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American Express Platinum 26/01/2008

American Express Platinum charge card

American Express Platinum After having had an American Express (AMEX) credit card I was more than happy with the level of service I had been receiving and decided to make the move to their Platinum charge card. The card comes with an annual fee of £300 and includes a whole host of benefits, including comprehensive travel insurance for you, your children, additional Platinum cardholder and 5 supplementary cardholders, (gold or green) and their children up to age 18. The travel insurance includes travel inconvenience cover, which provides you with £150 should your departure be delayed by more than 4 hours, including missed connections, the same amount is payable should your baggage be delayed more than 4 hours, and the same amount again after 48 hours, (excluding your return journey). You also receive free priority pass membership for both you and your supplementary Platinum cardholder providing you with access to a large network of airline lounges, car hire insurance (applicable when your trip involves a flight or hotel stay) meaning you can decline many of the extra insurance products car hire companies try and sell you and there's no excess to pay. There's a host of other benefits too, accelerated status with hotel and car hire programs, preferential rates on travel, access to the Eurostar lounges, personal concierge and overall outstanding customer service. While the card may seem pricey, if you travel several times a year and take advantage of the free additional Platinum card ...

LG RH-177 16/06/2007

No end of problems

LG RH-177 The LG RH 177 is easy to install and set-up, and as you'd expect it has one touch record, time shift and playback. It comes with a 80gb hard drive. When you attempt to go beyond the basic features you will notice a number of annoying features, such as; 1. When you set the player to record at set times, the system will not record if it is already switched on, particularly annoying if you're watching a DVD. You will receive a message on screen reminding you that it will start recording in X minutes, you then have to switch the player off and it will automatically switch itself back on. 2. Doesn't support Freeview, therefore if you're recording one channel and want to watch another, you can only watch an analogue channel. 3. System clock doesn't update automatically, despite having an option within the menu to do this. (I found this out to my horror after returning from a holiday). 4. If you edit any programme you record, for example cut out the adverts, the only way you can transfer the programme to DVD is to allow the system to play the programme in full. (If you do not edit the programme you can use the fast transfer option. My personal experience with this player has so far led me to returning the system to LG for repair twice, initially I had a problem where DVDs would skip or get stuck, following the first return this problem was not fixed and it later led to the system being unable to play DVDs at all, including the ability to copy from the hard drive to ...
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