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Polar A360 HR 20/02/2017

accurate heart rate and a firm grip on your wrist!

Polar A360 HR Features The POLAR A360 is a water resistant(30 metre max depth) fitness band, which will allow you to use it in the pool. It has a heart sensor located just below and needs to touch your skin in order to track your heart rate, other than that it has external sensors also, the use of which I will explain shortly. The battery life given in the manual is 12 hours but after I purchased the product and put it to use I was able go without charging it for only 9-10 days. The watch is charged via micro usb which is given with the watch in the box. After installing the polar flow app available in both, ios and android you can sync in the watch with your mobile or you can also sync the device via USB and the data will go to the polar flow web service. The straps come with different sizes(small,medium,large) and with different colours(pink,white,green,black,blue). One very cool feature about this watch is that it breaks down your sleep. What I mean is that if you decide to wear it and go to bed, the next day it will tell you the number of hours you had restful sleep and the number of hours you had restless sleep. Personal experience advantages I felt that the strap was quite secure and wasn’t afraid of the band unlocking from my wrist. And so the locking mechanism for me is excellent! The touch screen is splendid and is much more stylish than the fitbit charge 2 which I also own. And besides fitbit charge 2, it looks way slicker than many other fitness bands. To scroll through ...

Indesit XWC61452W 19/02/2017

variety of wash cycles?PLENTY! Here is why you should consider it

Indesit XWC61452W first of all ,this earthquake - beater is way too versatile compared to other washing machines when it comes to the different types of cycles. How do i kow this? well, i havent compared it with any other other than my previous machine as i am not a fan of washing machines so i dont know much about it  The most comforting factor about it is the ease of use and how simple the front panel has been displayed. which is a big yes-yes for young men like me who dont much time with them in the usual days to spend some quality time with the machine and get to know about its feature and its family.  Though observed, that it took a little more time than my usual old manual-like machine, approx(25 minutes). other demerit that it does not have hot water valve unlike LG, which is GOOD for most and actually much economical because the production cost reduces due to the removal of hot fill hose and its wirings, which i researched and found out that it was done because it had to make these machines cheaper.  But if youre looking for hot water valve then you have come to the wrong product and by now you should know that only LG and Statesmans provide this feature.  the spin does not wake you at night even if youre in a studio appartment sleeping next to it.  Although i did mention that the panel is simple and easy to use, it clearly does not mean that it has little features, because it has a good number of!  Quick wash at 40 degrees? uh-oh, wrong product my ...

Fitbit Charge 2 17/02/2017

classy and sporty with various colours!

Fitbit Charge 2 Although the fitness watches are mainly for keeping in track with your health and fitness, we have to wear it as long as possible to keep up with our physical exercises, so why not make it look stylish? the old HR had a much smaller and duller screen compared to this product, but it also takes away a few less bucks from you compared to the Fitbit charge 2. the screen isnt as large as blaze and isnt too small either. which is perfect! i honestly have no regrets in putting my money money in this. the great thing about any fitness band is that it makes our routines more fun and we can definitely be more aware of how were affecting our body. in the app that you will install, there is an age section in which you can compare yourself with other people of your age and judge your fitness level from poor to excellent. Good luck! ...

HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse 17/02/2017

curvaceous as it can get!

HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse this fat mouse without a wire is something to be very skeptical about. considering that you can get many other mouse's at that price, it all depends upon the comfort of your palm. while this fat boy gives you such a wonderful rest that your whole body envies after that tedious day, and surely no other mouse beats this rat over here in terms of rest and comfort, it does have a few disadvantages. while it all depends upon the individual, as for me personally, such good quality at such a good price, it was an easy-click(pun intended) .Yes, for it is so curvy that the minute i leave my index a little bit loose, i end up in a different page or mostly click on the next youtube video before starting my initial one. after all, youre going to have keep it tight! cheers.! ...

JBL Xtreme 17/02/2017

JBL xtreme : its exterior is the spitting image of its power.

JBL Xtreme the 4.7 lbs beast is a pleasure in the ear when a melody turns on and switching to its aggressive mode, i would suggest you to play any of skrillex tracks and this beautiful beast will leave your heart right above your tongue with a crazy vibe that any beats could dream of providing. could have put more effort on the looks but the battery power is comparable to Nokia 3310! the durability of this speakers is amazing and since most of you probably know that the JBL extreme is not at all affected by water. so instead of making plans on saving enough to redesign your bathroom with a built-in speakers, i would definitely suggest you all folks out there to buy this frequency - destroyer. i have been a proud owner of this machine since 2014, and i can say without a single thought of regret that i have finally invested my money well! ...
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