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Apple iPod touch MA623ZO/A 8 GB 11/02/2008

Ipod Touch 8 GB

Apple iPod touch MA623ZO/A 8 GB Sound Quality - Great sound quality with a better set of headphones, rahter than the standard ones. Video quality on the screen is superb and pictures are good too. the screen is vibrant and bright. Ease of use - supremely easy to navigate windows, very intuitive and as its all touch screen a breeze to use when on the move. Look and design - Ipod touch is stunning to look at, built well, and the screen on mine has no scratches, so very good. Range of Features - Wifi, video, sound, images, browing the net the list goes on. Very comprehensive software available and more can be bought thru itunes, so good. Value for money - expensive for the small capacity, but i believe this is offset by the inbuilt features, and the fact that it looks so good is worth any extra. ...

Fiat Grande Punto 11/02/2008

Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 dynamic

Fiat Grande Punto Price is good, and can be many thousands of pounds cheaper than a clio, corsa e.t.c. The new punto is also cheap to run, and with long 18.000 mile service intervals servicing is cheaper than some rivals as well. Economy of 40 MPG for my 1.2 petrol aint bad either. Although the engine is underpwered for a car of the size and weight, so needs revving a bit, but at home on the motorway at decent speeds. A slightly more powerful engine would improve economy as there would be more power to shift the bulk of the car, but as it is thats my only complaint about the engine. Safety - Full 5 star NCAP rating with 6 airbags accross the range, so if im driving it i feel safe and secure. Comfort - Very comfortable to be in, with controls mounted on the wheel. Seats could be more supportive, but other than that the fiat is a nice place to be in. Road Handling - Very good, as the chassis is shared with the corsa the car can be chucked about and enjoyed on B roads. The car is also nice and stable at speed on the motorway, and never feels like you are in a small car. Looks - Looks Great, attractive, sharp, aggressive, everything a small italian car should be. Also from the front looks like a mini maserati so its all good on the styling front. Features - My car, in mid spec dynamic trim gets everything, including aircon, 15 inch alloys, remote locking and boot release. + heated mirrors and cd player with an ipod connection. also includes a leather stearin wheel and gearnob, ...

Ford Ka 1.3i  21/04/2007

FORD KA review by Andrew Edmondson

Ford Ka 1.3i  The Ford KA Good Points --------------- -- This little car is a very entertaining one to drive, with great front end grip and very good grip coming from the rear of the car. The car is very entertaining to drive as well, but does also not feel out of its depth on the motorway. When on the motorway plenty of noise is geberated, but keeping a decent speed is not a problem, and the car never feels out of its depth in this area. The car also looks good, if a little "girly", but overall the car is a striking one to look at. The engine is also gutsy and has a good spread of tourque over the mid range, but can get thrashy at high speed. Purchase prices are also low and very competetive owing to the fact that the car has been available for a substantial amount of time, also meaning that there is a large choice of used cars available. The Bad ------------ The build quality of the interior is well below par when considered against modern rivals, but the dash is an attractive, tear drop design with all the controls clearly labelled and easy to use. Service intervals of 12000 miles are also quite small when compared to newer rivals. The car also has a tendancy to go through quite a few pads and disks, but this is all that i had to replace over my few years of owning he car. Fuel economy is also not the greatest due to the engine bieng a much older design, but insurance costs are very low as well. There is also a lack of interior space, but can sit 4 in comfort for fairly ...

BMW 120d 20/04/2007

BMW 120d review by Andrew Edmondson

BMW 120d The BMW one series 2 litre diesel The good ------------- The bmw is a great and entertaining car to drive, as it should be bieng a bmw. Although the ride is a bit firm due to the one series having run flat tyres as standard, its nothing that u cant get used to, The engine is brilliant, it revs freeley and has very minimal turbo lag. The engine is also powerful and very tourqey with 163 bhp and 251p ft of tourqe. Economy is also very good for such a powerful engone with 45 - 50 mpg easily attainable even when the car is drivem hard. The interior also has excellent soft touch plastics used and the car is built to a very good standard. The car is also a brilliant long distance motorway cruiser. Bad ------ Only a few things that really stand out as flaws with the car. The high list price when compared to the VW golf or focus, then the bmw is a lot more, but similar to an Audi or Volvo S40. Also, due to the car being rear wheel drive and having a transmission tunnel to power the rear wheels, the cars limited practicality may be an issue to some people, although 4 can still sit in cofort, other cars in the sector do offer more room. Overall --------- I would recommend this car as it is great to drive, the diesel engine is superb, fuel economy is good and for an entertaining drive, there is nothing better this side of a 3 series.
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