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Crowne Plaza Gatwick, Crawley 18/03/2015

Crowne Plaza Gatwick - Needs Improvement in Several Areas

Crowne Plaza Gatwick, Crawley We booked a night’s stay at the Crowne Plaza, Gatwick, via an online offer for a week’s parking with 1 night’s stay at the hotel and a night’s parking at the hotel too. We’d added breakfast into the price as well and armed with the confirmation of booking; off we went to Gatwick arriving at around 3.30pm on a Saturday afternoon, the day before we were flying off to the Canary Islands. ~Car Park and Reception~ On arrival we were impressed with the size of the car park and we assumed the hotel couldn’t be very busy due to the many empty parking spaces we could see. Walking into reception we saw 2 receptionists at the regular desks and 1 on the IHG members with guests queuing up at each desk. As an IHG member I joined that queue when suddenly the receptionist from that desk just walked off into a back office and didn’t come back. The guest at that desk then moved to queue at another desk. It took about 15 minutes to check in which wasn’t impressive. The receptionist (Elisabeth) who checked us in was not very warm or friendly at all and we didn’t feel at all welcome. After getting us to enter our care registration number on a screen, fill out their registration forms and giving us the room key, she then asked us how we were going to pay for the parking. I said it was already paid for and she seemed confused. I waved the confirmation at her again pointing out the bit which said parking was included and asked her to read it again. She confirmed that it had actually already ...

Canon CanoScan LiDE 100 15/03/2015

CanoScan LiDE 100 - I Love My LiDE

Life On Mars - Series 1 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) 18/02/2015

Life on Mars - Take a Look at the Lawman...

Crime Traveller (Collector's Box Set) (DVD) 14/02/2015

Crime Traveller - Not As Entertaining the Second Time Around

What A Carve Up (DVD) 14/02/2015

What a Carve Up - A Bit of a Carve Up

What A Carve Up (DVD) What a Carve Up is a 1961 British comedy murder mystery starring the late Sid James and Kenneth Connor. If you don't like black and white films, be warned this is one of them! ~*~Plot~*~ Wealthy recluse Gabriel Broughton dies and his relatives gather to hear the reading of the will. They are required to stay at the Broughton mansion overnight and one by one they are murdered off. The remaining few have to try and work out who’s killing everyone off before they too become victims. ~*~Analysis~*~ From reading the plot summary above you could be fooled into thinking this is a good story. Sadly it wasn’t. Comedy and murder mysteries don’t go too well unless they’re done really well. What a Carve Up wasn’t done very well. Unless, of course, you’re a diehard fan of Carry On films and will lap up anything that the stars of that series of films appear in. Kenneth Connor stars as Ernest Broughton, a somewhat dense but likeable nephew of the deceased. He’s a very nervous character so it’s no wonder that he asks his friend Sid Butler to spend the night with him as he’s too scared to sleep alone. Connor wasn’t anything of note in his role and his character was typical of his Carry On roles, a bumbling idiot, to put it bluntly. Sid James plays Sid Butler who goes along with Ernie as his legal counsel. His character is shrewder than his friend Ernie but James plays the role pretty much typically as he did any other Carry On roles that he did. A scene that was really played for ...

Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum Spray 10/02/2015

Chanel No 5 EDP - A Class of its Own But Doesn't Last

Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum Spray Chanel No 5 is in a class of its own. But how does the Eau de Toilette match up to the reputation of Chanel? MY RELATIONSHIP WITH NO 5 My mum wore Chanel No 5 when I was growing up so I’ve always known this scent. Mum always used the perfume and I used to be fascinated watching her dab a little bit of this grown up scent behind her ears and on her wrists. As a grown-up I found my own favourite perfumes and never felt the urge to splash out on Chanel No 5. I met my husband over 7 years ago and he kept nagging me to wear Chanel No 5. Now, for reasons I won’t go into, my husband does not buy me perfume. He will buy me anything else I ask for from gold and diamonds to designer shoes and handbags but he won’t buy me perfumes so I have to buy them for myself. So I just made him wait till I got around to buying myself some Chanel No 5 - I made him wait for years. Ever heard of that expression “Cutting off your nose to spite your face?” Well that applies to me, and then some! Having recently splurged on a 100ml bottle of Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette and a 50ml bottle of the Eau de Parfum, I’m in love with this perfume and can’t understand why I wasted so many years not having this feminine and classic scent in my perfume collection! THE HISTORY BEHIND NO 5 Chanel No 5 has been around since 1921. It was Gabrielle (aka Coco) Chanel’s first ever fragrance and it was also the first ever fragrance created which was given the designer’s name. Although it was her first perfume to be ...

Mitsis Laguna Exclusive Resort & Spa, Hersonissos 08/02/2015

Mitsis Laguna - Probably the BEST Resort in Crete

Mitsis Laguna Exclusive Resort & Spa, Hersonissos We spent 7 glorious days at Mitsis Laguna in early October 2014. Here’s what we thought… Advance warning – this is a LONG review. Firstly, let me say that we had visited 2 other Mitsis hotels in Crete in the preceding 18 months before visiting Laguna - Serita Beach and Rinela. Laguna is the first 5 star Mitsis we've visited. We had driven past the Laguna on our previous trips to Crete and had been looking forward to our visit for months. We were hoping that the hotel would be at least somewhere close in looks to the photos we’d seen online as we'd already seen from outside that it looked pretty grand. ~*~Reception/Check In~*~ We were not disappointed from the moment we walked into the spacious reception and were greeted by the efficient and friendly reception staff who made us feel very welcome indeed. It was a lovely touch to be given some cold face towels to freshen up with after a long journey and having come from a rather cold and wet London and arriving in Crete to 32 degrees. We were about 40 of us checking in at the same time but it was all done very efficiently and also with a welcome iced lemon drink too. On the 2nd or 3rd day of our stay I went to enquire at reception about the Mitsis Reward programme (Friends Club) which allows you to save points per stay at the 5 star resorts and build up towards free stays and other advantages. I had signed up for this programme several months before visiting the Laguna but it didn't work and no one had responded to my ...

All In Good Time(DVD) 21/01/2015

All in Good Time - Really All in Good Time

All In Good Time(DVD) All in Good Time is a 2012 British film which was adapted from a 60s TV play called Honeymoon Postponed. ~*~Plot Summary~*~ A young Indian couple Atul and Vina have just got married and are living in Atul’s parents’ home in Bolton. They have been unable to consummate the marriage partly due to the cramped living conditions and partly due to the fact that the parents are always around and Atul’s father is so over-bearing. This starts to cause a strain on the marriage quite early on and the story focuses on how this affects the couple and those around them. ~*~Analysis~*~ I had never heard of this film before I caught it on TV recently and found myself quite engrossed in the story from early on. Vina is played by Amara Karan and I initially found myself wondering where on earth I’d seen her before until it clicked that I’d seen her in a Doctor Who episode. Karan is delightful as the new bride in the film playing the role with grace, sincerity and shyness that you don’t much see in young Indian women brought up in the UK today. Reece Ritchie plays Atul, the hard done by groom who is getting pressure in all directions to “perform as a man”. It seems his parents, in-laws, neighbours and colleagues all think his manhood rests on his ability to consummate the marriage and what starts out as a depressing issue between the newlyweds becomes common knowledge in the neighbourhood and amongst the family and so the pressure just makes things even more difficult. Atul works in a ...

Comme des Garcons Wonderwood Eau de Parfum 18/01/2015

Commes des Garcons Wonderwood is Wonderful

Comme des Garcons Wonderwood Eau de Parfum My husband is pretty obsessed with good hygiene (which is great for me) and also with smelling nice (which is also good for me until he starts stealing my unisex perfumes). Sometimes I think he makes some rather poor choices but once in a while he picks out a blinder of a scent. He doesn’t buy a new scent lightly, he will test it in store, pick up some samples and try out at home to see how long it lasts and to see if I like it (the latter not always being a factor in his decision making process). One of his better buys in recent times was a purchase of Commes des Garcons Wonderwood. When hubby came home with some samples of this, I was much impressed when he tried it on and felt I had to try it too as the scent was just so overwhelming divine. I absolutely love the smell of sandalwood and this is a very apparent scent in Commes des Garcons Wonderwood. Commes des Garcons Wonderwood is most definitely a very woody fragrance which will appeal to people who like woody fragrances. There is no mistaking the woody aroma of this very masculine scent. The sandalwood is very apparent to my nose and this is my favourite part of the scent. Even though it’s a man fragrance, I keep “borrowing” it and spraying it on myself when I’m at home as I just like it so much. Hubby hasn’t quite noticed that I’ve been doing this but then again, I don’t care, he’s quite happy to steal my unisex perfumes when he feels like it. Commes des Garcons Wonderwood has very good staying power, it lasts a ...

Hardwired (DVD) 06/01/2015

Hardwired - A Future Full of Adverts

Hardwired (DVD) Hardwired is a 2009 futuristic thriller starring Cuba Gooding Jr, Val Kilmer and Michael Ironside. ~*~Synopsis~*~ Luke Gibson is in a car crash which claims the life of his wife and unborn baby. Due to suffering from severe brain damage Luke’s life is saved by the Hope Corporation whereby they implant a chip into his brain. Things are not all as they seem as he now has no memory of having a wife or the accident and he is continually seeing adverts in his mind which is a side-effect of the chip implant. With the help of some underground hackers Luke starts to piece together his past and tries to find out more about the Hope Corporation and it’s sinister owner Virgil Kirkhill. Can Luke and the hackers possibly hope to win against such a large corporation? ~*~Analysis~*~ Hardwired is quite a watchable film if you’re into sci-fi thrillers based on what technology can end up doing to us. The premise of having your mind wiped and replaced with constant adverts and instructions telling you what to do is quite bizarre but I’m sure there are companies out there working on doing things just like that. We’re already in an age where we are followed around by adverts be it on the television (available for decades), postal adverts (also decades), email adverts (the last decade or so) and mobile phone (the last few years). How much notice we take of these adverts depends on us as individuals. If, like me, you hate being harassed by random adverts, you might have ad blockers on your PC ...

Murphy's Law Series 2 (DVD) 03/01/2015

Murphy's Law Series 2 - Almost as Great as Series 1

Murphy's Law Series 2 (DVD) Murphy's Law was a BBC crime drama which ran for 5 seasons from 2001 to 2007 with the pilot episode being aired in 2001 and series 1 being aired in 2003. The series starred James Nesbitt as undercover police officer Thomas Murphy. Murphy's is a cop from Belfast whose wife and daughter were held hostage by terrorists who wanted him to drive a bomb into the barracks and potentially kill 200 people. Murphy couldn’t go through with it so the terrorists killed his daughter making his wife watch. Consequently Murphy’s wife blames him for the death of their daughter and the marriage collapses. This all happens prior to the series starting and is referred to several times during the first series and is also a minor running theme in series 2. ~*~Series 2 Episodes~*~ “Jack’s Back” has Murphy going undercover as a homeless drunk in an attempt to find a serial killer who’s targeting women on London’s streets. The case is more personal this time as someone close to Murphy is a victim of the killer too. Murphy and Carter have to find out what connection, in any, there is with the murderer and a West End play about Jack the Ripper. During the investigation Murphy befriends a young homeless Serbian woman Beka who he becomes very protective of. In “Bent Moon On The Rise” Murphy goes undercover as a police officer to find out if a fellow officer who has committed suicide was being bullied and a victim of racism from within his squad. It’s a close knit squad who are clearly grieving ...

Murphy's Law Series 1 (DVD) 03/01/2015

Murphy's Law Season 1 - A Great BBC Crime Drama

Murphy's Law Series 1 (DVD) Murphy's Law was a BBC police drama show starring James Nesbitt as undercover cop Thomas Murphy. Season 1 was originally aired in 2001 (pilot episode) and 2003 (4 feature length episodes). Murphy's back story is that his young daughter was killed by terrorists in Northern Ireland which led to the breakup of his marriage to Karen, a reporter. This back story is mentioned several times during the series. Murphy is charming, funny as well as being a tough cookie. ~*~Summary of Episodes~*~ The pilot episode introduces us to Murphy as he goes undercover within a group of undertakers who also do a bit of diamond stealing on the side. We meet Annie during this episode who later becomes Murphy’s boss and colleague Carter played by Claudia Harrison and Del Synott respectively. “Electric Bill” sees Murphy going undercover in a prison to try to get a suspected serial killer to confess and give up the location of his latest victim who’s still alive. Murphy has to race against the clock to try to get a confession and the location as well as facing all the other thugs inside who are trying to prove who’s in charge. “Manic Munday” Murphy and boss Annie go undercover as private security for an Irish champion snooker player, Micky Munday (played by Adrian Dunbar) whose life is under threat. Complications are added when Murphy’s wife turns up and someone from back home is trying to get the favourites to fix the frame scores in the finals. “Kiss and Tell” has Murphy going ...

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede 29/12/2014

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede - Not Exactly Ultimate

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede I bought Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede as an impulse buy a few months ago at Superdrug and thought I’d share my views on it with you. When paying £8.99 for a lipstick you don’t know what to expect. It’s not expensive as lipsticks go but it’s definitely not what you’d consider to be cheap either. I think with Rimmel lipsticks you can get one for around £5 still these days but with Revlon £8 or upwards is about average price for their lip products. The packaging for Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede is nothing very exciting. I wouldn’t say it is cheap looking but neither is it something that jumps out at you and says “buy me”. The clear plastic lid is easily removed once you peel off the ingredients list (which incidentally leaves an annoying glue residue) and like most other lipsticks on the market you just twist up the bottom for the lipstick to come out. I’m not sure what I was really expecting with my purchase of Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede but I was sort of expecting it to glide on and feel velvety soft in a way that suede feels when you touch it. This is not quite the effect that this lipstick has when applying. It’s a lipstick that has a fairly matt texture and appearance and even though it glides on easily enough, it seems to need a couple of applications so it doesn’t look like a bland lip balm. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede is pretty durable. I can apply it in the morning before going to work and find that it’s still mostly there by the home I get home from ...

Will And Grace - Series 8 - Complete (DVD) 13/12/2014

Farewell Will & Grace

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (DVD) 15/10/2014

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Show

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