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Radox Energise Shower Gel 21/07/2017

Amazing Scent - Keylime And Peppermint

Radox Energise Shower Gel I bought a few different Radox shower gels last year and have just got around to using this one. I love the scent of lime, but this shower gel is lime and peppermint scented and I expected that the lime would be overpowered so I wasn't too excited to try it out. ~ Price and availability ~ You can expect to pay £1.00 for a 250ml bottle of this shower gel. It is available from most supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug and Wilkinsons. You can buy 2 bottles for £1.80 on offer at Tesco. ~ Bottle ~ It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a rounded edge so it is easy to hold. It has a hinged green plastic hook on the top so you can hang the shower gel up in your shower so that it is in easy reach. It sits on its flip cap lid which is not the easiest to open. The shower gel is a bright green colour. There is a sticker on the front of the bottle with pictures of lime and mint leaves and the words 'feel energised with keylime and peppermint' across the front. ~ In Use ~ The shower gel is quite runny, but not too thin. I wasn't too excited to try this out as I thought the lime scent would be overpowered and I was right. I wasn't excited about the peppermint scent as I don't usually particularly love minty scents, but I absolutely love the scent of this shower gel. It has a lovely fresh mint scent as if it is the mint leaf itself that you are sniffing at. It is lovely and not a toothpaste-y mint scent at all. The lime in this could easily be bergamot, lemon or maybe even orange. ...

Lynx Attract For Her Deodorant Spray 18/07/2017

Attractive Scent

Lynx Attract For Her Deodorant Spray I don’t think I have ever had the Lynx Attract for her body spray before but I got two different gift sets at Christmas with this in. I have always liked the Lynx brand so I was very pleased to receive the 'for her' version. ~ Packaging ~ The deodorant body spray comes in a white can with a black twist lid. The lid twists and the spray dispenser is revealed at the top of the can. ‘Lynx’ is written in black lettering on the can but there is a bright pink band of colour around the bottom of the can and a pink and grey design on the front of the can so it can be easily recognised as the feminine body spray rather than the masculine spray that Lynx are well known for. The spray is described as body spray and deodorant on the front of the can. ~ Price and availability ~ Lynx Attract for her 150ml spray is available from where it costs £5.62 or you can buy a pack of 6 on ebay for £16.49. The spray is most easily found in gift sets at Christmas time. Superdrug have the gift set in at the moment with the spray and a 250ml shower gel for £7.00. ~ In Use ~ The scent is described by Lynx as a vibrant mixture of succulent fruit with gentle floral notes for a feminine accord. It is a lovely scent. I thought it might be quite a masculine fragrance, but it is a nice fruity, floral scent. It is crisp and fresh, but not masculine. The scent reminds me of one of the DKNY Be Delicious perfumes which this is very similar to. I really like the scent. If I had to guess I'd ...

Lynx Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - Touch 17/07/2017

Can't Touch This

Lynx Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - Touch I used to use Lynx Touch spray back in 2005. A few of the girls I knew used to wear Lynx sprays as well because some of them were really nice scents although they were marketed towards men. This one was my favourite, but it was discontinued. About two years ago I managed to buy 6 cans of it online for about £18.00 which I was happy with. I also managed to get a hold of the aftershave a few years before. ~ Price and availability ~ This 150ml can of this deodorant body spray is quite difficult to get hold of. It often comes up on ebay, but sellers can be quite greedy knowing that this fragrance has been discontinued. There are currently two cans on ebay for £30.00. As a fan of the fragrance £5.00 per can seems reasonable but £15.00 per can is a bit too pricey. ~ Packaging ~ The can is about 1.75 inches in diameter and it is black with ‘Lynx Touch deodorant body spray’ written on the front and there are some swishing designs in red and silver. The lid is made from black plastic and you twist it to release the spray button on the top of the can and it is pressed down to release the spray. It looks much like the rest of the Lynx range. I do quite like the packaging. ~ In Use ~ The can advises to spray this from 15cm away from your body. It has a lovely scent. The fragrance contains watermelon, floral and spicy notes and a base of patchouli and musk. It is described as woody and aromatic. The scent is quite masculine. I find it really difficult to describe, but it is ...

Tangle Teezer Compact - Feline Groovy 15/07/2017

Conveniently Compact!

Tangle Teezer Compact - Feline Groovy I received a Compact Tangle Teezer as part of a gift set with a lot of other beauty items for my birthday earlier this year. I already have the original Tangle Teezer and I really like it but I did think it could use a lid so that when you throw it in your handbag bits of fluff won’t get stuck in it. ~ Price and availability ~ I saw the Feline Groovy design recently in the airport but the Compact Tangle Teezer is available in many colours and styles including Shaun The Sheep print and Hello Kitty designs. The one I have is not the Feline Groovy leopard print design, but it is black and bright pink. The Feline Groovy design is available for £10.00 from, but if you do not mind which colour or design you receive you can buy the Compact Tangle Teezer for as little as £8.25 on ~ What is it? ~ The Compact Tangle Teezer is a hair brush without a handle. It has very flexible bristles and was created to detangle tatty hair without tearing, breaking and damaging it. The Compact version isn’t much smaller than the original Tangle Teezer brush, but it has a lid to it which protects the bristles from bending out of shape and stops fluff or dirt from getting between the bristles. ~ In Use ~ The lid has a thin one inch long piece of plastic sticking out of it and it fits into the brush where there is a gap in the centre of the bristles and it fixes together with the lid so that it won’t come off accidentally. The brush is easy to hold in your hand and ...

Avon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel 12/07/2017

Fabulous Gel Finish

Avon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel I bought a few Avon gel finish nail polishes when they first came out and was really pleased with them. I kept meaning to buy more and by the time I got round to it they had changed the range to ‘gel shine’ instead of gel finish so I bought some gel shine but they are not the same. This review is going to be for the gel finish nail polishes. I bought 4 different colours; a bright red, a lilac colour, a nude colour and a light pink/ nude colour. They are currently available on ebay where you can buy them for £3.29. ~ Packaging ~ The packaging is much like that of Avon’s other nail polishes. The polish comes in a rectangular glass bottle with a black plastic lid. The front of the bottle has ‘Avon Gel Finish’ written across the front and the ‘L’ in gel has a drip design coming down from it. The bottles hold 10ml of nail polish each. ~ In Use ~ The nail polish is easy to apply and goes on much like any other nail polish. The nude is fine but I find the light pink colour is a bit see through so it will usually need a second coat. I find this quite annoying so I tend never to use the light pink colour. I don’t often bother with a second coat as I often find it hard enough not to smudge the first coat; the chances of not smudging two coats is very slim and if I use a base and/or top coat then the chances of no smudging is almost zero. I don’t always use a base or top coat; it depends how lazy I am feeling. The nail polish dries reasonably quickly as long as I don’t apply too ...

Mitchum Powder Fresh Antiperspirant Roll-on 04/07/2017

Powder Power!

Mitchum Powder Fresh Antiperspirant Roll-on I first bought Mitchum’s Powder Fresh roll on deodorant about 2 years ago. I was travelling to Europe with hand luggage only and wanted something 50ml or smaller so that I could take it with me on the plane as I believe any liquids over 50ml are not allowed on planes unless they're in the hold. The deodorant comes in a light green coloured plastic bottle with a green and pink label on the front where it claims to give 48 hours of protection. ~ Price and availability ~ I bought my 50ml bottle in Savers for the bargain price of £1.00. It is also available from Wilko for the same price. You can also get a 100ml bottle which is £1.92 from Superdrug. ~ In Use ~ I never used to use roll on deodorants, but could never find a spray on less than 50ml at a reasonable price so I tried this out and now it is my go to deodorant purchase. The powder fresh deodorant has a nice floral scent, which to be honest borders on being a bit toilet-cleaning-product-like, but it is pleasant enough. The roller ball is large and easy to use. It never gets stuck and applies the deodorant easily. It takes two seconds to apply and smells less toilet-cleaning-product-like on the skin. It does not take long to dry and once it is dry the scent is barely noticeable. I don’t get white marks on my clothing from this deodorant, but I don’t really wear t-shirts; I usually wear vest tops or strappy tops so I don’t tend to get white marks from any deodorant. I am really pleased with the performance of this ...

BeautyBlender Classic Makeup Sponge 27/06/2017

Blends Beauty-fully!

BeautyBlender Classic Makeup Sponge I bought my Beauty Blender at the beginning of this year. A Beauty Blender, for those who don’t know, is a make-up sponge which is almost egg-shaped with a point at the top. I know there are a lot of cheaper versions you can get, but a lot of people say nothing is as good as the real thing so I decided not to waste my money on the cheap alternatives. ~ Price and availability ~ I bought the Beauty Blender online at where it is currently £12.84. I think I paid around that price. The website sell the Beauty Blender for £16.00. ~ Packaging ~ The make-up sponge comes in a small clear plastic pot with pink, grey and black and white spots around it and the Beauty Blender name on it. I still keep my Beauty Blender in the original pot as I think it would get dirty if it was thrown around in my make-up bag or with the rest of my beauty products. I have the bright pink Beauty Blender but it is available in a few other colours. ~ In Use ~ Straight away I can tell by touching the sponge that it is of a good quality. It is very soft and feels almost velvety. When squashed it springs straight back into shape. The holes in the sponge are very small. The sponge is supposed to be used damp. The instructions for use are wet, squeeze, bounce meaning to wet the Beauty Blender, squeeze out any excess moisture and then ‘bounce foundation or powder across the face for flawless results’. The brand says, ‘When damp, the open-cell structure of the exclusive ...

Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds EyeLiner 15/06/2017

Like A Diamond In My Eye!

Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds EyeLiner I have an Avon glimmerstick diamonds eye liner that I got when they were first introduced. I can’t remember if I chose it myself or my mother, who is an Avon representative, bought it for me. ~ Price and availability ~ The glimmerstick diamonds eye liner is currently available from or directly from your Avon representative where it is £6.00 and it is available in 10 different sparkly shades. It can often be picked up on offer for around half price though. ~ Packaging ~ It is much like the regular glimmerstick eye liners from Avon and it is a thin black plastic pencil which twists up in a narrow crayon like form. The silver lettering on the pencil is holographic and there are some little diamond shapes on the pencil. There is a band of colour round the bottom of the pencil showing the colour of the pencil. I have this in ‘smokey diamond’ which is a charcoal grey colour. The ‘diamonds’ refers to the face that the eye liner has a shimmer in it. I really like the packaging for this eye liner. I love tiny writing and designs and there isn’t much space on this pencil so the writing is small to start, but the holographic tiny writing looks really good. I have a few normal glimmerstick eye liners and lip liners and whenever I find one among my pencil collection I always check if it is this holographic one. It looks really pretty. ~ In Use ~ The eyeliner I have is a charcoal grey colour and on my waterline it looks a little bit like it is a black eye liner that I ... 14/06/2017

A Site For Sore Wallets! I have been using for years! I remember, 10 years ago my then manager and our team at work, talking about the lottery. My manager said she genuinely believed she was going to win it even though she never really played it. I felt the same and didn’t really play very often either. I knew something had to change and started putting it on online at I think it was around 2009 I started playing religiously and in 2010 my auntie gave me my uncle’s (who died) lottery numbers and ever since I have played the numbers every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. ~ Changes to the lottery as we knew it ~ In recent years the lottery increased from £1 to £1.50 and then later £2 per draw. The national lottery once had 49 numbers but it now has 59 numbers so it is even more difficult to win. There is also a raffle now where 1 person wins £1 million and 20 people win £20,000 per draw. £20,000 would be great but it is far from life changing and I think 4 prizes of £100,000 and 1 prize of £1 million would be a better idea. Matching 3 numbers on the lottery used to get you £10 but it now gets you £25 as it is harder to win with the extra numbers. I have won this 3 times now including twice this year but this is just chance and I feel like I went years without winning prior to this. ~ Other games on the website ~ The lottery website has many other games. I play the Euromillions on Tuesdays and Fridays which was £1.50 when I first started ...

Boots Royal Jelly Hand and Nail Cream 13/06/2017


Boots Royal Jelly Hand and Nail Cream I have had a few Boots Royal Jelly gift sets over the years and a year or two ago I received this Royal Jelly Pure Honey protecting hand and nail cream as part of a gift set along with a few other products. ~ Price and availability ~ My hand and nail cream comes in a 30ml semi-transparent plastic pot with a gold plastic lid and a sticker on the top with the name of the product on it. The hand cream does usually come in a tube, but is currently sold out on and out of stock at Boots. The product is quite difficult to get hold of but is usually available at Christmas time in Boots gift sets. You can currently a 75ml tube on ebay for £1.99 plus £3.50 postage. ~ In use ~ The hand cream is a cream colour. It is quite thin in consistency and very light. It is easily rubbed into my skin and doesn’t leave any stickiness or residue. You don’t need to use a lot of the product to get a good coverage. It leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and smelling great. In the past I have tried Boots Royal Jelly products that I thought were quite harshly scented, but I really like the scent of this Royal Jelly Pure Honey hand cream. It has a lovely sweet scent of honey. It isn’t too strong or overpowering. It has a slight harshness to it, but I really like the scent and don’t find it offensive at all. The product claims to contain pro-vitamin B5 to condition and protect your hands and nails leaving them feeling smooth and soft. It is a really nice product to use. It serves its ...

Next Dimension 12/06/2017

Next Dimension

Next Dimension Dimension is an aftershave by Next that was first released as far back as 1999. It stuck around for a while and then it was discontinued about 8 years later in 2007. My husband used to wear this fragrance when we first met, having received it as a Christmas gift. He used half of the bottle and we kept the rest when we realised it had been discontinued. ~ Packaging ~ The bottle is about 5 inches tall and it is rectangular. The glass of the bottle is frosted and ‘Dimension’ is written across the glass. The lid is silver and comes down over much of the bottle. It is about 3.5 inches of the 5 inches and the glass showing at the bottom of the bottle is only about 1.5 inches in height. ‘NEXT’ is imprinted on the top of the lid but it is otherwise plain silver. I think the bottle design is quite a good idea as it makes the bottle look fuller. When you remove the lid the rest of the bottle is exposed and you can see how much is really left. I think sometimes when you only have a little bit of perfume left in the bottle it can look a bit old and scruffy so the lid covering the whole bottle will make it look fuller for longer. ~ Price and availability ~ The fragrance is currently available on ebay where it is £23.40 for a 50ml bottle or £34.99 for two 30ml bottles of splash on aftershave. As it has been discontinued it is no longer available from Next and is quite difficult to get hold of. ~ In Use ~ The reason I like this so much is because it is what my husband used to wear ...

Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner 10/06/2017

Shockingly Good!

Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner I have had this Avon Supershock gel eyeliner pencil for a while. I have it in the colour blackberry. ~ Price ~ It is not currently available from Avon but it is available in 8 different shades on ebay for £3.99 each. ~ In Use ~ Blackberry is a dark brown colour. It has a bronze coloured shimmer in it. The eyeliner is really smooth to apply with no dragging on my skin. It looks almost black on my lash line but I can see the bronze glitter in it. It is more of a shimmer than a glitter as the glitter is tiny. I haven’t tried many gel eyeliners in the past and I have to say I love the consistency of this gel liner. The gel liner still comes in a pencil like stick which needs to be sharpened but it is softer, smoother and easier to apply. As it transfers to my skin so easily I find it easier to use and it is more precise. I can create thick or thin lines and it can be used with a light or heavy hand depending on how bold I want it to be. It looks good on and it stays on my skin all day. I expected that it would be quite easy to smudge, but I have been impressed that it doesn’t move at all once it is applied. When applying this to my waterline I have to be quite careful or else I find that the product gets into my lower lashes and leaves them looking a bit crumby or clumpy and there are little bits of product that are left behind in my lower lashes. The colour makes my lower lashes look bolder, but the clumpiness of my lashes looks a bit messy. This can be cleaned up quickly ...

Lynx Attract For Her Shower Gel 07/06/2017

A Mild Attraction!

Lynx Attract For Her Shower Gel I received 2 different Lynx Attract gift sets for Christmas both with this Lynx Attract for her shower gel. I like Lynx shower gels so was looking forward to trying this feminine version out. ~ Packaging ~ The shower gel comes in a black plastic bottle which narrows a bit in the middle to make it easy to grip. There is a large imprint on the lid which you push down to open the shower gel. The front of the packaging has a black sticker on the front with ‘Lynx’ in silver lettering across the front and ‘Attract’ written in bright pink lettering and then ‘for her’ in silver lettering within a pink design. I like the bottle design and I think the black and pink look good together. ~ Price and availability ~ You can buy this 250ml shower gel for £1.50 at Asda. It is also available from in a pack of 3 for £9.98. It is widely available in gift sets around Christmas time. ~ In Use ~ The back of the packaging says, ‘The mating game has evolved. Unleash the chaos with Lynx Attract for her – a fragrance so irresistible it will drive guys wild.’ The matching body spray has a nice fruity-floral scent and reminds me of DKNY’s Be Delicious fragrance, but this shower gel does not smell the same at all. It has a little bit of a spicy, oriental scent and although the body spray is feminine, to me, the shower gel has quite a masculine scent, which is a bit puzzling. It is nice, but it differs so much from the crisp, fresh, fruity scent of the body spray that having the same ...

Avon Care Rich Moisture Lip Balm 06/06/2017

Bloomin' Brilliant Balm

Avon Care Rich Moisture Lip Balm I got this Avon Care rich moisture lip balm as a stocking filler from my mother last Christmas. I have had a few Avon lip balms in the past and have found the consistency to be just as I like and this one is no different. ~ Packaging ~ It comes as a small twist up stick. It is the ideal size for putting in your pocket or handbag. I usually keep mine in the pocket of my handbag or else it would go missing loose in my handbag. The plastic packaging is white but it has a pink plastic lid. There is a sticker around the middle of the stick with Avon Care written on and some pink floral designs. The lip balm I am reviewing is the pink jasmine lip balm. ~ Price and availability ~ The lip balm is available in Pink Magnolia, Pink Jasmine or a standard Intensive Relief lip balm. They all costs £2.20, but they are currently on offer online at for £1.10 ~ In Use ~ The lip balm is easy to twist up using the bottom of the stick. The balm is a white, almost semi-transparent colour but the colour does not transfer onto my lips. Applied to my lips it looks dull, but it feels really balmy and moisturising. It feels as though it creates a barrier on my lips to protect against drying out which can be caused by cold weather or licking my lips too much. It has a lovely scent of jasmine, but it isn’t too strong. I can smell this while I am applying the lip balm and it also sticks around after I have applied it. It is a nice scent and I don’t think anyone would find it ...

Avon Retractable Glimmersticks Lip Liner (Perfect Wear Lip Liner) 05/06/2017


Avon Retractable Glimmersticks Lip Liner (Perfect Wear Lip Liner) I bought two of these Avon glimmerstick lip liners when they first came out. I bought one in red brick and one in mystery mauve. ~ Price and availability ~ The lip liner comes in 9 different colours and is usually £6.00 but is currently on offer online for £3.00 at ~ In Use ~ The lip liner is a thin black plastic pencil with a band of colour round the bottom which shows the colour of the pencil. The liner itself is a twist up crayon type liner. The point of the lip liner is rounded but quite narrow. The lip liner is really easy to apply. My mystery mauve pencil is my favourite of the two I have. It is a similar colour to my lips and is a lot more wearable than the red one and I have a lot of lipstick that is a similar colour to this lipstick. It is a dusky pink colour. I apply the lip liner to the outline of my lips before applying my lipstick so that I don’t have to worry about applying lipstick to the outline of my lipstick and risk going over the edges and getting lipstick on my skin which is always a bad look. The lip liner is soft and the colour transfers easily to my lips without the need to apply much pressure. It looks matte but not at all drying on my lips. The liner does not bleed onto my skin at all. It lasts really well on my lips. Being more of a matte pencil and being on the outside of my lips it outlasts my lipstick. I usually find my lipstick fades in the middle first. It lasts about 5 hours on my lips and there is no smudging or ...
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