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What new torture is this now Ciao? Having to refresh pages as just rating VH is trying to make me leave a comment. Wow, a whole £2 in the PF LOL

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Rosemary and Thyme Series 1 (DVD) 19/04/2014

The Beginning of Rosemary and Thyme

Rosemary and Thyme Series 1 (DVD) Rosemary and Thyme is a gentle British TV crime fiction series set in gardens of varying sizes in England and Europe. The title characters are Rosemary Boxer, played by Felicity Kendal and Laura Thyme, played by Pam Ferris. Rosemary is an ex horticulture lecturer and Thyme is a farmer’s daughter and ex WPC whose husband has left her for a younger colleague. The series was produced by Carnival for ITV1. Series 1 of Rosemary and Thyme has 6 episodes of just under 50 minutes each and each episode is a self-contained story although the friendship and working relationship between the 2 leads is a running theme developed throughout the series. Series 1 originally aired from August to October 2003. *Episodes and Analysis* The episodes in series 1 are titled as follows: * And No Birds Sing * Arabica and the Early Spider * The Language of Flowers * Sweet Angelica * A Simple Plot * The Tree of Death. As you will hopefully notice the episode titles all have horticultural themes, however subtle. Episode 1 opens with Laura Thyme being collected by a taxi from her home with her cases and throwing a large stone through the window. She tells her best friend Sam’s wife that her husband has left her for a “23 year old tart”. Not surprisingly, she’s very hurt after 27 years of marriage. Sam takes her to a local pub cum hotel where Rosemary happens to be staying and tells her he’ll pick her up the next morning. When Sam doesn’t turn up the next morning Rosemary kindly offers to give ...

Kingsley House Skincare Cocoa Butter Cream 16/04/2014

Kingsley House Cocoa Butter - Does What it Says on the Tin

Kingsley House Skincare Cocoa Butter Cream My husband has recently become obsessed with using a Cocoa Butter Cream made by Kingsley House Skincare. If he were to write this review he would give it 5 out of 5 stars but as he’s not you’ll have to make do with my opinion. ~*~Purchase, Use & All That Stuff~*~ The cream was purchased in our local 99p Stores and hubby was so impressed with it that he went out and bought another 4 tubs of it in case it somehow ran out. I didn’t think this would be an issue personally as I’ve seen it stocked there on and off for several years but the Cocoa Butter aspect just didn’t appeal to me. There’s no particular reason for this aside from the fact that I don’t find the scent appealing. As a body cream this is very effective. Price wise it’s a gem of a product. 500ml of body cream for under £1? Who’d think it was possible to manufacture something so cheaply what with products out there retailing for upwards of £10 for just 50ml? The product comes to you in a basic tub, no frills plain plastic tub. Who cares? I certainly don’t. I don’t need a pretty container for my cream. As long as it does what it needs to do, i.e. moisturise my skin, I’m fairly happy. The cream is quickly absorbed into your skin when applied. Once absorbed, it’s very effective and keeps your skin moisturised as well as, if not better than, many other more expensive body creams. The formulation is moisture rich so this is one of the major plus points and it’s what it was bought for, so no complaints there. It’s ...

Grown Ups (DVD) 14/04/2014

Growns Up Growing Up

Grown Ups (DVD) Grown Ups is a Hollywood 2010 released comedy starring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider and David Spade in the roles of 5 old school buddies reunited when their high school basketball coach died. ~*~ Lenny, Kurt, Eric, Rob and Marcus are reunited 30 years after winning a basketball game in school. Although they were close until they left full time education they seem to have gone their separate ways after that. Lenny is a successful film talent agent married to a gorgeous fashion designer and has 3 children, his older 2 seemingly quite spoilt. Kurt is a stay at home dad whose wife is expecting their third child and has his mother in law living with him belittling him at every opportunity she gets. Rob is on his 4th marriage, his latest wife being 30 years his senior and a hippie. Eric part owns a furniture company, seems to be doing well financially but is not happy about his 4 year old son still being breast-fed by his overly maternal wife. Marcus still hasn’t settled down and is quite a womaniser. For the weekend of their high school coach’s funeral Lenny has rented a large lake house for them all to stay at where they hung out in their childhood days and it’s time for some bonding but things don’t exactly go as they planned, not least because the assorted kids just want to hang around indoors playing computer games and texting on their phones. ~*~ I had not planned on watching this film as even though I might have read some reviews about it, the ...

Fracture (DVD) 11/04/2014

Fracture - Hopkins & Gosling - a Good Pairing

5 improvements you would like to see on Ciao 10/04/2014

Fix What Needs Fixing, Leave the Rest Alone

5 improvements you would like to see on Ciao Having been a member of the site since 2002 I thought I’d throw in my feelings about improvements I’d like to see on the site. I personally find Ciao a pretty good platform to write on already but as we’ve been asked to share our thoughts on possible improvements; here we go: 1. Limit Number of Reviews Per Member Per Day I think there’s always been an issue when overly zealous new members join the site to churn out dozens of reviews in a day as they’re new and don’t really get the community aspect of the site. They see the site as somewhere they can earn lots of money for writing review so they scrawl out sub-standard 5 line reviews and post them here and sit back expecting lots of money to come in. They find out pretty soon that it doesn’t actually work that way and often disappear within a week or so having churned on a couple of days during which other members have had their noses mightily put out of joint due to having had their reviews disappear so quickly off the new reviews list. If there were say a limit of 5 reviews per day and a limit of say 1 review per hour or per 2 hours, leaving a gap between posting of reviews this might alleviate the issue – new members might attract more ratings on their reviews and might even stick around longer. 2. Fix the Guestbook Glitch For a long time now there have been serious issues with viewing messages in guestbooks, both public and personal ones. You can only view the last 3 or 4 messages and if you try to scroll down to ...

Aashiqui 2 (DVD) 02/04/2014

Aashiqui 2 - a Tale of Love, Addiction and Ambition

Aashiqui 2 (DVD) Aashiqui 2 is a Bollywood (Hindi language) film released in 2013 starring newcomers Aditya Ray Kapoor and Shradda Kapoor. ~*~ Rahul Jaykar is famous and successful pop star whose career is staring to take a nosedive due to his excessive drinking and unreliability. At a show in Goa he jumps into the audience and attacks a fan that heckles him and throws water at him whilst he’s singing on stage. He drives away from the concert and crashes his car narrowly missing a young woman but in the process destroying her shopping. The woman, Aarohi, scolds him for driving so carelessly and for wearing sunglasses at night. Later that same evening he sees Aarohi singing at a bar and she is embarrassed when she realises the guy she scolded is her singing idol. Rahul persuades her to stop singing in bars and return to Mumbai with him so he can set her up with a singing contract. Does she make it big or not? Does Rahul overcome his drinking problem? ~*~ I’m not sure how this film has anything to do with the first Aashiqui released back in 1990. This supposedly being a sequel to that film made no sense whatsoever. I don’t get why they just didn’t give the film a completely different name. The opening credits give thanks (as is pretty standard with Bollywood films) to media partners and digital partners, followed by a colourful opening sequence to advertise that it is a T Series film and that it’s presented by Gulshan Kumar and Mahesh Bhatt. This exciting and vibrant beginning seems to be ...

The Saint Strikes Back (DVD) 02/04/2014

The Saint Strikes Back - Simon Templar in the 1930s

The Saint Strikes Back (DVD) The Saint Strikes Back is a 1939 film starring George Sanders as Simon Templar also known as The Saint. At a New Year’s party Simon Templar gets Val Travers out of a sticky situation with the police. Her father had been a police officer who had killed himself due to being suspected of being dishonest. Templar aims to clear Val’s father name although she is reluctant to accept his help as she’s suspicious of his motives. The Saint Strikes Back is a short film at only 64 minutes duration, it’s almost more like a TV series than a film but this was back in 1939 and they were able to pack a whole film into this amount of time, action and all. George Sanders is superb and The Saint/Simon Templar, he looks so very debonair throughout the film, just as you’d imagine the writer of the Simon Templar adventures, Leslie Charteris, would have pictured him. Sanders dresses in a 3 piece suit throughout the film and if you’ve ever seen the later TV series starring Roger Moore in the 60s and Ian Ogilvy in the 70s series revival, you might find it hard to choose who best played the character. This is the first time I’d seen Sanders in the role and I was suitably impressed. Sanders went on to do another 3 films in the series including The Saint in London the same year and the other two in 1940. Wendy Barrie plays the leading lady Val Travers, a female gang leader, in the film and she, being an actress I’m unfamiliar with, played the role very well I felt. Barrie is a plucky blonde ...

Under Suspicion - The Mulgray Twins 01/04/2014

Under Suspicion - Good for a Holiday Read

Under Suspicion  - The Mulgray Twins Under Suspicion is a 2008 crime thriller written by The Mulgray Twins. The Mulgray Twins are identical twin sister writers Helen and Morna Mulgray from Scotland who have been writing and living together since they retired from teaching. ~*~ The story is about DJ (Deborah) Smith sent to work undercover by HMRC in a travel firm in Spain after another undercover agent has been murdered. She takes her cat Gorgonzola with her as the owner of the travel firm has a Persian cat and has a bit of an obsession with Persians and it believed her cat will help her in the investigation. DJ has to deal with the snooty PA Monique for who she is an assistant as well as the many demands of the potential property buyers including Victoria Knight, Millie Prentice, Rudyard Scoot and Herbet G Wainwright. She has to determine if any of these buyers are involved in the money laundering as well as trying to hold down her job as Monique is determined to see her fired so her own cousin Ashley can get the job instead. ~*~ I’d never read anything previously by The Mulgray Twins but I liked the recommendation by the Daily Record on the front cover of the book which said “Oozes the kind of quirky charm and originality that made Alexander McCall Smith’s No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series a best seller”. I’m a fan of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series so thought I’d give this a go. I found the book to be very easy to read being one of the handful of books I took away with me on holiday recently. I ...

L.A. Colors Nail Varnish With Hardeners 28/03/2014

LA Colors Nail Polish with Hardeners - Great Price & Colour Range

L.A. Colors Nail Varnish With Hardeners I picked up a handful of L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer with Hardeners some time ago as I found them for a bargain price of 99p each at my local Beauty Base. I was easily charmed by the range of lovely colours and was like a kid in a candy shop when I saw the price and the variety of colours available. This nail polish has a lovely gloss to it and has a long wearing formula as well as being quick to dry. Even though I have quite strong nails already it’s still good to know that a nail polish has a formula included to strengthen and harden my nails. This range is toluene & formaldehyde free and is supposed to be chip resistant. I actually found the nail polish started chipping within a couple of days of application so I’ve only used it with a top coat since the first test application. I am quite impressed with this range of vibrant colours and more so for the fact that they are so easily available at such a competitive price of just 99p per bottle for me, I can’t really fault this range at all. Packaging wise there’s nothing special about the bottle or lid. It’s just a smooth chunky glass bottle with a nicely curved plastic black lid. There is 13ml of product in the bottle. The actual nail polish is easy to apply and each coat dries within a matter of 5-10 minutes. It is also worth noting that you get a streak free application. You do need to apply 2-3 coats to get a salon style finish but this is pretty standard with nail polishes these days. The polish is also easily ...

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish 26/03/2014

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish - A Mini Bottle of Loveliness

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish is a fabulous nail polish range from L’Oreal in a smaller than average size at 5ml per bottle. I purchased a couple of colours in this range last year and have been using them on and off and have been quite satisfied with the results. The nail polish is presented in a clear glass bottle with a gold colour lid. The bottle is about 2.5 inches in height and about 0.5 inch in diameter with a label up one side of the bottle with the shade detailed on it and a peel off label under which the ingredients are listed in probably the smallest font I’ve ever seen! The brush is quite wide thereby making the nail polish very easy to apply to the nails and the colour glides on smoothly with the paddle shaped brush. The nail polish has a built in top coat with LiquiGel Technology which gives you a simple salon look application, smooth coverage with a glossy and lasting shine. I purchased 3 colours in the range of which my favourite is 410 Bordeaux Escape which is a deep burgundy shade. Some of the other shades available include (with my description of the colour in brackets): • 114 Chic Fox (Gold) • 211 Opulent Pink (Pink) • 203 Exotic Canaries (Yellow) • 406 Burgundy Diva (Burgundy) • 605 Rive Gauche Green (Olive Green) • 819 Sublime Platine (Silver) • 116 Creamy Angora (Peach) • 214 Tahiti Watermelon (Tomato Red) • 217 Rose Cashmere (Pearly Pink) • 508 Amazon Flower (Purple) • 618 Santorini Lagoon (Turquoise) There are quite a few other shades ...

Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish Remover 26/03/2014

Cutex Ultra Cleansing - Does Exactly What It Claims To Do!

Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish Remover With nail polish remover, I tend not to be loyal to any particular brand of remover but I’ve used Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish Remover on and off over the years as I find it reliable and cost effective. Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish Remover contains Multi-Fruit Acid, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin E. It claims to be “for natural nails”. Using this remover is so easy, the nail polish comes off very easily and quickly and the moisturisers and vitamins contained in the remover help ensure your nails don't break or become brittle (it does help that I somehow have quite strong nails that grow well normally anyway). A little goes a long way and the nail polish is removed with ease without having to apply a lot of pressure and it's easy to get to the corners of your nails too. Also I notice that there is no staining on the nails left as there might be with other removers. Another good thing about this remover is that whilst there’s a fairly strong aroma when opening the bottle to use, once used on your nails; there isn’t that overpowering smell that many other removers have. Of course, I wash my hands and nails with soap very thoroughly straight after using as I really wouldn’t want to accidentally swallow any of this stuff. Not at all recommended (and I’m not saying that from personal experience – I just always take note of warnings such as “Highly flammable. Keep away from children and from synthetic materials and polished or painted surfaces.” You’ll note that doesn’t ...

Brick Lane (DVD) 14/03/2014

Brick Lane - A Somewhat Controversial But Absolutely Superb Film

Brick Lane (DVD) Brick Lane is a 2007 film based on the best selling novel of the same name by author Monica Ali which had been released 4 years previously. The story revolves around Nazneen, a girl from Bangladesh, who has an arranged marriage at the age of 17 and has to come to live in London’s Brick Lane with her husband who’s over 20 years her senior. Nazneen does not love her husband and misses her life back in Bangladesh as she has left behind her whole life and misses her younger sister terribly. When her husband leaves his job at the council because he didn’t get a promotion, she decides to start doing some sewing work from home, initially making £1 per item. She wants to save money so they can return to Bangladesh. She keeps in touch with her home with regular letters to and from her sister Hasina. As she starts her work as a seamstress, she meets a young man Karim, who delivers the clothing for her to stitch. He’s an attractive man who pays her compliments and talks to her about his mother’s passing, about the racist abuse he and his father have been putting up with, how his father has become a hermit after 25 years as bus conductor. Nazneen is horrified to find her husband has bought a computer with a loan from a local elderly female usurer and her neighbour tells her that the debt will never be repaid as the usurer will keep saying they owe more. Will Nazneen ever be happy again? Will she ever be able to get home to her beloved sister? Brick Lane was made in conjunction with ...

Thalgo Super Lift Tonic Lotion 11/03/2014

Thalgo Super Lift Tonic Lotion - Not Worth It

Thalgo Super Lift Tonic Lotion I was given a 50ml bottle of Thalgo Super Lift Tonic Lotion as part of a birthday gift a while back. This tonic lotion contains red algae extract to revitalise your skin and mango extract to regenerate. It contains no parabens or mineral oil or artificial colouring. Nor does it contain any GMO or propylene glycol. I must admit that I’ve never been a regular user of tonic lotion so it took me some time to get around to using this lotion. I used it religiously for a week or so every day to see if I could see any benefit of using it. I was expecting my skin to feel different after using the lotion as it claimed that the purifying lotion would feel heavenly on all types of skin. It specifically said it would benefit skin types in search of youth. I don’t know about that. I don’t particularly feel my skin is “old”. Thalgo claims that this tonic lotion has a gel like texture which I didn’t find to be the case. I found it to be just as liquid like in consistency as in any other clear toner or clear cleanser I’ve ever used. The first thing you notice when using Thalgo Super Lift Tonic Lotion is that no matter how well you seem to cleanse your skin you will still manage to find some traces of something or other on the cotton wool when using the tonic lotion afterwards. I didn’t find that my skin felt dehydrated after using the lotion and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t notice any actual difference in my skin in the few weeks I used this for. At approximately £23.50 (at the time ...

Guddu (Subtitled) (DVD) 08/03/2014

Guddu - A Bollywood Tear-Jerker

Guddu (Subtitled) (DVD) Guddu is a Bollywood (Hindi language) film which was released back in 1995. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan and Manisha Koirala in the lead roles. Guddu is the only child of a no nonsense atheist father and deeply devout mother. Guddu falls in love with Salina but tragedy strikes when they meet with an accident and she is blinded. The only way she can see again is with an eye donor. Salina breaks up with Guddu as she doesn’t want to rely on him for the rest of her life knowing how devoted he is to her. Salina’s family wrongly blame Guddu for Salina’s blindness and ban them from seeing each other. Guddu finds out the he has a brain tumour and may only have a few months to live so decides to have his eyes donated to Salina as soon as he dies. His family have other ideas though. Will Guddu die? Will Salina see again? Will the story end happily for anyone? Guddu is not a feel good film. The story is quite tragic and from early on you know it’s not going to be a happy ending. The storyline with Guddu’s parents trying to get their son to have a life saving operation in the USA is really sad as he’s determined not to get better and have his eyes donated to his love yet his parents plead with him to think of them as they can’t bear the thought of losing their only child. No parent should have to bury their child so it’s understandable that they will whatever they can, whatever the cost to try to save his life. What I didn’t understand was how Guddu’s father tries to go about it. ...

Ponds Triple Action Cream 03/03/2014

Pond's Triple Action Cream - I Don't Need You YET

Ponds Triple Action Cream I’ve been a fan of Pond’s products for years (especially their moisturising cold cream) and recently tried out the Pond’s Triple Action Cream. This particular brand of Pond’s is marketed for mature skin and being in my mid 40s I think my skin is fairly mature now (even if my bran isn’t quite there yet). I don’t quite have any wrinkles or age spots nor is my facial skin lacking in firmness but these are specifically three things that this product is supposed to help with and I do believe prevention is better than cure. On the other hand, I just like Pond’s products so wanted to try this one out. The cream is dermatologist tested and contains soy. I have listed the ingredients at the bottom for those who want to check that they’re not allergic to any of the products used in the making of this cream. I find that it takes some moments to be absorbed into my skin but have found this with other Pond’s products too but this is not a bad thing for me. I like Pond’s products as they generally have a distinct aroma which I find quite pleasing. Saying that, this particular one didn’t smell as much like my regular Pond’s cold creams so I’m not sure I’m that enamoured with it. The smell is not unpleasant but overall I didn’t find it made my difference to my skin the whole time I used it. On checking, I understand this cream is more suited to people over 50 so maybe I just jumped the gun in purchasing this and should try it again in 5 years or so. *ABOUT THE BRAND* As a company ...
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