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Debra Stephenson - The Busy Life Workout (DVD) 24/08/2008

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

Debra Stephenson - The Busy Life Workout (DVD) Hands up who wants to lose weight get into shape but feels they don't have time to. Be honest as I am putting my hand up as well. A majority of people feel that between work, kids and other commitments they are too tired or just don't have time to fit in exercise. Well I have been proved wrong by this work out DVD. It is a step by step guide of warm ups and different exercises that can either be done in one complete work out or different sections whether it is arms, legs or bums. This workout DVD allows me to complete a section before work in the morning. I find it great for getting my metabolism started in the morning to set me up for the day. I get this rush of energy, which makes me feel more awake and alert. Believe me normally I am not good in the morning apparently zombie springs to mind. I can the complete the rest of the DVD when I get home in the evening as part of my evening workout. This normally consists of these exercises, my step machine and toning machine. One of the great things about following a DVD exercise is that you can skip to sections or go straight to one part unlike with the old video ones that I had to take forever rewinding etc. ***** The DVD **** Debra Stephenson who used to play Frankie Baldwin in Coronation Street fronts the DVD. She works alongside a fitness instructor to bring you the exercises with all the tips and guidance required. What I like about the DVD is that they talk you through all the steps, telling you what muscles it ...

Garnier Bodytonic Firming Lotion 12/07/2008

Zest away the orange peel

Garnier Bodytonic Firming Lotion Its summer, you have just got yourself tanned and ready to it the beach in your bikini. Before leaving you check yourself over in the mirror and you are horrified with what is facing you. Not that smooth toned skin you always thought you had on you bum and legs but lumpy bumpy skin across wobbly bits of your once toned body. You instantly go into a panic not knowing what to do. Where did this evil stuff appear from and how are you going to get rid of it. Surgery is one example but who can afford in the real world to have the fat cells sucked out of you and your skin to be stretched smooth again. Not me that is for sure, I want something that I know will work to help me but is also in a reasonable price range. I don't see the point in paying really expensive for a supposedly magic cure that I will probably get bored of using after a week or two. Therefore the likes of Roc cellulite products have never appealed to me. I first started looking for a cure to cellulite or what some people call orange peel. Where they get this from baffles me. Yes ok orange rind does have dimply bumps on it bit the colour. I certainly haven't noticed my skin turning that colour. As I was saying I first started looking for a product that would help me about 4 years ago. I had started to notice that me skin was a bit lumpy around my bum and thigh area. I had started to put a couple of extra pounds on and my body had lost a lot of its toned muscles. Apparently I was in a comfort zone of contentment ...

Ghost Sweetheart 23/06/2008

Im just a sweetie

Ghost Sweetheart I have always been a great fan of the Ghost fragrance range. So I was delighted to hear that they had brought out a new fragrance called Ghost Sweetheart. I was hoping that I would be won over by the aroma of the fragrance like I had been with most of the other ones. I have already gone through several bottles of original Ghost, which is a firm favourite of mine. I also have Ghost Deep Night and Anticipation although I have never been a big fan of Cherish and Serenity. So I popped into my local Superdrug to sample the delights of the new fragrance. As soon as I walked into the fragrance department it was facing me in a big display. I immediately picked up the tester bottle and sprayed it on my wrist. I left it for a second for the alcohol to wear off and was extremely pleased with the scent. I decided yes this had to be the latest addition to my ever-growing perfume collection. It is a light fragrance, which is a great daytime fragrance but would not be out of place in the evening. It is being advertised as a modern oriental fragrance that touches the spirit of today's young romantic woman. It is a fresh fragrance with notes of sweet lemon, pineapple and spearmint combined with a haze of white flowers and a sensual woody base to create a fragrance, which is feminine, sensual and enchanting. ***** Scents of a fragrance ***** To understand how a fragrance is broken down into the different scents you need to be aware of the fragrance pyramid. This illustrates how ...

Sainsbury's Premium Chocolate and Cream Biscuits 14/06/2008

yummy choccies and creams

Sainsbury's Premium Chocolate and Cream Biscuits I can't believe I am writing a review on biscuits when I am on a diet, especially chocolate ones. No, I haven't given in to temptation and let my diet fall along the waste side. I sampled these biscuits a short while back and even though I must be good I still have the memories and my taste buds still know what they taste like. ***** First experience***** The first time I tasted these biscuits I have to admit that I didn't buy them. No before I hear cries of what has she done I didn't go down to Sainsburys and help myself. It was in work when a former colleague of mine was leaving. She kindly left us a packet of these in the staff room for us. At the time yes I was trying to be healthy but I didn't want to be rude so I sampled on. I peered into the gap that had been made in the packaging and picked out a jammy dodger. Yummy I thought these are one of my favourite. I am quite strange eating these as I try to pick of all the shortcake biscuit of first leaving me with the sweet jammy centre till last. After eating the biscuit I was going to leave the rest of them alone. Then I thought hang on I can guarantee that when I return there wont be a single one left. So I delved back in and came out with one wrapped in a gold foil wrapper. Interesting, I thought this one should be a surprise, as you don't know until you unwrap it. I kept this one till later in the afternoon when I was pleasantly surprised with a chocolate covered orange biscuit. ****** Second ...

Superdrug (Shop) 06/06/2008

Super Duper Superdrug

Superdrug (Shop) I have always been a great fan of Superdrug. For many years I have bought the majority of my beauty products from my local store with no complaints. So I was very surprised to see that there have been quite a few bad reviews for the store. Some of these were a couple of years ago so the writers' opinions may have changed or their local store may have made improvements. Anyway I am here to put the record straight and tell you about my local superdrug and how it has served all my beauty requirements. *******About my local Superdrug******** My local store is in Swansea and can be located in the Quadrant shopping centre in the centre of the city. In comparism to other Superdrug stores in the area this one is very big. It comprises of the main section of the shop, a fragrance counter and a pharmacy. So really it is a bit like Boots but on a smaller scale with lower prices. It is the second largest store in Wales after the one in Cardiff which is probably about twice the size. Being next to the bus station this shop is highly convenient if you have loads of shopping to but or whether you are just running in to grab a bottle of pop before running for the bus. ******What can you buy?********* You can buy almost everything you need in the health and beauty sector. There aren't many items that they don't stock and if they don't have what you want there normally is a good alternative there as an option. I have always found the staff helpful in pointing out similarities or ...

Dove Fresh Touch Body Wash 04/06/2008

Touch my fresh body

Dove Fresh Touch Body Wash With over a million Dove products being sold every week throughout 2007 the Dove range is seen by most of the public as one that can be trusted. Through my experiences with the Dove range I agree with this and can see why it is a firm favourite with consumers. It was originally launched in US in 1950s with UK having to wait until 1990s to experience its formula. We first experienced the bath and skin care products with the deodorants and hair care range to shortly follow. The main feature of Dove is that all its products contain ¼ moisturiser to keep skin soft and from drying out. This I could tell is true from my experiences and made the product different from the many offers I have sampled. My skin doesn't react very well to soap. When used it leaves my skin feeling very dry and tight, which is not a pleasant feeling. I want to feel fresh and ready to go after washing and normal soap just doesn't do that for me. So I have to depend on facial wash and body wash/ shower gel to keep me clean and fresh. Dove fresh touch body wash is great at doing just that. *** What is Dove Fresh Touch body wash ***** Dove fresh touch is a body wash that replaces Dove refreshing body wash. It contains a combination of refreshing cucumber extract and skin calming green tea. The properties of these ingredients will be discussed further in the review. As a body wash it can be used all over the body was general washing purposes. It is just like a shower gel really and can be used ...

Diet Coke 21/05/2008

Time for Diet Coke break

Diet Coke I have always been a fan of diet soft drinks. As a child my mother would never give me or my sister any pop that had sugar in it. You would never find a bottle of sugar loaded pop in the fridge at my house. The only time I ever remember drinking pop that had sugar in it would have been at my Nanna's house and then my mother wouldnt have been too pleased. Anyway I grew up on diet pop and still to this day it is the only pop I drink. With the exception that now on a few occassions it will be mixed with a vodka instead. Well its a good combination in moderation. It never bothered me drinking diet coke or other diet soft drinks while all my friends at school would be drinking what they called normal pop. I knew that what they were drinking would rot their teeth but you still got bullied for it as to them it was wrong. A little history lesson: Diet coke was first inroduced in United States in 1982. There a gala reception at Radio City Music Hall in New York City was held to celebrate its arrival. After the success Coca- Cola company had with Coca Cola they must have known they were on to a good idea here. In 1983 a caffeine version was introduced. This was during the time when people were believing that caffeine was bad for you and everyone should eliminate it or the very least cut down. This version is still available in some places such as large supermarkets but it wont be found in smaller shops. It isnt the most popular one in the range. However Diet Coke at that ... 14/05/2008

cherries, cards and bingo balls As you can gather from the website title this is an gamling website. I have never joined a gambling website before and have no intention of doing so in the future. This isnt really my cup of tea but with the amount of similar website appearing it obviously is to many others. I myself personally have only done the weekly lottery and the occasional scratchcard. ( real dangerous stuff). I have never gambled online, visited a casino or played bingo. I just couldnt understand why people would want to gamble their hard earned cash or for those really addicted to gamling their homes. With more of these websites appearing and casinos being opened is society accepting gambling as part of the norm life in Britain and if so what diasters will that bring with it. Anyway enough about me babbling on about the rights and wrongs of gambling. Lets just accept that it is the choice of the individual and I shall tell you about my findings on the website. The site itself is very easy to navigate and is very colourful. The information acquired is that availble from the non member access. I was to scared to join the site but all the main details are available anyway. The main page is purple with a banner along the top with cherries, cards and bingo balls on. This sets the theme for the website. Along the lefthand column shows the players online with the various different games. These games include bingo, video poker, 3 reel and 5 reel slots and quick games. The middle of the page is a ...

Weight Watchers Thick & Creamy Dessert Recipe Yogurt 08/05/2008

Who said dieting cant be sweet

Weight Watchers Thick & Creamy Dessert Recipe Yogurt I have always been a fan of healthy eating and trying the latest low fat product that becomes available on the market. My fiance just finds it annoying as he believes it is just an excuse for companies to increase the price of products and they never taste any better than normal versions of the same product. In his opinion they normally taste worse than what he would call a normal version. However being stubborn I never give up trying and yoghurts are one of my favourite low fat products to tickle my taste buds. So when I was in Morrisons one day and found a 4 pack of Weight Watchers Dessert yoghurts on a buy one get one free promotions I couldnt resist. 8 tantalising low fat low calorie yoghurts for only £1.49. Normally I would find that expensive for a pack of yoghurts but the promotion made them excellent value for money and the flavours of the yoghurt were mouth watering. The pack contained lemon cheesecake, strawberry tart, toffee apple and raspberry tart. So off I went to the check out to make my purchase believing that I would have all these desserts to myself. Wasnt I wrong with that thought. As previously stated my fiance is not a fan of low fat low cal foods. Not to say that he is an unhealthy eating or anything but when it comes to milk and yoghurts he will make a dash for the full fat range. If we go shopping together I normally pick up the low fat fruit yoghurts while he will pick up the thick, creamy yoghurts that are loaded with calories. When I have ...

Renault Clio GT 1.5 dCi 106 04/03/2005

baby you can drive my car

Renault Clio GT 1.5 dCi 106 This is not an invitation for everyone to come and test drive my car! I was very lucky 6 months ago to buy a Renault Clio 1.5 dci. My partner and I had been looking around for a new car for a while, as our current one at the time had been starting to have problems. With the thought of putting it through an MOT forced £££ signs to flash in front of our eyes, dreading the idea of paying out more than what the car was worth. Then a friend of mine said she was considering selling her car which was only 3 years old. The immediate thought was we would not be able to afford a car like that as it is still new. However she is very lucky as her daddy works for a Renault showroom, he had the car cheaper to begin with and was going to buy her a new car. We bought the car for £4500 , with the real price being £7000-£8000 at least. The car is blue and a 5 door car, which is much better than a 3 door. It saves messing about with seats in order to get in the back, even though it is rarely used. Except for the other half who does sometimes think it is a dumping ground, much to my annoyance. The car included alloys, cd player with a control stick on the side of the steering wheel. I thought this was a great little gadget. It means I can increase or decrease the volume of the music without having to take my eyes off the road or struggle in any way. Which takes away the danger you sometimes see with other drivers as they are changing the radio on the actual radio control itself. If you ...

Has modern music become too commercialised? 14/02/2003

sex sells

Has modern music become too commercialised? No matter where you go, there is no escaping music. We hear it on tv, radio, in shops, pubs eveywhere. Before music seemed to be based on the pure love for making a great song, that will give others who listen pleasure. That would range from pop music to ballads, classical, country or rock. Now on top of those we have R n B, garage, hip hop, dance, trance and more besides. Many would say that having more of a choice that would be a good thing for the consumer. However, the artists seem to put more effort into their image than the song itself. In recent months there has been the scandal over the way the likes of eminem and Ozzy Osbourne are corrupting childrens mind. With their songs full of swearing, violence and promotion of drugs.One cant go into a record shop now without seeing parental guidance stickers on the cds. When questioned about this the artist replies that they are trying to make them see the wrong in doing what they did. If that is so, then why is there so much bad language leaving youngsters mouths. The other day I was on the bus and there was a group of girls sitting at the back. All you could hear from them was f this and various other swear words. Sadly the scandal that arises from acts like these is that if a child is told something is wrong they will want to do it more. Hence why those artists make more money out of being bad in the public eye. Another area of music that has caused controversy is gangster music like garage and hip hop. This has been ...

Asda Get Fruity Shower Gel 05/02/2003

rub those berries over my body

Asda Get Fruity Shower Gel Normally I get all my beauty products from Superdrug. Especially my shower gel as I have a passion for their mango and orange one. However one day when I was rushing around town I completely forgot that I was running out of it. Not having enough time to go back to get it, I decided I would have to look for an alternative when I went to Asda later that day. So while I was putting items in my trolley I venture down the bath aisle. Looking for a similar scent I reached out for Asda get fruity peach and mango. I said to myself that must smell the same. As I was about to put it in my trolley, out of the corner of my eye a purple bottle looked at me. Raspberry scent I said to myself as I put the other bottle back. It is not the most common scent. I have only seen it in a facemask before. So I took the lid off a let the raspberry aroma flow up to my nose. It won me over immediately and I couldn’t wait to get home to try it. When I got home, I jumped in the shower straight away and pulled the lid off the bottle. The bottle is clear plastic, which is lit up by the vibrant colour of the shower gel. It is accompanied by a black hook lid, which makes it a versatile bottle. You can either stand it up straight on the shelf or you can hook it up. This was something I have never really paid much attention to before. Until this week when I heard a woman complaining that the lids had changed on some shower gel bottles, meaning she could no longer hang them up. So this design should keep ...

Triton Fire & Security Electronic Surveillance Camera 15/03/2002


Triton Fire & Security Electronic Surveillance Camera Long gone are the days when we could leave the front door open anytime of the day, without worrying about our possessions being taken. Now the first things we check before going out are that all the doors and windows have been locked. That is fine for reducing the chance of having the house broken into but what about the outside of your house. When we are tucked up in bed anything could be happening to our cars. Locks and alarms can work for keeping them out of the car but it doesn’t stop them from damaging the car. That is why my boyfriend decided to install one of these cameras. There had been some damage done to the car one night and he wanted to keep an eye on what was going on out there. Also find out who was doing it, as other cars had experienced the same thing. Some people would say that having a surveillance operation going is a bit extreme. No, we haven’t been watching too much big brother. There is no secret plan to watch the comings and goings of the neighbours. It is a small discrete camera, so it doesn’t take up half of your house wall. It is 36mm by 42mm, so will hardly be noticed. It is a little black curved box with a camera lens in the middle. The camera can move around on the bracket it is connected to, so you can position it at different angles. The view it can take is very wide so you don’t have to focus it in on one small area. The picture it produces is crystal clear, all in colour and with sound aswell. There is a wire of a couple of metres ...

Dove Shampoo 03/03/2002

At peace with my hair

Dove Shampoo I like to try most products when the come out. Especially if they are hair care products.My hair is very long, down past my backside actually so it takes alot to keep it in tip top condition. I find it essential to alternate your shampoos from time to time, so your hair doesnt get too used to one brand. If that happens then it will not work as well, which isnt what you want. So normally I will wash my hair about 3 times a week and have a good intense conditioning once a week. The only problem I had been finding lately was that the one conditioning wasnt keeping my hair going all week. Usually I was using Aussie deep conditioner, which makes you hair feel great but as it is so intense you dont want to use it all the time. So I needed something to work a miracle on my hair for the reest of the time. I had tried using other conditioners but they didnt have much of a lasting effect on my hair. Then I saw that Dove had brought out a shampoo. We all know that Dove is famous for its soap with 1/4 moisturiser. They have gone into all areas now, including body wash, deodorants, cleansing wipes and conditioner to name a few.I receieved a free sample of this shampoo in a magazine, so gave it a try. Lets just say, on my next shopping trip there was a bottle of this product going home with me. It comes in a white bottle with a dark blue flip top cap. The gold dove is on the outside and is pretty much the same as the other products in the range. I bought the greasy to normal one ...

SO Kiss Me Body Spray 12/02/2002

pucker up for a citrus burst

SO Kiss Me Body Spray This is a combined opinion for both So…? Kiss me perfume and the body spray. Being the same fragrance with only the container being different it would be repetitive to write two separate opinions. The perfume comes in a 20ml bottle. It is a glass cube with a dark pink, almost red in colour dome shaped top. The body spray is stored in a normal shaped spray can. It is white with two lipstick kisses on the can and a pink lid. It is 75ml. So with the description out of the way we can get onto the exciting stuff. This is the newest of the So range. Other fragrances in the range are So, So wild and now So kiss me. As I have always been a fan of the other scents I immediately tried this when it came out on the market. With a title called So kiss me I think this scent is supposed to make you irresistible to your bloke and have him all over you like a rash. Well I know my bloke liked it but I wouldn’t go that far. Having the fragrance in both styles it is great to wear all the time. I use this as a body spray everyday, as it is suitable for both day and nightwear. As I don’t wear perfume all the time but love the scent it is great. Especially in the morning, body spray is part of my morning ritual but perfume is always forgotten when I am in a rush. The perfume, when remembered is slightly stronger than the body spray. Obviously that is because the body spray is a toned down version of the perfume that has been weakened to allow you to use more. The scent is a mixture of ...
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