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28 Days Later (DVD) 11/09/2004

sounds better than 4 weeks later

28 Days Later (DVD) 28 days later is a ground breaking British horror film that I've been meaning to write a review of for a long time, so here I go. Director: Danny Boyle (the beach, millions) Cast: Cillian Murphy (cold Mountain) Naomie Harris (Trauma) Christopher Eccleston (24 hour party people) Cert: 18 Run Time: 1hr 48 min The Film: The story starts when a group of animal testing activists breaking into a research Lab and releasing caged Monkeys without the knowledge that the monkeys have been subjected to watching horrific images of violence and war 24 hours a day which have made them become mad and infected with the 'Rage' virus which can be passed to humans. The core of the film surrounds Jim who is a bike courier and after a accident he was hospitalised and now he has woken from a coma 28 days after the virus was released to find himself in a deserted London hospital with no-one anywhere and outside is just the same so he just walks round a empty London wondering what has happened and reading scraps of newspaper with evacuation information printed, the only inhabitants of London now are rage infected humans that have a zombie like bloodlust. Once bitten by a infected person the victim has about 10 seconds before they go mad and develop the urge to kill. There are a few survives left and Jim joins up with them and they decide to follow a recorded radio message from the army informing survives to head to a save zone near Manchester so they embark on the journey in a ...

V2004 - Weston Park 09/09/2004


V2004 - Weston Park V 2004 at weston park in Staffordshire was my first festival, I do regally go to gigs and I've seen bands like Funeral for a Fiend, Turin Brakes, Ash, The Distillers, New Found Glory and Hundred Reasons live but I've been looking forward to the V festival ever since booking the tickets in April, back then the whole line up was not available but acts like The Strokes, Muse, Snow Patrol and The Thrills on the bill I wanted to make sure I got my weekend with camping ticket which cost £98.50 + booking fee which is a massive amount of money for me and yes it left me with a major budget for a few months. So on Friday the 20th of august - the day after I got my A Level results (which were great and i got into my 1st choice university - Keele) it was time to go, its best to go on the Friday and get your tent set up in a good place even though the bands don't start till midday Saturday its best to get everything done on the Friday. I went with two good friends from college of which one of them drove so i didn't need to worry about travel but there are good transport links if you don't drive, Wolverhampton train station has regular bus services to the V2004 site from the Friday until Monday. I was surprised when we got there at about 3pm because there were no massive traffic jams outside which was good so we just parked in the temporary car park (paid £5 for the liberty) but its worth it because there is good security, lighting and CCTV. The atmosphere when we got there and ...

I, Robot (DVD) 02/09/2004


I, Robot (DVD) The weather over this summer has been far from brilliant but the quality of Hollywood blockbusters on display in our cinemas has given me a alternative to the rain, with massive sequels such as spiderman 2 and shrek 2 hitting big money returns worldwide. summers wouldn't be the same without a movie starring will smith though so when i saw the ad on TV for I, Robot about a month ago it became a film on my list of films i must see this summer along with 'The Bourne Supremacy', 'The Village' and 'The Chronicles of Riddick' so about a week and a half ago i went to see I,Robot and i did not disappoint. Cast: Will Smith (Men in Black, Bad Boys) Bridget Moynahan (The Recruit,) Alan Tudyk ( Dodgeball, ice age) James Cromwell ( The green mile) Director: Alex Proyas ( The crow, Dark city) Running time: 1hr 55min Cert: 12A The Plot: I,Robot is set in the year 2035, a time were robots are used in all areas of everyday life and almost everyone owns a robot who act like personal assistants to there human owners , the design of the robots is based on humans with legs,arms and a head, they are used to perform everyday tasks such as cleaning and walking the dog. Will Smith plays detective del spooner who has a phobia of robots and has kept his house free of modern high tech equipment, he also like wearing 'vintage' 2004 trainers, one of the few new things he owns is his aldi car which looks like its come straight out of the film 'Minority Report'. If you've read any ...

My Personal Top Ten Movies of 2003 02/01/2004

My Top ten films of 2003

My Personal Top Ten Movies of 2003 After the great success of my review of my top 10 favourite films of 2002 I've decided to take some time out from my A level studies and write this, 'my favourite films of 2003'. In 2003 i went to the cinema 29 times to see (in order): Star Trek 10: Nemesis (twice) 8 Mile Catch me if you can Final Destination 2 The Ring Daredevil Equilibrium The Recruit The Core Dreamcatcher X Men 2: X men united (twice) The Matrix Reloaded (twice) 2 Fast 2 Furious Bruce Almighty Daddy Day Care Terminator 3: rise of the machines Spy Kids 3D: game over American Wedding (aka American pie 3) Jeepers Creepers 2 Confidence Bad Boys 2 Kill Bill: Vol 1 Matrix Reloaded IMAX Matrix revolutions S.W.A.T. Freaky Friday 2003 has been a massive year for sequels, about 15 major sequels were released, not all were successful though: American wedding didn't make as much at the American box office as American pie 2, charlies angels 2 was a big disappointment that had a $100m budget and struggled to get past that figure at the box office. other sequels that were disappointing at the box office: Jeepers Creepers 2 made only $35m in USA and £3.5m in the UK Dumb and Dumberer only $26.2m and £1.6m Final Destination 2 - $46.9m and £5.2m The Jungle Book 2 - $47.9m and £8.2m Tomb Raider 2 - $65.6m and £5.2m Shanghai knights - $60.4m and £2.3m There were a few hit sequels: Scary Movie 3 - $108m (not yet released in the UK) Spy Kids 3D - $111m and £11m Bad boys 2 - ...

S.W.A.T. (DVD) 23/12/2003

S.W.A.T. rocks

S.W.A.T. (DVD) i was looking forward to seeing S.W.A.T. (special weapons and tactics) ever since i watched the American trailer July for the august 8th release there but i was amazed to find out that the UK release date was not till December which is very rare in a day where most films are released within a few weeks of each other both sides of the Atlantic or even on the same day (matrix 2+3, LOTR, X men 2 etc) so after a long 4 month wait I finally went to see it 2 weeks ago and i must say it was worth the long wait to see as it was very entertaining and not just on of those action films where the best bits are in the trailer. Director: Clark Johnson (the shield) Cast: Samuel L Jackson (changing lanes, jakie brown) Colin Farrell (the recruit, phone booth) Michelle Rodriguez (resident evil, blue crush) LL Cool J (Deep blue sea, rollerball) Oliver Martinez (Unfaithful) Cert: 12A Run Time: 1hr 57min The Story: The basic plot is that Farrell plays a SWAT member (Tim Street) who has done quite well for himself until him and his partner disobey orders when trying to resolve a bank job with hostages lives at risk, so he gets relived from active duty and goes to work in the armoury, until Sgt ' Hondo' Harrelson (Samuel L Jackson) comes to town looking to make a kick ass SWAT team to combat LA's crime problem. They end up with Farrell, Samuel L, Rodriguez and LL forming the coolest team since will and martin in bad boys 2. Before they are let out onto the mean streets of LA ...

American Pie - The Wedding (Box Set) (DVD) 30/08/2003

Wedding Pie

American Pie - The Wedding (Box Set) (DVD) the third and maybe last American pie film sticks to the winning formula of the first 2 films which themselves were fine examples of what teen comedies should be like. it is hard to make sequels please all fans of the original film because when the first film is brilliant, audiences expect the sequel or sequels to be as good or better (resent good examples of what a sequel should be are the matrix reloaded and terminator 3) but i think American pie pulls it off, yes it lacks some originality show in the first film but they have to try new things or people will say the sequel is a carbon copy of the first. i have the first 2 films on DVD and i recommend them to any fan of the American pie franchise as do i recommend you see this film now at cinemas around the UK. director: Jesse Dylan cast: Jason Biggs (loser, American pie 1 and 2) Alyson Hannigan (buffy, American pie 1 and 2) Seann William Scott (road trip, evolution, bulletproof monk, American pie 1+2) Eugene Levy (down to earth, bringing down the house, American pie 1+2) cert:15 running time: 1 hr 36min the story: American pie 3 follows the story from the first two films, if you haven't seen them already you should see them before seeing this to get full background on the story which is about a group of teenagers (now in there 20's in real life) and the funny things they get up to. American pie 3 is called 'the wedding' because two of the major characters (Jim and michelle) get married and the film ...

Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines (DVD) 26/08/2003

Terminator 3

Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines (DVD) I have been looking forward to terminator 3 to hit the cinemas for a long time, I always knew they would make a 3rd and maybe a 4th terminator movie and even with the loss of James Cameron who directed terminator one and two which are two of the best films from the past quarter of a century, T3 is still a very good film and stays true to the past two films. Now directed by Jonathan Mostow this film is a smooth sit back and leave your brain at home summer action blockbuster which may put people off but hopefully not many because with a budget of $200m the filmmakers will want as many people as possible to see this film. Director: Jonathan Mostow (U-571) Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger (T1, T2, end of days, true lies) Nick Stahl (the thin red line, in the bedroom) Clair Danes (Romeo and Juliet, U Turn, my so-called life (TV) Run time: 1hr 47min Cert: 12A The Story: Basically you should have seen T1 and T2 before seeing this most people have so you will know in T2 they stopped judgment day that was meant to happen in august 1997 but they didn’t, they only delayed it so terminator 3’s story is set on the real judgment day (which is the day the machines rise up against humans and start a massive war) in true terminator fashion the machines in the future send a terminator (the TX) to kill john Conner who is the future leader of the human race against the machines, so the humans in the future send back a terminator (Arnie) to protect john which will be hard because the ...

Total Film 21/08/2003

total film magazine

Total Film I have had a subscription for total film magazine for 3 years now and I keep every issue. At the moment a 12 month 12 issue subscriptions costs £24 which is £2 per copy, a saving of £1.10 on cover price which is £3.10. In the past I have found internet promotions that gave me a 12 month subscription for £14 (£1.16 per issue) but at the moment they are not doing any extra money off promotions, but it is still cheaper now to get a subscription than buy it in the shops plus its delivered to your door each month for free. The magazine is like most film magazines, it has a letters page where people write in to the editor about film related subjects, mostly people start of there letter saying your magazine is the best hoping they might get a prize or a free subscription but it never works (not that I have tried it though). Total film has a contents page at the start like all magazines giving you brief information about each section of the magazine like film reviews, special reports on future films and interviews with film stars. Each month total film has these sections: Rough Cut: movie news This section is about 20 pages long (excluding ads) dedicated to rumours and upcoming films, this months issue September (which was released at the start of august, for some reason the magazines are a month ahead) there are reports on films yet to be released like the league of extraordinary gentlemen, once upon a time in Mexico, starsky and hutch, mindhunters and the new Disney ...

Daredevil (DVD) 26/07/2003

daredevil DVD

Daredevil (DVD) I enjoyed this film when I went to see it at the cinema earlier this year but it didn’t do as well as other superhero films did at the American box office, it only made $102m and other films like Spiderman made $403m and X men 2 has made $215m so far. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad film, it only means there properly wont be a sequel. In my view this film was great and lived up to my expectations because of its great acting and plot, I cant compare it to the comic book because I have never read any of them but from what I have herd it has kept in line with the comic story. Dir: Mark Steven Johnson Cast: Ben affleck (Gigli, the sum of all fears, Pearl Harbor) Jennifer Garner (alias, catch me if you can) Colin Farrell (S.W.A.T. phone booth, the recruit, minority report) Michael Clarke Duncan (planet of the apes, the green mile) Run time: 1hr 40 min Cert: 15 The film: The film starts with the story of Matt Murdocks (daredevil) father who was a great boxer when Matt was not born but now is a drunken man who just watches TV all day and then tells the story of how Matt became blind in a chemical accident. After coming to terms with his blindness they make a promise to each other to work together and for his father to get back training and become a top class boxer again and for his son to live as normal life as he can with his disability which they do and his dad becomes a great boxer again but the good life is short-lived for Matt went he is discovers his father ...

XXX (DVD) 25/04/2003

Vin Is Bond

XXX (DVD) I must say I was looking forward to this film as I am a big fan of Vin Diesel and the story to this film had elements from James Bond and The Fast and the Furious so when it came out in the cinemas last year I had to go and see it even with the bad reviews the press had given it, and me being a fan of this type of film I loved it. Director: Rob Cohen (The fast and the Furious, The Skulls) Cast: Vin Diesel (The Fast and the furious, A man apart, Pitch Black) Samuel L Jackson (S.W.A.T., Shaft, Jackie Brown, Deep blue Sea) Asia Argento (zoo, XXX2) Cert: 12 Time: 1 hr 59 min The story: Vin Diesel plays Xander Cage a man who has a criminal record as long as your arm because of his hobby, a TV show that involves him doing crazy stuff like stealing American senators sports cars and driving them off a massive bridge just for the entertainment of the viewers of his show ‘the Xander Zone’ after reading this you are properly thinking how does he become a secret agent but some how he gets recruited by NSA agent Gibbons (Jackson) to go undercover and find out about a underground terrorist organisation in eastern Europe called ‘Anarchy 99’ which is made up by ex Russian nationals with insane plans to destroy western civilisation. After a few lessons of how to become a secret agent that involved Xander being dumped out of a plane into Columbia in the middle of a drug war, Xander is sent to the Czech Republic to infiltrate Anarchy 99 headed by a man called Yorgi (Marton ...

The Bourne Identity (DVD) 25/04/2003

The Bourne Identity DVD

The Bourne Identity (DVD) I went to see this film at the cinema last summer because it had good reviews in the newspapers and it looked good by the trailer and I was not disappointed at all it was brilliant and well worth the ticket price, so as soon as the dvd came out last month I had to get it. Director: Doug Liman (Go, Swingers) Cast: Matt Damon (Oceans Eleven, Good Will Hunting) Franka Potente (Run Lola Run, Blow) Chris Cooper (American Beauty, Adaptation) Cert: 12 Run Time: 2h 25 min Cost: £14.99 with free p&p from The story: Matt Damon plays a C.I.A. assassin called Jason Bourne who after failing a mission out at see to kill a African war lord ends up near to death in the sea with two bullets in his back and just to make thinks worse when he is found by a fishing boat and wakes up he find he has lost all of his long term memory so he cant remember anything before being found by the boat. When the boat comes back to land in France he goes on a mission to find out who he is, the only thing he has is a laser pen with a bank number displayed on the light which was found under his skin when one of the fishermen was caring for his wounds. He finds out where the bank is and he finds out the number is for a safe deposit box which he finds lots of different passports all with his photo in and lots of money in all different currencies so he knows he is some sort of undercover agent but what he doesn’t know is his former employees are out to kill him. While in Paris he ...

Top 10 Films of the Decade 25/04/2003


Top 10 Films of the Decade Every year we are spending more and more money at the cinema each year, and this year with films like Spiderman (£28.5m) Star Wars episode 2(£37.2m) Austin Powers 3 (£23.2m) Men In Black 2 (£22.0m) Scooby Doo (£21.3m) Minority Report (£20.2m) this year looks like it will be the most successful year ever in the UK and USA. Filmmakers need to have big money makers because lots films lose money, big losers this year in the US include: I Spy (cost $100m to make and advertise, made only $33m at the box office) Ecks Vs Sever ($90m, $14m) K19 the widowmaker ($135m, $35m) Windtalkers ($150m, $40m) Bad Company ($100m, $30m) Herts War ($100, $19m) Most of them films have bombed in the UK as well (I Spy and Ecks Vs Sever have not been released in the UK yet) I have been to the cinema 20 times last year, and four times already in 2003, films I've seen in 2002 are: Black Hawk Down, Training Day, Blade 2, The One, The Time Machine, Minority Report, Spiderman, Bad Company, Men In Black 2, The Sum Of All Fears, Spy Kids 2, The Bourne Identity, Signs (twice), XXX, Harry Potter 2, Die Another Day, Deathwatch, The Santa Clause 2 and finally lord of the rings: The Two Towers (twice, once in this year). So my top 10 films of 2002 are: 10, Black Hawk Down This film is one of the best war films around and well worth watching, the story is based on a real life war and mission in Somalia in 1993, American troops stage a mission to capture the rebel leaders that control part of the ...

Star Trek 10 - Nemesis (DVD) 25/03/2003

Star Trek Nemesis is a brilliant film

Star Trek 10 - Nemesis (DVD) I love star trek, I am a avid viewer of the TV series and my favourite one is Voyager but sadly they have never had a film devoted to them and the TV series has now finished but admiral Janeway (formerly captain of the USS Voyager) does appear in this film in a communication to captain Jean Luc Picard (The caption of the Enterprise E). To date I have seen this film twice and it is amazing, in the Star Trek films they try to appeal to non fans by putting extra storylines but in this on it still manages to keep its usual Star Trek style and it looks amazing on the big screen and is one of the best Star Trek films I have ever seen, my favourite ever is Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home which was made in 1986 is in my view is the best ever. Director: Stewart Baird (US Marshals, Executive Decision) Cast: Patrick Stewart as Caption Jean Luc Picard (X Men, Moby Dick) Jonathan Frakes as commander Riker (directing the upcoming film 'Thunderbirds') Brent Spiner as Data (I am Sam, the master of disguise) Tom Hardy as Shinzon (Black Hawk Down, Band Of Brothers) Cert: 12A (children under 12 have to be accompanied with a adult) Run Time: 1 hr 55 min The story: The film starts in the Romulan home world Romulus where the high command is killed by a mole in the works using a new weapon that kills people on a sub atomic level and the Romulan leadership is taken over by Shinzon and a group the Romulan command that plotted with Shinzon. Meanwhile as this is taking place Riker ...

Cadbury Miniature Heroes 15/01/2003

dig in over christmas

Cadbury Miniature Heroes The odds of getting a box of these this Christmas are very high, even though they have only been around for a few years but with the help of a intense TV advertising campaign remember the ‘people magnet’ commercial, at the same time they were introduced the rival nestle introduced celebrations so there was and still is a market battle, I think miniature heroes have the upper hand at the moment with 25% extra free. The product: Cadburys mini heroes are a selection of chocolate bars scaled down to about 10% of there normal size, each sweet comes in individual wraps with the name of the type of the chocolate bar on the side. These are the selection of chocolates you get in each tube of heroes: Time Out: Go on take a time out, the mini bar contains a mix off lovely chocolate and wafer that gives the chocolate a nice crunch. Dairy Milk: If you don’t know or have never had a dairy milk bar in your live you are in a small minority and are missing out, the chocolate is at its highest quality the taste is brilliant and its called dairy milk because for every pound of chocolate there is one and a half cups of milk. Twirl: basically a twirl is a bar with a chocolate middle that is swirled around like a Cadburys flake that makes the chocolate in my view taste better than just solid chocolate because it cracks away in your mouth and you get to taste the chocolate better. Dream (new) the introduction of dream was a long wished for dream for white ...

Mars Celebrations 14/01/2003

chrismas is a big celebration

Mars Celebrations After writing a op yesterday on Cadburys mini heroes I didn't think I would be writing one on the other brand of Christmas sweets 'celebrations' but last night I got given a big box of them (don't worry they are still three quarters full) and immediately I thought yes I can do a op on these, so I managed to try each type of sweet and hopefully I have remembered this morning because I don't want to open them again because I can stop myself. On first look the packaging in my view is better than mini heroes because the cylinder type transparent box shows you the sweets inside and the lid is better because I stays on better than the mini heroes one. The sweets inside are just like the ones in mini heroes but different types from a different brand than Cadbury, they are scaled down versions of the normal size chocolate bars. The Sweets: Bounty: A few years ago bounty used to be my favourite but I haven't had one for a long time, the bar has a chocolate outside with a nice 'exotic moist coconut' inside, overall this bar is a popular one, the mix of chocolate and coconut make this bar unique and delicious. Mars: to be honest I am not a fan of the normal size mars bar because they are too sickly but in this smaller form they are all right, the bar if you have never tried one consists of a chocolate outside and a rich chewy centre and caramel. Milky Way: this bar is a kids favourite I used to love them. The actual bar is made up of a milk chocolate outside and a light ...
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