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since 12/03/2004


Archos AV 500 30GB 16/01/2006

Truly jaw dropping portable video device. Truly!

Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 230SB 22 in 27/07/2004

Affordable 22 Inch Monitors Rock for Games !

Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 230SB 22 in Mitsubishi’s 230 SB 22” is a bit of a very good but ever so slightly flawed bag. Let me explain. I have had a 17” monitor for a number of years but always wanted a bigger monitor. Prices for 20+ monitors have come down to the price 17” were a couple of years ago, so I plumped for one and after a lot of research and very little hard factual reviews I went for this Mitsubishi. First off is it isn’t going to win any style awards, this is strictly functional stuff and if people are not walking into your study and going “Wow, look at the size of that monitor.” Then its unlikely they are even going to realise its there as its no looker ! Its 620 mm x 630 mm x 600 mm and weighs 35 kg, this monitor is heavy and when receiving it take this into consideration as you can easily put your back out with it. It’s a good idea to get a (strong) friend around when it is delivered. Setting the monitor up; now here Mitsubishi wins big marks, no more fiddling with tiny little buttons with intriguing menu structures. The whole thing can be controlled by software, downloaded free from Mitsubishi’s monitor site. You need to have a DDC\CI (Direct Data Channel\Command Interface) compatible graphics card but most modern cards support this, but its best to check yours if this feature is important to you. The software is called Naviset and it allows you tweak the monitors setting from your Windows desktop to your hearts content, and I mean to your hearts content! You could potentially spend hours ...

Motorola V500 20/05/2004

Motorola make a geniunely cool phone.

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