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I want my dinner - Tony Ross 15/02/2006

I Want My Bedtime Story

I want my dinner - Tony Ross Tony Ross if the well known childrens illustrator responsible for the Little Princess set of stories aimed at pre-school children. What's It About? --------------- ------ In this book the little princess wants her dinner and emphasis is on teaahing basic manners. The story starts with the little princess demanding her dinner, with no please or thank you. She gets her dinner when she says please. She then demands her toy, again once she utters the magic word and voila, then a walk with her doll and pram, again please gets her, her wish. Whilst the little princess is out she happens upon a plate of spag bol. She decides to help herself and the owner of the meal, one big blue beast, comes roaring for his dinner shouting "That's My Dinner, I Want My Dinner" at which point the little princess prompts the beast to use his manners. Once she gives him his dinner, she shouts at him for not saying thanks you. A Little More About This Book --------------- --------------- ---------- Pages: 32 Paperback Publisher: Picture Lions Language: English ISBN: 0006643566 Price: £5.99 A Little More About The Series --------------- --------------- ----------- There are many books in this series, the ones I know of are I Want my Potty I Want my Mum I Want To Be I Want My Tooth I Don't Want To Wash My Hands I Don't Want To Go To Bed The books are all about a little princess, we do not get to know her name, she is simply the Little Princess, and each book has a ...

Hogarth Hotel, London 22/01/2006

My Hotel for the Live 8 Weekend

Hogarth Hotel, London Imagine my utter joy, back in June, to find myself the winner of 2 coveted tickets to the Live 8 Concert. No amount of money on Ebay would part me from them, we were going to London. So the job of trying to find a decent affordable hotel in Central London that wasn't completely booked up. After visiting a number of sites tht offered hotels, only to get to the booking page and find the all full, panic started to set in. Eventually, we found the Hogarth Hotel Website ( On looking at the site we were immpressed by the lovely pictures and descriptions, so we went ahead a booked a double room for the weekend at a cost of £200.00. Then we went onto the various hotel review sites, which I really should have done first, but in the rush to get a room and all that. Well the hotel was slated on all the review sites, I think I found one good review from about 50 damning the place, think Fawlty Towers were some of the comments. So with a heavy heart we set off for London and soon found ourselves coming out of Earls Court Tube station on out way to the hotel. Hogarth Road, where the hotel is situated is literally right opposite the station entrance and the hotel itself is about 150 yards down the road on the left. As we approached the hotel the first thing we saw was scaffolding and lots of it. So not expecting much we climed the 6 or so steps to enter the hotel and I have to say the reception area was lovely, there was a slight smell of ...

Muller Corner Healthy Balance Black Cherry 04/01/2006

Mmmmm Muller Corner and Good For You

Muller Corner Healthy Balance Black Cherry WHAT IS IT? Muller Corner Healthy Balance is a twist on the Original Muller Corner. It comes packaged in the familiar square pots with the yoghurt and the portion of fruit compote/cereal kept seperate. HOW DOES IT DIFFER FROM THE OTHER MULLER CORNERS? The healthy balance range has a number of differences from the rest of the range * It is Low in Fat * It is Probiotic * It has no Artificial Sweeteners Low In Fat - Overweight britain is a constant news story these days and people are generally being encouraged to look at and improve their diets by choosing foods that are healthy and low in fat Probiotic - A probiotic is an organism which contributes to the health and balance of the intestinal tract. A probiotic is also referred to as the "friendly", "beneficial", or "good" bacteria which when ingested acts to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and help fight illness and disease Artifical Sweeteners - Artificial Sweeteners have NO food value, trick the body into thinking it is eating something sweet, and they have by-products of harmful toxic side effects. Aspartame the most widely used artificial sweetener was discovered as an ulcer drug, not a sweetener FLAVOURS Muller Corner Healthy Balance comes in pack of six only. Each pack has 3 flavours in Tropical Crunch - Served with a separate portion of Honeyed Oat Cereal clusters and tropical fruit. Black Cherry - Served with a separate portion of fruit compote. Pineapple, Passionfruit & ...

KidzMouse Dora The Explorer Optical - mouse 04/01/2006

Dora in The Palm of Your Kids Hand

KidzMouse Dora The Explorer Optical - mouse What Is It? The Dora the Explorer computer mouse by Kidz is aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 10. It is a smaller than average pc mouse which enables better ease of use for small children. Rather than having to click a simple squeeze anywhere on the head of the mouse does the trick. The mouse itself is a very basic two button mouse, there is no trackwheel and is connects to the pc via a USB or serial port, no flashy infra-red here. It is bright red with yellow buttons and a cute picture of Dora the Explorer playing with a few of the star characters from the show, which make it very inviting for young children. The feel of the mouse is very good, it feels well made and robust which considering the intended user is a must Is it Available in Other Characters? Yes Kidz Mouse also do a Spongebob Squarepants Mouse and a Bumblebee Mouse. I am not aware of any other characters, as these were the only ones shown in the store. Where Can I Get It and How Much? I have not personally seen these in places such as PC World or Comet on the high street, but there are several online stores that sell them. We purchased ours from Blue Moon Education, but a quick Google also showed that they can be purchased from a number of other stores. The price we paid back in April 2005 was £11.90 which is quite reasonable, but I have seen them more recently online priced as high as £30.00. Personal Experience My little girl is 3 and has got along great with this ...

Yeo Valley Organic Fruit Yogurt for Kids 26/07/2004

Good for Your Kids and Good to The Earth

Yeo Valley Organic Fruit Yogurt for Kids I recently picked up a four pack of Yeo Valley Organic Fruit Yoghurts for kids on a recent trip to Somerfield. I offer my little girl a yoghurt after both lunch and dinner as it is a good way to get a child to eat diary products and get a good source of calcium. Up to the age of three it is recommended that children consume at least half a pint of full cream milk per day, this can also come from yoghurts, one 100grm yoghurt making up 1/3rd of this. ************* The Packaging ************* The yoghurts come packed in sets of four traditional round type yoghurt pots. The four pots are packed together in a cardboard surround. The cardboard surround is printed on a sky blue background and there is a child like drawing of a brown cow surrounded by a banana, an apple, an apricot and a strawberry. The words Yeo Valley Organic are clearly printed at the top and the description “Fruit Yoghurt – Strawberry – Banana – Apple – Apricot” is printed underneath on a pale yellow banner. At the bottom on a thin yellow banding it states that the yoghurts are made with organic milk and organic fruit puree. On the back of the pack is the nutritional information for each flavour and the website address. On the reverse of the cardboard is Farmer Fred’s Fun Time which contains there games for young children. Fred’s Kitchen – Which asks you find the kitchen items in a jumbled up picture. Animal Names – 7 anagrams of animal’s names Making Words – A picture and letter ...

Co-op Fairtrade Chocolate Chip Shortbread 15/07/2004

Yummy Fairtrade Cookies

Co-op Fairtrade Chocolate Chip Shortbread Co-Op’s Fair Trade All Butter Choc Chip Shortbreads are one of the latest lines in fair trade goods to be added to their product line. Being one of the Co-Op’s humble servants, I am fortunate enough to get the odd free of which these were the latest. The biscuits come presented in packets of 9, nestled in a brown polypropylene tray divided into three. The outer packaging is cerise pink with an appetising picture of the biscuits in question. and the name of the product. The Co-Op Fair Trade logo is present on the both the front and side of the packet. The biscuits are described on the front as “All butter shortbread rounds with chocolate chips. Contains 14% Fairtrade Chocolate Chips and 12% Fairtrade sugar”. So let’s open the packet and see them. Smell There is virtually no smell on opening the packet and even when holding a biscuit right under the nose, there is little smell. Appearance Each biscuit is approx 3 inches in diameter and has a rippled top. The choc chips are evident and are dotted all about the surface of the biscuit. Taste and Texture On biting into the biscuit I found them to crumble nicely and I immediately taste the lovely buttery shortbread taste, along with a nice strong chocolate taste. The mix of choc chips is just right, not too overpowering so that you can’t taste the biscuit. The biscuit almost melts in the mouth and once finished leaves me wanting more. In fact sod it, I’ll have another, all in the interest of research you ...

Avent Disposable Feeding Set 10/07/2004

Great For Mums (And Dads) On The Go

Avent Disposable Feeding Set I was recently very lucky enough to be sent a free Avent Via Re-Usable/Disposable Feeding System through the post. I am not sure how this happened but I am not one to complain when freebies turn up on my doorstep. The Avent Via Reusable/Disposable Feeding System is a new product and replaces the old Avent Disposable Feeding System, to which I gather from reading other reviews there were problems with leakage etc. So What Is It? It is a new way to store, transport and feed babies. Contained in each pack are 5 Avent Via Cups, 1 lid, and one slow flow Avent anti-colic teat and teat holder with lid The cups are sterile packed for immediate use, but the teat and holder and lid must be sterilised in the normal way before use. How Can It Be Re-Usable and Disposable? The adaptor kit, which is the teat, holder, and cup lid are all for permanent use, and simply need sterilising before and after each use. The Via Cups can be used up to four times before disposal, these also must be sterilised before and after each use. How Is This Different From The Old Disposable System? The old system used different teats than those used on the permanent bottles, meaning that if you were using both you would have to fork out for two different types of teat. This new system uses the regular Avent permanent teats. The old system also used bags instead of cups, this meant that they could only be used once before disposal. The Via System can also be used to store ...

Bendicks Mingles 10/07/2004

Come Mingle With Me

Bendicks Mingles Now I have been a bit late in getting round to sampling these choccies, usually I am at the front of the queue when a newcomer is in town. I recently had a box of these bought for me as a little thank you gift; in the interest of pure research I sat and ate half of the box, just to ascertain my opinion. ¨¨¨What Are They?¨¨¨ Mingles are described on the box as “Milk, Dark, White and Marbled Chocolates With A Hint of Mint”. They are sold in 3 box sizes, 450gr, 330gr and 250gr. The box is rectangular in shape, much like a Cadbury’s Roses box. The packaging is mainly a mint green colour, with pictures of the various sweeties emblazoned all across the front and back. The word Mingles is printed on the front in large white lettering. Inside the box is a selection of individually wrapped chocolates. The wrappings are the same colour as the box, but each wrapping a different colour on the twist. ¨¨¨What Flavours Do They Come In?¨¨¨ Well they are all mint flavour; the difference between each chocolate is the way the chocolate and filling are presented. There are five different varieties; each one is distinguished by the different colour twist on the wrappers. Red Twist Marbled dark and white chocolate with a light mint truffle centre This one is soft centered and smooth, the truffle is nice and smooth and not grainy as I have found with some truffles, it is alot like a milk chocolate mint mousse, Brown Twist Dark chocolate with a mint fondant centre These are ...

Boots Shapers Sour Cream and Chive Mini Bagels 07/07/2004

Fancy a Different Snack, Without The Calories?

Boots Shapers Sour Cream and Chive Mini Bagels I am a bit of a Boots fiend and tend to spend a large, possibly unhealthy, amount of my precious lunch hour wandering about the place, looking at all the great things they sell. On a recent visit, whilst buying my lunch I spotted the Shapers Mini Bagels in Sour Cream and Chive flavour. Now I am not sure how long they have been producing these but I have never seen them up until about a month ago. ***The Shapers Range*** The Boots Shapers range is a range of convenience foods and snacks aimed at those who are either on a diet or simply following a healthier diet. The range includes Pre-packed sandwiches, yoghurts, chocolate and cereal bars, pre-packed fruit portions, crisps and savoury snacks and soft drinks. Each product is packaged in the Shapers packaging which is an un-exciting white and blue range and can be bought from most Boots stores. ***The Product on Review*** The mini bagels come in a small 25g bag, which is predominantly white matt finish foil. On the front of the bag is the Shapers logo, printed in green and blue, and the description of the product “Sour Cream and Chive Mini Bagels”. There is also a picture of the little tykes to show you what you are getting. ***Appearance*** The bag contains a generous amount of little rings, not unlike Cherrio cereal. They are golden brown in colour and the sour cream and chive flavouring agent is apparent, as they have a gritting feeling to them. The mini bagels also have little green flecks in them, ...

Lidam Door Bouncer 01/07/2004

Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy, Fun, Fun, Fun

Lidam Door Bouncer I purchased the Lindam door bouncer for my daughter when she was 3 months old; this is the recommended age for this type of product, although it is only suitable if your baby is able to support their own head. My daughter could support her head well at this age, so I was happy to purchase the product. The bouncer is suitable for use until your child can walk, so generally anywhere between 10 to 18 months of age, or they have reached the maximum safe weight of 12kg. The bouncer comes in two parts, the bodice, which is constructed from lemon yellow cotton, with two blue nylon straps sewn onto it, and the hanger, which consists of a yellow plastic clamp, which fits above the door frame, a very thick metal spring, which gives it the bounce and a two inch thick nylon strap with a blue plastic frame on the end. The best and recommended way to use the bouncer is to sit your baby on your lap and secure them into the bodice. The baby is secured into the bodice by a buckle clip and a Velcro belt, which is adjustable to ensure a snug fit on all size babies. Once your baby is in the bodice you attach the two nylon straps onto the hanger, which should already be fitted to the doorway. This is much easier with two people, one to hold baby and one to slide the straps in, but I found that if I needed to do it alone, it was easier to sit on a chair, with baby on knee and slide the straps in. Once the two parts are connected the height can be adjusted by way of a clip on the ...

Boots Prawn Mayonnaise, BLT and Roast Chicken Salad sandwiches 30/06/2004

Now Which One Will You Choose

Boots Prawn Mayonnaise, BLT and Roast Chicken Salad sandwiches I am often found in my local Boots buying sandwiches in my lunch hour. The reason being they are very reasonably priced and tasty. The sandwiches on review here are, Prawn Mayo, BLT and Roast Chicken Salad Let’s start with the Prawn Mayonnaise This can be bought either as a twin pack or a triple pack. The sandwich is presented in malted bread which is always soft and fresh. This is my current favourite sandwich from Boots. It is crammed with fat juicy prawns mixed with a nice amount of mayo. I don’t like so much mayo that’s all you can taste. With this sandwich you can taste both the mayo and the prawns. I usually opt for the triple pack as this is included in their meal deal offer. Now the BLT. Again this is served in malted bread, containing Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. I don’t choose this very often, not because I don’t like it, because I prefer chicken or seafood sandwiches. The bacon in this sandwich is of the smoked, crispy variety, there is a generous serving in each sandwich which is deliciously accompanied by iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes and a helping of mayonnaise. Again the mayo is not overpowering and there is just the right mix of fillings, so that no one ingredient overpowers the other flavours. Finally the Roast Chicken Salad There are two varieties of Roast Chicken Salad on offer at Boots. Regular and Luxury. Now I personally don’t taste the difference. The only difference I can see is that the luxury variety has more salad filling. ...

Winnie the Pooh Sing Me to Sleep Soother 28/06/2004

Lullabee, Lullabee

Winnie the Pooh Sing Me to Sleep Soother This review is of the Fisher Price Winnie the Pooh Sing Me To Sleep soother This product was bought as a gift for my daughter, Evie when she was born, and I have to say it was up there as one of the best. ***What Is It*** It is a multipurpose interactive baby toy. It plays lullabies and has a nightlight, although the two cannot be use exclusively. The toy can be placed in the cot with your baby. The plush Winnie the Pooh is lay with his head on a pillow that contains the night light. Piglet as always is by his side. The toy comes with a remote control so you can stop and start it without disturbing your baby. The toy can also be turned on by gently pressing on the pillow. ***What Does It Do*** It runs through a string of lullaby’s getting quieter with each one, each time the lullaby changes the light dims, until it has gone out for the last tune. The first lullaby is a lovely song, sung by Pooh Bear personally, that goes as follows “Lullabee, Lullabee, Honey Bees in the trees Rest you wings till tomorrow night Lullabee, Lullabee, Little Bees in the tree Your Honey is Safe tonight Just dream to the tune I am singing Time to stop all you’re buzzing and stinging….ouch Lullaby, Lullaby, Honey bees in the trees All I want is a smackeroo…or two……or three Don’t buzz lightly Sleep very tightly Happy Slumber to you” After a week or so of this you will find yourself singing it in your head. All the tunes after this are tunes only (No ...

No-Ad Sun Block Lotion 21/06/2004

Pay Less For Your Protection

No-Ad Sun Block Lotion No-Ad is manufactured by Solar Cosmetic Labs. It is a range of sun tan protection lotions in a wide variety of Sun Protection Factors. The difference with No Ad products and other on the market is that Solar Cosmetics do not advertise, hence the name of the product. Due to the absence of advertising the cost of the sun tan lotions is significantly less than other brands. Solar Cosmetics have been in business since 1960 ***Products Available*** There are 7 sun protection lotions available in different sizes The 5 general lotions are available in the following sizes, 16oz bottles, 8oz bottles and 3oz tubes. The SPF’s available are SPF 4 SPF 8 SPF 15 SPF 30 SPF 45 There are two options specially formulated for children and those with sensitive skin Babies maximum sun block SPF 45, available in 16oz and 8.5oz bottles and 8oz or 3oz tubes Kid’s sun block SPF 30, available in 16oz bottle, or 8oz and 3oz tubes All products are waterproof and provide both UVA and UVB protection ***Availability*** I have only personally seen this for sale in Asda, who stock the entire range of No-Ad sun lotions. If anyone knows of other stockists, I will happily add these to my review; just pop me a note in by guestbook. I recall paying around the £3.00 mark for the product ***The Lotions*** The lotions I have used are the general SPF 8 spray bottle, and the kids SPF 30 lotion. The spray bottle is an easy to use pump action spray and the lotion ...

Boots Tampons 19/06/2004

For That Time In A Lady's Month

Boots Tampons Having been a tampon user for the last 12 years or so I decided to write my opinion of Boots own brand which I have happily been a user of for the last 2 years. Pack Sizes Boots tampons come in two different pack sizes 16 Tampons - £1.41 32 Tampons - £2.47 They can often be found on BOGOF, which is when I tend to stock up. Types Available The tampons come in a 4 different sizes and are available in both applicator and non applicator varieties. Boots do not sell a mixed pack which I think would be a great idea as one type does not suit me for the duration of my period. Mini – These are most suitable for light flow and due to the slim line size are recommended for younger users and for use towards the end of your flow, when the blood loss is lighter. Regular – These are suitable for light to medium flow and I find these are better suited towards the end of my period. Super – These are suitable for a heavier flow. I find these most suitable for the beginning of my period. Super Plus – These are for very heavy flow Packaging The tampons come in a navy blue cardboard box, which is embossed with a lighter blue floral design. On the rear of the pack is a description of the tampons as follows “Boots tampons have been specially designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and discretion” It goes on to claim that they are designed with a rounded tip for gentle and easy insertion, and states that they expand both lengthways and widthways ...

Morrisons Baby Wipes 18/06/2004

Morrison's Unscented Baby Wipes

Morrisons Baby Wipes I have been a very regular user and purchaser of baby wipes since the birth of my little girl, some 18 months ago. Always on the look out for a bargain I recently tried Morrison’s own brand Non Fragranced Wipes. Now I am not averse to paying more for quality, and appreciate that baby wipes are god’s gift to parents, but with premium brands such as Pampers and Huggies charging in the region of 3.50 to 4.00 per pack decided to give these ago. ***The Pack*** The pack I purchased was the non-fragranced version. I chose these because the last pack of shops own perfumed variety I bought were Asda’s and they smelt very strongly of perfume and alcohol. I don’t mind a baby lotion type smell but the Asda ones were awful. The Morrison’s unscented wipes are presented in a powder blue wrapper with a white label on the top of the pack. To open the pack, you simply pull back the label. The packaging is very simple and does not have any fancy illustrations or pictures printed on it. The label basically tells you that the product is 72 Un-Perfumed baby wipes. The pack is re-sealable which stops the wipes from drying out. ***The Contents*** On opening the pack I am greeted by absolutely no fragrance, which is great, as I have found previously those products that claim to be non fragranced or un-scented still seem to have a very strong lotion aroma. The pack states that there are 72 wipes in the pack. I am not going to count them out and will trust Morrison’s on ...
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