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An Inspector Calls - J. B. Priestley 24/09/2010


An Inspector Calls - J. B. Priestley Despite the fact that the play is so short, many themes are incorporated and interweaved into it. An example of the many themes present in the play is love, and love is viewed differently by each character in the play. For example Mr Birling links love to financial success, and I believe that the engagement he is celebrating is based on love linked to financial and social success. The Inspector on the other hand, represents love throughout the play, yet this becomes more evident at the end when he gives a sermon about how we should love one another. This theme is extended effectively by the playwright, as each character’s individual perspective of love is explored. Another theme explored and extended skilfully in the play is morality, which is again embodied by the inspector, both due to his preaching and due to his role in society. The members of the Birling family on the other hand serve as symbols of immorality: Br Birling for example does not value morality at all and is only interested in financial success. Mrs Birling, who is the head of a charity, and who is supposed to be moral, uses her authority to deny Eva Smith any help, just because she seemed impertinent. Furthermore, Eric, did not think of the consequences for Eva and has just used her, which is morally irresponsible. This theme of morality is skilfully linked and consequently extended with the one of love; this is done in order to explore society’s values or the lack of values in the modern society. A ...
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