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Coca-Cola Zero 10/03/2007

The Underdog In A Very Special World

Coca-Cola Zero Yes, we would all like bra's without the fumbling and mobile phones without the dodgy ringtones, however as it seems, a coke drink that doesn't compromise on taste and yet still demands less of our daily calorie intake is more of a priority - according to the Coca-Cola company. In reality, the release of the new Coca-Cola Zero range is a sales tactic. Sales of the both the original brand and the diet version have fallen, and so the company has released this new variant in hopes that you, the customer, will once again become aware that The Coca-Cola Company does exist. In a few months it will be pulled from the shelves, meanwhile sales of other versions of coke will have mysteriously risen. Coca-Cola Zero is advertised as being the male alternative to diet coke, which has a rather feminine image attached to it (actually encouraged by the company with new adverts.) Its purpose is to fit snugly in the middle between Coca-Cola (a huge amount of calories with the same amount of taste), and Diet Coca-Cola which contains very few calories, but is lacking on the pallet (that's just my opinion.) I was originally convinced that the new revelation was indeed just Diet Coca-Cola repackaged, however upon inspection of the nutritional information I am greeted with the surprising news that it fills its shoes exactly as it should. The drink itself is available in three different containers. The smallest of which is in the form of a can, and contains 330ml of Coca-Cola. I personally ...

Poetry 08/03/2007

My Little Book Of Poem's

Poetry This is a short piece that I wrote some time ago for an English assignment. Bear in mind that I was ten or eleven when it was written. I was asked to explain how it must feel to be close to someone suffering from schizophrenia, and here's my, somewhat feeble attempt. :-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's not that i dont love you I can't stand to be near you. Its not that I don't love you, Because I do, It's just that I can't stand here and watch, While this illness eats away at you. Your too frightned to open the front door Your husband is delusional and your daughter is a whore You can't make decisions; you don't know what to do, I know the feeling, why did it have to be you? I feel lost inside, like im not complete, So guilty I can't help you, Knowing it's an illness neither you nor I can beat. Suspended in the past, entwined in your circumstance, Leaving you will break my heart, But staying would tear it apart. I know that god is there beside you, But sadly I cannot be, So find love, find peace my mighty warrior, Maybe… Another lifetime… it could have been ok between you and me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have tried numerous times to update this poem, to remove the naivety without destroying the charm or innocence. However i found it impossible - as soon as one line is changed the entire structure vanishes. So I have left it as it is, unspoilt. --------------- --------------- ...

Do you believe in life after death? 24/01/2007

Living your life for when it's over.

Do you believe in life after death? The debate about whether or not there could be an afterlife or some kind of reincarnation has been present for centuries, unfortunately there will probably only ever be circumstantial evidence to support either side of the argument; however people will always have their theories. Personally I do not believe in life after death, I believe that we only get one chance, and one life, I believe that we should make the most of what we have been blessed with. And the mere proposition of ghosts and spirits roaming the earth undiscovered makes me laugh. Man has discovered how to clone animals, man has set foot on the moon, man has even gained the knowledge of how to prolong human life, and yet after all these years the ghost busters have still not claimed the reward for concrete evidence of paranormal activity. It is not that I dislike those who go in search of an afterlife; it is just that I think they are wasting their time. The earliest recorded evidence of ghost hunting was during 1909, but there are also indications that it was pursued during the mid 1800's, and of course even before then many people had claimed to have experienced ghost encounters. The actual origin, or who concocted the conception of ghosts is unknown. It could have been a little fat boy, sitting in his living room in America, trying to think of another great prank which would cause deception and lies, or it could have been a renowned scientist who found actual overwhelming evidence of paranormal ...

Apple iPod nano MA477ZT/A 2 GB Second Generation 15/01/2007

Return of the ipod mini?

Apple iPod nano MA477ZT/A 2 GB Second Generation When the original ipod nano was released - of course I wanted one. Every child within reach of a TV or newspaper wanted one; the slender design and stunning good looks captivated the entire buying market. Shops were overcome with demand, as everyone from thirty year old recovering alcoholics to five year old juvenile delinquents with credit cards rushed to seize up what remained. Meanwhile, the creators at Apple lapped it up; they sat and watched the stampedes forming with smug grins on their faces - anticipating the inevitable success that was still to come. Less than a year later and Apple have sprung back into the limelight with a revelation they call the 'second generation'. Admittedly it hasn't been greeted with the same media frenzy, but that isn't it's purpose. Over the past year, competition for the top name as an mp3 player has become fiercer than ever, and while more advanced players are being developed - Apple are hanging on for dear life with a conception that has gotten old. The new range of Ipod's, (a second generation shuffle has also been released and the video should be updated in the new year) is in my opinion, a marketing ploy that will enforce Apple's 'name' and keep them relatively safe from any competition, at least for the next few months. Not being one to allow a crazed millionaire to sell an essentially average product at extortionate prices without getting a piece of the action, the new Ipod took first place on my Christmas wish ...

Delta Force Paintball 31/12/2006

Paintballing at Delta

Delta Force Paintball There was dull thud, followed almost instantly by a muffled scream. I dared a glance around; Josh was lying flat on his back, clutching his stomach. His gun and ammunition sprawled out beside him. A bead of sweat trickled slowly down the side of my face. Even in the brilliant light of day I couldn't determine where the shots where coming from. All around me I could see people collapsing to the ground, doubled over in agony. I had no bullets left. I stared longingly at the center of the field, where a bright blue flag was displayed. That was when I decided, I was going to go down fighting. Throwing my gun to the floor, I leapt out of the safety of cover, picked myself off the ground and ran. I could hear the sound of bullets whistling past. My vision transfixed on that little blue flag; terror pulsing through my veins. My legs where aching like I had never felt before, and my heart was thudding violently inside me chest, but I carried on, too scared to give in, too scared to give up. Suddenly something hot hit me square in the back, I stumbled with the force. It happened again, in the shoulder this time, pain shuddered through me. I realized now that I was not standing anymore, I was on the ground. My face was wet, and I knew it was not just perspiration behind the mask any more. The world was rapidly loosing colour. I could feel something hot and red between my fingers as I clutched my shoulder. I heard shouting, and a whistle, but they were worlds away, as if I was listening ...

Motorola razr V3i Dolce & Gabbana limited edition mobile phone. 29/12/2006

Goodbye Moto.

Motorola razr V3i Dolce & Gabbana limited edition mobile phone. It was only after my old 3g phone was dropped from a considerable height (4 stories) and completely smashed to pieces that I was finally able to indulge in a new phone. So after looking through a few magazines and websites, and then actually seeing the phone once I made the impulse decision to buy the Motorola v3i. Next time I know I will put a lot more thought in, maybe then I won't make the same mistake. Inside the box, firstly and most importantly you get the actual phone. A slim, sleek mixture of navy casing, black plastic and rubber weighing in at just 100g. With a depth of just 13.9 mm it's easy to see why this phone became such a best seller. Although it's slim it's not actually small, and when you open it out it's transformed into a modern day, slimmer version of the brick phone. It's decorated with an "M" sign which lights up when the phone is opened or closed, or a call is received. This is admittedly a very useful feature. There is also a small screen on the front which portrays the time, and a smaller version of your display picture. One thing I noticed about this phone was how easily it scratched; I wouldn't be lying if I said my ipod scratched less. For some reason greasy fingerprints had a resilience to being rubbed off, and because of this, alongside with the scratching, within 2 months the phone was a mess. The one thing the Motorola came out tops in was how it fared in wet weather. Although it would completely soak the phone, I never had any problems ...

Noughts And Crosses - Malorie Blackman 12/12/2006

Waterproof Mascara Necessary

Noughts And Crosses - Malorie Blackman *Warning - This review contains spoilers. A less than satisfactory grade in my English module last term resulted in the purchase of this book. Well, that was the excuse I used for the bank of mum. In reality I had heard of it through friends and decided that it was time to read something new. Having just recently read things such as 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and 'Pride and Prejudice' i assumed that the novel would be quite an easy read by my standards. In actual fact it was a surprisingly hard read, and there were several times I had to use a dictionary as reference. Although the book does contain a warning that it is not suitable for younger readers, it is also generally categorized under 'teen reading.' Some of the more advanced younger children would probably have no problem understanding the context, in exception to a few words as I stated above, and therefore might be able to gain access to it through a parent or guardian. I am well aware that kids grow up faster these days (I am one of them,) but I wouldn't recommend the book for children of roughly under eight or nine, depending on the maturity of the child, as it does have things of an explicit nature written down, including a pretty heavy love scene around half way through the book. The book is one of the very few I have read that kept me glued to the text throughout. Out of the trilogy it is certainly the most preferable. The writer has managed to create a world of exact opposites to the one we live on now, ...

Gliding 12/12/2006

To touch the face of god

Gliding UPDATE* Since this review was written I have booked myself in for more flights, and am currently working towards my glider license. Less than a week before my 14th birthday I was flicking through magazines trying to find a birthday present which would suit my rather dangerous personality, but with no luck. So when my father came into the room and asked me if I had picked a present I was stuck for words, and casually replied maybe skydiving (worth a try.) To my dismay he laughed the idea off, which struck me as odd as I was not joking. But then another idea came to mind - gliding. With a bit of luck it would crash and burn and then I could try skydiving instead! He couldn't argue then. Ok so I wasn't really hoping for it to crash and burn, but gliding had always been one of those things which you see on TV and thought "Wow - it would be awesome if I could try that," full well knowing no-one had heard you and there would be no way you would have to follow through. However I knew that this was one trial flight that would be expensive, as the cheapest price was roughly £80 for 15 minutes flying, no that was not a typing error, so I thought little about it until a week later on the 28th October, when a little brown package arrived amongst all the cards and presents. I opened it bewildered - and then before It had even had a chance to sink in a voice piped up behind me - "happy birthday." A trial flight had been booked for that day at 12:30pm, at booker aerodrome in ...

Essays 12/12/2006

Confessions Of A High School Tearaway.

Essays During my lifetime, there have only been a few incidents which have left lasting ramifications upon me. Moments which have given me an insight into how another may live in emotional poverty, or times when I have truly gained perspective on an aspect of life. These times will be permanently embedded in my memory - and whether it be the heaven from that I cannot be torn from, or the hell from which I cannot escape, I have learnt to accept them. Maybe, someday, I might even discover the full potential for knowledge hidden within. --------------- --------------- -------------- On the 29th November 2006, another of these incidents occurred. It was not pleasant; it has effected dozens of people and temporarily destroyed lives. But I feel that many people learnt a valuable life lesson that day - and at least, that what happened was not in vain. It started innocently enough. I do not claim to be perfect; I do not even strive to be perfect, and therefore I am not ashamed to admit that I make mistakes. I am a teenager, we are a breed of animals specifically designed to steal, lie and drink. Through years of misunderstanding and prejudice society is finally learning to accept this. Admittedly, stereotypes are now forming - but you cannot win every battle. Friday nights, for me, mainly involve forgetting of the traumas of the past week, leaving coursework and school behind, and going out and having a good time. Having a good time usually involves alcohol, members of the ...

Fifteen-Firsts 12/12/2006

Time To Break Out The Tissues.

Fifteen-Firsts I recently celebrated my 14th birthday, and after discovering the '15 first' member picks category, decided that now was a better time than any to embrace the past, and relive some of the moments that helped to sculpt my personality. 1. First Kiss ~~~~~~~~~~ I cannot recollect what age I was, but I was in year four. It was the school disco, and despite the fact that there had been dates made weeks beforehand, the girls were situated on one side of the room, and the boys on the other, with a massive invisible divide between us. I remember catching a boy named Kieran's eye across the room many times, before finally deciding that the whole bravado was ridiculous and walking over to him. This in turn encouraged everyone else to dance, and when we were safely hidden by a mob of starry eyed students, we shared out first kiss. It wasn't memorable for the best of reasons, but then again who's first kiss is? I never spoke to Kieran again. What is it with men and one night stands? 2. First Serious Injury/Illness ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ Up until my fifth year on this planet, I had always been incredibly lucky with my health. Never catching anything more than a cold, despite my foolish antics and childish love of running around outside in cold, wet and typically British weather. Things all went stunningly wrong when I managed to catch German measles, and discover a rather serious allergy all in one day. Nobody was actually aware of what had triggered the allergic ...

Greggs the Bakers (Shop) 12/12/2006

All praise the greggs bakery!

Greggs the Bakers (Shop) Gregg's was founded as a family bakery business on Tyneside in the 1930's by John Gregg. But it was only when John Gregg passed away during 1964, that under the careful supervision of Ian Gregg, the son of the deceased, the business truly began to flourish and develop. He embarked on an ambitious expansion plan, which would see multiple stores opening - first in the north east, and then finally the entire country. Carrying on with the family tradition the business ensured that all produce was baked fresh, and it line with that particular part of the countries heritage (such as stotties in the north east.) It was 1972 when Gregg's first expanded abroad, with Gregg's of Rutherglen opening in Scotland. And by 1984, with each individual shop based on the principle of good, freshly baked food, there were a total of 261 shops across four divisions and Gregg's, now an internationally recognized icon, finally made the decision to float onto the stock exchange. Growth continued over the next 10 years, with further shops opening in both already well established divisions of England and the additional acquisition of new regions. By 1994 the company had grown to have seven regional divisions operating more than 500 shops. The acquisition of the retail bakery interests of Allied Bakeries Ltd enabled them to venture into new geographic markets and the conversion of 90 of these shops in South and West London created their eighth regional division - Gregg's of Twickenham (which was ...
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