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Sagem My X-5 Mobile Handset 08/05/2003


Sagem My X-5 Mobile Handset With its new model dubbed the “my X-5D,” Sagem seems to have stepped in the right direction (in my book at least) because the phone sports a decent design and does well to prove that colour screens are here to stay. Yes, the phone comes with a pretty smooth 256-colour screen, which sports a resolution of 101 x 80 pixels and can display up to eight lines of text (just like the Sony Ericsson T68i). The Sagem my X-5D closely resembles the dimensions of a Nokia 8000 series phone and comes with user-changeable front covers in what seems to be another nod to the Finnish phone giant. Its shape and size will ensure a perfect fit for most average-sized palms. What’s inside In terms of features, the my X-5D is none too shabby as it is supports GPRS, WAP and the new Enhanced Messaging (EMS) system. Enhanced messaging is basically one step above SMS and users have the option of spicing up their text messages with melodies, animations and pictures. However the catch is the recipient’s phone has to support EMS as well for this feature to matter. What’s important for text messaging junkies though is that the SMS system on the phone works fairly well and there is a requisite T9 dictionary to make things easier. In terms of memory, the phone has space for 100 messages but there are some missing features that I’ve grown accustomed to like the ability to add words to the dictionary and to send a message to more than one person at once. The phone was a bit slow to ...

Roaccutane 12/04/2003

UPDATE - Acne, Pimples, Spots..They are annoying

Roaccutane Hands up who want acne? Pimples? Spots? (I'll be damn if I can see any) Many solutions for acne problem and the most strong medicine and is said to have 85% chance for the problem to be treated even after you stop taking it- Roaccutane. It is also known as oral isotretinoin. Let me tell you the basic things about Roaccutane first before telling you my experience --------------- --------------- -------------- What is Roaccutane and what it is used for? --------------- --------------- -------------- It is one of a gropu of medicines known as retinoids, which are used to treat many skin problems. They are derived from vitamin A and retinoids can be found in very low levels in man. It is used to treat acne, especially in patients whose acne has not responded to other treatments. --------------- -- Any side effects? --------------- -- Of course, yes (tell me which medicine doesnt has any!) The possible side effects that you could experience is : - dryness - eye irritation - muscle aches and pains - hair changes - mood changes From my own research, I havent come-across any statement that said Roaccutane has long-term side effect and that is what my doctor told me. ------- WARNING ------- - You should not use Roaccutane if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant (because it could damage unborn baby) - If you have liver or kidney desease - If you are breast-feeding - If you are currently taking certain antibiotics called tetracyclines - ...

Toshiba Pocket PC E310 28/02/2003


Toshiba Pocket PC E310 Palm’s days as the king of tiny handhelds are numbered with the introduction of the Toshiba e310 Pocket PC. Toshiba, though not that well known in this part of the world as a PDA maker (its Pocket PC models were not brought in till now), has actually been fairly innovative in its handheld designs – for example, Toshiba was the first to integrate both a CompactFlash AND Secure Digital (SD) slot in its Pocket PCs; the first to introduce an XScale processor handheld; and the first to offer a 4in LCD screen in a Pocket PC (the largest right now is 3.8in). Now, the company has taken the crown for the thinnest Pocket PC around. The e310 is amazingly thin – in fact, it’s about as thin as a Palm m515, but about half an inch longer. If you think that’s not something, chew on this – the e310 has a 240 x 320 pixel screen and all the bells and whistles required of a Pocket PC, including the audio recorder, the speaker and all the multimedia capabilities. Even though this machine is designed to be small, Toshiba hasn’t forgotten about expansion and has included an SD expansion slot. In fact, the e310’s slot is a cut above the rest in terms of SD support because the e310’s SD slot also supports the SDIO standard, which means that the machine will accept SD expansion cards other than merely memory. With the correct drivers installed, the e310’s slot can accept Bluetooth cards and other peripherals. --------------- ---- It’s got the looks --------------- ---- The other ...

Nokia 8250 28/01/2003


Nokia 8250 Back in my country (somewhere in Asia) mobile phone is like more a trend rather than the way of communication. When Nokia 8250 hit the market, the highlight of this mobile phone is the BLUE light. People went crazy about the BLUE light stuff. For those who could not afford to buy 8250, they change the light of their older Nokia model to BLUE. What an attraction! I manage to borrow brand new 8250 from my father and do some study and 'experiment' with it. (I am a very curious person and fans of blue colour) At first glance, the Nokia 8250 looks like a toy, heck, it even weighs like a toy. At 81g, it’s even lighter than two bars of Snickers. Since there is no antenna sticking out of the phone, you don’t have to worry that the Nokia 8250 might poke you when you sit down. Quite some time ago, when Nokia introduced its antenna-less mobile phone, the Nokia 3210, many were worried that the reception would be poor. That was proven untrue. The antenna-less Nokia 8250 also has excellent reception, and during my short tenure with the phone I didn’t experience any dropped calls. The highlight of the 8250 must be its blue screen that is bound to attract attention, what with the majority of phones sporting a green backlight. Although I imagined that the blue light would be easier on my eyes, it is in fact a little glaring especially at night and is quite painful to my eyes at times. It is so bright, I had even used it locate coins that I accidentally dropped in my ...

Apple iPod M8513B/B 5 GB 1st Generation 19/01/2003


Apple iPod M8513B/B 5 GB 1st Generation TRUST the folks at Apple to think differently, this time coming up with their own MP3 player, called the iPod. Of course, MP3 players have been around for years, but this is an MP3 player like no other. For starters, it is only the size of a deck of cards, yet it contains a 5GB hard disk, which means you can store up to 1,000 songs in it. That equals about 77 CDs worth of music, assuming that each CD has 13 songs on it. The iPod only measures 6.17 x 10.21 x 1.9 cm and weighs 184.3 grams. On top of that, it looks absolutely cool and well-designed; the iPod drew lots of attention during our testing period. Easy to use Apple has always been known for its user interfaces, and the company doesn’t disappoint with the iPod. The iPod sports a 1.5 x 1.5in screen with very crisp text, and a bright backlight in case you need to use it in the dark. Long-time Mac users will recognise the Chicago font used on the iPod screen; Chicago was the default Mac OS font for many years. The iPod’s buttons consist of a rotating jog wheel and a button in the middle. The button is used to make selections, while the jog wheel is used for menu navigation. The jog wheel also has four buttons within it that control volume, track selection, fast forward/rewind, backlight and sleep modes. While the iPod controls are different from other MP3 players, I quickly got used to them, and it became apparent they were designed for one-handed use. Apple’s iTunes 2 music program is used ...

Nesquik Milk Shake Mix 15/01/2003


Nesquik Milk Shake Mix OO LA LA! i just love milkshake! so far, i think nesquik milkshake mix is the best milkshake in the market for the time being. It has 3 flavours : a)Banana b)Strawberry c)Chocolate People said they like Banana and strawberry the most, but personally, i like the chocolate though it is said to taste like fake-chocolate. (perharps i never taste the real milkshake???) ---------- PACKAGING ---------- U can get it in 225g and 500g container. The container is in yellow bright colour, with big NESQUIK name on it in blue. Under it will be the name of the flavour. And there's a bunny with thumbs-up, drinking the milkshake. If the milkshake is yellow then it's banana flavour, if it's pink it's strawberry and if it's chocolate it's chocolate flavour of course! The container is designed to make sure that the powder will be protected from air that can make it turn to a giant hard rock ball! --------------- ------- INGREDIENT / NUTRITION --------------- ------- As stated at the side of the container, the ingredients are :- sugar, fat-reduced cocoa, emusifier, lecithin, flavouring, and cinnamon (huh, cinnamon? in milkshake??) And of top of the table, there's a fact's about milk which can provide u calcium, Riboflavin and Vitamin. So, basically the powder itself doesn't really provide healthy nutrition (well, it's an instant food/drink right?) U will add about 155 Calories for per 15g serving. ------ PRICE ------ Currently, Sainsburys is selling for ...

Pinnacle PCTV Pro 15/01/2003

Something for the pros

Pinnacle PCTV Pro Video-editiong professionals pay attention. If you are looking for hardware to complement your skills in post-production, try this hardware. Tis card is for "pro-simers" only. it's a tool that supports sophisticated multi-layer compositing and 3D processing that allows you to move a step futher from the basics of video editing. A huge step that is. among the key features - You can combine up to ten filters, transitions and effects in real-time. This means that the Pro-ONE gives flexibility in introducing your cretive juices to your video. Editing videos with transitions and effects with the Pinnacle Pro-ONE are in real time. No need to waste time waiting for them to render to see your work. TO use this card comfortably, you'll nedd some good hardware to complement this Pro-Card. Be ready with P4 or Athlon XP based system. Also.. Get a lot of DDR RAM and also a huge Hard Disk to keep all your video.

Monopoly Tycoon (PC) 15/01/2003

A Twist to an old favorite

Monopoly Tycoon (PC) All of a sudden, its raining tycoons. Microsoft has it's Zoo Tycoon and Infogrames has its Monopoly Tycoon. Don't be fooled by the name though, behind that seemingly kiddish name lies a suprisingly mature and deep real-time business strategy game. You play this game as one of the Monopoly fgame pieces - the sports car, the shoe, top hat and so on. A single player "Campaign" is included which consist of a series of scenarios where you have to accomplish the objectives before you can move on. The game is plated in true, beautiful 3D. You build business in city blocks, set prices of the goods in those business and manage the cash flow of your business empire, all on names familiar to all those who have spent time trying their hardest to become millionaire. The business model is suprisingly effective. Certain business will work well in certain neigbourhood and it's up to you to figure out which will prosper and which won't. About the only gripe for this game is that fact that you can't give orders to your business while the game is paused, which can make for a pretty hectc experience at times. But other than that, it's deep and enjoyable business simulation wrapped in Monopoly's Clothes.

Handspring Visor Prism 15/01/2003


Handspring Visor Prism WOO-HOO! I've finally got my hands on the new Handspring Visor Prism! Luckily, Handspring has learned from its past mistakes and ordering a Visor is now quick and painless. ----------- Blue devil ----------- The first thing that hit me when I opened the Prism box was that the machine looks COOL. The Prism comes in only one colour -- Handspring calls it ``cobalt blue''. What the pictures on the Handspring website don't show clearly is that the Prism is actually a very nice dark metallic blue. The Prism also comes with a new cradle to accommodate the increased thickness. Like the Palm IIIc, the Prism's lithium ion battery is charged up when you put it on the cradle. What is interesting is that the cradle can also charge the new VisorPhone (a module that turns the Prism into a handphone) at the same time, if you have that Springboard module plugged into the Prism. The AC adapter plugs into the USB jack of the cradle to charge the battery. Incidentally, the AC adapter that comes with the Prism has automatic voltage selection and can accept AC voltages from 100-240V. Great if you travel a lot. First time charge for the Prism is about two hours. After that, you only need to charge it for a few minutes every day to get it fully charged. Handspring claims that the Prism will last about two weeks or six hours of continuous use on a full charge. I found that with very heavy use (playing Zap!2016 for extended periods), the battery lasted three days ...

Leadtek A170 DDR T Graphics card 64 MB DDR SDRAM 14/01/2003

Leadtek Winfast A170V DDR TH

Leadtek A170 DDR T Graphics card 64 MB DDR SDRAM If you are hard pressed for money, yet want a new graphics card, you need to consider value-for-Money solutions. i'm talking about NVIDIA's alterative to their GeForve4 itanium cards, the GeForce4 MX. Leadtek has a solution for you. it's in the form of the winfast A170V DDR TH Graphics card (THIS CARD!). it uses NVIDIA's GEForde4 MS 440 graphics processing unit (GPU). For memory, this card comes with 64MB DDR-RAM. For connectiviity, this card comes with TV-out and Video-in. The nessary cables are included in the package. this is very convenient for the end user. This card has a unique feature call ZBIOS. it provides backup to the graphics card BIOS. Should there be any unfortunate incident of viruese attacking the primary BIOS resulting in failure, the ZBIOS or backup will kick in. :-) Cool.... ...

Kuala Lumpur 13/01/2003

An interesting place to visit

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia consist of 2 islands and has 14 states. The capital city in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. The official religion in this country is Islam and majority of the population here consists of muslim. The main ethnic here are Malay, Chinese and Indian. The weather here is sunny and wet for the whole year. Let say about 24 - 33 Celcius. Around September, it will be very wet as it is the monsoon season. It is wise to use train/tube for travelling around the city, as traffic jam is very hectic in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur especially. Malay language is the official language here, but English is the 2nd language and is widely spoken. So you should find no problem of asking directions. If you are looking for ADVENTURE in Malaysia, you should go to Sabah or Sarawak. There are lots of places that provide rock climbing, mountain climbing, jungle trecking. If you are lucky, you will get the chance to see Rafflesia flower! And if you want to see one of the extinct animal in the world, you should go to Sabah, where they have a safari for ORANG UTAN there. If you are looking for ENTERTAINMENT in Malaysia, the most popular place is Genting Highland Theme Park. It's a little bit cold here, just around 19-23 Celcius i would say. There are Casinos, Game Arcade, Theme park and the scene is just breath taking! Lots of bars and pubs can be find in the central of the Kuala Lumpur City for night life entertainment. And the city will be full of colourful lights at night. For SHOPPING, you ...

Psion Revo 12/01/2003


Psion Revo What's so exciting, you ask? Just look at the picture -- this Psion is actually smaller and is, in my opinion, the coolest looking PDA around, bar none. I mean, look at the dark blue casing accented in silver -- a sexier machine you will not find! This product is being marketed by Psion to go directly against Palm Computing Inc's Palm V. In fact, the Psion is actually only slightly bigger than the Palm V, and fits in your pocket quite easily. Blue meanie About the size of a spectacle case but thinner, the Psion just exudes class and style. Apart from the nice external design and casing, another interesting thing about the Psion Revo is that it has an ingenious slide-out keyboard that is even more impressive than the one on the Psion Series 5mx - as you open it, the keyboard slides out and creates an arched base which angles the keyboard perfectly for typing. Look underneath and you'll discover that as the keyboard slides out, the RS232 connector (for connecting to your PC and to external modems) is on the bottom - which means that the connector is protected when your Revo is closed. Cool eh! What's missing? The Psion Revo actually has the same 36MHz ARM processor as the Series 5mx, which means based on sheer processing power alone, the Revo and the Series 5mx are on par. However, while the Series 5mx comes with 16MB of RAM, the Revo only comes with 8MB (not bad considering that the original Series 5 came only with 8MB). The downside of having ...

Dianette Contraceptive Pill 11/01/2003

I'm gonna stop taking dianette

Dianette Contraceptive Pill I am not going to give a list of side effects or how Dianette works as other members have already did. However, I am going to talk about my own experience, from using Dianette for 3 months. First of all, I am not comfortable of the idea taking contraceptive pills. However, as I've been having acne problem from 12 years old, i decided to give it a try. The first 3 weeks, I experienced almost all of the side effects. My weight increased (caused my face look fuller), very terrible headaches, sore boobs, feeling sick almost day long, mood swings and bleeding/spotting between periods. I still experienced the side effects after the first 7 days break. However, i noticed that my skin is not very oily as usual but there is still no change about my level of breakouts. And now, after about 3 months of taking Dianette, there is no improvement about my breakouts. I know that it wil take a while for my hormone to be 'organized' by Dianette. But i've just find out from a skin specialist that if a medicine doesnt work after 2 months u take it, you should start thinking of changing to other medicine. As I am still experiencing the side effects, I think i should stop taking Dianette as soon as possible. Besides, there is no improvement on my breakouts. However, maybe Dianette is not suitable for me, but it could work for you. Dianette is supposed to reduce you male hormone, which caused breakouts. If it work in 'harmony' with your hormones, maybe you will not experience ...
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