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My name is Aimee Smith, I love to read books and try new products. Any feedback from my reviews would be grateful as I am no expert but like to share my knowledge with others.

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I Heart Hollywood - Lindsey Kelk 14/03/2012

Sit back, relax and let Lyndsey Kelk's characters create some drama...

I Heart Hollywood - Lindsey Kelk This is the second in the series written by Lyndsey Kelk. I have read all of her books up until now and I find them so funny and they draw me into the story line from the very beginning. When the super sassy Angelina is given the opportunity to go and interview a famous UK Actor in LA her and her best New York friend Jenny. As usual there is drama at every turn while her supser sexy boyfriend is back in New York writing music for his band and he is occasionally surfing the net to find his girlfriend in compromising positions with the actor James...Will her and Jenny remain friends?Will Alex finish their relationship and will she have a new extremely famous actor boyfriend and of course what wille her friends and family back home think of her shinanigans? As a 22 year old I can really relate to this book and I feel I can aspire to certain charactaristics of Angela which is great because it makes you want to read it all the more. I definately laughed all the way through this book as well as being able to relate to how she was feeling. I could not take my eyes of this book for one second and it only took me a day on my holiday to read it as I could not put it down! If you read anything by Lydnsey Kelk I can say that you will not be of my favourite authors of all time and I think she will be for years to come! Don't miss out on her other books in this series which are in the following order: I heart New York I heart Hollywood I heart Paris I heart Vegas and her ...

I Heart New York - Lindsey Kelk 14/03/2012

The book that created my ambitions- I heart New York

I Heart New York - Lindsey Kelk There is only one way which I can describe this book, Brilliant.Such an easy read for any woman or girl, any age. She goes through the ups and downs of any real woman, yet she does it in style and jumps on a plane to New York to get over the heart ache of her past fiance who she caught cheating (I Won't tell you how, it will spoil the hilarity of the book) Lindsey Kelk makes the break up of Ange to her former fiance Mark so unrealistic and realistic yet funny all at the same time. So it gives you something to aspire to, relate to and laugh at all in one book, so it has to be a corker. One of the things that made me laugh was when she was sat on the toilet and she had a funny turn and decided to do whatever she was doing in the toilet in Mark her ex fiance's make up bag. Here just an example of something we would all like to do but never dared before, and Angie doing this in the book sets the scene for the rest of the story. Her doing something she would never have before dared to do, and i feel that this is something we would all aspire to do.Angie once she has been betrayed by her best friend and cheated on by her fiance, decides she will jump on a plane and go to the first english talking place, which happened to be New York. The way Lindsey Kelk describes her way through New York and the people that she meets turns every readers eyes sore, as they won't want to take their eyes off the book. Every detail of the book makes me want to go and live the dream that Angie lives as ... 26/08/2009

we all love to hate facebook let's face it!!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T90 25/08/2009

pricey but brilliant.

Louis Ledra Beach Hotel, Paphos 07/08/2009

Ledra beach is brilliant!!

The Proposal (DVD) 21/07/2009

The proposal, funny and cute

Urban Decay Shadow Box Ammo 21/07/2009

Urban Decay doesn't decay

Samsung ES55 21/07/2009

The easy to use samsung...ES55 21/07/2009

If you don't mind being messed around...GR8 for a cheap holiday!

Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect 21/07/2009

good but pricey

Sony VAIO SR Series VGN-SR39VN/S 21/07/2009

only wish I had the money...

LG KM900 Arena 21/07/2009

LG KM900

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