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Crest 3D White Strips 23/06/2015

Decent Product In Such An Expensive Market

Crest 3D White Strips Under the assumption that darker pigmented teeth ran in the family, I never had much interested in trying to defy my genetics. It wasn't until my coffee addiction got out of hand that I decided to consider a teeth whitening product. Having become dependent on one or two cups of coffee a day while at university, my teeth took on fairly dark coffee stains. Although brushing regularly with whitening toothpaste, I saw very little change in the colour of my teeth. It wasn't until a trip to California, surrounded by beautiful white teeth, that I decided to explore my options. Although there are a number of approaches available, many are expensive. Besides the classic baking soda trick, Crest Whitening Strips were my second cheapest option. I purchased the vivid white strips and used them over the span of two and half weeks. After four or five days I began to see changes. Once reaching two and a half weeks, I was pleased and decided to hold onto the rest of the strips for later down the road. While using them I found they easily slipped off my teeth. Although the commercials show people walking around comfortably with them on, I was much more stationary to focus on not disturbing them. Sometimes they would hold well to my teeth, other times not so much. For a better hold, ensure your teeth are dry before applying the strips. My teeth did seem to get a little more sensitive while using the strips. I believe they use a peroxide technology so this could have been ...

PhD Nutrition Lean Degree 23/06/2015

Great for weight loss even for male athletes

PhD Nutrition Lean Degree I am a very athletic individual who has had ups and downs with my body weight. Within the last year I put on some weight but had to slim down for some of my more demanding cardio activities, which included marathons. Although I may not be your average user, I found PhD Nutrition Lean Degree to be a great product. The presence of Vitamin B5 and caffeine provided quite the pick me up before morning work outs. Luckily for me, I experienced no caffeine crash from this product and no dizzying rush sensation. In addition I was at the gym at least 5 days a week and suffered no digestive irritation or discomfort from this product. PhD appears to be a very trusted brand and I was happy with the results. I was able to drop my weight and really tone up (~10 pounds in 2 months). The adding of black pepper and cayenne pepper extracts also helped me regulate my perspiration. I went from someone who had to be forced to sweat in a sauna to someone who perspired comfortably during exercise. For the price, this product is well worth it. Of course, I encourage proper nutrition and safe exercise approaches coupled with this product. I usually don't lean heavily on supplements but found this one fit my needs nicely! ** I took the recommended 2 capsules coupled with each work out.

Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum Spray 21/06/2015

Why should the design of the bottle even matter?

Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum Spray I'm a young student in a professional field who was first introduced to Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum in a set with a number of other Calvin Klein fragrances. This was a holiday gift from my girlfriend and I was excited to start exploring the different scents. Of the four different fragrances, this one was my favourite. All of the colognes were very long lasting. The CK Eternity scent was my favourite because of its clean scent, which was quite distinct from the others. I am no expert in the field of scents, but this one was very well received by people at the bars, clubs and throughout the college scene. I chose this scent over Polo Red due to its price and I feel it met my needs. I received a great deal of "you smell good" compliments, which is a wonderful thing when you sometimes put off laundry. Unless you show off your colognes (who does that?)... the appearance of bottle doesn't make much of a difference. The spray works well and help avoid spills/wasting product. I would recommend this cologne to anyone in the university/college scenes as it was really well received. Although I cannot speak directly to this, I'm sure it would be loved within my elder crowd as well!

Camelbak Classic 21/06/2015

Great for running, hiking and biking!

Camelbak Classic The Camelbak Classic is a great product for its price. I recently purchased this item for a trip to California where I took on a number of day hikes and trail runs. Over my travel, I wore it for probably 75 + miles. It secured nicely and doesn't jump around too much while running. The material is light weight and doesn't pull down hard on my shoulders. I was comfortable wearing it for longer distances of >10 miles. It wasn't too bad in terms of breathability. Even in warmer temperatures, my back wasn't overheating because of this pack. I believe Camelbak offers a variety of bladder sizes, I would recommend selecting on that is appropriate for your individual needs. The extra little straps and pocket is really handy for things like keys, little towers, sunscreen, etc. If you want to bring a larger day pack, I just put it overtop on my back. Make sure you keep the bladder out of direct sunlight... the material is easily damaged by UV radiation. Cleaning the bladder can also be inconvenient so I heavily advice only storing water. The addition of Gatorade powder will leave a long lasting taste. ...

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB 21/06/2015

First Smartphone iPhone 5C 8GB Review

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB I recently took the big step from my old fashion flip phone to a smart phone. Why I chose this phone: Already owning a MacBook Air, I felt an iPhone would be much more compatible than other smart phones. I was right! I also knew the iPhone operating system would likely be simple and intuitive like the OS X operating system (for my MacBook). Additionally, the price was reasonable and it had plenty of bells and whistles for my liking. My overall thoughts: The operating system is very user-friendly, although bigger than my flip phone it is not uncomfortably big, I have about 12 hour battery life, the camera is great, the apps available for iPhones are a total plus and the operating speed has far exceeded my needs. The only issue I have is the 8GB space. It would be nice to have more space for photos and apps. Either way, it is nice because I am forced to clean up my phone every couple of months.
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