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You may see me on Dooyoo busily posting 400 reviews after my procrastination about the site made me leave it too late, I joined and two weeks later they closed down!!

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Cadbury Bournville Original Plain Chocolate Bar 25/10/2015

It's nice but doesn't WOW me

Cadbury Bournville Original Plain Chocolate Bar My boyfriend called a few afternoons ago and asked what chocolate I'd like him to bring me home for our planned movie night, I remembered seeing Bournville on Ciao and asked for one of those because I thought it would be a change as I can't remember the last time I ate one of these. I knew he wouldn't have any trouble finding one as they've available in most shops that sell chocolate bars and even our vending machine at work had them with a few other Cadbury bars. CADBURY BOURNVILLE The bar my boyfriend brought home for me was 45g, that's the standard size for a Cadbury bar but I know you can get Bournville in bigger blocks because my mum buys them for cooking. I don't know how much the big bars are but my boyfriend said he paid 75p for this from the train station, in other shops the cost would be less but I think most chocolate bars of this size are over 60p a bar now so you won't save much by shopping around!! Bournville has got a lot of history and I remember going to Cadbury World a few years ago where there was a big display dedicated to this chocolate bar, I hadn't realised it was such an historical bar until then but now I know that I do think it's got a very old fashioned taste that sometimes I do and don't like at the same time. Each 45g bar has six pieces that are very hard to break apart if you've got weak wrists like I have, the pieces snap off and that made me think the chocolate was going to be dry and lower in quality than I had expected. THE TASTE I don't ...

Galaxy Duet Bar 04/10/2015

A Duet on my own!!

Galaxy Duet Bar My boyfriend bought us each a chocolate bar a few nights ago and I was pleased to see they were Duet bars, a new chocolate bar from Galaxy that also happens to be Ciaos Product of the Week this week. My boyfriend bought one of each flavour available and luckily for me he was called out to work a few minutes after he brought them home so I ate both of them (only for reviewing purposes of course!!). My boyfriend paid 69p for each Duet chocolate bar, that's about the same price as most bars of this size so I don't feel like he had a bargain or paid too much for them. GALAXY DUET They're called Duet because Galaxy have come up with combinations of flavours that work well together and made the chocolate bars around those, these combinations are Cookies & Cream and Caramel & Shortcake. The shape of Duet is unusual as each flavour takes up half of the bar, so the cookies are not in contact with the cream and the caramel and shortcake are kept separate too. The bars are moulded so you can break it in half lengthways and also horizontally, I liked this as it made it easier for me to taste all of the additions to the chocolate on their own and then sample them in their combinations. Both Duet flavours follow the same format with one lengthways section of the bar having solid Galaxy chocolate with the biscuit pieces embedded into it, the other lengthways section has the more liquid component (the cream and caramel). I like this as I could take my time with each bar and enjoy it ...

NiceEShop Welcome Aboard Decorative Life Ring Buoy 30/09/2015


NiceEShop Welcome Aboard Decorative Life Ring Buoy When our two adopted children moved in we held a small tea party to welcome them and as well as making a little party table I also put a few decorations up around the food. One of the decorations I bought was this cute life ring, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it on Amazon as we had decorated our three year old little boy's bedroom with a vague nautical design so I thought we could use it at the tea party then put it up in his bedroom as a wall decoration. It only cost £2.49 so I didn't expect anything brilliant but it has definitely passed my expectations as it's great and looks nice and welcoming on his bedroom wall (he doesn't use his bedroom to sleep in as the children decided they'd rather share a bedroom but that has now turned into a playroom for both children with a bed in for when they want a nap!!). WELCOME ABOARD DECORATIVE LIFE RING The life ring measures 25cm from side to side and it's about 5cm thick, it's made of a simple foam ring that has been covered with white material so is very lightweight and like me you'll probably think it feels very cheap when you first unwrap it. If you order from NiceEShop on Amazon the ring will be very well packaged and I can vouch for it arriving in perfect condition, I haven't seen this available anywhere else so if you want one it would probably be worth going straight to them and saving some searching time!! The words WELCOME ABOARD are stamped onto the material and the blue stripe panels are separate strips of ...

Party Delights 101 Dalmatians Napkins 20/09/2015

Party time with the Dalmatians

Party Delights 101 Dalmatians Napkins When we welcomed our adopted children into our home I made a small tea party with the table theme of dogs, I wanted a theme of paw prints but we ended up buying 101 Dalmatians things as well because I saw them on the Party Delights website and thought they looked like fun. I paid £2.49 for 20 101 Dalmatians napkins and think that was very good value because all others I looked at cost over £1 for eight or ten napkins, there were only four of us so I didn't need 20 but I liked the design and didn't care that there would be some left over after our tea party. 101 DALMATIANS NAPKINS These are 2 ply napkins, meaning there are two layers of tissue making up each napkin. They are folded into quarters and when opened the design covers the whole front but isn't repeated on the back, I like the red border around each napkin because dalmatians obviously don't have very much colour so without the border these would be very dull looking napkins and not fit for a fun tea party!! The dalmatians are easily recognisable if you know your 101 Dalmatians movies and there are twelve dogs printed on each napkin with the rest of the space being filled with dalmatian spots and little pictures of bones. I liked seeing the napkins unfolded so I could see the whole scene of dalmatians but our little boy (that does feel very strange to write still!!) liked his folded and kept flipping the napkin over when he wanted to look at the other side. USING THE NAPKINS These don't soak up any liquid because ...

Dr. Oetker Mug Cake 19/09/2015

A cake like no other

Dr. Oetker Mug Cake I first bought Dr Oetker Mug Cakes from Asda and think that was when they were first launched, there was a big display including these and some new Dr Oetker cake decorating kits and I had just missed someone doing a demonstration of how easy they were to make where she had given out sample pieces of the cakes she was making in the aisle of the supermarket. I was interested enough to buy me and my boyfriend a Mug Cake each and since then have bought more and tried all three flavours now, we both like all of the flavours but also both agree that it's not like eating a fresh cupcake that has been made using all the ingredients instead of a sachet containing the mixed ingredients where you just have to add milk. DR OETKER MUG CAKE These cakes come in three flavours and they are Chocolate Chip, Rich Chocolate and Lemon. Today I am specifically reviewing the Chocolate Chip variety but have tried them all so will be able to give you an idea of what each one is like even though I'm concentrating on just one for my review. The Mug Cakes are made in the microwave and all you have to do is add 60ml of semi-skimmed milk so this sachet contains all the dry ingredients, cutting down on a lot of weighing and measuring if you decide you want a last minute cake. The powder in the sachet of the Chocolate Chip cake smells of vanilla and I can also smell the chocolate chips quite strongly, this doesn't smell as nice as the Rich Chocolate cake mix as that one smells like hot chocolate before ...

Cosmo, Swansea 24/08/2015

A very Cosmo-politan place to eat

Cosmo, Swansea Me and my boyfriend were invited out for a meal with some of my boyfriend's colleagues, it was quite a long drive from where we live so I was happy when we got there and I found out it was a buffet restaurant by the name of Cosmo. I've since found out that this is part of a chain of Cosmo restaurants in the UK, they offer a wider selection of food than any other buffet restaurant I've been in and have quantities of food from lots of different countries including China, Vietnam, Japan, India and a lumped together Europe. FIRST IMPRESSIONS Our table for nine was booked and we were twenty minutes late after being held up in traffic as we approached Swansea, I was surprised to see our party waiting for us in the bar area as it was Saturday night and it's unusual at the weekend for a busy restaurant like this to hold a table for more than five minutes. I initially thought Cosmo looked quite small because the outside doesn't do justice to the space inside, once I'd walked through the grand front doors though I could see this is a very spacious restaurant and not just that but they've been clever with the space as there are lots of tables and seating in the restaurant area but no one looked cramped or as if they were having to twist and turn to get past tables when they went up to get their food. The smell of the food made my mouth water as soon as I walked in, you can smell it from the street but when you enter it's like a wave of food smells goes right up your nose to get your ...

OXO Herbs & More Roast Garlic & Parsley 16/08/2015

Delicious herbs in a nice pink packet!!

OXO Herbs & More Roast Garlic & Parsley I saw the OXO Herbs & More range of Flavour Pots in Asda when I was doing the shopping a few weeks ago, I looked in my purse as I remembered being sent a voucher for 50p off this range of products and I was right so bought my first pack to try. That one was Lemon & Thyme but me and my boyfriend didn't like the flavour as even though that's a nice combination the taste of the thyme was a little bit too overpowering and the lemon tasted weaker than I had expected it to, that flavour didn't seem worth buying as we have a thyme plant at home and buy lemons so regularly that they're usually to be found in our kitchen so it's not very much extra effort to use those ingredients to make my own flavouring instead of buying ready made pots. I wouldn't have bought any of the Herbs & More flavours again if I hadn't seen this competition on Ciao but I decided to use another of my 50p vouchers to buy a pack of the Roast Garlic & Parsley flavour. The full price in Asda is £1.45 so mine cost less than £1 which is great value as this pack contains enough pots to help create four meals. OXO HERBS & MORE ROAST GARLIC & PARSLEY These are a clever idea and I've noticed more and more companies are starting to sell this kind of flavouring for foods. OXO have put their pots in packs of four and they are basically a small pot that will add the flavour of a teaspoon of fresh parsley and a full clove of roasted garlic, all you have to do is drop the contents of the pot into your meal as it's cooking ...

Party Delights Paw Print Cup Cake Stand 12/08/2015

Paw prints on the table

Party Delights Paw Print Cup Cake Stand We welcomed our two adopted children into our home and lives 11 days ago and we're now the very proud (and very scared!!) parents of a three year old boy and a five year old girl, biological siblings who both love dogs and therefore have already had their first disappointment because I refuse to get even the cutest puppy!! Knowing their love of this animal has already helped though because I decided I wanted to mark their arrival even though I had been advised not to, I put together a small party tea on the kitchen table and gave it a theme of 101 Dalmatians. PAW PRINTS CUP CAKE STAND I paid £4.99 for this cardboard cup cake stand and that is a lot more than I'd usually pay (for something like this I'd usually go to Poundland), I wanted to keep it within the dog theme though so bought it even though I knew I was being overcharged. This is a two tier cake stand, it's made of thick cardboard and arrives in a flat pack for you to put together yourself. This is very easy and there are instructions printed on the cardboard part of the packet, you shouldn't need to follow the instructions because the pieces that make up the stand are all cut so they will only go together one way. To fix the stand together you first put the two upright pieces together, lining up.the cut out slots so they form a cross shape. Each of the two tiers has got a cross cut out at the centre and you ease them both onto the upright part of the stand and push them down until they're resting on the small ...

White Knight L240H 18/07/2015

Keeping things cool, day and knight!!

White Knight L240H I've reviewed more than my fair share of fridges and that's not because we have a kitchen full of these appliances but I am seconded out to various offices over the month and I make use of their fridges because I'm so used to eating well at work with our well equipped department kitchen that I feel like I'm starving if I have to eat a shop bought sandwich at my desk!! I used the White Knight fridge recently at a work place, it stood out for two reasons because it's a tall fridge with no freezer not an under counter model and also because I didn't know White Knight made anything apart from tumble dryers!! WHITE KNIGHT L240H FRIDGE This is a white fridge and very simple looking from the outside, it's a larder fridge so stands quite tall at 1.4 metres. It's the biggest fridge I've ever seen in a works kitchen, but my boyfriend worked in an office once where they had a Smeg fridge and that would be my dream work fridge I think. There are four shelves and a glass top for the salad crispers that can be used as another shelf, the shelves can be adjusted just by pulling them out and replacing them on another bracket. This is great because it means the fridge can easily store anything, one day when I was there it was a birthday and there was a big two tier cake in the fridge with most of the shelves taken out and stored at the side. The cake was a big one and nearly filled the fridge but by putting a shelf in the top brackets they still had room for carefully arranged trays of ...

Cream Lace Rose Dress 17/07/2015

I feel pretty in pink!!

Cream Lace Rose Dress When I went shopping to TKMaxx I bought myself this dress to wear to a meal we had planned with some of my boyfriend's work colleagues. I was worried about what to wear because I hadn't met some of them before and I didn't know where we were eating either so that was even more awkward because I didn't know whether to dress up, go casual or what!! I saw this and knew it would be perfect, I've got a pair of pink and black court shoes that I knew would go well with it so after trying it on to get the right size I bought it and started looking forward to my night out instead of dreading it!! CREAM LACE ROSE DRESS It's confusing the way Ciao have written the heading for this dress because it's the company who make it who are called Cream and even though there are roses in the design the colour is actually Fuchsia!! The style of the dress is slightly fitted but it's not clingy at all so doesn't skim my figure, I like the way it accentuates my waist (because I haven't got much of one!!) but doesn't cling onto my hips or chest. The dress has a lining stitched in because of the light rose pattern that has a lot of the fabric cut out, the lining is cut to the same proportions as the dress so doesn't alter the shape at all and the way the pink colour has been matched to the dress helps it to blend in perfectly so it doesn't even look like a lining. I like the scoop neck and think it looks great with the long sleeves, it doesn't scoop too low and shows a hint of cleavage but without ...

Asda Extra Special Pork Chipolata Sausages 16/07/2015

Thinner sausages than average!!

Asda Extra Special Pork Chipolata Sausages I first bought Asda Extra Special Chipolata sausages when a recipe I wanted to try asked for thin sausages, there was only the choice of these or Richmond thin skinless sausages but I thought the flavour of the Richmond ones might be a little bit too strong for what I needed them for. I paid £3.65 for 20 of these sausages and they are on a special price offer at the moment where you can buy 3 packs for £10, that's a good saving but even though they can be frozen we don't need enough thin sausages to make it worth using that offer. ASDA EXTRA SPECIAL PORK CHIPOLATA SAUSAGES The sausages are very good quality and as well as using them in my light cassoulet recipe I cooked what was left over for sandwiches the next day. They're a little bit too small for sandwiches but I knew that before I cooked them, I didn't realise how much of a nuisance it would be to arrange the sausages on the bread though and while I was eating I kept having half a sausage drop out onto my lap!! They can be cooked in all the usual methods, cooking them on the BBQ isn't mentioned and I think they might be a little bit too thin for that but we were not planning to use them on the BBQ anyway. I cooked half of them in the cassoulet after browning them for no more than two minutes in a dry frying pan and the ones I cooked for sandwiches were grilled with a tiny amount of oil brushed over them before putting them under the grill. The packet says they can be cooked in the oven for 20 minutes but whenever I ...

Pop Up Shop Marble Effect Sweater Dress 15/07/2015

The ugliest dress I've ever seen!!

Pop Up Shop Marble Effect Sweater Dress Me and my nine year old sister had a shopping spree in TKMaxx quite recently, she stays with me regularly and has got a wardrobe of clothes to wear to save mum having to pack a case each time. I noticed some of her clothes starting to look small though and wanted some things from TKMaxx myself so we had a nice girly shopping day (spoilt only by my boyfriend who decided to be awkward that day but I won't tell you that story!!), one of the items I bought her was a grungy dress from Pop Up Shop. I didn't like it and still don't but it was the thing my sister liked most so I bought it for her (only because it was double reduced down to £5.99 from the full RRP of £47). POP UP SHOP GREY MARBLE SWEATER DRESS This is an item of clothing that can be worn two ways, with bare legs on warm days and I'm sure it will be carried over to the winter because the dress looks good with a pair of leggings or slim jeans. I prefer seeing my sister wear it with leggings because it looks very sloppy when worn as a dress with nothing on the bottom, it looks more like a snuggly jumper when she wears it as part of an outfit and with the way the weather has turned so chilly she's put her summer dresses away anyway!! The dress has long sleeves and hangs to just above my sister's knees, she's an average size for a nine year old and I bought her the age 9 dress so the sizes are accurate. Because of the big price reduction there weren't many dresses left when we got there and I was lucky to find her size, ...

Asda Butcher's Selection Turkey Burgers 14/07/2015

Turkey with a difference

Asda Butcher's Selection Turkey Burgers I used to enjoy eating the turkey burgers made by my local butcher but haven't had them for quite a long time after he stopped making them, I'd forgotten about them but while we were shopping for a BBQ two weeks ago I saw Asda were selling a range of turkey burgers. The ones we bought had a sweet chilli flavouring but I saw other flavours there too including plain turkey burgers that were only lightly seasoned, I bought those too because the burgers were on offer at 2 packs for £4 but I froze those and haven't eaten them yet. We decided we wouldn't serve the sweet chilli burgers at the BBQ (because we only had four!!) and had those last night for our dinner. ASDA SWEET CHILLI TURKEY BURGERS There are four burgers in a pack, these sweet chilli ones are quite dark but the plain turkey ones are very pale and pink. They're quite big, not quarter pounder size but these are thicker than Birds Eye beef burgers and because they're fresh they look nice and meaty. I ended up freezing all of the burgers and defrosted them before cooking, they weren't frozen for long just a few days and they had stayed succulent with a fresh smell after they were defrosted. We shallow fried ours because turkey can be very dry but they can be cooked in the oven, grilled or done on the BBQ. We were going to BBQ these but it rained and even though our patio is covered neither of us felt like standing outside in miserable weather, I'd made some cheese scallop potatoes the day before and the leftovers were ...

Birds Eye Crispy Fish Bites 13/07/2015

Fish with bite

Birds Eye Crispy Fish Bites I bought Fish Bites after my sister asked for them while we were shopping. She stays over with me regularly but I usually time doing the shopping for when she's not with me, the extra £50 on the bill last week told me I was right to do that!! These were a good price because they were on offer, I paid £2 for a box containing 26 fish bites but they've gone back up to £3 now and paying that doesn't make them feel like such good value. BIRDS EYE CRISPY FISH BITES These are just small size fish fingers but making them bite size makes them feel a lot more interesting to eat. Each one is just under half the size of a Birds Eye fish finger but because of the extra batter on each end it gives them a slightly different flavour, I served them in the same way I would fish fingers but my boyfriend came up with a clever idea for them that I'll share with you later. The Bites are made of pollock not cod and that annoyed me when I saw it because I prefer cod but the quality of the fish is good and it tastes nice even though it's not the best. Birds Eye use batter on the Fish Bites instead of breadcrumbs and I prefer that because I'm not a big lover of breadcrumbs, Birds Eye make fish fingers that have batter on them and those are the ones I'm comparing these Fish Bites to the most. You cook them from frozen for about 20 minutes and after that time they turn golden brown, a small amount of fat comes out of them during cooking but no more than any battered food that you cook in the ...

Asda Butcher's Selection Chinese Chicken Drumsticks & Thighs 11/07/2015

Chinese chicken with very little effort

Asda Butcher's Selection Chinese Chicken Drumsticks & Thighs When we had our BBQ two weekends ago I took a pack of flavoured chicken drumsticks and thighs out that I'd bought a day or two before, I thought I'd picked up BBQ flavour in the supermarket but when I looked properly they were Chinese style (I think I picked the wrong pack up while I was being indecisive because the ones I was looking at originally were definitely not Chinese!!). The packs are sold by weight and each one is 1.4kg so it depends on the size of the chicken portions inside for how many of each you get, my pack had five drumsticks and six thighs so I think that's great value for £5 especially when I read on the packet that these contain no added water (some supermarket chicken has so much water inside they don't even taste like chicken). ASDA BUTCHER'S SELECTION CHINESE CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS AND THIGHS These are fresh raw chicken portions that have been given a Chinese glaze, they're not cooked and ready to eat and the only reason for buying them over the slightly cheaper plain packs of chicken is because Asda have done the work of marinading them for you. The time they spend in the packet while waiting for someone to buy them helps the chicken to soak up more of the flavour than if I had added my own marinade and left them soaking overnight and that's why I like to buy these flavoured chicken portions, it takes all the work of preparing them out because all you have to do is take the chicken out of the packet and cook everything in the oven. The cooking time ...
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