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Eurovision Song Contest 2008: Does UK have a chance this year? 22/05/2008

Euro Trash

Eurovision Song Contest 2008: Does UK have a chance this year? In my own true opinion, the Eurovision Song Contest has totally spiralled downhill over the years. Whereas I would have watched this at one stage and enjoyed it, now to me, it has become one of the worse TV broadcasts and begs me to be out the evening it is on. The one thing I truly do not understand about this competition, is how we vote for such terrible performers, when England as a country has so much talent. Regardless of my last fact this year's entrant is truly a brilliant singer and I wanted him to win when he was in the finals of X Factor, he is so similar to Nat King Cole and his voice is truly remarkable. Then comes the terrible downside for Andy, he has been given a really terrible song to sing, who writes them for gods sake. Here we have a talented singer with a voice like a angel and we give him a song to sing which totally unjustifies his talent. The Eurovision Song Contest is in all honesty more of a mickey take of the singers of the country rather than finding a true talent. Countries all put forward hiseous overly dressed, strange looking singers, when in all reality they the same as us have true talent, or the singer performing is just given a rubbish song. Al I can say is bad luck Andy this country have truly dealt you a bad card and you don't deserve it, and for anyone sad enough to want to stay in and devote an evening to this total nonsense, I applaud you and feel sorry that you don't have anything better to do with your evening. Bring back the ...

Common Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) 23/07/2007

Spectacular Sorrel

Common Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) Common Sorrel (Rumex Acetosa) is otherwise known as Spinach dock. It is a close family member of the Dock plant. It grows best in rich soil which is well drained and loves either full sun or partial shade. Often found growing in meadows or fields, it is a welcom food source for much wildlife. Growing from spring to late autumn and lasting for around eight to ten years, sorrel is a welcome cheap addition to the garden. Around mid June to July the Sorrel will produce reddish green flowers. It is easily recognisable by its long, large arrow shaped leaves. It has a very sharp and yest zesty flavour and is a great addition to a green leafy salad. It is also often substituted for the likes of spinach although some caution should be adhered if using sorrel. Sorrel produces a large level of Oxalic Acid which if you east in excessive amounts can cause problems as it removes calcium from the blood. It can also cause damage to the liver. If using sorrel only on a mimimal basis, and infrequently though, this should cause no adverse affects, as with all herbs, if used in excess they can cause some side effects. Sorrel was used in the olden days as a cure for scurvy, it was also used in teas, linaments and lotions to treat a wide range of ailments. Sorrel is one of Europes most favourite herbs, this especially is the case in France. It is widely used there in soups and also to make sauces. To end with, for an abundant crop, little nurturing and for a long lasting addition to your ...

Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean 18/07/2007

Put the Smile Back on Your Face

Colgate Total Professional Weekly Clean Whilst shopping in Sainsburys I spotted this product on the shelf, it was priced at £3.69 and was in what seemed a very large box. After purchasing it and returning home, I was surprised at how small the actual tube was in the box, a mere 20ml and I began to feel like I have well and truly been had. I am one of these people that has an extreme fear of the dentist, being a coffee-aholic and also a smoker, my teeth are very badly stained, to the extent that I have got into the habit of not smiling anymore for photos, and although I know I should go to the Dentist it takes a long time for me to pluck up the courage. I have tried and tested many teeth whitening products to no avail and so on seeing this Professional Weekly Clean, I thought give it a go, you can't loose anything, except £3.69 of course. The kit states that it will give you a Professional Weekly Clean in between visiting your own Dentist, and that it may only be used once a week. I have been using the Kit for three weeks now, the paste itself is slightly gritty to the taste, it has a pleasant minty taste and is not at all uncomfortable when using. It does not feel abrasive, and you don't need much on your toothbrush to be able to clean your teeth. Well Voila, the stains on my teeth have almost disappeared, and that is after only three applications, my teeth feel smooth and shiny and really really clean. The difference it has made to me means I would not smile with my teeth showing if someone took my ...

direct holidays 02/07/2007


direct holidays After not having a holiday abroad this year, due to lack of funds, I was adamant that next year I would be going no matter what. The Direct Holidays brochure came through my letter-box and I briefly browsed through it and then discarded it into my poffee along with all my other magazines/newspapers. Yesterday whilst out shopping me and the hubbie went and got a armful of brochures to look through. Having two children we thought our best option would be an all-inclusive break thus avoiding constant purse-dipping (hopefully). Going via the Internet I visited many of the tour operator websites to get some quotes on how much it would cost, on finding a hotel we liked. I got a price, and then phoned the Travel Agents too to see if they could beat the web price, they could not even get £300 close to the amount quoted on the website. Going through all the booking procedures I was horrified to find that they required a deposit there and then of £520, on checking the other tour operator websites, this was the same. Okay if you've got that sort of money floating around, but we havn't at the moment. Anyway I decided to just grab the Direct Holidays brochure to see if the hotel we were after was in there, it was. I took a virtual tour on their website of the hotel, had a choice of dates and flights and airports and started to go ahead with the booking. This was very straightforward and easy to do, I was amazed to find that their price was over £150 cheaper than the other tour ... 04/05/2007

SPREAD A LITTLE HELIUM I found this website purely by accident and registered as it looked quite good. is different from other sites it is a site for peoples views on life, events, medical issues, in fact anything you want to get off your chest or write about and you get paid. It is an american site, so earnings are shown as dollars. They pay you out once you reach $25 and you have to create a paypal account for your earnings to be paid into. The site is easy to join from the main page of There is a Join Now Box on the Welcome Page and it is that simple. You can create your own alias/penname, so nobody has to know your real name. For every article you write about, others come along and rate it, and you gradually build up some earnings (this can take a while). On the website you have the ability to write and rate, the more you rate other peoples articles, the more your one's get read and the more you earn. There is also an ongoing competition each week, it runs wednesday-wednesday. Helium gives a list of articles it wants people to write about, the more again you write and rate, the more chance you have of winning. There is a $300, $200, $100, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, followed by 20 $20 prizes and 77 $5 prizes. This is where you can really make some money. I have been with helium for 3 weeks now, and this week is the first week I have entered the competition, my position keeps changing from a $20 contender to a $5 contender so we will have to see the outcome of that on ...

L'Oreal StudioLine Paris Indestructible Gel 19/04/2007

As Hard as Nails

L'Oreal StudioLine Paris Indestructible Gel Imagine what it would feel like sitting next to a hedgehog and occasionally it knocked you, I imagine it would feel exactly the same as my son's head brushing against me after use this new Indestructible Gel. His head literally felt like rock and I was rather concerned about how it would come out. Anyway back to a write up of this product. As usual I was conned into buying this for my boy (he is only 11). He has extremely thick hair and every extra-hard gel he has used has literally left his head after about one hour. After seeing an advert stating it would stay on whether you stood on your head, had a hat on or a hood he asked me to pick this up. I purchased it from a local chemist and it cost me £3.49 for a 150ml tube. Well we rubbed quite a bit into his dampish hair and began styling it in his spiky on top straight at the back style. Now bearing in mind my son's hair is around 1 1/2inches-2 long on top (thought I'd mention that because I can't make claims of whether it will work on say a Mohican) we didn't need to use to much gel. It wasn't too sticky or nasty as some gels can be, and it did smell rather nice. As usual my son sat around like a statue awaiting his hair to dry, thinking that if he moved it would all collapse, and hey presto, my son's head was turned into a cement feeling hairstyle. Admittedly it lasted all day and did not collapse as it normally does with other products. I was a bit worried about whether it would wash out okay as I could have him going ...

Duck Magic Scrubs 28/03/2007

DUCK that scrubbing

Duck Magic Scrubs After seeing the advert on the television of the lady gliding around her bathroom with ease and turning into a sparkling, gleaming bathroom I decided to give these new Duck Magic Scrubs a go. The starter pack cost me £2.99, which included the resuable handle, a storage tub and 4 scrubby pads (these contain a concentrated powerful cleaner). There was an offer on for 3 for 2 in Tesco, but as I was not sure whether or not I was going to like them I opted for just the one this time. The actual handle is green and is made of a sturdy durable foam. It is approx 5" long by approx 4" wide. The pads themselves come in a silver sealed sachet, but once you open this you need to store the pads in the tub. The pad adheres itself naturally to the green handle, there are two sides to the pad, one which is printed and one side which is plain. The patterned side is the side you adhere to the handle. Once you have done this you have to place the pad under the tap briefly (they say), and then once you place the pad on your bathroom tiles or whichever area you begin with the cleaner activates and begins to froth as you glide it over the surfaces. Once the pad begins to loose this foam, briefly place it under the tap again to release more cleaner. Once you have covered all the surfaces you need to clean, you just rinse the surfaces with water, and voila, job done. The pad is then discarded into the bin and when you need to do the job again, you just attach a new pad. The pads themselves ... 20/03/2007

Good Value for your Valued Opinions This survey website can be found at By visiting this page you can join immediately by pressing the join us tab at the top of the screen. You only have to enter your e-mail address and answer a 2-3 minute questionaire to join. It's that simple. Surveys will be sent to your e-mail address and are typically renumerated by anything from 50p upwards to normally around £5.00 . Valued Opinions are part of the Research Now Plc Group and all they ask from you is to give your honest opinions about products and services. As well as being sent surveys, you will also from time to time receive a hop top question, if you answer this question you are entered into a regular prize draw. On arriving at £5 in your account, you are able to order one of the following gift vouchers:- TESCO (only available in £10 denominations) KINGFISHER (CAN BE USED AT B&Q, WOOLWORTHS, COMET) W H SMITH AMAZON BOOTS HMV ARGOS M & S You can also choose if you wish to donate your earnings to charity from one of these four organisations:- WWF WORLD VISION ANMESTY INT'L BRITISH RED CROSS Once you have joined, it is very easy to see what earnings you have, and which are pending awaiting the closure of that particular survey. Most survey earnings can take up to 28 days to be credited, but will be shown as pending in your account. I like the fact that you are able to see exactly what you have earnt from surveys as alot of survey sites do not indicate what ...

KARCHER PUZZI 100 16/03/2007

Karcher Carpet Cleaner

KARCHER PUZZI 100 To begin with I was very fortunate as this was a prize awarded to my husband from a raffle. There is no way I would pay £350.00 for this cleaner, only due to the fact I couldn't afford it, if I was pretty well off and I knew what I know about it now then yes, it would definitely be on the top of my want list. The unit itself is very compact, and weighs in at 12.1 kg, so pretty lightweight, because of it's small size it also makes it very easy to store. It comes in the usual karcher black and yellow, which is not very eyecatching but it is only a carpet cleaner I suppose. The unit has 7.5 metres of cable so can stretch a long way, and is particularly useful for the stairs. It comes with a floor nozzle and a hand nozzle which are both stored onboard the unit, and the hose itself is 2.5m long which again means not much stooping whilst cleaning. It has a 1250watt motor and the unit itself is made form polypropylene plastic which they state is shockproof, unbreakable and rust proof, only time will tell if it lives up to this statement, but knowing how clumsy I am with my normal hoover the unbreakable part will soon take it's test with me. It is very easy to manouvre, with two large wheels to the rear of the unit and two smaller ones located at the front, There is also a handle on top of the unit, making it very easy to carry around. There are two tanks in the unit, a 10 litre tank which holds your clean water, and another which collects the dirty water and holds up to 9 ... 16/03/2007

Vouchers, Samples, Fun Why not Join First a little background about iap-interactive (formally called Ipsos). They were established in 1998 and are formally known as Ipsos Interactive Services Europe. They are a on-line market research company focusing on creating and adapting new research media between the market and it's consumers. By combining market research and techinical knowledge they have become the most advance data collection company to date. They have over 550,000 panelists covering most of Europe, including Germany, UK, Italy, Holland, Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark and Belgium. They are members of ESOMAR and AIMRI and have been awarded the ISO 9001 Standard. I joined Ipsos, which have renamed themselves recently IAP-Interactive around 6 months ago. I was getting a little bored at home with the children at school and fancied trying to earn a few pound here and there. I saw Ipsos advertised and went to their website and away I went, signing up was really straight forward. They will ask you generalised questions regarding your lifestyle and the people who live with you, which assists them in sending you the correct surveys. The site itself is very easy to navigate through, not complicated in the least. Once you have signed up, you will begin to be sent surveys via your e-mail address. These could be surveys for you to complete, or for another member of your household. I often get surveys sent for either my husband or children to complete also. ...

Dynamode Broadband Router BR-6004W-G-N - wireless router - 802.11b/g - desktop 14/03/2007

Dynamode is Dymantique

Dynamode Broadband Router BR-6004W-G-N - wireless router - 802.11b/g - desktop If you read my review about Virgin Media, then you will realise why I am writing this review. I was on a Linksys Wireless Router which was a great all rounder, but since upgrading my Virgin Services to a V+ Box my Linksys has become obselete and I have had to re-invest (at no cost to me, see my Virgin Media review) in a Dynamode Wireless Router which is compatiable with my new modem. My Dynamode was delivered, and after reading the instructions I was up and running in less than three minutes, good or what. The Dynamode BR-6004 W-G1 comes with a Wireless Router and a Wireless USB Dongle, the Dongle is ideal for additional PC's in your home. The unit itself is super slim and is in a stylish silver with a stand, making it look very elegant and chic in your home. Compared with the Linksys which was bright blue and quite ugly looking, this unit is very smart and fits in with most household decors. The features of this unit are as follows:- Capable of upto 128bit WEP, WPA, WPA2 One 10/100m auto-sense WAN port, which could be connected with all kinds of internet access equipment (xDSL/Cable Modem/Hub/Switch etc) Built in 4 port 100 base TX fast ethernet switch Supports UPnP, Windows XP can discover the device in the network automatically NAT (network address transfer) technology does not only provide internet access sharing, but also protects internal sources) WAN interface supports DHCP client capability LAN interface supports DHCP server, and facilitates fast ...

Virgin Media 13/03/2007

Entertainment, Value and Brilliant Service

Virgin Media As a customer with NTL for several years I was rather dubious about the changeover to Virgin. Admittedly we were kept well informed of all the up and coming changes to the services Virgin were going to introduce and it was very informative and looked brill. So along came the changeover, and to begin with there was not much difference in the service with exception of the optional upgrade to the V+ Box (which I will go into a little more later) and the fact that you could upgrade to a Virgin Mobile and get very cheap mobile services from them, all sounded very good, then the bombshell arrived, SKY channels were removed, with the exception of SKY movies and SKY sport services. Me I was LOST without my lost from Sky 1. This argument between the two operators seemed rather petty, but I was pleased to hear from Virgin that although we were unable to view the SKY 1 channel live, in the near future they were going to have the whole series of Lost along with other series on that channel on their demand channel (which is free of charge). The demand channel allows you to catch up on different series that are on, or that have been on a short time ago for you to catch up on. These programmes can be viewed whenever you like, can be paused, rewound or forwarded as ad when you want to, which is an additional bonus, so it hasn't caused me too many problems. Plus the fact that I called Virgin and asked what they were going to give me in compensation and hence they are crediting my bill ...

Sony Ericsson HCB-100 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone 28/02/2007


Sony Ericsson HCB-100 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone I am not a mega mobile phone user, but at the same time the mobile phone has become a major part in our lives. I decided that I had to buy a hands free system for my car, as I was fed up with ignoring the phone whilst I was driving, and having two small children and two elderly parents, you never know just how important that ignored phone call is. After a bit of web searching I came across this hands free car speakerphone, priced at £51.00 inc delivery it was within my price range, and it seemed to be exactly what I personally looking for. This unit is compatiable with all Sony Ericsson blue-tooth phones as well as hundreds of other blue-tooth models including Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Vodaphone, T-Mobile to name just a few, it really is an all-rounder. The unit itself is very petite, measuring only 88x76x21mm, the box itself is silver and the speaker itself is covered in a fabric grid. It is very lightweight and very portable making it not only useful in the car but also to take indoors or to the office, where it can be used also. The unit is very easy to use and has very clear buttons which include Answer, Reject, Battery Status and Mute/Pair making it very easy to control whilst driving without taking your attention off the road. It comes with a processing DSP which means it has digital noise cancellation and echo reduction which makes talking/listening is loud and clear, something which I know is a problem on some other in-car units. The unit is ...

Lego Mindstorms NXT 14/12/2006

Lego's Marvellous Mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms NXT Gone are the days where you just build house, towns, cars from lego, this new genius invention enables you to not only build a robot but with its new technology you can actually bring your robot to life. With this kit you can create many different designs of lego robots, the easiest can be built in just under 30 minutes. With the ingenius NXT Intelligent Brick which is the robots 'BRAIN' hosting a 32 bit microprocessor it enables the robot to obey your every command, this microprocessor supports USB and bluetooth also to add to its many benefits. It comes with a quick start guide which is very simple to follow, software and step-by-step building instructions to create an bundance of different designed robots, including humanoids, vehicles and animals and they obey every comand. Basically by connecting through your PC, you are able to program your robots NXT Intelligent Brick with commands distinctive to which one you build. Amongst these robots are ones named AlphaRex, Spike, Roboarm and Tribot. The robot has light sensors which can detect all colours whilst the sound sensors enables the robot to respond to most sound patterns and tones. The robots can feel with touch sensors and their eyes which are ultrasonic are able to measure movement and distance. The robot can even be controlled through your mobile phone. What amazes me is watching the robots heart beat through the lcd display. The Kit comes with the following NXT Intelligent Brick with 32bit ...

Denon D-F 102 (DRA-F102/DCD-F102/SC-F102) 12/12/2006


Denon D-F 102 (DRA-F102/DCD-F102/SC-F102) Before I start regarding this system, a word of advice, really shop around, I personally saved over £100 by buying this over the internet compared with what the high street electrical stores were charging. I paid £327 for the DF-102 System and £68.99 for the SF102 speakers as seperates, instore the system sells for £499.99. The Hi-Fi comes in two systems, the CD Player (DCD-F102) and a AM/FM Stereo-DAB Receiver (DRA-F102 DAB), both units are silver, and the Speakers are Silver with a removable black front cover. A Remote Control is also supplied with this system (which takes 2 AAA batteries) as well as a DAB indoor antenna. Firstly I will explain the CD Player's Specifications:- The measurements are as follows:- 250mm wide x 78mm high x 250 depth and the unit weighs 2.9kg. The player only takes one CD. The front of the unit has the normal run of the mill buttons:- Power Indicator Display Skip Buttons Search Buttons Stop Button Play/Pause Button Disc Tray Open/Close Button It has an information display which shows the following:- MUSIC CD'S Total number of tracks Total playing time Track number Elapsed time MP3/WMA Files Total number of folders Number of tracks Folder number Elapsed time Track Name Artist Name Album Name The Rear Panel of the unit has:- Line out terminals Digital Out Optical terminals System Connector Jacks AC outlt Power Supply Cord This CD Player is very simple to use and has a great display, ...
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