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Sony Ericsson K610i 09/03/2007

K610i had to have.

Sony Ericsson K610i I sat down to the computer to read a few reviews on Ciao. Suddenly my old and now battered Nokia 6230i began to ring. It was a courtesy call from Vodafone. "Good afternoon Mr Lewis." After a lengthy conversation and lots of quizzing I had surrendered and signed up for a contract and the phone offered, was the Sony Ericsson K610i. The following day the phone had arrived. I like most with new toys reacted like a kid in a sweet shop and rushed to open the box. Manual on the floor I put all of the parts together and started browsing through the menu. My first impressions were a little disappointed. I felt the phone resembled an old Siemens handset I had several years back and being used to the slim and sleek lines of a Nokia it was a little square for my liking. In the box came the handset, Mains charger, Hands free kit, USB cables, software cdrom, manual and a little red plastic envelope to recycle your old mobile phone. The handset itself is actually surprisingly small and comfortable in the hand, and light too at only 89g. Size approximately 102 x 45 x 17 mm. Screen was a good size too. Very clear TFT colour screen. I had delivered an Urban Silver colour phone but the unit is also available in Evening Red and Misty White following the trend of the W800i, or as I like to call it the walkman phone, everybody has! The phone is available on several networks GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 and UMTS. Vodafone kindly informed me, to leave the phone on a long charge, ...

HP Deskjet F380 17/02/2007

All In One Box

HP Deskjet F380 You get to a point with your old computer when you feel enough is enough. I'm bored of waiting endlessly for the tired old processor to finally open that document so I can finally print that all important letter which should have been sent last week. When it finally decided to pack up altogether I thought fantastic now I can get a really good pc and end those boring waiting sessions with your processor working in overdrive. I found a pc I wanted but it did not come with a printer so I would need to buy a new one because there was no way on this earth my old Lexmark Z25 which barely coped with the most basic of printing was going anywhere near the new PC. I decided I would look elsewhere for a printer because I have found generally you will pay more in specialised computer stores for products found on the high street. With Tesco and Asda now including an extensive range of electronics I thought it would be a good idea to pop along and see what they had to offer. So I arrived at the Tesco Extra electronics department and was confronted with loads of all; in one printer's. How on earth would I decide which one to take home? I found Tesco has a wide range of Lexmark printers but with previous experience I decided against these and wanted to try something new. I came across this model HP DeskJet F380. First impressions --------------- ---------- Great design and looks absolutely fantastic, HP have opted for a Mac look to follow the recent trends of the Ipod and the ...

Bush IN454 21/01/2007

Steaming from the ears

Bush IN454 I recently moved back with my mum after living away from home to sort out my finances and other problems. I was sorting through my wardrobe trying to find space for all the clothes that I inevitably would need to throw away or pass on to the local charity shops because I just couldn't find the space for them all. I decided I would take a break from destroying my wardrobe and took some time out to Iron the clothes I could keep or just couldn't face throwing away. Since all of my electronics were stored in the garage now all nicely packed away in boxes for when I should need them for my new place, I was forced to use mum's Iron. At first I thought great I can get to try out that new Iron she has bought. Stylish silver design, stainless steel base, steam burst, steam spray, non drip and anti scale were all boasted by the manufacture of features on this new Iron. This should be a breeze. The Bush IN454 on first impressions looks great, its lightweight at just under 2kg and holds in your hand extremely well. Heating is quite quick after about 30 seconds I was already ironing the delicates on a low heat. Normally trying to use steam functions such as steam spray is not a good idea on low heats, your delicates end up wet and often with scale marks meaning you now need to wash them all over again. Not the case I found. The steam function was good on a low heat it steamed the clothes not drench them and the anti scale feature looked like it was working. I finished off with ...

Shameless - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 20/01/2007

Ashamed I never got it sooner.

Shameless - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) I stumbled across Shameless on Channel 4 one evening watching late night telly. It was a re-run of an old episode. I decided it had to be better than watching The Mint so decided to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed. The best place to begin my review would be to introduce you to the family so you can get a feel of the characters and how they relate to each other in the episodes on the DVD. The Gallagher's are a large family who moved to the Chatsworth Estate in Manchester, 3 years previous. Frank Gallagher is the father; Frank loves to drink and often ends up in a pool of his own urine on the kitchen floor of the family home after a heavy day and night at the local. Frank is loud, aggressive and violent. Always looking for the next best way to scam beer money by any means possible. Frank collects his JSA (Jobseekers Allowance) on a Friday morning and disappears until the next cheque arrives. Family man is not associated with Frank despite his protests to the contrary. The real head of the family is Fiona, Frank's daughter. After mum ran off with a lesbian lover and Frank may as well of, Fiona has been left to keep the family together by any means possible and that's definitely the case in future episodes. All of Fiona's time is occupied protecting and feeding the family and is always called upon the moment things go wrong. Fiona always delivers and despite the struggles always picks herself and everyone around her up only to start again. Philip is Fiona's younger ...

Diesel Plus Plus Eau de Toilette for Him 20/01/2007

more and more plus

Diesel Plus Plus Eau de Toilette for Him When mums usually buy fragrances for you, its almost inevitable its going to smell like the air freshner used in the toilet or at least that was my finding until my mum decided to give me Diesel Plus Plus as a gift. I opened the box and thought oh no now im going to have to lie and tell her i love it and throw it at the back of the shelf with all the other fragrances i don't wear, or will I? The first thing you notice with this product is its famous brand you cannot mistake a Diesel product for anything else, so at least its a good brand, ok its not that bad i keep telling myself. Slightly small but then most fragrances are and after all you only need a small amount. I actually ended up loving this product and couldn't believe my mum had discovered it before me. Its a light smell not over powering like Jean Paul Gautierre or BOSS which I have found to be in the past. It doesn't smell like your usual fragrance that you need to stand outside and spray because everyone is commenting on you smelling like a Tom Cat. Its subtle and refreshing not over powering it lasts for hours and hours and you need only a small amount. So that would explain the small bottle. It all fits now. Best of all its actually quite affordable unlike your other named brands which you need to take out a part time job to afford. and it can be worn for any occassion even your Gran will approve on a Sunday when she pops over for Sunday Lunch. I can't find a single fault, I LOVE IT and you will ...

TomTom ONE V2 Regional Great Britain 20/01/2007


TomTom ONE V2 Regional Great Britain So there I was Christmas Day dreading another year of unwanted socks and underwear. Why people still feel the need to buy more even when last years haven't been used yet is beyond me. I sat down to open my presents and was very surprised to be presented with a TomTom One Sat Nav. Great, something exciting and interesting I can actually use after Christmas Day. So after opening the box and throwing the manual back into the box I switched it on. Catching little greeting at the beginning I got a good feeling about this present! On first set-up you need to enter a few details to get you started such as your address and name etc nothing too challenging and very quick. After that I was ready to go. I decided to explore the menu and see what I was dealing with before I let myself loose on the roads. I was pleasantly surprised how simple to use the unit was. Good icons and conveniently named to help even the most challenged of users. The great thing with TomTom is it's so simple to use. Navigating is great it allows you to plan a journey using street names, postcodes, recent destinations, points of interest such as petrol stations, shops, hospitals etc and favourites which you can store at anytime. There is so much to talk about with the TomTom One I could bore the living daylights out of even the most patient of readers. I will try to be brief but informative. Simple menus and ease of use, planning routes are simple, the unit even has predictive text so no need to ...

Another Gay Movie (DVD) 31/12/2006

Another GAY movie

Another Gay Movie (DVD) I thought i would take the time to watch another gay movie just because i heard friends talking about it and decided i should probably give it a go. I watched a trailoer on an internet site and the situation with all the friends sat around talking about the plans to lose their virginity by the end of the summer just made me roll in laughter. I jump onto the usual sites for picking up cheaper films than on the high street and grab my copy, waited patiently by the door for the post to arrive. I wasnt disappointed when the postman finally arrived with my parcel. Although the storyline is based on American Pie with a twist of being a gay group of friends. This funny and outrageous comedy doesnt fail to crack a smile on even the pope who has his own views on young men experimenting with their sexuality. Scenes of nudity throughout and acts of a sexual nature crop up in this film often. Probably not recommended if you have a problem with acts of homosexual sex. Although they are in good humour and not very explicit they could be offensive. This film has all of the usual stereotypes of gay men and woman wiv your feminine male and butch female. Would recommend to heterosexual viewers who can appreciate the film for what it is. A spoof comedy about Gay men and their pact to have sex and lose their virginity before the end of the summer. If you are uncomfortable with this plot i would say dont watch it. All in all its a definite must see and i would recommend to anyone ...
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