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The info on my reviews are for products i own/ have extensive use. Always trying to be more indepth so if you wish to msg me suggestions will be very much appreciated. The more info we have the better our judgement and more informed buying decisions :-)

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since 14/07/2005

11 (Motley Fool) 09/11/2007

The Fool is an excellent resource of information (Motley Fool) Thanks to all the readers who reviewed and told me my article was in the wrong place and thank you also for the link given in the ratings to show me where the correct place is. I will give my thoughts on The Motley Fool. I use the fool site at least 4 times a week. The site belongs to two brothers who are very knowledgeble on finance. Easy to Navigate which a wide variety of impartial facts. This is the first site I visit when I want to compare products that are on the market. They also offer a share service which is relatively cheap called champion shares. I do not use this service myself as I have a similar service which for employees is cheaper. I have heard however from several friends that its excellent and reliable. The fool offers impartial information which is relevant to the majority of people. It is important to note that the fool is independant and is certainly not like other services owned by banks or building societies. The site is very easy to follow, quick to load and easy to read. For those in the US there is a US fool site also. On the whole the fool is an excellent site and well rounded though it may not be too useful for High Net Worth clients. Certainly a must have bookmark in your financial section. Alan ...

Valetta (Malta) 17/06/2007

Insider secrets from a Maltese man. Part 3

Valetta (Malta) Ok this is a review on Valletta and also on St. Julian's (St. Julians was requested by a fellow ciao'er) Firstly St. Julian's. A densely built up area that is geared up for tourists. Honestly I would not recommend so much to stay there unless you are looking to be close to the centre of what is going on in Malta. Like most tourist areas, the food is not the best and also not the cheapest. There are some good restaurants and bars but they tend to be heavily crowded, especially in summer. It is also more expensive than other areas of Malta. St. Julians in my opinion is not the best place to go as it may dampen your stay. However, if you only stay there just for your hotel and see it once or twice it should not matter that much. It is littered with entertainment, bars, nightlife, casinos, restaurants etc etc. I have not been there for some months but very close is paceville (pronouned: parch vill) Paceville is definately for the younger generation at nights as the clubs come alive till gone 6am. Nightlife for the maltese does not really start until midnight - 2am. Its a fact that Sj. Julians and surrounding area (like Paceville) has the highest concentration of bars, clubs and pubs anywhere on the island. St. Julians seafront stretches for miles and you will see many a walker or jogger here. Traditionally it is a fishing village which still shows evidence of this. Many a maltese traditional boat adorns the waters. The beaches here are rocky though but great for access ...

Island of Gozo 14/06/2007

Another insider secrets from a Maltese man

Island of Gozo OK believe it or not this review is about 1/30th of my university thesis!!! this is going to be a long review so make sure you have some time spare! BUT holds valuable impartial information. Perhaps I should have completed seperate reviews to clock up the ratings but I want to share with you all the glorious places that make a trip to Malta worthwhile and leave you going home was beautiful...I loved it. Where do I start... Lets start with one of the most famous cathederals in the history of humankind...the 5th larget unsuported dome in the world that houses a WWII unexploded german bomb thats HUGE in size. Quite simply put, walking into this cathederal is humbling, makes you feel insignificant. It is in Mosta's centre and cant miss it. When you walk in you will be greeted by magnificant architecture, stained windows that beg to be stared at and statues galore. Inside it is huge, you literally have to tilt your head vertical and back some more to look directly up to its roof centre. The german unexploded bomb is housed for all to see. The true story is:- During WWII Malta had the most bombs dropped on it than any other country in the war...truth. The Maltese just would not give up this island which translated means "haven" This is why the Maltese Island and its people were awarded the george cross. During one particular raid the church was packed with people when this bomb went directly through the centre of the dome roof. It did not explode!!! ...

General: Malta 13/06/2007

insider secrets to Malta from a Maltese man

General: Malta To say I am qualified to review Malta is somewhat of an understatement...Im Maltese and lived there for a long time! To see detailed aspects of Malta see my other reviews in the Malta section (to be added very soon!) I will give both good and bad points: In general Malta is a place you will love or hate...simple as that. It resembles other Med countries and Islands in terms of buildings, that they are mostly made of limestone. If you are into history and artitecture Malta is an absolute must. It has over 2000 years of history and will simply astound you. If your 20 something looking for a beer holiday forget it, this place is not for you... Malta is full of charm and is one of the most romantic places you can go. It does not take long to get there and Luqa airport is a breeze to pass through...your baggage arrives in less than 15 minutes. In another 5 minutes your out in the sunshine which averages about 300 days per year. Malta is littered with fireworks and festivals. Some refer to it as all bells and smells! they are the people who do not like Malta. Presently it is undergoing a HUGE expansion of new housing so mostly in the built up areas there is alot of work going on. However, a 10 minute drive is all thats needed to get you into the open countryside with simply outstanding and breathtaking views. Go deeper into the country side and you can visit 4000+ year old buildings from many many different civilisations (particularly in Xemxija ...

Philips Sensiflex HX 1526 13/06/2007

Effective & a bargin...cant go wrong

Philips Sensiflex HX 1526 Ok, this toothbrush certainly is not the new kid or new technology but for the price it is now you cannot go wrong and I will say why that is. Principally after 3 - 3.5 years of use it still cleans my teeth but it does so with ease. It has a decent rechargeable battery life span, I have just had to replace it now so instead of buying a new battery I just paid £14 for a new toothbrush. When you consider disposable toothbrushes last 3/4 months and cost over £1 you pretty much spend what this rechargeable toothbrush costs but you have the added benefit of it doing the work for you. The brush heads are small and easy to reach all the places you need them to reach. Its easy on the gums also. Its "sensiflex" is good and if anything is quite sensitive so a few days to get used to it. The purpose is to let you know when you have applied to much pressure to the teeth and/or gums. Regarding the brush heads they can be a bit hard to find but Boots usually has them, especially the big stores. I usually buy 3-4 at a time for a year supply but the brushes are good and you probably do not need to use one every 3 months, more like 5-6 months. In respect of the newer electric toothbrushes this one does not come close, especially to the sonic range which I have used but considering it is a very very cheap price I do recommend it, especially if you find £60+ for a toothbrush expensive....which I do! Its a great toothbrush, cleans thoroughly and leaves your mouth feeling clean ...

Philips HQ 7782 COOL SKIN 12/06/2007

Cracking shave & a great tip £!

Philips HQ 7782 COOL SKIN I have had this shaver for 3 years now and not once have i need to sharpen the blades on the rotors... Forget about buying the very expensive creams that you put inside to make it shave really do not need them. I found it does (very very nearly) just the job of a traditional wet shave just by using ordinary shave foam, or gel, or oil. In fact it will shave with any product used for traditional razor shaving! It really is much better to use it wet, leave the blades running in hot water for about 30 seconds prior to use and it shaves like a dream. The price tag is initially high and for an average male shaver (one shave per day) I have saved literally hundreds of pounds in blades (and not the expensive blades either!) It does not nick or cut your skin, does not give rash or white lump spots. Does not pull or stretch hairs either. I can still get a good 2.5-3 weeks shave without having to recharge in between. Its light and can easily travel with you. Easy rechargable light and does not take too long to recharge. The charger holder is made of plastic but its tough, durable and extremelly light. Above all its a phillips. The shaver is very durable, reliable, clean and very easy shave. It fits very well in the hand. In fact its a pleasure to shave with it. I purchased mine on sale from £100 to £70 and it really was worth every penny. Even if you purchased at £100 it really is still worth it considering you wont need to buy a razor blade again at a ...

Samsung PS50Q7HD 12/06/2007

A remarkable 50inch plasma

Samsung PS50Q7HD I have just purchased this set a few weeks ago, namely for my fiancé who just loves plasma so I thought I would spend that little extra and opt for a 50inch! Was it worth it….. First impressions suggest it was worth it. I have seen some pretty attractive 50in plasmas, but this one really does take the biscuit. Everything about it reeks of quality, from its beautiful glossy finish to its deep silver/black colour scheme and minimalist, elegantly sculpted lines. (mine is black) It is very slim, though a little hot, probably best not to hug it when its on! The PS50Q7HD’s budget price will be noticeable concerning the TV’s connections?. It only has one HDMI socket and two Scarts. Such a TV really should provide more of each, at least one extra. The no part is the inclusion of a D-Sub PC input, and a couple of jacks which immediately prove the presence of a built-in digital tuner: a digital audio output and a CI slot for subscription TV channels. It has Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks and a suitable surround sound receiver. The digital tuner is very eye-catching and is far from the only feature to make this superb TV stand out. it’s also HD Ready (due to the component video jacks which are alongside the HDMI). A sufficiently high native resolution of 1,366 x 768, and full compatibility with 720p and 1080i HD formats. It has a contrast ratio of 10000:1, an incredibly high figure that rivals other high end plasmas. I have included the specs to droole over Resolution: ...

MESH Matrix Premier 08/06/2007

MESH matrix premier PC package bundle

MESH Matrix Premier Award winning PC's. I have had this PC now for well over 1 year. It services my home and business needs and I do require a fast PC for continuous refreshing of financial markets, usually several applications at once. On the odd occassion I use for gaming (though rare) but it does not present a problem even with relatively new games. However, I certainly would not recommend to a serious gamer (but I seriously doubt hard core gamers would be looking to buy this PC anyway). This PC is directed towards mainly the family as it is a media edition. The media edition itself is actually good. Offers many versitile packages in one (though I do recommend upgrading) Its basic packages will do exactly what it says and I believe is designed to be a complete media system though I do not think it will replace the TV (even though it does have a TV card supplied). It has a decent specification. AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor with HyperTransport Technology Genuine Windows XP media center edition 2005 A trial edition of Windows XP home (NOTE TRIAL EDITION which is the only REAL let down) A good sony DVD R/RW Extra USB2 ports I strongly suggest upgrading from the free Lexmark printer X1190 series unless you want it only for very occassional use...certainly no good for business or the frequent user. Very good for letter though! An excellent monitor by GNR 19inch (please see my seperate review on this monitor...its VERY good!) However, I do believe they have upgraded the ...

GNR TS900 19 in 05/06/2007

GNR TS900 cheap and excellent value

GNR TS900 19 in Personally I do like this screen. Its large enough to have multiple applications open at once and colours are also great. It has an ultra fast response time of 8ms. It probably isnt the best for avid gamers (even though I used to game on it and never had any problems with colours/shadows/response rate) but for personal/home/business use its hard to be beaten. After 1 year of use over 8 hours per day it has not once let me down in any way. I left the screen on for over 6 hours in idle mode one night (I forgot to switch it off) and did not burn to the screen. Its incredibly slim and really will fit anywhere. On my small desk its a life space saver and really would never go back to a normal screen. Its big enough to watch a film and offers a really good alternative to buying a seperate TFT for watching films. The functions are very simple and easy to use though once set you probably would not use them again. Verdict: cant go wrong with this and its cheap!!! Technical side: 19inch TFT LCD monitor (analogue/digital interface) Vesa wall mount Kensington security lock Internal power supply DVI connection SXGA 1280 x 1024 (1.3 megapixels) 0.294 dot pitch Full 16.2million colours Slim lightweight design Please Note: in the manufacturer support i put satisfactory as there was no option to state I have never once had to use the manufacturer support, simply because nothing has ever gone wrong with this screen. ...

Sumvision Platinum Pro 1 GB 05/06/2007

Sumvision Platinum Pro

Sumvision Platinum Pro 1 GB This is a no fuss MP4 and comes in 4 different memory sizes. 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB. I have and use the 1GB and to be honest it is enough for my needs. Features. MP3, WMA, AMV (and more) ready; has games (though not my sort of thing but easily downloaded from PC using the USB2 high speed cable supplied; has a folder navigation; 1.8 inch TFT colour display; 7 equaliser mode; can watch movies from it as well; digital FM tuner (20 preset channels) and voice recorder. The driver disc is simple and easy to install and it really is a synch to download info from and to PC. You can even charge it on your PC using the USB2 cable :-) no need for the plug!!! The manual is also detailed in many languages. Its full support features MP1; MP2; MP3; WMA; WMV; WAV; ASF; AMV formats. Record in WAV or ACT format. Has a JPG and BMP browser. All in all this is a good MP4, remarkably small and slim and extremely light (it fits in the tiny little pen pocket in my suit jacket!!!) It does look really cool as well which just adds to the appeal. I am happy with this product and no doubt will be using it for many many months...even just to record meetings and listen to music. ...

Fujifilm FinePix S5600 Zoom 03/06/2007

A truly superb camera

Fujifilm FinePix S5600 Zoom A wonderful camera and exceptional value. I am delighted with this camera after many months of usage. It takes superb photos and was recommended by a professional for me to take semi-professional photos. Perfect clear images. Robust yet very light. Great zoom. Ability to use a superior xD card. Very good video although unable to use zoom function while recording however the microphone is very sensitive and picks up individual voices clearly. Easy menu and functions. Everything is very well laid out. The software provided is also easy to install and use. Very easy to download pictures and videos onto PC. Ability to protect individual pictures or video to eliminate accidental deletion. However, to be honest, accidentally deleting photos/videos is hard as it clearly states if you want to delete the photo/video after hitting the delete button. The LCD monitor is large enough to clearly see what you want. Very easy to adjust brightness. The picture you see is the picture you get, very very little time difference if any at all. There are so many very useful functions that I have still yet to use and I use this camera semi-professionally. Even for those "holiday" snaps it will produce outstanding photos/videos for the most novice. The basics can be easily learnt in a couple of hours. Everything about this camera works and fujifilm really have hit it on the head with the finepix range surpassing olympus like for like. I purchased this camera for 160 maltese ...
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