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Three triathlon done, one more to book... and a new job have kept me away for a while!

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SIS GO 500G Electrolyte Energy Drink 14/11/2017

GO'ing for the Electrolytes

SIS GO 500G Electrolyte Energy Drink In a previous review I said that I use the SIS range of sports nutrition when I'm taking part in triathlon events and training. Most of the time when I take myself out for a run I'll carry a small water bottle not so much because I want a drink but I because I really really hate the feeling of a dry mouth and throat, but when I take myself out on a long bike ride I tend to carry both water and a sports drink. Typically I'll use the SIS Electrolyte range of drinks as I know I like the flavours and they don't upset my stomach. Of course how your body reacts is a very personal thing but I know of only one person who doesn't get on with the SIS range. The SIS Electrolyte drink range are bought as a tub of powder to be mixed with water. I tend to by the 500g tubs as I don't feel that with the frequency I use them the larger 1kg, or 1.6kg tubs are worth while. Just like the gel's previously reviewed they're designed to help an athlete gain a boost in energy to improve performance when tiring. The electrolyte drinks as well as boosting energy are designed to help hydration levels, providing in a 500ml serving 36g of carbohydrates. The nutritional information for the tropical flavour taken from the label of my current tub is 47g carbohydrate (which differs from the website blurb), 187 cals, and a sodium content so small it doesn't feature on the label but should be around 20 mmol/L. Each tub of powder contains a scoop to help measure the quantities accurately, the ...

SIS GO Gel 31/07/2017

SIS helps me to GO.

SIS GO Gel I've mentioned in a couple of reviews that lately I've found myself doing triathlon. Three sports in one "race". Naturally this is a rather tiring endeavour and I found that I need to add energy mid event or I find that the run stage is simply too much like hard work and I wind up walking far more than I ought to be doing. There are a variety of ways to take on nutrition mid race and I've found that I very much prefer the SIS range of isotonic gels, and sports drinks. SIS also known as Science In Sport are a well known manufacturer of approved sports nutrition, all of their products that I've seen have on them a seal proclaiming that they are stringently tested and free of banned substances which for anyone aiming to reach the higher levels of sports competition is vitally important. They have a wide range of gel products but my preferred ones are the SIS Go Gel, there are several flavours available including Orange, Lemon and Lime, Apple, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Blackcurrant and Tropical. Of these I like the Tropical or Orange ones best. Helpfully the gel flavours are matched by the flavours of the Go Isotonic drink powders. So what exactly are they? Isotonic gels are designed to be a quick efficient way to take on the nutrients you need for a burst of energy - these aren't like Red Bull where you're simply adding caffiene but a more nutrition based approach so they are a 60ml single serve pouch of maltodextrin gel. That 60ml of gel contains 22g of carbohydrate, 87 ...

Ibis Docklands Excel, London 23/07/2017

ibis Docklands, it didnt ExCel

Ibis Docklands Excel, London In 2016 my sister got the idea that she should also do triathlon, and jumped in by signing up for the AJ Bell London event, unfortunately she then got sick and had to defer, this year she decided she really wasn't all that interested in endurance sports and asked if I wanted to take her deferred place so it wasn't wasted. This led to my trying to work out the easiest way to get to London's ExCel centre on a Saturday morning with a large quantity of kit and then home again in the afternoon before my body decided it was time to just stop. In the end I decided to travel on the Friday night and find a hotel as London isn't easy to travel around when you have too much kit to put in a backpack and cycle with. My search for a reasonably priced hotel found me the rather surprisingly good value ibis which is located directly next to the ExCel itself, one night room only cost just under £83 for my boyfriend and myself when booked through (the rate included the ability to cancel incase my new job wouldn't give me the day off). Travelling in the evening my boyfriend and I arrived at the hotel at around 10.30pm, there was one staff member in the foyer area and two more in the bar area with a scattered handful of guests visible. The ground floor looked to be clean, tidy and had plenty of seating in the bar area. Check in was quick, handled primarily via a phone, unfortunately despite having prepaid the girl who checked us in claimed there was no record of the payment so ...

E45 Nourish & Restore Body Lotion Lightly Fragranced 20/07/2017

Nourishing my not so mature skin

E45 Nourish & Restore Body Lotion Lightly Fragranced Being a swimmer and training for triathlon I spend more time than is usual looking for places to go for a swim, unfortunately over winter I'm forced in to the chemically enhanced confines of my local Olympic size pool from my preferred open water lake. The downside for me of this is that while the water is lovely and warm it is full of chlorine, and the combination of chlorine and artificial heating - in particular car heating, leaves my legs feeling dry and on the worsts days itchy and uncomfortable. This led to me having a rummage in the box of random toiletries that I rarely use this winter to see if I had a moisturiser to try to combat this irriation, after using up a few sample sizepacks I came across a full size bottle of thie E45 Nourish and Restore, to the best of my memory I was sent it a few years ago as part of a bzzagent campaign. The bottle is a fairly standard plastic bottle with a flip lid to allow the easy dispensing of the product. The label baring the E45 logo is nice and easy to read telling me that the contents are the Norish and Restore body lotion which is enriched for mature skin, and that it's a lightly fragranced but hypoallergenic product. Squeezing a blob of the lotion out on to my hand its a sligtly greasy feeling white lotion with a very slight unidentifiable scent though it's not unpleasant. Applying it to my legs it feels cold and slimy initially but once it's warmed up the small amount I use spreads easily across most of my lower leg leaving ...

Mile High - Series 2 (DVD) 03/04/2017

Crashing from Mile High

Mile High - Series 2 (DVD) After finding the box of DVD's and watching the first series of Mile High over a long weekend at work I decided to reembark with the crew of Fresh and watch the second series soon as I could while at home, unusually my boss decided I needed to take a week off to use up some owed TOIL hours which combined with a fairly ligh schedule at my second job meant I had plenty of time to make a start on this box set too. Returning crew Janis, Marco, Will and Lehann are joined by new to the series crew Jack, Poppy, Charlotte, and Captain Croker. Series one regulars K.C, Jason and Emma do not appear although KC's flit at the end of series 1 is referenced. Again I recommend watching this with the contrast turned down or sunglasses thanks to the bright uniforms and sun drenched sets. Episode one throws us right back in to the action with more of the same antics from our regulars trying to make a fast buck, sleeping their way around the airline (opening on a love triangle between two old characters and a new one), and trying to get themselves out of the trouble they've jumped headlong in to. Jack is apparently long serving Fresh cabin crew who like Will is something of a wheeler dealer and contstantly on the brink of being caught out when one of his scams goes wrong. Poppy his sister decides while on holiday that she's in love with Marco and finds herself joining Fresh as trainee cabin crew by accident alongside Charlotte. The problem for Poppy is she's actually too young to be ...

Germolene Antiseptic Cream 30/03/2017

Germs will Lene from this cream

Germolene Antiseptic Cream I've mentioned elsewhere that I like to do a variety of sporting events, swimming, running and triathlon -though never cycling as a stand alone - and in the course of my varied training I find myself picking up all sorts of small scratches and scrapes, and have found that more often than not the application of some kind of antiseptic helps it to heal up quicker. The one I tend to use is Germolene, its one I remember my mum using on my sister and I as a kid and tends to be among the cheapest at my local shop. I'm sure most of us remember our parents attacking our little hurts with a smelly pink cream which resulted in a sting as it was applied to open cuts. Well thankfully (or not depending on your view of the smell) not much as changed with this product, it's still a pale pink cream with a distinctive scent and can be bought in tubes. I tend to buy the 55g tube but a 30g tube is also available. Germolene is primarily sold as an antiseptic but also acts as a local anasthetic to help stop the area it's applied to hurting. As I said I tend to use it on small scratches and scrapes I've aquired out running - I like off road running which where I live typically means narrow muddy overgrown tracks and footpaths which means when I do get a cut I really need to clean it up and apply antiseptic pretty quickly to stop infection. So far I would say using germolene has been successful in this aim, none of even the deeper cuts have resulted in much more than a few days tenderness ...

Fitbit Zip 22/03/2017

You'll soon be Zipping around with this Fitbit

Fitbit Zip A while ago I reviewed my choice of fitness monitor, which at the time was the Misfit Shine, while I do still wear the Shine I decided a few months ago that it was silly having an app on my phone tracking steps which then linked to other apps where I get rewarded for my steps or other activity so I cashed in some points for gift vouchers and took myself down to a well known electronics store and came home with the FitBit Zip. I picked the Zip as it's not designed to be worn on the wrist meaning I can still wear my Shine and it was the cheapest option in the Fitbit range. It resembles the old fashioned pedometers you might have worn 5-10 years ago and like those clips on to a waist band. Out of the box the Zip is a small squareish plastic blob with a single colour plastic body - mine is black - and a digital screen filling most of one side. There are no buttons so to scroll through the data display options or turn back on the screen ater a period of inactivity you have to tap it firmly. It is powered by a button cell battery, like the Shine it's claimed that a battery will last up to 3 months, so far I've used two batteries in it over a period of 4 months. I wear mine in the Fitbit supplied clip but other accessories are avaialbe. The clip is a pretty basic rubber holder fthe same shape as the Zip with a strong metal clip enclosed in the rubber on the back. Once in the holder the Zip is held securely and so far I've not managed to knock it loose. As with all Fitbits it ...

The Mile High - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 11/03/2017

Mile High in more ways than one.

The Mile High - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) Over the last few years I've moved 5 times so its probably no surprise to find that I've ended up with several boxes of things I simply never get around to unpacking which included a box of DVD's. On renewing the lease for my current home for another year I decided it was time to haul some of those boxes out of the storage space I'd dumped them in and start to either declutter or find homes for the contents. So rather than just unpacking the DVD's I planned to start off watching them to decide if they're worthy of a space on my rather limited shelves. As I'm spending a day and night at work hosting I decided to bring the box set from the top of the stack with me which happened to be this one. Season one of Mile High was shown around 2003/2004. It was broadcast by Sky 1, but made by Starz home entertainment and Anchor Bay. The show follows the lives of the staff working for fictional budget airline Fresh. Much like real life budget airlines around this time most of the flights are from the UK out to Spanish resorts so most of what we see on screen is in and around Spanish hotels, the London airport that Fresh is based out of and the Crew flat - apparently a place with elasticated walls given how many people appear to live there! The first series has 13 episodes of around 45 mins each across 4 discs. After watching the first three episodes I'm reminded that the viewer really ought to be wearing sunglasses! The Fresh cabin crew wear are wonderfully bright blue uniform, with ...

Ikea Glimma Tea Light Candles 05/03/2017

A little Glamma in the Glimma

Ikea Glimma Tea Light Candles I've reviewed before the tealights I use when trying to create a more relaxing friendly atmosphere in my home and have in the past been accused of attempting romantic when I have male guests visiting (I maintain the candles help remove the lingering stench of 'bloke' in my female territory). I picked up these Ikea tealights when I took a drive down to Southampton with a friend with the express purpose of picking up a few small items including these. As is typical for tealights they're packaged in a 5x5 configuration 4 deep, and tightly shrink wrapped to keep them together. The packaging is in common with most Ikea products simple and functional, no excessive printing or patterns on this wrapping. Inside are the very standard looking white wax candles encased in a silver colour metal cup which are designed to sit in to any standard tealight holder. Unlike the previous brand of tealight I used there isn't alot of loose wax pieces and residue in the packaging as happily the tealight cases are well filled and smooth surfaced. Using these for the last few weeks I haven't had the same need to constantly clean the loose wax from the shelf surfaces around where I store and burn candles. Burning these tealights as you would expect there is little to no smoke except with extinguishing them (or when they are left to burn out) and as an unscented tealight they burn with no discernable scent. They again as you might expect give off a yellowish glow (I once had a pack of candles ...

Nanny Ogg's Cookbook - Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs, Tina Hannan 19/04/2016

She's not my Nanny Ogg

Nanny Ogg's Cookbook - Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs, Tina Hannan My attempts to keep fit are often thwarted by my liking for calorific foods and addiction to curling up on the sofa with a book. One of my favourite authors is Sir Terry Pratchett who has since my early teens managed to capture my interest with his books about a flat world carried on the backs of four elephants riding a Turtle through space and its weirdly familar seeming characters and events, and these are a series of books that I consistantly return to reread when I want to know I'm going to enjoy my reading. One of the most popular set of characters who appear in the books are the Witches of the Lancre Coven, Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg being the two more *ahem* senior and the two more junior members Agnes Nitt and Magrat Garlick. Along side the fiction novels Pratchett and his publishers occasionally put out books which have been mentioned in the text of the novels as standalones. Nanny Ogg's Cookbook is one such publication. Nanny Ogg is the grandmother we would all love to have but hate to let our friends meet - she's funny, crude, and likes a pint of Scumble (famously made with ingredients which are mostly apples though no recipe appears in this cookbook for the safety of the home brewer) or two. The cookbook which has made its way on to the shelves of Roundworld readers and cooks encompasses all these things about her. Pratchett is known for his regular use of footnotes, with this book we don't get too many foot notes but there are plenty of sticky notes from the ...

Sony MDR-EX50LP 14/04/2016

Sony Earbuds helping this Fish to run

Sony MDR-EX50LP A problem I found last year when training for my first triathlon was that my old earbuds were starting to become unreliable - some days they worked other days one worked intermitantly other days neither of them wanted to play so whilst shelling out a small fortune on other bits of kit to make the training and then race day more bareable I decided that the cost of a new pair of buds was so small as to not worth complaining about over all (I'm a tight northerner I complain at spending money most of the time - except on wine....). Wanting to stick with a familar brand I went for the Sony option and after not much time exploring the options picked these EX50LP's. They were at the time the mid range option, the cheaper ones looking rather chunky and cheap by comparison and the more expensive versions just seeming like spending money for the sake of it - I might like decent sound quality at home but frankly out running I'm listening more for the sound of the blood rushing through my ears than the music just to check I'm still actually alive and the torture hasn't ended me yet. I seem to recall I ordered these from amazon and paid £10.99 for them with free postage. Out of the packaging my chosen pair have black wires with a red body, yet oddly the three sets of different size buds are all white. After sorting out which set of tips are which - a thing made easier to do as the part you push over the body of the set is colour coded. Of course its possible that people have different ...

Slazenger Silicone Swim Cap 09/04/2016

A Silicone halo for an Angelfish

Slazenger Silicone Swim Cap I swim. Alot. For up to 2 hours a session. I am also blessed with what my friends call mermaid hair, it's long, fine and thick and when left to dry naturally is pretty wavy but blow dries to near poker straight when I have the time to bother. I tell you this because unlike the classical mermaid sat on her rock serenely combing her perfect long hair I'm the merperson in the changing room armed with a pair of wide tooth combs (one invariably gets stuck and I have to use the other to free it) a bottle of conditioner and a very annoyed expression on my face since my "lovely" hair refuses to stay in the french plait I attempt to put it in to when I swim which results in birds nest levels of matting when I haul myself out, and handling long knotted hair with exhausted arms is not anyones idea of fun. So after a few swims I gave up and admitted to myself that I needed to be one of those swimmers who wears a cap and goggles and looks more professional than recreational. Due to the issues with aforementioned long hair I've found in the past that latex caps simply don't cut it, they either split or slide off which is incredible annoying in the middle of a 2km training session to have to pause to pull it back down, or worst of all the hair just slides itself out the back of the cap, leaving me looking like I'm wearing a baggy condom as a hat with a ponytail trailing along behind me. So I've returned to what I recall as a child being the worst thing ever* and silicone hats, which tend ...

Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner 05/04/2016

Mermaids should avoid this Jungle

Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner I bought the Lush Jungle Solid Conditioner when I was looking for handbag friendly items to take travelling with me (travelling to my family apartment in the Canaries often sees me wandering on to a plane in the same way most people approach the bus home from your nearest big city - drunk, tired, and wondering where all the shopping bags came from). I also travel to do swimming events or triathlons and both of these seem to result in my carrying ridiculous quantities of stuff so anything I can do to reduce the size and weight of my bags is a bonus. Lush do a fairly wide range of solid shampoo bars but they were really rather limited for conditioners at the time, but this one was recommended and didn't have too much of a scent to clash with the Seanik shampoo I'd picked out and it was the nice round shape which meant it ought to fit in the Lush product Tins. Checking the website it appears that the shape of the bar has changed - I have an opinion on this but more of that later. I'm very much a wash and escape kind of girl (much to the surprise of friends who are convinced I climb in to a shower and fall down the plug and have to spend half an hour climbing out again unfortunately lots of long hair is time consuming to wash condition and rinse clean) so I tend to pick conditioners which don't need to be left on the hair - every couple of months I faff around with a leave in conditioning mask and it drives me nuts - and I feel that this is where Jungle and I simply don't get ...

Lift Peach Tea Granules 04/04/2016

Lifting Peaches to make my Tea

Lift Peach Tea Granules I've previously reviewed other flavours of instant tea made my Lift, but had never found the Peach flavour in any of my local stores but I stumbled across it in a branch of Morrisons whilst I was there to do another job. Since Ciao added the photo they've changed the packaging it is now contained in a smaller plastic jar not the glass pictured. The labelling is pretty similar, thought it is now shrink wrapped around the entire exterior of the jar. Although the jar is physically smaller than the jar which my lemon tea is contained in this is actually almost double the weight this seems to be down to the Peach grandules being a denser product than the powder that the Lemon and Apple varieties are made from as each container claims to contain 20 servings. Opening the lid and peeling off the foil there is a strong scent of peach, and the granules are very peach coloured which looks much nicer than the lemon and apple versions which are an uninspiring brownish powder. I've found in the past that these work better when made as a hot tea and cooled in a jug if I want cold or iced tea so given the cold weather I boiled up the kettle and have only tried it as a hot drink so far. The instructions say to use 2 teaspoons per mug, curiously when removing the granules you can suddenly see the brown tea powder at the edges of the spoon where the heavier sugar and peach granules have fallen away. I prefer as a result to give the container a good shake to make sure that the grandules and ...

Tesco Tealights 23/03/2016

This little TeaLight of mine.

Tesco Tealights Having recently moved house one of the things that made my half unpacked, half furnished (if you ignore the flatpack stuff still lying around the floor) living room feel a little more homely when I first moved was burning a few tealights on the few stable surfaces I had constructed. These tealights were picked up when my previous pack of tealights ran out. They are a very clean white colour, and burn with no smoke or discernable scent handy for unscented tealights and very little smell of burning as they burn themselves out. The pack claims that they will burn for about 3.5 hours which seems to be about accurate, in a small glass tealight holder I think they typically last 3 to 3.5 hours but they can last closer to 4 hours when I put them in to a lantern style tealight holder. The packaging is the very typical 5x5x4 stacks of tealights wrapped in plastic, easy to store and easy to get at the tealights. Lighting the tealights is easy enough as the wicks are a good length but not too long, although a few of my pack have had wicks which have been almost buried in the surface of the wax which have required picking out - easier to do when you have finger nails! Each tealight seems to burn away leaving a little wax in the corners of the metal holder, and you have to be careful handling the empty holders when they're still hot for obvious reasons. My only real bug bear with these tealights is that they seem to have alot of loose pices of wax on the surface of the tealight, ...
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