shower gels over the years. I think I have tried this one before years ago but couldn't remember what it was like so I bought it again. The shower gel is thick and ...
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