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Arena of Verona, Verona 17/06/2008

A night at the opera

Arena of Verona, Verona A night at the opera. What a magical place, from the outside it's impressive but as you climb up the warn stone steps and enter bright arena from the relative darkness, (with the bustle of other opera goers) you start to imagine the spectical you are about to see. If your going to see a performance don't forget to hire a red cushion or like most locals take an inflatable one with you, the stone step seats were lovely and warm but hard especially after a couple of hours. If you get chance climb up to the top of the seats and have a look over the edge at the city itself and of course take in the vast size of the arena. The set and performance is another story, you don't even need to like opera that much, give it a try you won't forget it.
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