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Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm 21/07/2014

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm - Read All About It!

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm I recently purchased a Revlon Colorburst Crayon Lacquer Balm in a red shade. I was attracted initially by the colours on display in the range especially the bright red one which I opted for as my first choice. I’d not seen this range before and had not done any research but with a 2 for £10 offer on with a single purchase of this crayon by itself being £5.99 I was happy to go for it without doing any research. I understand this range was released early in 2014 so it’s a fairly new addition to the Revlon lip range. As a long term user of Revlon products I thought I’d give this a try as I really liked the look of the colour of the “chubby” crayon that I picked up – the vibrant red shade was calling out to me “ Buy me, buy me NOW!” ~*~The Good~*~ On getting home I was very eager to try out my shiny new lippy so removed my existing lipstick and carefully applied my brand spanking new Revlon Colorburst Crayon Lacquer Balm. It glides on very smoothly indeed and I liked the way the crayon gave me good definition despite being quite a thick point. The colour looked as great as I imagine it would although to get the real bright vibrant red I wanted I had to apply several coats. With just one coat you get almost a lip gloss effect, you need to apply several layers to get the dazzling look that I was after. I also loved that you don’t have to go on the hunt for a pencil sharpener big enough to accommodate this rather thick crayon/pencil type product as it has a twisty feature ...

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love DVD 03/07/2014

A Tale of Love? More a Tale of Lust and Revenge!

Comme des Garcons Wonderwood Eau de Parfum 10/06/2014

Commes des Garcons Wonderwood is Wonderful

Comme des Garcons Wonderwood Eau de Parfum My husband is pretty obsessed with good hygiene (which is great for me) and also with smelling nice (which is also good for me until he starts stealing my unisex perfumes). Sometimes I think he makes some rather poor choices but once in a while he picks out a blinder of a scent. He doesn’t buy a new scent lightly, he will test it in store, pick up some samples and try out at home to see how long it lasts and to see if I like it (the latter not always being a factor in his decision making process). One of his better buys in recent times was a purchase of Commes des Garcons Wonderwood. When hubby came home with some samples of this, I was much impressed when he tried it on and felt I had to try it too as the scent was just so overwhelming divine. I absolutely love the smell of sandalwood and this is a very apparent scent in Commes des Garcons Wonderwood. Commes des Garcons Wonderwood is most definitely a very woody fragrance which will appeal to people who like woody fragrances. There is no mistaking the woody aroma of this very masculine scent. The sandalwood is very apparent to my nose and this is my favourite part of the scent. Even though it’s a man fragrance, I keep “borrowing” it and spraying it on myself when I’m at home as I just like it so much. Hubby hasn’t quite noticed that I’ve been doing this but then again, I don’t care, he’s quite happy to steal my unisex perfumes when he feels like it. Commes des Garcons Wonderwood has very good staying power, it lasts a ...

5 Star Office Crystal Tape 06/06/2014

5 Star Tape is Not Exactly 5 Star Quality

5 Star Office Crystal Tape I’ve used 5 Star Office Crystal Tape on and off over the years. It’s not something I use at home but only in the workplace. This happens when working for a company that chooses to use the most economy stationery items due to such high stationery usage. In other words, I’ve generally only had to use it when working for large firms rather than small to medium ones. I will say up front that I’m not really a fan of 5 Star Office Crystal Tape – I do generally find most 5 Star products to be of very good value and decent quality but sadly, it is not the case with this tape. 5 Star Office Crystal Tape is 19mm in width and 33m in length. 19mm x 33m is fairly standard for tapes of this type and are made this size to they can fit standard tape dispensers. 33m seems to last quite a long time, I’ll explain why in a moment. The tape is somewhat uncooperative when unrolling to use. If you use with a tape dispenser it is awkward in use and difficult to tear. If you try to tear the tape with your teeth (as some people still do, no matter how unhygienic this may be), you will find yourself getting quite frustrated as it’s not easy – this gives the impression that the tape is strong but the lack of real long lasting stickiness kind of defeats the object of the tape being fairly strong. The tape itself looks cheap and has a cheap feel to it. You can tell how cheap it is when you actually use it as I don’t find it to be very reliable in holding down things I want it to hold down, i.e. its ...

5 Star Subject Divider 30/05/2014

5 Star Subject Divider - 100% Fit for Purpose

5 Star Subject Divider I’ve been using 5 Star Subject Dividers for more years than I care to remember both in the workplace and at home. These dividers come in a variety of packs to suit your individual and department needs. The dividers are made of fairly sturdy 230 micron board and are available as follows: * 5 part blank tabs multi-colour * 10 part blank tabs multi-colour * 12 part blank tabs multi-colour * 15 part blank tabs multi-colour * 10 part white card numbered 1-10 with index page * 10 part white card blank multi-colour tabs extra wide with index page and various others including alphabetical tabs. 230 micron basically means the card is 2.3mm thick as 1000 microns = 1 mm. This can also be described by weight gsm (grammes per square meter) and 230 microns is roughly 170-180 gsm. Some 5 Star dividers are available in 160 gsm but it’s not a whole lot of difference at the end of the day. The dividers also have more than enough holes punched in them to use with pretty much all type of files/folders to suit all needs and to date I’ve never had the need to have to punch further holes in the dividers. Over a period of time you might find that the holes start to tear out so either replace them or use those hole punch reinforcement thingies you can get really cheap (something like 500 for 50p). The first 4 dividers listed above have tabs which are easy to write on with pencil or pen. Obviously if you use pencil you can re-use at a later stage and even when using pen, I’ve managed to save ...

Already Dead (DVD) 28/05/2014

Already Dead? Not Exactly!

Already Dead (DVD) Already Dead is a 2008 Hollywood film starring Ron Eldard, Til Schweiger, Christopher Plummer and Patrick Kilpatrick. ~*~Plot~*~ Thomas Archer seems to have the perfect life, a great job, a loving wife and an adoring son. His world is then turned upside down when his wife is attacked brutally and his young son is killed. Understandably he feels like it’s the end of the world for him and as the police don’t seem to want to do anything to find the killer and bring him to justice claiming budget cuts, things seem even worse for him. He starts to see Dr Heller, a psychiatrist, who devises a plan for Thomas to get revenge on the man who attacked his family. ~*~Analysis~*~ I’d never heard of this film prior to watching it but the fact it had Christopher Plummer in made me curious as well as Ron Eldard as he was good in his role in Sleepers and I also remembered him from Drop Dead Fred. He’s still got his boyish looks and has a very cute look about him which makes it hard to believe he’s in his 40s. This made it easier to empathise with his character in the film who understandably feels his world has collapsed around him after the murder of his son. So in a ways it’s understandable when he is offers the opportunity to exact his own form of revenge on the man who killed his son. Some might think that he’s not a strong enough character to pull off the role but I think his boyish looks and natural vulnerability helped in the role as he’s, after all, supposed to be an every day ...

The Last Resort - Carmen Posadas 26/05/2014

The Last Resort - It Really Was...

The Last Resort - Carmen Posadas The Last Resort is a mystery novel mostly set in Morocco written by Carmen Posadas and originally published in 1996 with the first UK translation available in 2005. The English translation was done by Kristina Cordero. ~*~Plot Summary~*~ Rafael Molinet Rojas is an aging gay Spaniard who has spent most of his life dedicated to caring for his mother who has just passed away. Living in London, he has decided to go on a luxury holiday to Morocco and whilst there he intends to end his life as he feels he has nothing to live for. Just before he leaves for his holiday he meets up with his niece Fernanda who tells him a high society bit of gossip about the suspicious death of Jaime Valdes, a very rich philanderer. When he arrives at the luxury resort he finds that one of the other guests there is Valdes’ widow. Even though Molinet is determined to keep out of things the gossip and scandalous events grab his interest and he starts to find out things that lead to worrying events. ~*~Analysis~*~ I was really hoping to like this book as the back cover seemed to promise so much. It promised mystery, an exotic luxury holiday, scandal and high society gossip. It sounds like it should have been an enthralling read and with stories like this, I’m usually hooked from quite early on. On top of that I’ve taken this away with me on holiday a few times as that’s when I do a lot of reading, sitting by the pool. Usually I take books away with me and manage to finish them whilst away. With ...

5 Star Letter Tray 16/05/2014

5 Star Letter Tray - No Fuss, No Frills But Truly Fit For Purpose

5 Star Letter Tray I purchased a set of 5 Star Letter Trays some time ago as I had previously used many 5 Star products and found them to be good enough quality for the work place and good enough for my needs at home. I needed 3 trays for home use and paid around £1.50 per tray and had to purchase 2 sets of 4 risers as well to stack the trays for £0.35 a set. I bought them in black as I wanted a colour that would match my laptop and printer colours. These trays measure 25.5cm in width, 36.7cm in depth and 6.5cm in height each. They are made of fairly durable plastic (high-impact polystyrene) although they are suitable for paper documents rather than for bricks (why would you want to put bricks in your letter trays in the first place anonymili? I don’t know, I was just saying). The tray can accommodate both A4 sized documents as well as foolscap. The risers fit in quite easily although you probably need to give them a good tap to ensure they’ve gone right in and that the trays are even. The trays are available in black, red, blue and grey and come with a small label to put over the small tab at the front of each tray so you can label each tray as you see fit. I don’t use the labels for home use personally but when I’ve used these same brand of trays at work, I’ve labelled them fairly basically such as “in”, “out” and “pending”. These trays are not going to win any awards for quality or looks but they are fit for purpose and are available at a very reasonable price. Saying that the RRP of ...

T-Zone Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Exfoliating Wipes 16/05/2014

T-Zone Exfoliating Wipes - Not Just for Your T-Zone

T-Zone Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Exfoliating Wipes I’d never bought anything from the T-Zone range prior to picking up a pack of these in a local £1 store. I buy wipes regularly and so far don’t have any loyalty to any particular brand but I don’t like to pay more than £1 a pack as I get through them so quickly. Each pack has 20 wipes inside and they seem to be larger in size than normal wipes that I purchase. At just under 7 inches in length and 4 inches in width the pack is smaller than most other facial wipes packs and I think the packing of the wipes is overall more compact. The pack is easy to open to remove the wipes as needed and seals back down very well so the wipes don't dry out - this might seem obvious but I've actually previously experienced other brands of wipes which didn't seal back down too well after removing the first few wipes. The first thing I noticed when opening the pack is how strong the scent was of the wipes. This is something I did not like. The scent to me is rather unpleasant and almost put me off using the wipes. Saying that, once I actually apply the wipe to my face and wipe off my makeup I find the wipes are easy to use and very effectively remove all traces of makeup with ease. They also seem to remove all traces of dirt too if you’re not wearing makeup. There is no need to wash your face after using these. The wipes have an exfoliating texture which helps to cleanse pores as well as opening them. The Tea Tree and Witch Hazel contained in the wipes are known for their anti-bacterial ...

Jackpot (Hindi) (DVD) 15/05/2014

Jackpot Wasn't a Win For Me

Jackpot (Hindi) (DVD) Jackpot is a Bollywood (Hindi language) comedy thriller film released in 2013 starring Naseeruddin Shah, Sunny Leone and Sachiin J Joshi. ~*~Plot Summary~*~ The film opens with a body falling from a boat after a gunshot rings out. The story then goes into flashback mode telling the tale of events leading up to this shooting on the casino boat which is due to be conned by a group of young friends (including Francis) who come up against some difficulty when they meet Boss (the casino boat owner) and sexy siren Maya. ~*~Analysis~*~ The film starts off with the narrator saying in Goa everything stops in the rainy season. It gives you the impression that this is going to be a good watch. I’ll tell you now that sadly, this wasn’t the case. I (wrongly) assumed a film set in Goa would be trendy, punchy and interesting but despite having veteran Naseeruddin Shah in the film, it was a real flop as far as I’m concerned. Opening credits song starts off in English and is about gambling, it’s supposed to be seductive I guess with scantily clad women and scenes of poker players and dice throwing and people holding hand guns, partway through the song it changes to Hindi language and back to English again Having a 4 poster bed on the balcony overlooking the sea in one scene also makes the film’s location look more appealing and luxurious than it actually is. Naseeruddin Shah’s character (Boss - couldn't they be creative enough to give him an actual name?) looks ridiculous from the ...

Bad Girls From Valley High (DVD) 14/05/2014

Bad Girls from Valley High - This is Not for Over 18s!

Bad Girls From Valley High (DVD) Bad Girls from Valley High was released in 2005 and is a The Bubble Factory presentation. ~*~Plot Summary~*~ Danielle, Tiffany and Brooke are the most popular girls in their school. They’re also the meanest girls. Danielle is extremely spoilt and used to get her own way and God help anyone who gets in the way of that. So she and her best friends are really not very happy at all when a foreign exchange student joins their school from Romania. Katarina is instantly popular and she becomes close to Drew who girlfriend Charity is believed to have committed suicide a while ago. Strange things start happening when Danielle starts volunteering at the care home where Drew works. She and her friends start to believe that the ghost of Charity is haunting them. ~*~Analysis~*~ Bad Girls from Valley High was made in 2000 but was never released in the cinema. If you watch the film, you’ll pretty much understand why. I bought the DVD from the local 99p Stores and I still felt I paid too much. Well maybe that’s not strictly true. I was curious to watch this as I had found Julie Benz who plays the evil beauty Danielle to be quite watchable in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also in Angel. Then after watching the Bad Girls from Valley High I realised why she had previously only appeared as guest star on shows like Diagnosis: Murder, Boy Meets World, Married with Children and The King of Queens. I found the character of Danielle to be beyond shallow and completely detestable. The way she ...

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips 13/05/2014

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine - Don't Believe the Hype

Melia Benidorm, Benidorm 11/05/2014

Melia Benidorm - Luxury in Benidorm

Melia Benidorm, Benidorm Before you start, this is going to be a long one, so don’t say you weren’t warned! My husband and I stayed at the Melia Benidorm for 10 nights during March 2014 for our 10th anniversary having booked through Trip Advisor the cost was £1,150 for both flights and all inclusive accommodation. It was our first time going to Benidorm and we weren’t sure what to expect but we were really hoping it would be nothing like that ghastly TV show Benidorm that we’ve caught glimpses of over the years. ~*~Check-In~*~ We had arranged a coach transfer from the airport which took around 60 minutes with all the drops off en route from Alicante Airport (50km away). On arrival the check in process took literally a few minutes and we found David on reception to be very helpful. He upgraded us to a superior room as we asked for a room with a large wardrobe to accommodate all of our clothing; hubby likes to dress up for dinner EVERY night you see. We specifically asked for a room above the 6th floor as from reviews we had gathered that the higher rooms have a bath and shower whereas lower rooms only have showers. We couldn’t have complained about the check in process at all, very friendly and efficient. The hotel has 2 panoramic lifts going up to the 5th floor and even though we couldn’t use these lifts to get to our rooms, we made sure we had a ride in these lifts so we could see the views from the glass lifts which were fairly impressive. ~*~Room~*~ We were given 2 keys for the room and 1 ...

Dharma And Greg - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 06/05/2014

Dharma and Greg Season 1 - A Neat Sitcom

Dharma And Greg - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) Dharma and Greg was an American sitcom which aired from 1997 – 2002. I really enjoyed the show when it first aired so happily purchased season 1 some time ago to add to my DVD collection. ~*~Premise~*~ Dharma Finkelstein and Greg Montgomery meet on a train many years after seeing each other on a train as children and fall for each other. Initially Greg worries that he’ll never see Dharma again as their paths cross on a crowded train whilst he boards and she gets off the train but she ends up waiting for him in his office the whole time he’s worried about never finding her again. They run out of the office to spend time together and end up getting married within 24 hours much to the dismay of his snobbish parents Edward and Kitty, more so his mother, who is horrified that her beloved son “Gregory darling” has married this “hippy chick” and much to the shock of Dharma’s dad who doesn’t actually believe in marriage. ~*~Analysis~*~ I understand Dharma and Greg was written specifically with Jenna Elfman in mind for the role of Dharma. The producers were looking to create a show with a confident young woman who was actually happy with her life, her career and her appearance as opposed to the neurotic female leads in some other shows of the era. Dharma was certainly a confident character and Elfman was a joy to watch as the free-spirited almost child-like character that says what she’s thinking and does what she wants to do. She’s a yoga-teacher and dog trainer for a living ...

Saboteur (DVD) 26/04/2014

Saboteur - An Early Hitchcock Thriller

Saboteur (DVD) Saboteur is a 1942 released Hitchcock thriller starring Robert Cummings as Barry Kane and Priscilla Lane as Patricia Martin. ~*~ Barry Kane works at an aircraft factory and when it blows up killing his best friend in the process, the finger of blame is pointed squarely at him as the fire extinguisher he handed to his friend contained gasoline. As the fire extinguisher was handed to Kane by a man named Fry, Kane goes on the run from the police trying to find Fry to prove his own innocence and expose Fry as the saboteur. In the process of trying to clear his name Kane meets various people who try to help or hinder him including Patricia Martin, the glamorous model niece of a kindly blind man who gives him shelter from the rain. Patricia doesn’t know whether or not Kane is guilty but finds it hard to fight her attraction to him. Will her feelings for Kane put her in mortal danger? Will Kane find Fry before more things get more sinister? ~*~ Saboteur is not one of Hitchcock’s more famous films to my knowledge. Released in the early 40s it was a black and white film and this might put some people off watching. Personally I found the black and white aspect of the film quite atmospheric. Shadows are used effectively and the darkness made sinister scenes appear more realistic. Robert Cummings played the role of the hard done by factory worker Kane, who suddenly finds himself a wanted man on top of his best friend dying in an explosion and he’s determined to find the killer ...
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