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since 17/10/2006


Coca-Cola Zero 10/03/2007

The Underdog In A Very Special World

Poetry 08/03/2007

My Little Book Of Poem's

Do you believe in life after death? 24/01/2007

Living your life for when it's over.

Apple iPod nano MA477ZT/A 2 GB Second Generation 15/01/2007

Return of the ipod mini?

Delta Force Paintball 31/12/2006

Paintballing at Delta

Delta Force Paintball There was dull thud, followed almost instantly by a muffled scream. I dared a glance around; Josh was lying flat on his back, clutching his stomach. His gun and ammunition sprawled out beside him. A bead of sweat trickled slowly down the side of my face. Even in the brilliant light of day I couldn't determine where the shots where coming from. All around me I could see people collapsing to the ground, doubled over in agony. I had no bullets left. I stared longingly at the center of the field, where a bright blue flag was displayed. That was when I decided, I was going to go down fighting. Throwing my gun to the floor, I leapt out of the safety of cover, picked myself off the ground and ran. I could hear the sound of bullets whistling past. My vision transfixed on that little blue flag; terror pulsing through my veins. My legs where aching like I had never felt before, and my heart was thudding violently inside me chest, but I carried on, too scared to give in, too scared to give up. Suddenly something hot hit me square in the back, I stumbled with the force. It happened again, in the shoulder this time, pain shuddered through me. I realized now that I was not standing anymore, I was on the ground. My face was wet, and I knew it was not just perspiration behind the mask any more. The world was rapidly loosing colour. I could feel something hot and red between my fingers as I clutched my shoulder. I heard shouting, and a whistle, but they were worlds away, as if I was listening ...

Motorola razr V3i Dolce & Gabbana limited edition mobile phone. 29/12/2006

Goodbye Moto.

Noughts And Crosses - Malorie Blackman 12/12/2006

Waterproof Mascara Necessary

Gliding 12/12/2006

To touch the face of god

Essays 12/12/2006

Confessions Of A High School Tearaway.

Fifteen-Firsts 12/12/2006

Time To Break Out The Tissues.

Greggs the Bakers (Shop) 12/12/2006

All praise the greggs bakery!

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