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The Wedding Date (DVD) 09/02/2016

The Wedding Date - I Wouldn't Mind HIM As A Wedding Date

The Wedding Date (DVD) The Wedding Date is a Hollywood romantic comedy starring Deborah Messing (of Will and Grace fame) and Dermot Mulrooney. ~*~PLOT~*~ Kat lives in New York and is seemingly happily single. This changes when she's asked to be maid of honour at her younger half sister Amy's wedding to Ed. Kat's family lives in London and Kat is rather worried about seeing her ex fiancé Jeff at the wedding who is Ed's best friend and best man. Jeff had dumped Kat 2 years previously and as she still holds a torch for him she doesn't want to attend the wedding alone, she hires a gorgeous and sophisticated escort called Nick to attend the wedding as her partner. Jeremy appears to still have feelings for Kat so her plan to make him jealous seem to be working until some awful truths come out about why he dumped her and these truths risk wrecking Amy's marriage to Ed before it's even begun. To make things more complicated, it's evident that Kat is developing feelings for Nick (feelings which seem to be mutual) so she's torn between her feelings for Nick and Jeremy. How will it all pan out? ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ I've seen The Wedding Date a few times now and it's one of those films I'd happily watch again. Deborah Messing was previously someone I'd only seen in the long-running and popular US sitcom Will & Grace and it was an adjustment in some ways to see her in a different role. Whereas in Will & Grace she played a rather neurotic character, in The Wedding Date, she comes across as generally more ...

No Entry (DVD) 01/02/2016

No Entry? No Thank You!

No Entry (DVD) No Entry is a Bollywood (Hindi language) comedy drama which was released in 2005. ~*~PLOT SUMMARY~*~ Kishen, Prem and Shekhar are 3 friends who have varying degrees of success with women. Over-worked Kishen is very loyal to his very untrusting wife Kajal. Prem is a serial (wannabe) philanderer and his wife Pooja seems oblivious to this. Shekhar is getting married to Sanjana who he's recently fallen in love with. Prem decides to set up his friend Kishen with Bobby, a club dancer, to see if Kishen falls for her and if he can get him to loosen up a bit as well as for a bit of revenge as Kishen has caught him out in a compromising situation. This is where things start to get confusing with who is dating who, if anyone, outside of their marriage. To confuse things ever more, the wives get confused about just who Bobby is, with 2 of them thinking she is one of her husband's friend's wife! Cue a lot of confusion... Will anyone make it out of this with their relationship intact or will it all come tumbling down on the 3 friends? ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ Firstly let me say, I'm not a big fan of Bollywood comedies. I haven't found many Bollywood comedies over the years that were actually that funny, or rather, than actually amused me enough to appreciate them as a comedy. No Entry stars Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan and Fardeen Khan as Kishen, Prem and Shekhar respectively and Lara Datta, Esha Deol, Celina Jaitley as Kajal, Pooja and Sanjana. Bipasha Basu stars as Bobby. I do generally ...

Khoobsoorat (DVD) 25/01/2016

Khubsoorat - Not Exactly a "Beautiful" Film

Khoobsoorat (DVD) Khubsoorat is a 1980 Hindi language film (aka Bollywood) starring Rekha, Rakesh Roshan, Ashok Kumar and Dina Pathak. The film's title should not be confused with 2 further Bollywood films called Khoobsoorat which were released in 1999 and 2014 respectively. Khubsoorat/Khoobsoorat means "beautiful". ~*~PLOT~*~ Mrs Gupta runs a tight ship and everyone in the household is pretty terrified of her, including her husband. Of their 4 sons, 2 are married and when her second son's wife Anju's sister Manju arrives in the house for a visit, no one, least of all Mrs Gupta is expecting the changes that might be coming. Manju is a free spirited young woman and the Gupta's 3rd son, Inder, falls for her but his mother has other ideas. She doesn't approve of Manju's carefree and playful personality and makes this clear. Will Manju ever be accepted in the Gupta household by the strict matriarch? Or will Inder be forced to marry someone of his mother's choosing. ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ Khubsoorat is one of those films that you don't know really if you really enjoyed it or not at the end. I enjoyed watching Rekha play the role of Manju and felt she had good on screen chemistry with Rakesh Roshan and looks lovely in every scene. Rekha was always considered a real beauty in Bollywood films and even now at the age of 61 she's quite stunning looking. I'm not sure how many films she did with Rakesh Roshan as her lead but he sadly never became that famous as an actor considering his son Hrithik Roshan ...

Speed (2007) (DVD) 25/01/2016

Speed - A Decent Enough Remake of a Hollywood Film

Speed (2007) (DVD) Speed is a Bollywood (Hindi language) film released in 2007 and is pretty much a Bollywood remake of the film Cellular (I'm not quite sure why they used the name of another very popular film to do a remake though)! ~*~PLOT~*~ In Kuala Lumpur a man is on the run from some gunmen and runs into a room and sends a message to MI6 before being killed. In London, Sandy (short for Sandeep) Malhotra has just landed in the UK and is on his way to find his ex and try to make up with her. Meanwhile Sid Verma is at home with his wife Richa and son Bobby. Sid jests with his wife that if he knew he would have to make breakfast for his family every day he wouldn’t have become a chef to which she retorts that if she knew she was going to marry a chef, she wouldn’t have learnt how to cook. Sandy catches up with his ex and tries to woo her back whilst we see Sid arriving at his restaurant for work in his little sports car, walk through the restaurant to the back where he gains entrance by a hand-print recognition device. He goes straight in to see his boss who says they’ve received a coded message from an unknown source which means “imminent danger”. Shortly afterwards Sid finds out that his wife has been kidnapped and is ordered to follow certain instructions from the kidnappers, whilst Richa has managed to put together a smashed phone where she is being held captive and call out from the phone, getting Sandy on the other end who thinks she’s some crazy woman playing a ...

Busicom BS112 18/01/2016

Busicom BS 112 - A Calculator That Does What It's Supposed To

Busicom BS112 Even with an O level in Maths, I've always felt the need to have a desk calculator by my computer both at work and at home. I've been using the Busicom BS 112 for a while now at work and here's my review of it. Sorry but it's a bit of a bland one but I couldn't think of much to say to make this a more entertaining/interesting read. . . ~*~Size and Stuff~*~ . The Busicom BS 112 is around 18cm long and 14cm wide and due to the angled top end allowing you to see the screen more easily it's 3.5cm high at one end and 1cm at the other end and on the sides. The calculator weighs just under 250g . . ~*~How Many Buttons?~*~ The Busicom BS 112 has fairly large buttons so even those with the chunkiest/clumsiest fingers should have no problems using it for their day to day mathematical needs. Yes, I know everyone has a mobile phone with a calculator these days but some of us still like to use a "real" calculator rather than rely on a touch screen electronic gadget. The digits on this calculator go from 0 up to 9 (one would hope that's a given on any calculator) but also has a 00 button as well as the decimal point (.) button. Down the left you have an "off" button (there's no "on" button presumably because you just have to press any digit to make it work). The calculator has various other buttons including: . * plus/add (+) * minus/subtract (-) * percent (%) * multiply/times (x) * divide (÷) * square root (√) * equals (=) * AC (all clear) * plus/minus (+/-) * M+ (add current sum to ...

5 Star Letter Tray 18/01/2016

5 Star Letter Tray - No Fuss, No Frills But Truly Fit For Purpose

5 Star Letter Tray I purchased a set of 5 Star Letter Trays some time ago as I had previously used many 5 Star products and found them to be good enough quality for the work place and good enough for my needs at home. I needed 3 trays for home use and paid around £1.50 per tray and had to purchase 2 sets of 4 risers as well to stack the trays for £0.35 a set. I bought them in black as I wanted a colour that would match my laptop and printer colours. These trays measure 25.5cm in width, 36.7cm in depth and 6.5cm in height each. They are made of fairly durable plastic (high-impact polystyrene) although they are suitable for paper documents rather than for bricks (why would you want to put bricks in your letter trays in the first place anonymili? I don’t know, I was just saying). The tray can accommodate both A4 sized documents as well as foolscap. The risers fit in quite easily although you probably need to give them a good tap to ensure they’ve gone right in and that the trays are even. The trays are available in black, red, blue and grey and come with a small label to put over the small tab at the front of each tray so you can label each tray as you see fit. I don’t use the labels for home use personally but when I’ve used these same brand of trays at work, I’ve labelled them fairly basically such as “in”, “out” and “pending”. These trays are not going to win any awards for quality or looks but they are fit for purpose and are available at a very reasonable price. Saying that the RRP of ...

Crowne Plaza Brussels City Centre Le Palace, Brussels 15/01/2016

Best Beds EVER Experienced in a Hotel So Far!

Crowne Plaza Brussels City Centre Le Palace, Brussels We had booked a couple of days stay at the 4 star Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le Palace during January 2016 for a winter weekend break. Prices will vary depending on where you book through but our package was in the region of £350 for 2 nights stay (no breakfast included) with return Eurostar tickets from London. ~*~ARRIVAL/CHECK IN~*~ On arrival we had some difficulty finding the entrance to the hotels as the entrance we first saw when exiting the Metro (Brussels’ equivalent of our London Underground) was closed and there was a sign advising people to use the other entrance. We walked to the side of the building and no sign of another entrance and eventually we found the main entrance on literally the other side of the building. We weren’t feeling too positive about our experience at this stage as we felt it should have been made clearer how to get to the entrance from where most people would first go when exiting the Metro. As we approached the front revolving doors, we felt a bit better as the entrance looked quite “posh” and as we came through the revolving doors we saw the smart looking concierge desk and reception desks. Near reception there was a stand which had bottles of water and plastic cups for guests to help themselves to and a bowl of apples which we thought was a nice touch. We were greeted by a very friendly receptionist who checked us in with the minimum amount of fuss and asked if I had an IHG member card which I produced. He then advised that we had ...

Dance Hall (DVD) 04/01/2016

Dance Hall - Dancing Right Back to the 50s

Dance Hall (DVD) Dance Hall, an Ealing Studios production, was released way back in 1950 and tells the story of 4 young women seemingly obsessed with visiting a local dance club. Petula Clark, Natasha Parry, Jane Hylton and Diana Dors star as the 4 young women who all work together and become rather fascinated by Chiswick Palais, spending their free time there in the evenings, causing issues with respective partners and family members. Natasha Parry stars as Eve who is married to Phil (played by Donald Houston). He is not happy about her having a dance partner – the smooth (and smarmy, I thought) Alec (played by Bonar Colleano), for a contest at Chiswick Palais and comes across as quite jealous and aggressive towards her and violent towards her dance partner. This jealousy causes real marital problems for the couple and is quite sad to see. One can understand Eve’s point of view in a way but also if the shoe were on the other foot (so to speak) one wonders how Eve would react to the one she loves dancing with another woman. Petula Clark plays Georgie who is determined to win the dance contest even though her parents don’t support her. I found it amusing to watch Clark with her on screen dance partner played by Douglas Barr as he looked about 12 years old and I actually found myself cringing when they kissed as he looked like a child! I barely recognised Diana Dors in a very early role as she wasn’t blonde, imagine that?! “Who’s Diana Dors?” I hear you ask. Look her up *grin*! One can ...

The Love Lottery (DVD) 28/12/2015

The Love Lottery - A Farcical But Gentle Ealing Studios Comedy

The Love Lottery (DVD) The Love Lottery was an Ealing Studios production released over 60 years ago back in 1954. The film starred David Niven as Rex Allerton with a supporting cast including Peggy Cummins, Herbert Lom and Anne Vernon. ~*~PLOT SUMMARY~*~ Rex Allerton is a famous Hollywood star who is idolised by his female fan base. As a publicity stunt he is put up as first prize in a lottery and he foolishly (and jokingly) says he’ll marry the winner. He ends up being mobbed by female fans wherever he goes so he goes into hiding in what he assumes is a remote Italian village where no one will recognise him. Amico is the head of the lottery syndicate and he puts a plan into action ensuring Allerton sticks to his end of the bargain involving Jane Dubois, a very attractive and sophisticated mathematician who ends up falling for Allerton herself. Things are more complicated due to Sally, one of Allerton’s biggest fans, having bought a LOT of lottery tickets. Who will win the lottery and how will it all pan out? ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ Although The Love Lottery wasn’t a box office hit, I personally found it to be an enjoyable film when I caught it on TV recently. It helped that I’ve always been a fan of David Niven even in satirical roles as he played in this film. He’s constantly hounded by his fans and watching his trying to escape them with various disguises is amusing and you feel a degree of sympathy for him, knowing full well it’s a bit of a fun poke at fans that go rather insane over celebrities ...

Kingston DataTraveler G2 - USB flash drive - 32 GB 04/11/2015

32Gb Kingston DataTraveler Travelling With Me For Years

Kingston DataTraveler G2 - USB flash drive - 32 GB I just LOVE taking photos! I mean I am seriously addicted to taking photos, I'm no professional but I do tend to take 100s of photos at events such as milestone birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, etc. So I need to have some reliable storage for when I next see the victims (I mean the main subject or subjects) that I've photographed. I can always put stuff on writeable CDs but these have not proved that reliable in recent times. I can always store albums online and send the links to people but hey, if they want to download the photos (or videos) it takes an absolute age and applications like Dropbox just don't really float my boat so much. I like to be able to provide original digital photos to recipients when I next see them and flash drives are the best way for me to do that. So...? Several years ago off I went and bought myself several flash drives for saving photos and videos onto. Of the several I randomly purchased, my favourite is the 32Gb Kingston DataTraveler. I bought it at least 3 or 4 years ago online, I think it was either from Amazon or and at the time I recall it cost somewhat more than it seems to be available for now on Amazon (around £30 at the time of writing). I don't recall the packaging at all but imagine it was as annoying to get to my little flash drive back then as it is nowadays when you buy items such as this, they're packaged to tightly that you'd think you were trying to get into the crown jewels... My needs from a ...

Samsung 2View DV300F 04/11/2015

I'm (Almost) in Love With My Samsung DV300F!

Samsung 2View DV300F I bought the Samsung DV300F about 8 months ago (around mid 2012) after my previous Samsung decided one day that it was no longer going to retract its lens (I had worked it very hard, clocking up well over 15,000 photos in the 2 or so years I’d had it). I had seen this clever looking camera and the idea of having a dual view feature (i.e. a viewing screen on the front so you can see yourself when taking photos). You may think it’s sad to purchase a camera partly based on this feature but there you go; that’s me! So I did a bit of research, reading around on technical review websites and didn’t find anything negative about this 16-megapixel model so off I went credit card in hand to check out various online sites to buy my new toy. As luck would have it, Amazon was selling it at around £130 at the time, considerably cheaper than all other reputable sites (by reputable, I mean sites I’d actually heard of and that I would consider using). And with a whopping 16.0MP I just had to have this camera! Anyway come the day my new camera arrived, I eagerly unpacked the box having been using my old faithful Canon Ixus 75 as back up in the meantime. I tend to take my camera with me to all social events and am somewhat known for being the “mad camera woman” and although most friends jokingly say this, they are very appreciative of the photos when I email them later, provide hard copies when I do prints once in a while or share on my online albums. I digress! Taking my brand new shiny ...

Barcelo Royal Beach, Sunny Beach 31/10/2015

Barcelo Royal Beach - Rude Staff Let Them Down

Barcelo Royal Beach, Sunny Beach September 2015 saw us visiting Bulgaria for the first time and having chosen Barcelo Royal Beach as our hotel base we were hoping to have a pretty decent holiday considering Barcelo is supposedly a well respected brand. If it's 5 star, surely you can't go too far wrong... We had signed up with Barcelo Rewards prior to our visit and had been sent a voucher for 53 Euros to redeem during our stay for hotel services. The local currency in Bulgaria is Lev and at the time of writing, there were approximately 2.6 Levs to £1. ~*~Check-In~*~ After a trouble free 30 minute transfer from the airport we arrived at the hotel just before 8pm and were advised that we'd been upgraded to a residential suite from a residential double room. This was a pleasant surprise although we were not overly enthused about having to leave the hotel and walk through a parade of shops to have to get to the “block” we were staying in. We weren’t advised where the main restaurant was (which I like to think is the least you can be told about), nor anything about where any amenities were. We were given a sheet of paper which had details of what time the restaurants were open as well as the pool and info about the spa. We were given 2 room keys and 2 towel keys to use in exchange for fresh towels each day for use around the pool. We were escorted to our room by a pleasant young man who pushed our luggage on a trolley and showed us how to use our key card to enter the building and open our room, insert in a ...

Princess Andriana Resort & Spa, Rhodes 19/08/2015

Princess Andriana - 5 Star Luxury (Mostly) All the Way

Princess Andriana Resort & Spa, Rhodes We booked and stayed for a week at the 5 star all inclusive Princess Andriana Resort and Spa in May 2015 after having read some fabulous reviews about it on various sites including TripAdvisor. One of the main attractions for my husband was that it had only been built 2 or 3 years ago, so it was essentially a fairly new resort. My husband and I both work hard and we look forward to relaxing on holiday so of late we've taken to just going for all inclusive holiday preferably in 5 star resorts. It's important that we can spend the majority of the holiday without the need or wish to leave the resort for excursions - we personally just want to relax, meet some people from different countries and share travel experiences. So, moving onto the 7 day all inclusive break at Princess Andriana in Kiotari, Rhodes... ~*~Check-In~*~ After a one hour journey by taxi from the airport which cost 80 Euros we were hoping for a quick check in and a couple of relaxing drinks at the bar after a long journey. We arrived around 11pm and the reception looked lovely and grand on first appearance. We did feel the reception staff could have been more friendly and efficient on arrival as it took some time to check in and get given our room keys, we were advised to leave our cases for the porter to take up but we took our hand luggage ourselves as we wanted to freshen up quickly. By the way we got to our room after a long walk down winding corridors having not been given directions; it was quite ...

Dragon King, Park Royal 18/08/2015

Dragon King - Poor to Average Food, Shockingly Poor Service

Dragon King, Park Royal Dragon King is a buffet restaurant located in Park Royal’s Leisure Park, just off the A40 within a 5 minute walk from Park Royal underground station and also reachable by 3 local bus routes. The restaurant can seat 300 people and has two separate function rooms. Dragon King offers 60 dishes for evening meals and 30 for lunch times. As the restaurant is within a Leisure Park there is ample parking available within easy reach of the restaurant. I understand there is a Happy Hour menu available between 15:00 and 17:00 on week days which consists of a starter, main course and dessert. MY EXPERIENCE I had passed Dragon King a few times whilst visiting other places within the Park Royal Leisure complex and thought it was about time we paid a visit as it seemed very popular. We looked up the website and saw that the restaurant only seemed to do buffet meals. This sounded good to us so off we popped down there one Sunday lunchtime. We tried to call several times about an hour prior to leaving home as the opening times stated 12:00 on Sundays and we weren’t sure if we’d need a reservation. When we tried called from 10:45 there was no answer, as soon as it was 11:00 the phone was constantly engaged. We left home hoping to get there for midday and get a table without having to have made a reservation. As we approached the restaurant on the way to park the car at 12:00 the doors seemed to have just opened as we saw a dozen or so people walking inside. The website said the ...

Joe & Seph's Popcorn 23/07/2015

Like Popcorn? Like Cheese? Try Joe & Seph's Cheddar Cheese

Joe & Seph's Popcorn "A wonderfully mature flavour with a distinctive tang." so says the tagline under the product description on a bag of this yummy popcorn. I had the chance recently to sample some Joe & Seph's Cheddar Cheese Popcorn which was a complete novelty to me, having not heard of or tried this brand previously. ~*~How Did I Discover This Interesting Brand?~*~ I do enjoy popcorn immensely so when a colleague purchased these to share in the office, I had to try it and maybe I regretted it as it was available at a duty free sale locally for just £1.50 for a 90g bag. Off I toddled and bought myself a couple of bags thinking that it was good value although I thought 90g was a little mean compared to other popcorn products I might normally purchase. I'll come back to my preconceptions in a short while though... ~*~Joe & Who?~*~ Joe & Seph's is a gourmet popcorn chef and connoisseur. This family business was launched in 2010 and their mission was to produce the best tasting popcorn in the world. The popcorn is made in London by hand by a team of pastry chefs. At the time of writing Joe & Seph's has 40 flavours of popcorn and have won 15 Great Taste Awards. For more info about the brand, check out their website here: ~*~The Packaging~*~ The first time I bought a packet I knew I would have to fight to get into the packet and there was no time to beat around the bush. It was scissors at the ready, I snipped that cardboard label off the top of the pouch ...
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