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Wilkinson Sword Intuition 22/07/2007

Not very intuitive

Wilkinson Sword Intuition I received this razor free as part of a product test, and not wanting to waste any time I hopped in the bath the same day to try it out on my unwanted body hair that keeps coming back no matter what I do! In the consumer world it retails at around £5.50 but I'm not convinced I would pay this much for the razor and then the same again for replacement blades once they were needed. The intuition differs from other standard razors in the way that it has a block of soap attached to the head of the razor blade. It looks as though the blade has been inserted into a bar of soap. This is to make shaving easier by not having to apply shaving cream first. It also makes the head of the razor quite bulky in appearance. I will admit to being a bit worried about using this without having the security of shaving foam protecting my legs first. What if the soap wasn't any good and I dry shaved my legs? That would hurt and I would be left with sore legs, never mind the fear of cutting myself. The soap actually lathered up well, but I did notice there was a slightly slimy trail of soap on my legs as I was using the razor. This didn't look very nice but didn't affect the actual shaving process in any way. The shave itself was a very close shave and worked well on my legs compared with my usual razor. I managed to get away without any nicks, but to be honest I don't usually cut myself with the razors that have the bars running down the front as these do. Looking on the soap at ...

McVities Go Ahead Crispy Slices 18/07/2007

Go Ahead and try them

McVities Go Ahead Crispy Slices Finding snacks that aren't full of all the bad things that taste fantastic isn't an easy job. I've bought Go Ahead Crispy slices for my daughter in the past and always looked at them thinking they looked really bland and dry, but not actually tasted them. In my mission now to start eating a bit better after giving birth, I decided to try these slices as I had recently tried the mini version and found them quite tasty. Available in three flavours, these crispy slices come in apple and sultana, orange and sultana, and forest fruit flavour. As a family we all like both the apple and orange ones, but haven't ventured onto the forest fruit yet. They are described on the packet as “apple and sultana filling in a light crispy biscuit” (change the fruit to suit whichever obviously). I would describe them as a thin, dry looking biscuit with a minuscule amount of squashed up filling. Don't let that put you off however. My packet contains five individually wrapped packs containing three biscuits, each one about three inches by one, and about half a centimetre thick. Instead of being packaged in a box, these are in plastic wrap instead. Less waste but not recyclable. Brightly packaged these wrappers are all bright orange regardless of the flavour biscuit you choose, with the green Go Ahead logo emblazoned on the front. There's nothing special about the packaging, but it does stand out on the supermarket shelves so you will have no trouble finding them. Each individual ...

Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispenser 16/07/2007

Perfect for storing milk powder

Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispenser As a new mum, I have found regulations have changed dramatically since I had my other child twelve years ago. Long gone are the days you could prepare bottles in advance and store them in the fridge. This is due to a bacteria that can be found in the powdered milk called Enterobacter sakazakii. Because of this we have been faced with a new set of dilemmas as to how to prepare bottles if we are going out for the day. After browsing on the net for a while I bought a circular dispenser that could store the powder and be added to the bottles when needed. This was a fantastic idea but due to the design of the container, I found myself spilling quite a lot of it when I wanted to add the powder to the bottle. I was recommended to these Tommee Tippee dispensers by a friend when I was explaining my plight of my current dispenser pot. These are available in a pack of three for £1.99. I found mine in Boots but I know they are available in a lot of baby related shops. One thing to mention straight away is that these dispensers are only suitable for Tommee Tippee bottles, and the Closer to Nature variety of bottles to be more specific. I was already using these bottles at home, but I wouldn't suggest going out and buying new bottles just to use these dispensers. Each dispenser is made of clear durable plastic, which consists of three parts. The largest part is the pot which holds the formula milk. It is designed to hold nine ounces which is the maximum you would make a ...

Ben & Jerry's Choc Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream 16/07/2007

Dough! I ate too much

Ben & Jerry's Choc Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream If you hang around Ciao and read the reviews, you'll no doubt know that Ben and Jerry's is half price in Tesco at the moment at £1.89 instead of around the £3.99 mark. This in itself persuaded me to buy a tub of ice cream that i would normally walk past very quickly, as the tubs are so small I can never usually justify the guilt of buying something that wont last me very long. Cookie Dough flavour is basically vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chips and pieces of uncooked dough hidden in-between all that creaminess of the ice cream. The theory behind this flavour according to the B+J website is that apparently Americans like uncooked dough more than they like the cookies after being cooked. It's been made since 1986 and was the first ever cookie dough ice cream! My tub of 500ml looks very tiny and I know it's not going to last me too long in the freezer. The tub, made out of cardboard which upon a little bit of research I found that its made of 90% renewable paper stock coated to stop it leaking. Past experiences have taught me the best way to eat a tub of B+J is to eat it straight from the tub. None of this messing around portioning into bowls. This way you don't realise how much you are eating either! As the tub comes out of the freezer, it's great to put your spoon around the sides of the tub, getting the little bits of melting ice cream as it starts to defrost against the edges. It's also good to give the tub a bit of a squeeze and see the ice cream ...

Oust All Purpose Descaler 09/07/2007

Oust what?

Oust All Purpose Descaler Living in a hard water area and boiling the kettle umpteen times a day to make Abby's bottles, we were starting to notice how bad the lime scale really was in our kettle. There was no way we wanted our daughter taking scaly water through her bottle so when we were in the supermarket at the weekend we looked around for a descaler that would be suitable. The only one available in Morrissons was Oust all purpose. It claims to remove limescale from kettles irons and shower heads. It had to be worth a go at £1.39 and it contains three 25 ml sachets. The instructions were simple enough. The product is supplied in three see through sachets. You are required to open one and place in a pre boiled kettle which has been half filled with water. The solution will fizz and do it's work. After ten minutes it claims to have removed the limescale. We have a stainless steel kettle and sure enough after ten minutes of watching the fizz bubble up in the water doing its magic, the bottom of the kettle was clear of limescale and back to shining instead of crusty looking. My other half was so impressed he kept showing me the bottom of the kettle. The first thing I noticed after the shining steel however was the stench coming from the kettle. I insisted he rinse and boil with fresh water to get rid of any smells. He did insist that he was about to as the instructions stated to boil and discard the water after first use. I found it took three times to boil the kettle before I was ...

Frankie and Bennys 05/07/2007

Frankly it's not bad

Frankie and Bennys Our local Frankie and Benny's is right next to a cinema complex which also holds a lot of restaurants. For this reason, it's not usually our first choice when out as there are more convenient places to eat without having to cross a road. A busy Saturday night insisted we changed our plans as all the restaurants had an hours wait, so we ventured across the road to F+B's. The wait there was only twenty minutes as they were serving the overflow from the complex I would imagine. F+B's is a New York Italian restaurant, serving dishes ranging from American style burgers to pasta dishes (more on this later). Frankie and Benny were school friends and took over the running of Frankie's dad's restaurant in 1953, hence F+B's were born! The restaurant has a bar attached where you can just go for drinks or use this area as a waiting place whilst your table is being prepared. This area can get busy at peak times and you wont necessarily find a place to sit. It is attached to the restaurant however you will probably have to strain to hear your name being called once your table is ready. Drinks at the bar are averagely to high priced compared to other places. Serving the usual lagers, wines, cocktails and soft drinks etc., you can expect to pay around £4.50 for a large glass of certain wines and around £3 for a pint of lager. The whole restaurant is fairly spacious and you don't feel like you are cramped in next to the table next door. A lot of the tables are set up in booths, ...

Muller Vitality Probiotic Yoghurt - Raspberry 02/07/2007

Muller time

Muller Vitality Probiotic Yoghurt - Raspberry I started buying Muller vitality yoghurt drinks when I was pregnant in an effort to get some goodness inside me without having to worry about food staying in my mouth for too long when I felt too nauseous. The love of the little tiny drinks stayed with me and I still enjoy them now. My particular favourite is the raspberry flavour which this review is based on, however they do come in a variety of different flavours from peach through to vanilla with others in between. Priced at around £1.85 for six little pots, they're not the cheapest on the market, and supermarkets do their own versions of these drinking yoghurts for a lot less money. However you can often find Muller ones on offer at two packs for £3 which works out a better deal. As they have a fairly good shelf life you wont be throwing them away if you have twelve pots and drink one a day. Each little pot holds 100g, and is made of durable plastic in a shapely bottle which fits nicely in between two fingers. It's almost like a child sized yoghurt. It has a foil lid that comes off in one go the majority of the time, however if it gets caught you do end up with a bit of yoghurt over your fingers trying to get into the pot. I would suggest giving the pot a quick shake before opening just to ensure there are no watery bits which I hate to find on the top of yoghurts when they have settled for a while. The yoghurt itself is a fairly runny substance and can obviously be drank straight from the pot. It smells very ...

Hearts 25/06/2007

Staying awake with a heart

Hearts Hearts is a game you can find almost anywhere. It's more than likely on your PC as one of the pre installed games you find in applications. It's available on all the free gaming sites online, to be played against other people or computer generated opponents. -Idea of game- The idea of the game is to get rid of your stockpile of cards without gaining any of the heart cards as they mean big points, and this is a game where you try to collect the least amount of points possible. -How to play- The game is played with four players, and the deck of 52 cards is dealt equally between the four. Spend some time quickly sorting your cards into suits at this point. One thing to remember is that each heart card has a point value of one and if you are unlucky enough to have the Queen of spades at the end of the game, this is worth thirteen points. All other cards have no points value whatsoever so it doesn't matter if you receive these during the game. Your cards are sorted (Ace is high). The first round you will choose three cards to pass to the player on the left, second round three cards go to the opposite player, and third round they go to the player on your right. On the fourth round you keep the cards you were dealt. The main idea is to get rid of any high cards, hearts if you have them and obviously the Queen of spades if you have that in your hand to begin with. The player who holds the two of clubs always goes first. This makes clubs the suit of the first round. ... 23/06/2007

Snap those photos up After Abby was born, as you can imagine we have already got hundreds of photos sitting on the pc waiting to be printed. I was directed to Snapfish by the lure of 20 free 6x4 prints as a new customer. Always one for a bargain, I quickly joined up via the usual process of supplying a user name, password, email address and of course the address to send your snaps to. Snapfish are a product of Hewlett Packard, and are originally based in America. There is however a UK base as well. The basic principle of the Snapfish site is an online storage for your photos, which you can then get developed into prints and personalised gifts, at a charge of course. The storage facility of Snapfish is a free service, and you have unlimited storage space to hold your photos, and share them with other people should you wish. It's a good way of letting your family and friends see the pictures you have of loved ones of they live far away, and saves emailing them all the time. I personally haven't and don't intend to use Snapfish for the sole use of storing all my photos. I prefer to store mine on Cd's as all the people we want to see our photos are very close to us anyhow. Should you wish to use the site as a storage facility, you can organise all your photos into different folders, sectioning them off so they are in order to be viewed etc. I think this is a nice idea, as they can so often get muddled on the hard drive if you're not organized enough to sort them into folders when you upload ...

Harvest Moon (Nintendo DS) 20/06/2007

The educational harvest

Harvest Moon (Nintendo DS) I got very excited when i saw my daughter had received harvest Moon for her DS on her birthday. Lately I had seen it advertised more and more on tv and it looked like a game I could easily get lost in. My poor daughter didn't stand a chance as I whisked it away from her after a couple of hours, on the promise that I would have a look at how it worked and help her play the game! The general idea of Harvest Moon is to run your own farm, growing crops, rearing animals and making lost of money in the form of Gold to increase your business. As I said that is the general idea, there is of course a lot more to the game than this. The storyline starts you off with a fairy who casts a spell and makes 101 sprites disappear into different worlds. It's your mission to find all these sprites and bring them back to save the fairy queen. Sounds simple enough right? Well 101 is a lot to find. There are different types of sprites and they do different things to help you out during the game such as harvesting crops for you, watering crops, gathering equipment etc. etc. They can all be found as you do certain things within the game, and I am still learning as I go along with where they may pop up next, but it's nice when you realise you've obviously completed a certain goal as you find another sprite hiding beneath a rock for example. Different aspects of the game can only be completed at certain times for example, there are four different seasons, each of which will last for 30 days. ...

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Microwve Steam and Cold Water Steriliser 18/06/2007

Tippee the water down the sink not on the floor

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Microwve Steam and Cold Water Steriliser I bought the Tommee Tippee microwave and cold water sterilizer purely because it was on offer at £14.99 instead of £19.99 and because it boasted of both the microwavable method and also cold water method of sterilizing. You never know when you would need to go away and not have the microwavable facility to be able to sterilize the bottles etc. I admit to not doing a lot of research about this sterilizer before I bought it, which isn't always a good idea, but I did have a quick look on some parenting forums and quite a few people were talking about buying this particular sterilizer. I also trusted the Tommee Tippee brand as it's well known and has been around for ages. As I was super organised this sterilizer was bought way before I gave birth and it was only when I was nearly due did I get it out of its box and inspect what was what. Included for you money is; the sterilizer, three Tommee Tippee back to nature bottles, tongs, instructions, two cold water sterilizing tablets, a bottle brush to clean the bottles and teats. All in all I was pleased with what my money had got me. I only needed to purchase a few more bottles and I was set up ready for the preparation of all those formula feeds. The sterilizer works by creating steam to rid the bottles of all germs at very high temperatures when using with the microwave option, and by using the chemicals in the tablets if using the cold water option. It would take you 30 mins to sterilize using the cold water method, ...

Diomed 4Head Headache Treatment 15/06/2007

Vic's on my head!

Diomed 4Head Headache Treatment I seem to get every symptom going with my pregnancy. One of those being headaches quite frequently. They seem to sit right on my temples and at the front of my head and just wont shift. Being pregnant, I am limited on medication. However I always try to avoid taking tablets for headaches as I used to get them so rarely anyway and I don't want my body becoming immune to any of the medication due to over use. Someone mentioned 4head to me one day just as I was beginning to get sick of having to lie down in the dark every day to try and shift the pain. With nothing to lose, I scoured the pharmacy shelves for it the next time I was in the supermarket. I had heard it was around a fiver, but I wasn't too worried if it was going to work. I searched and searched and nearly missed it until I asked for help. My 5.65gbp was going to buy me the smallest product I have ever seen! Packaged in a burgundy cardboard box, just over two inches long, I found what looks like an oversized lip balm hiding inside. Designed the same way as a lipstick / lip balm, the clear lid clicks off to reveal a solid shimmering stick with a very pungent aroma, not too dissimilar to breathing aids such as Vicks etc. The aroma I soon discovered is due to the product being made from levomenthol which acts as a natural pain killer by numbing the affected area. The tube is the size of a ten pence piece in diameter and rolls over your forehead smoothly, leaving an invisible layer of I hope soon to be ...

Closer Magazine 25/05/2007

Closer to the celebs

Closer Magazine I’m not someone who has to purchase a magazine as soon as it arrives on the newsagents shelves, whether it’s a weekly or monthly issue. Most of the time this is because I begrudge the cost of half an hours reading more than anything else. Closer is a magazine I have found myself buying on a regular basis over the last six months, and I’ve come to question myself as to why I do pick this up from the shelves each time I spot a new issue out when I have been of the above opinion for so long. I’m not going to go through each article and tell you about it, more give you an idea of the content that is splashed over the pages each week, and then I’ll sum up why I do buy this each week. Basically Closer is a celebrity magazine, so it’s a place to catch up on all the gossip of the stars A-list right down to some of those Z-list wannabies that still insist on doing anything they can to get themselves in the press. A typical issue of Closer will contain the following:- An average of ten news stories containing celebrity stories of the week. This is usually the big stories of the week, for example my issue of 19th - 25th May covered Kylie’s holiday with a married man, and Jade Goodies pregnancy. Recent issues have featured heavily on Kerry McFadden, especially around the time of the birth of her daughter, and Jordan features quite heavily, especially with her impending birth. As I’m not a huge follower of news and don’t follow celebrity lives, this does make good reading, ...

Fish Tycoon (PC) 29/04/2007

Please don't tap the tank and scare the fish

Fish Tycoon (PC) I found Fish Tycoon via the same online game site where I bought Virtual Villagers from. I liked the style of game play enough from the villagers game, I wanted to find another similar game to keep my attention. Fish Tycoon works on a few of the same principles. It's a game that time will continue to pass even when you aren't on the computer. This is something to remember when purchasing a game of this type, as if you are away from your computer for long periods of time, the game will end without you having any control over it. What is the idea of Fish Tycoon? The aim of Fish Tycoon is to buy and sell fish primarily. You need to make money by breeding fish and being able to sell them to potential customers in your shop within the game. Sounds a simple game, but let me tell you it's actually more complex and there's a lot more to the game than first meets the eye. There are apparently over 400 species of fish you have the option to be able to create by breeding different species of fish to create new ones. Fish breeds however range in rarity from being very common to extremely rare and magical. To be able to win the game, you have to find seven magical breeds that will be shown within a trophy room. Starting the game: When you begin the game, you are given 300 iosla bucks, a pot of fish food, some fish eggs and a growth enhancer. All of the above are just to get you started and anything else you need to buy to progress through the game has to be bought ...

Feast Ice Cream 19/04/2007


Feast Ice Cream Many moons ago, I would always opt for a Feast when offered a trip to the ice cream van. There was something about the central piece of chocolate hiding underneath all that ice cream that made me choose Feasts over anything else. Where did they go? Feasts disappeared for ages! Well they did in my part of the country anyway. On ice cream vans were the substitute festivals that really didn't taste anything like a Feast, and really didn't leave me wanting more. Hooray for Walls as they have recently in the last couple of years appeared again like my long lost friend, only this time the chocolate version has returned and left his minty friend lost in some ice cream factory somewhere as I still haven't managed to find him again. A feast to me has that something a little different about it. It's formed by wrapping a solid lump of chocolate around the stick, which is then covered in chocolate ice cream (or mint ice cream if you can find one), and finished off with a thin but crispy coating of solid chocolate sprinkled with biscuit pieces. They always were one of the cheaper options when queuing at the ice cream van and even now they still average out at under a pound, which is reasonable when you consider a lot of ice creams are well over that pound mark these days. Being the budget end of the market, the packaging reflects this slightly with thin wrapping over the stick. Who cares what an ice cream wrapper looks like though lets be honest. All we care about is what ...
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