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Rhyl (Wales) 19/05/2017

Rhyl (edited)

Rhyl (Wales) I have decided to change my review so that people can understand where i am coming from more. I grew up in Rhyl it used to be a nice place, my family moved there from Liverpool 35 years ago but moved away when i reached the age of 8. There used to be a great fun fair that is no longer running now and i remember there being donkey rides on the beach but that no longer happens either. You see my grandma told me the reason we moved away from Rhyl is due to the criminals from Liverpool (i don't mean all people from Liverpool are criminals either) who are running from the law where flooding the sea side town, so for those who get offended easily please don't because reviews are meant to be honest and this is what i am being. I am so sad that my home has been run down so much that i don't want to step foot in the place. Ok for those who want to go to Rhyl on holiday there is a nice boating lake where you can take you're children (i recommend staying at a caravan park) The beach is now run down and grubby with burnt out Guest houses along the promenade and the town is mainly pound shops. The last time i went the sun center had just been closed down but on the fun side there are a lot of arcades and great mountain views/ walks and mountain bike trails. Rhyl is close to Prestatyn, Conwy and Llandudno. Rhyl has a Bowling alleys @ the palace fun center this is fun for the whole family and also the Rhyl seaquarium is great also and that is basically it!! I would love for the council to ...

The Grand Hotel, Llandudno 19/05/2017

The Grand Hotel Llandudno is ok

The Grand Hotel, Llandudno The Grand Hotel sits perfectly at the foot of the Great Orm and the second entrance to the Pier. The Grand Hotel is Beautiful once inside but looks very dated outside (due to the age of the hotel) it has a bar with a flat screen TV it also has a pool room on the lower floors and also a ball room. The rooms are spotless, we stayed in their premium rooms, (mine had 2 balcony doors, one that lead to the hallway entrance which did not lock) and £20 went missing from my room (people want more to this review i will be blatantly honest, i was holding back... the hotel staff did nothing about this. I did not have food in their restaurant due to meals being dearer for people in Premium rooms for some reason. the bathroom was clean and spacious, the bedroom had a comfortable double bed 2 chairs a flat screen TV, tea and coffee making facilities and a Balcony with a glorious sea view. The staff are friendly and very helpful when it comes to information about the area. The Grand has facilities for elderly. there is a lift The Grand Hotel Llandudno is in the perfect location, you have the pier and the orm on either side, the town is a 3 min walk from the hotel. I recommend this hotel for anyone who enjoys night life as the music in the bar and the ballroom is on until late.

Peugeot 206 CC 2.0 18/05/2017

Silver Peugeot 206cc

Peugeot 206 CC 2.0 I always wanted a Peugeot and was very happy to get one with the added bonus of it being a drop top :) My Peugeot is a 2004 model it is a 2.0 ltr Very sleek looking sexy car with comfortable bucket seats in the front and very cramped back seats (should be a 2 seater in my opinion) Smooth driving, perfect style race car like seats, comes with nice Peugeot alloys, love the boot style, (the inside of the boot is very spacious) great engine, stylish steering wheel and peddles, gear stick is boy racer sporty great quality interior, mine is the sport so has that extra bit of umph to it. This car is great value around £400-600 now means it is now a old car, the only problem these cars seem to have is that the fuse in the roof button stops working and it is hard to find some where to fix this problem if you do not have a Peugeot garage close by.

Peep Show (DVD) 18/05/2017

Peep show the best british comedy

Peep Show (DVD) Staring David Mitchell and Robert Webb this has to be one of the best comedy shows that they have ever done!!!! It is true to British life showing both sides of the spectrum, you have he sex mad wild crazy Jeremy (Robert Webb) and Mark ( David Mitchell) who thinks every woman is the one but gets bored once in a relationship, he works in a office and is a worrier but thinks he is a smart man. Jeremy lives with mark leaching on him for everything (Jeremy never has money) I recommend watching it. Peep show in my opinion is wacky, quirky and insanely funny, there is no bar on topics. Even the theme tune is catchy I guarantee if you watch peep show you will not be displeased.

HP Pavilion Dm3-1020ea 18/05/2017

One of the best laptop i have had

HP Pavilion Dm3-1020ea I love my HP Pavilion DM3 It is light to carry has a chrome like casing nice spaces between keys on keyboard great sound plenty of USB ports and one HDMI port also a memory stick slot on the side 1.3GHz VISION Technology from AMD with AMD Athlon II Neo Dual-Core Processor K325 microprocessor 2M L2 cache Memory 4GB DDR3 System Memory (2 DIMM) Max memory 8gb Video Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4225 Graphics Video Memory 128MB Display Cache Memory Hard Drive 320GB (7200RPM) and Display is 13.3” diagonal High-Definition HP BrightView LED Display (1366 x 768) This laptop is perfect for running linux, it has great sound beautifully designed and even though it was manufactured in 2010 is still the perfect little laptop the only problem i have with it really is that it over heats and the battery life is very short. ...
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