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Nestlé Milky Bar 04/03/2012

The Best Whilte Chocolate bar in Town!!

Nestlé Milky Bar I have always loved Milky Bar; ever since I as a small child. I always remember those famous adverts with The Milky Bar Kid and how he has changed over the years!! The thing is, usually I am not a great lover of White Chocolate; these days, if I ever do feel like some white chocolate the only one I buy is Milky Bar. I am usually a lover of normal Milk Chocolate; however, every now and again, I do buy small bars of Milky Bar. I usually prefer the thinner bars. Milky Bar, is very smooth and creamy and quite simply tastes great. Unfortunately, although perhaps it is a good thing, I find that if I eat too much, its not good, because it can get a little sickly; I certainly wouldn’t eat a massive bar of Milky Bar!! But I would eat a massive bar of normal Milk Chocolate. So, in a way, perhaps this is a positive thing, as it helps to stop you piling on the pounds, Milky Bar is made by Nestle who have been producing white Chocolate since the 1930’s . It is known by the name ‘Galak’ in most countries in continental Europe except for Spain. ( It is a rather odd name and I think I much prefer the name Milky Bar! Ingredients ************* Sugar, Whole Cows Milk (26%), Cocoa Butter (made from Cocoa Beans) , Whey Powder, Vegetable fat, Emulsifier (Lecithin), Natural Flavouring Calories ******** A large 500g bar contains 544 Kcals Allergy Information *************** **** May contain traces of Wheat Gluten Milky Bar is a lovely chocolate treat, which ...

Pukka-Pies All Steak Pie 04/03/2012

These pies really are Pukka!

Pukka-Pies All Steak Pie My son likes Pies; well, he says he likes them and he used to eat most of the meat in the pies I would get him; I was basically buying him reasonably priced Pies from Asda, then I noticed he was leaving a lot of the meat; I also noticed that sometimes the meat as a bit chewy and fatty; these were steak Pies .I started to think that I was wasting my money, and yet he still asks me for Pies!! I spotted these Pukka Pies in Sainsburys a couple of weeks ago and I had never bought them before. At the time, they ere on a special offer. I cannot remember the price, but it must have been good, otherwise I might not have got them. I like the name….Pukka…. It makes me think that these must be good! They come as single Pies and this one is called an ‘All Steak Pie’ It also says on the box; …..‘don’t compromise’, making me think that these must be nice. These pies are described as ‘chunks of steak in a rich gravy in a light puff pastry case’. I have sometimes found with some pies that you get hardly any meat and mostly just gravy; but these were not like that at all. The Pie is quite big; and it is full of meat!! I hadn’t tasted it, but gave it to my son for his dinner; When he opened the pie up, I noticed there as loads of nice chunks of Beef and enough gravy too. I thought he would be pleased with this. He ate a bit and then started complaining!! I couldn’t believe it; for some reason, he did not like the taste of the meat. He ended up leaving around half the pie and I thought to myself ...

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Cream bar 25/05/2011

Dove cream bar... Dove is a dream!

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Cream bar Dove is my favourite soap bar. The makers of Dove do not actually call it soap. They describe it as a 'soft peeling gentle exfoliating beauty cream bar'. To me, its still soap!! but its a great soap and it really is soft and very creamy. I always have soap in a bottle or two around the home; in the bathroom and the kitchen but I also like to have a nice bar of soap in the bathroom too. The packet i currently have has 2 x100g bars in it. It is wrapped in a plastic shiny wrapper and both soaps are in separate cardboard boxes inside. As you open the outer wrapper, you can smell the nice refreshing Dove soap. To me, its smells a little like talcum powder, very creamy and with a hint of vanilla/lemon. I absolutely love this fragrance. It actualy smells clean! The packaging is mostly white but with a swirly picture of what I think is water, which looks like it has tiny bubbles in it. This is very appealing and very fresh looking. I use Dove to wash my hands (after going to the toilet!) and to wash parts of my body when i am in the bath. I actually use both Dove and my favourite shower cream whilst in the bath! When you wash with Dove, it goes on very smoothly and is ever so creamy in texture . It creates quite alot of small soft bubbles. I have never had any problems with my skin after using Dove and it always leaves my body feeling clean, cleansed and refreshed. However, I do not know if this would be suitable for those with any skin conditions as there is ...

Toby's Carvery 25/05/2011

Great meals at great prices.

Toby's Carvery I have only been to two Toby Carveries; the one in Barnet and the one in Borehamwood. My experiences at both have varied. When I went to the Barnet Carvery I was not impressed. The décor was awful and outdated and the place generally looked a bit dirty. Most of the food I ate there was fine, but my roast potatoes were rock hard. Now I love Roast potatoes, they are my favourite type of potatoes ; so I was really disappointed about this. It seems to me that it was probably the case that the potatoes I had must have been sitting there for hours! However, ,my experiences at Borehamwood Carvery were much better. I went last Sunday with my partner. You wouldn't think you were actually in Borehamwood as the location is really nice. Its sort of countrified and is right next to a Travelodge. The inside of the restaurant is nicely decorated; relaxing and pleasant. There is also a large bar area with plenty of seating and an outside area with benches and seats. The Sunday lunch Toby Experience *************** *************** Toby Carveries do a traditional Roast dinner with all the trimmings you can eat! You will get a choice of 4 different roast meats; Beef, Pork, Gammon and Turkey. If you only choose to have say 2 meats, then you can ask for large portions. You can then have a large Yorkshire pudding if you wish. Next you come to the vegetable selection; There is a choice of Roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, mashed Swede, Cauliflower cheese, Broccoli, Stuffing, Peas, ...

Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae 24/05/2011

Tesco Finest Toffee sundae.....tttoo much tttoffee!

Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae I'm always on the lookout for goodies.... chocolates, cakes , new sweet things etc (even though I shouldn't be!) I went into Tesco a few days ago and at first was going to buy a cheesecake. However, as I was walking around the store I went to the chilled cabinets and spotted this Toffee Sundae. It looked absolutely delicious. Along side it was also a Raspberry sundae and a few smaller desserts. I called my partner over and told him I wanted to treat him to a nice pudding.. I asked him which one he wanted. We were both looking at all the lovely puddings... Greedy me, saw the size of this one and how it looked. Originally I was going to get the Raspberry sundae but my partner decided he would have the Toffee one. Now I love Toffee/caramel and am in to that sort of pudding at the moment so I thought I'd have the same as him (thinking I would perhaps prefer it to the Raspberry). The Tesco finest Toffee Sundae is in a quite large see through plastic dessert pot with a lid. It is narrow at the bottom and fills out towards the top. As it is see through, i'm pretty sure the intention is for consumers to be tempted by looking at all the contents! You can see alot of toffee/caramel//custard/sponge/cream, partly in layers and partly sort of mixed together.. It looks incredibly tempting! Unfortunately its quite expensive and to be honest I wouldn't usually pay such a price for a one person dessert from a supermarket. Its £2.00 for a 215g pot! In saying that though, there really ...

Ginsters Cornish Pasty 23/05/2011

Ginsters Cornish pastie.... tastes how a Cornish pastie should!

Ginsters Cornish Pasty I love these Ginsters Cornish pasties and in fact I love Cornish pasties in general. I have recently been buying these quite frequently for me and my partner; we usually take it in turns!! We have been quite fortunate and occasionally these have been on special offer at Asda in particular. Currently they are only a £1.00 for one in Tesco. We will usually have these at lunchtimes; just on their own; microwaved. It states on the packet that they can be microwaved in one minute 30 seconds. However, i always find that it needs 2 minutes, for it to come out piping hot. It is most likley the case that at least the pastry part of the pastie would come out better if it were cooked in the oven. When done in a microwave the outer pastry is soft, very slightly stodgy and almost sort of flat. However, this is how we always do them!! Maybe its because we are greedy and can't wait to eat the pastie!! I like the pastie done in the microwave though; it tastes great. I cannot say exactly how it would turn out if cooked in the oven. I would imagine some people may prefer it done this way, particularly if they want a possibly more crispy/browner pastry which may well taste better. By oven cooking this pastie it will take 20 minutes from chilled or 35 minutes from frozen according to the guidelines on the packet. For lunch, i don't think you need have anything added to this pasty; i mean you don't need to have chips or any other sort of potato. The pastie is large and very filling; ...

McVitie's Medley Biscuit and Cereal Bars 23/05/2011

Mcvities Medley bar... even tastier than my favourite snack bar!

McVitie's Medley Biscuit and Cereal Bars I spotted these new Mcvities Medley bars when I was shopping in Iceland recently. They were on an offer at only £1.00 for 6 bars. I had never seen these snack bars before and the description of them along with the picture on the box really appealed to me. They come in boxes of 6 and in different varities. Mcvities describe them as 'Deliciously good biscuity combinations'. They are avaiable in Hobnobs (raisin and milk chocolate), Hobnobs ( peanuts and milk chocolate chips )and Digestives ( hazelnuts & milk chocolate). I bought the Digestives medley variety. I like Mcvities digestive biscuits, especially the chocolate varieties and i also love nuts, so these ones, i thought would suit my tastes. I wasn't wrong! They really are delicious. They combine small peices of digestive biscuit with cereals and hazelnuts with a thick layer of milk chocolate. I like the subtleness of the oats in the bar too; meaning you don't just taste the oats in it. I really like the combination with the digestive biscuits and in my view this makes this snack/cereal/biscuit bar unique. Mcvities state that this snack is 'perfect for any time of day'. So whilst some people may tend to think that these are just a cereal bar, they are more than that and i certainly will eat them at any time of the day or the night for that matter!! ~~~Ingredients~~~ There are plenty of ingredients in this snack bar so I won't bore you with all of them but just the main ones; Glucose syrup Milk ...

Bounty Chocolate 17/05/2011

Bounty Bars....I am the Bounty Hunter!

Bounty Chocolate I have always like Mars Bounty Bars. Its odd how peoples tastes change throughout their lives from time to time. For example I used to prefer the dark chocolate Bounty. That is also strange because I don't really like dark chocolate very much... i just used to think it went well with the coconut centre of Bounty bars. However, i now prefer Milk Chocolate Bounty. I almost always buy Bounty from Iceland. I like the 10 Bounty snack size bars they do. At only £2.00 i think its not a bad deal. I like the packaging of Bounty. It certainly reminds you of somewhere hot like Jamaica. This snacksize packet has Bounty printed in white across the front with some palm trees in the background and a coconut cut in half on the bottom corner. There is an overall blue background, which is the sky and the sea. On this 10 snack size packet Mars state the following 'Not too big, not too small, just enough'. I would agree with this; Sometimes i find that one snack size is just right for me, as they are quite filling. ~~The taste~~ Mars describe it as 'moist tender coconut covered in thick milk chocolate' The coconut centre certainly is very moist; full of coconut and sweet. There is a thick layer of milk chocolate covering the coconut centre. I like this alot. If it were too thin a layer, it wouldn't be enough chocolate for me. This is because i think the centre would then become a bit too much, or a bit sickly. Its a great tasting sweet snack. I wouldn't recommend you go mad and ...

Fox´s Triple Bar 16/05/2011

Foxes Triple bars...Triple Delight!

Fox´s Triple Bar Foxes Biscuits started in 1853 by Michael Spedding; Spedding was also the first person to develop the Brandy snap ( These are amongst my favourite chocolate biscuit bars. I think they taste great. I buy these quite frequently for both me and my kids. I think they are fairly unique as a chocolate biscuit snack and usually really good value for money. The current packet i have contains 10 bars and it only cost me a £!.00. Thats the current price at Tesco (usually costing £1.35) Foxes triple have a sort of rippled effect on the outer layer of biscuit which is crunchy and oaty. The inner layer is milk chocolate. I like Foxes biscuits in general and these snack bars are no exception. Foxes describe them as ' smooth milk chocolate sandwiched between deliciously oaty biscuits' They do contain some desicated coconut and there is a slightly coconut taste to the biscuit part, but not too much and its very subtle. It definately isn't overpowering. ~~~Ingredients~~~ It may sometimes bore people to read all of the ingredients, particularly if there are alot! However, its important to mention any ingredients that may not be suitable for allergy sufferers in particular. So i am wirting down the main ingredients only here; Wheatflour, Milk chocolate (25%), vegetable oil, Sugar, rolled oats, Oatmeal, Desicated coconut, Glucose syrup, Raising agents, Emulsifier; soya lecithin, flavouring, skimmed milk, Dried whey. These chocolate ...

Iceland (Shop) 15/05/2011

I'd be lost without Iceland!

Iceland (Shop) I have been buying for from Iceland for years! As my headline says; i really would be lost without Iceland. They have some excellent offers on. It is frequent to get reduced prices; BOGOFF offers; Half price foods. They have all sorts of offers and you really can buy quite a lot of foods at Iceland cheaper than in many of the supermarkets. They have some amazing deals on their frozen foods and on the well known brand frozen foods too. I have still been getting a great price for Chicago town small pizzas (this offer has been on for at least 6 weeks). They frequently seem to have an offer on Birds Eye Chicken dippers and many many other food products. You will find a great range of frozen food at Iceland. After all they are known for being a frozen food shop. They have a wide selection of Burgers, from their own brand to the well known brands. Their frozen meat range is pretty good and at the moment their freezers are full of barbeque foods, with many at super value prices. If only I had a garden to have a BBQ in!!!! I decided to go to a well known supermarket yesterday; one of the ones i use occasionally. I was left speechless at the low amount and variety of frozen food in this supermarket. It wouldn't have been so bad had this been a really small store but its a fairly large one. I only wanted a few shopping items specifically. One of which was frozen sweetcorn, as the kids like that with their meals. All they had available was value frozen sweetcorn! I ...

Cadbury Caramel 13/05/2011

Cadbury Caramel... delicious but fattening!

Cadbury Caramel Me and my kids love this Cadbury dairy milk caramel. It is one of my daughters favourites in particular. My partner was going down the shops yesterday and he asked me if i wanted any sweets or little treats!! I thought about it (re my diet) but hadn't had any sweets yet that day so said " yes, just a small bar of chocolate" I asked him to choose. He returned form the shops about 10 minutes later with a big bar of Cadbury caramel (140G). I was expecting something slightly smaller than this! but it was nice of him and i do like this chocolate bar. Our dinner wasn't ready yet and i was starving so i had a few chunks! Well, i only had 2 as i didnt want to ruin my dinner (as well as a small part of me thinking about the calories). Dinner came and went (which was very filling!). At about 9pm i started to get a bit hungry again (i had been offering my partner the dairy caramel also, but he didnt want any). The caramel was on the table next to me. I couldn't help it.... i had to have more. All in all i ate just under half the bar. To be honest i think it is better to eat this chocolate in smaller doses. As this was the chunky chocolate caramel bar; it can get a little sickly if you eat too much. I would therefore recommend you only eat maybe 3 chunks in one go. I ended up eating about 6 chunks in one go when i ate it at 9pm! I dont recommend eating chocolate late a night actually. For me, its not good as i suffer with terrible heartburn sometimes. I was fortunate last night ...

Weight Watchers from Heinz Sweet and SourChicken 13/05/2011

Weight watchers sweet & sour chicken; great low fat meal.

Weight Watchers from Heinz Sweet and SourChicken I frequently buy Weightwatchers foods/meals; particularly at the moment and sometimes just for that purpose, to watch my weight. This Sweet & Sour chicken with long grain rice from Weightwatchers is great. I often find that other sweet & sour dishes can be a bit fattening, so i was pleased to be able to find a low calorie one. This is also a low calorie one that tastes nice. I have tried many types of sweet & sour chicken; including stores own brands and this one, in my view tastes better than some of the ones i have eaten before. On the box, the meal is described as ' Succulent pieces of chicken breast covered in a delicious sweet and sour sauce with juicy pineapple, red and yellow peppers and crisp water chestnuts, served with fluffy long grain rice'. I really like the mixture of the ingredients. Whilst there is ample chicken and sauce for me, there isn't very much rice. Then again, if you are on a diet, you wouldn't really expect to get very much rice otherwise it wouldn't be low calorie! Hence, the meal does fill me up for a little bit but not greatly. What is also good about this meal is that you can cook it in two ways from both chilled and frozen. If you cook it from chilled it will take about 30 minutes in the oven or about 6 minutes in the microwave (depending on microwave wattage). If you cook it from frozen it will take about 50 minutes in the oven or about 11 minutes in the microwave. I cooked it from chilled in the microwave and it turned out well. If ...

Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar 12/05/2011

Milka Alpine milk chocolate bar.... milky, creamy....delicious!

Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar I remember buying this Alpine milk chocolate many years ago, but used to think it was very expensive. I couldn't believe it when i walked into Iceland the other day and I saw this on special offer at only £1.50 pence for 2 x 100g bars. I knew my kids would love this too, so i decided to buy it!! I really like the packaging and the colour of the wrapper is a lovely lilac colour. Across the front of the wrapper are the words Milka in white print. There is a picture of a cow with milka written across it in small print and the cows colouring is also lilac with white. There are mountains in the background of the picture of the little cow which has a large bell around its neck. The wrapper is really good actually; it is quite thick and at first i thought it was hard to open and was going to use scissors; then my daughter said it isn't hard to open and she showed me!. It actually shows you how to open it on the back of the packet! The chocolate itself is really delicious; with a slightly almondy flavour, very smooth and milky. It certainly goes down a treat. When i first showed it to my son, he said to me, " why didn't you get Cadburys?" Now, that was a bit cheeky! I told him that this chocolate is lovely and he would like it. The second he ate a little bit, he said " its really nice!". The bar did last him 2 days though and he wasn't greedy with it. 'The name MILKA consists of the words milch and kakao (milk and cacao in German)' It was first produced in 1901 in ...

Harvester Restaurants 12/05/2011

Harvester; reasonable prices but not always a good experience

Harvester Restaurants I have been eating at The Harvester on and off for quite a few years. My local Harvester is in Arnos Grove, North West London with one a little further away at Stirling Corner, Borehamwood. I have now decided that I will not be returning to The Harvester at Arnos Grove. The main reason is actually the state and the decor of the place rather than the food. My partner wanted us to go for a meal the other day (early evening). We had previously decided to give the Harvester a rest because we were getting a bit bored of their food. What I mean is, i think its about time they changed their menu a bit and perhaps introduced some new meals. In saying that, they have actually introduced a few new things onto the menu. Anyway i thought "well ok, lets give it a go" as we hadn't been for about 6 months. I would have preferred to go to the Borehamwood Harvester but it wasn't convenient on this occasion to travel that little bit further. My first thoughts as we walked through the door were.... " this is still grimey looking...... they need to do a complete makeover!" If a restaurant appears dirty or grubby then it makes you think that the food will basically be the same. We were shown to our seats quickly, but to be honest the table looked like it hadn't really been cleaned or it wasn't cleaned that good. I don't really like to complain unless i really have to, so i kept this thought to myself. Also the actual decor is very old. The seats are ancient, the tables are ancient and the whole ...

Daim Bar 11/05/2011

Daim bar; Lovely and crunchy... but watch your teeth!

Daim Bar Ive been getting these Daim bars for quite some time now and i love them. Daim bars originate in Sweden where they are recognised as Dajm bar. It was actually originally made in 1953! in Sweden and Norway under a company known as Marabou. I never dreamt it was that old! However, Kraft now own the Daim brand. Daim bar is a very, very crunchy sweet! The flavour of the crunchy middle part is butter almond and it is covered in milk chocolate. Whilst i really enjoy these bars, they are not good for your teeth. Im quite surprised i havn't broken any of my own! You do need to be a little careful in that way and i dont really recommend these for young children; the problem is, they taste so nice!! I love to crunch on them! ~~~Ingedients~~~ Sugar Vegetable fat Cocoa butter Skimmed milk powder Butter Cocoa mass milk fat Whey powder Almonds (2.5%)Sweetened condensed skimmed milk Salt Emulsifier (soya lecithin) Flavouring ~ ~~Allergy information~~~ This products contains milk, Almonds and Soya. In each 28 g small bar there are 150kcals . I usually buy these from Iceland at £1.00 per 3 pack which isn't too bad a price. The bars themselves at this size are quite small and i have been known to eat 2 bars in one go! You can also get Daim in mini form in large bags. it is perhaps better to eat them this way, rather then trying to crunch your way through the actual bar size. They sell them in most supermarkets and you can currently get a 140g bag at Tesco for £1.93 ...
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