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Come September (DVD) 28/04/2016

Come September - Rock Hudson Comes Early!

Come September (DVD) Come September is a comedy romance released way back in 1961 starring Rock Hudson and Gina Lolobrigida. ~*~PLOT~*~ Robert Talbot owns a villa in Italy and travels there for a month each year to holiday and spend time with his long time Italian girlfriend Lisa. One July Lisa is about to marry boring Englishman Spencer for a secure future when Robert calls to say he's coming to Italy early this year. Lisa rushes off to meet Robert for his visit. Unknown to Robert, his major-domo, Maurice, has been renting out his villa as a hotel with a bunch of young ladies staying there with their chaperone Margaret. Maurice is in love with Margaret and needs to impress her but things go awry when Robert turns up and insists on the house being vacated. Due to unavoidable circumstances the girls need to stay a bit longer and during this time Robert chaperones them on an evening out. Some young men who crossed paths with Robert on his journey are trying to romance the girls and Robert takes it upon himself to give the girls some fatherly advice including staying away from the boys. Unfortunately his advice giving has some unforeseen repercussions including infuriating Lisa who decides to leave Robert and go back to Spencer. ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ I have to put up my hand to admitting I love a lot of the films from the 60s and especially enjoyed ones starring Rock Hudson (such as Pillow Talk, Send Me No Flowers, both with Doris Day). I can't think of a film I've seen him in which I didn't enjoy ...

A Countess From Hong Kong (DVD) 23/04/2016

A Countess from Hong Kong - Charlie Chaplin's last film

A Countess From Hong Kong (DVD) A Countess From Hong Kong was released back in 1967 (before I was born!) and starred Marlon Brando as Ogden Mears and Sophia Loren as Natascha. It should be noted that this was Charlie Chaplin's first film in colour that he directed and did not star in himself as well as being the last film he ever directed. The film also co stars Chaplin's son Sydney as Harvey ~PLOT~ Nastascha is an impoverished nightclub dancer who is a Russian countess by birth working in Hong Kong. She sneaks aboard a cruise ship and stows away in Ogden Mears' cabin. Mears has just been appointed Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and is meeting his wife in the US before going on to Saudi Arabia, even though they're on the verge of divorce. When he discovers Natascha in his cabin he is not best pleased, obviously his reputation as a diplomat is important to him and he initially threatens to hand Natascha over to the captain. Natascha has other ideas though and she also initially threatens to accuse Mears of kidnapping her. They reach a sort of stale mate before Mears' close friend and lawyer Harvey finds Natascha hiding in the cabin's bathroom during a brief press conference and soon he's in on the secret too and cue all manner of incidents whilst they try to keep Natascha hidden in the cabin during the duration of the trip. ~ANALYSIS~ A Countess From Hong Kong is a romantic comedy which I understand was a flop on initial release. I don't get personally why it was a flop as I've watched it twice recently as ...

The Bells Go Down (DVD) 15/04/2016

The Bells Go Down - An Ealing Studios Production

The Bells Go Down (DVD) The Bells Go Down is a wartime drama about the Auxiliary Fire Service. This black and white film was released back in 1943. ~PLOT~ Tommy, Bob and Sam join the fire service in 1939 and are based in London's East End. Tommy's a bit of a gambler who can't settle into a job, Bob's new to the area and wants to get married to Nan but he's just lost his job and Sam's a small-time crook who's trying to avoid being arrested by the police. Ted is their long-suffering trainer who has to whip the guys into shape to perform their duties as fire fighters. Can the guys make it in the fire service and serve their country well? ~ANALYSIS~ The film is set just before World War II breaks out and it was a time of worry for the guys who were in the fire service due to being on the front line having to put out fires from bombings and the like. For the guys in the Auxiliary Fire Service it was even more worrying as they were literally a bunch of amateurs who'd joined up voluntarily to help out. It was mostly unpaid voluntary work but became full time and paid during the war effort. When Tommy (played by Tommy Trinder) first meets Bob (Philip Friend) who tells him he's had to put off getting married Tommy makes light of it and says that Bob's been saved from this fate (marriage) because of the war. Tommy thinks joining the fire brigade is going to be glamorous and that they'll have the chance to save lots of "pretty girls" who'll be very grateful to them, Tommy's a cheeky chap who thinks ...

Captain Ron (DVD) 02/04/2016

Captain Ron - A Fun Action Comedy

Captain Ron (DVD) Captain Ron is a US comedy released back in 1992 starring Kurt Russell in the titular role with Martin Short as Martin Harvey. ~PLOT~ Average and middle aged, office executive Martin Harvey is advised that he has inherited a yacht, “The Wanderer”, from a deceased uncle. The only problem is that the yacht is out in the Caribbean and needs to be brought back to the US so it can be sold. Together with his wife Katherine, 16 year old daughter Caroline and 11 year old son Ben, Martin sets off to collect the yacht. When they find the yacht it turns out that it’s in a pretty dire state and a local sailor, Captain Ron, is tasked with helping the family get the yacht back to Miami. Captain Ron is a one eyed laid back Navy veteran who is extremely laid back and loves a drink and a good time. Martin finds Captain Ron’s behaviour very annoying and does not hide his feelings towards him. Various things go wrong including Martin and Caroline spending the night in jail during which time Caroline gets a tattoo. This is the last straw for Martin and he fires Captain Ron but not before some issues with local pirates. Now the Harvey family have to try to get the boat back home without Captain Ron and with scary “Pirates of the Caribbean” after them. Will they get back in one piece and what becomes of Captain Ron? ~ANALYSIS~ I hadn’t seen this film for a long time but remembered that I had enjoyed it when it was first released. When I saw it on the TV guide I thought I wouldn’t mind ...

Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum Spray 01/04/2016

Chanel No 5 - In A Class of its Own

Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum Spray Chanel No 5 is in a class of its own. But how does the Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Toilette match up to the reputation of Chanel? MY RELATIONSHIP WITH NO 5 My mum wore Chanel No 5 when I was growing up so I’ve always known this scent. Mum always used the perfume and I used to be fascinated watching her dab a little bit of this grown up scent behind her ears and on her wrists. As a grown-up I found my own favourite perfumes and never felt the urge to splash out on Chanel No 5. When I met my husband he kept nagging me to wear Chanel No 5. I had personally found that No.5 didn't suit me when I had tried it in the past, but I think it was in my late 30s that I tried it again and was pleasantly surprised at how much I now liked the scent. I went off and splurged on a 100ml bottle of Chanel No 5 Eau de Toilette and a 50ml bottle of the Eau de Parfum, I’m in love with this perfume and can’t understand why I wasted so many years not having this feminine and classic scent in my perfume collection! ~*~THE HISTORY BEHIND NO 5~*~ Chanel No 5 has been around since 1921. It was Gabrielle (aka Coco) Chanel’s first ever fragrance and it was also the first ever fragrance created which was given the designer’s name. Although it was her first perfume to be marketed you might wonder why it was called No 5 – this is rumoured to be because the first 4 and the 6th that were commissioned were not to her liking and the number five was also Chanel’s lucky number. At the time of creation ...

Hallowe'en Party - Agatha Christie 30/03/2016

Agatha Christie's Hallowe'en Party - Not The Best of Parties!

Hallowe'en Party - Agatha Christie I'd had this book in my collection for quite some time but only just got around to reading it recently. A BIT ABOUT THE PLOT Ariadne Oliver is staying with a friend, Judith Butler, helping her prepare for a Halloween party targeted at 11-17 year olds. It's not going to be a large party by any means but lots of preparation is going into making it a successful party with children due to attend present helping out as well as local residents, parents of children due to attend and some teachers too. 13 year old Joyce seems intent on getting Mrs Oliver's attention, first by stating that Mrs Oliver likes apples and demanding that she confirms this and then suggesting they have a murder at the party that evening as Mrs Oliver is a famous writer of murder mystery books. Shortly afterwards Joyce claims that she saw a murder once and everyone present ridicules her claims as she's known to be a habitual liar. Why then is Joyce murdered that very same evening at the Halloween party? Was there some truth in her claim of having witnessed a murder and if so, who was the murderer? Who was the original murder victim? Will the murderer now strike again as the crime is investigated by Ariadne Oliver, who, in turn, gets Hercule Poirot involved in the investigating? THE OPINION BIT As mentioned above, I'd had this book for ages before I got around to reading it and once I'd started it, like most other Agatha Christie books I've read (with the most notable exception being "Passenger to ...

Last Tango in Halifax Series 3 (DVD) 30/03/2016

May You Never Be The LAST Tango

Last Tango in Halifax Series 3 (DVD) Last Tango in Halifax is a BBC TV show which was first introduced to our screens in November 2012 and I fell in love with the show instantly. When the show ended after 6 episodes, I was quite sad but was happy to hear there was another series scheduled and even happier that a 3rd series was commissioned. The fabulous third series was aired from late December 2014 and was another run of 6 episodes. So. with me loving the show so much, it was inevitable I was going to buy the boxsets for the show sooner or later. Series 3 consists of 6 brilliant episodes of an hour each. ~*~A BIT ABOUT THE PLOT~*~ Setting the scene first for series 3, I thought I'd talk a little bit about what passed in series 1 and 2 first. Celia and Alan are childhood sweehearts, no both in their 70s and both alone due to their respective spouses passing away. Due to their respective grandsons' meddling on social media, they meet up after all 60 years have passed and much to the shock of their respective children and grandchildren they get married, spend money they had been saving for the future on a flashy car and are getting to know each other more and more as time passes. Celia's daughter Caroline is a successful headmistress whose writer husband has been cheating on her and she develops feelings for a female colleague, Kate, whilst all the while wondering how society will react. Caroline has two sons, William and Lawrence. Alan's daughter is Gillian who works part-time in a supermarket and runs a ...

L'Oreal Colour Riche 30/03/2016

L'Oreal Color Riche Creme - Not As "Rich" As You'd Expect

L'Oreal Colour Riche I am a loyal user of L’Oreal cosmetics and have been for years. Although my favourite has been the Invincible Platinum range for years, it’s now quite difficult to get hold of which has been very disappointing so I’ve randomly been trying different lipsticks to find a suitable replacement. I came across the L’Oreal Color Riche Crème Lipstick some time ago and opted for the shade 505 also known as Camel. I didn’t want to go for a bright shade as at the time I was after something quite subtle to wear to work. It’s a fairly discreet shade which looks like you’re wearing lipstick but not at all bright or too noticeable. The Color Riche range was designed by L’Oreal Paris with shades to bring out the best in every woman claiming that the shades were easy to wear and tailor-made. The L’Oreal team selected only what they felt were the finest and purest colour pigments, and the exclusive combination of Omega 3 Oils and Vitamin E to moisturise the wearer’s lips for smooth application and comfortable wear. I find that they achieved their goals on all counts. THE GOOD The colour that I have is indeed easy to wear and I feel it matches my skin tone perfectly. The lipstick glides on very easily and has a lovely gloss to it as well as leaving my lips feeling quite moisturised. The colour is just right for my skin tone too which is definitely a plus for me, being of Indian origin - it doesn't look pale and has just the right amount of sheen to it. The packaging looks quite ...

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (DVD) 03/03/2016

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw - Almost a Carry On

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (DVD) The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw is a 1958 British/American collaboration. It’s a western comedy starring Brit Kenneth More and blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield. ~*~PLOT~*~ Jonathan Tibbs arrives in lawless American town Fractured Jaw from England with the intention of selling guns to locals or face being disinherited by his gunsmith family whose business is not doing so well. After securing lodgings at the local saloon owned and run by sassy blonde Kate. Tibbs “accidentally” becomes sheriff due to the locals thinking he’s a fast draw even though he hasn’t a clue how to use a gun, he’s always been more interested in inventing gadgets and it’s actually one of his wrist mounted gun gadgets that gets him the reputation of being a fast draw. Against all odds Kate and Tibbs get closer but can it last as it seems every cocky gunslinger has an axe to grind? The only thing that seems to be assured for a sheriff is an early grave… ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ I’ve never been a big fan of Kenneth More as I’ve never really seen him in anything that stood out. He’s more of a comic actor than a serious one and he was never a typical good looking lead for a film so I guess he got typecast as a buffoon sort of character. Which is what he mostly was in The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw… More’s character has a certain charm about him although he doesn’t seem to know it himself which is what probably makes the character rather endearing as well as a bit annoying. You feel like shouting at the screen “HAVE A ...

Strangers On A Train (DVD) 01/03/2016

Beware of "Strangers on a Train"

Strangers On A Train (DVD) Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train - excellent movie! I could leave it that but of course I won’t. I’d had this 2 disk special edition in my DVD collection for a while before I got around to watching it. I really should have watched it as soon as I bought it. Not that I need an excuse to watch it all over again. There is no law that says you have to wait any given period of time before you can watch a film that you enjoyed all over again! WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Guy Haynes is travelling on a train and get into conversation with a stranger Bruno Anthony. Guy is a semi-professional tennis player and is somewhat flattered that Bruno recognises him. During their conversation Bruno brings up Guy’s soon to be (hopefully) ex-wife Miriam and current girlfriend Ann Morton who is the daughter of senator. Guy is not very interested in continuing this conversation but Bruno turns it around by saying wouldn’t it be clever if two people committed murders for each other and no one would ever suspect them. Bruce could kill Guy’s wife and Guy could kill Bruno’s father. Guy laughs this off thinking Bruno is joking and thinks no more of it until his wife is murdered and Bruno contacts him telling him he’s done his murder and now he has to do Bruno’s murder. Things turn a more sinister turn as Bruno ingratiates himself into Guy’s social circle and holds evidence which could have Guy arrested for his wife’s murder. Does Guy kill Bruno’s father for him? Does Bruno keep the evidence ...

Rumble Fish (DVD) 24/02/2016

Rumble Fish - Don't Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble Fish (DVD) Rumble Fish, a teen drama, was released back in 1983 starring Matt Dillon and Mickey Rourke. The film was produced and directed by Francis Ford Coppola and is seen by some as something of a cult film. ~*~ PLOT~*~ Rusty James is the younger brother of The Motorcycle Boy who is a bit of a legend locally as a tough gang member. Rusty James yearns to be like his older brother, although he can’t understand why his older brother wants out of the gang lifestyle. Rusty James accepts a fight challenge from local thug Biff against his friend Steve’s advice who tells him his brother had banned gang fights locally but he goes ahead anyway and seems to be winning the fight against Biff when his brother turns up having been away for some time. This distracts Rusty James somewhat and Biff gets the better of him meaning The Motorcycle Boy has to nurse him back to health with the help of Steve. The rest of the story is about how the brothers relate to each other with one wanting the gang member lifestyle and the other trying to make him see sense. Who will win? ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ I was quite surprised that Rumble Fish hadn’t already been reviewed on Ciao as I recall it being a much talked about film at the time of its release and that my younger brother and his friends had often referred to it as a cult classic. I had watched it back in the 80s some time after its release and as a teenager myself back then I recall not really being impressed by it. A few years after my first viewing I ...

Out Of The Clouds (DVD) 19/02/2016

Out of the Clouds - an Ealing Studios Production

Out Of The Clouds (DVD) Out of the Clouds was a 1955 black and white Ealing Studios production. The story revolves around a bunch of people at London Airport (which is what Heathrow Airport was called back in those days). ~*~PLOT~*~ Bad weather in London (nothing much has changed since the 50s then?) means that a group of people's flights are grounded at a once quiet London airport. The story looks at how the day pans out for airline crew, airport staff and passengers. There are complications galore for people like Gus Randall, an airline pilot who has a gambling addiction and is also involved in a love triangle with Chief Duty Officer Nick and Penny a stewardess. Throw in a what looks like a relationship doomed from the start between an American and a German whose paths only cross due to being stranded at the airport due to the weather and you have the other main part of the storyline for Out of the Clouds. ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ If a film was made like this in this day and age it might be more suited as a documentary rather than a film but for me, it was a pleasant enough way to pass an hour and a half and a somewhat amusing but very nostalgic look at the almost relaxed comings and goings at what is now an extremely busy and famous international airport with high levels of security. Back then flying was almost a laid back experience and was something which was pretty much reserved for those with money, none of your budget airlines back then. Security seemed to be very easy-going in general compared ...

Dil Jo Bhi Kahey (DVD) 12/02/2016

Dil Jo Bhi Kahey or Whatever the Heart Says

Dil Jo Bhi Kahey (DVD) Dil Jo Bhi Kahey is a Bollywood (Hindi language) film released in 2005 and set mostly in Mauritius. The film stars Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan as Shekhar Sinha along with Revathi as his wife, Karan Sharma as their son Jai, Bhoomika Chawla as Gayatri and Annabelle Wallis as Sophie. ~*~PLOT~*~ The Sinhas are an Indian family living in Mauritius. Son Jai goes to study in Stockholm where he falls in love with Sophie who’s also from Mauritius but from a Roman Catholic family. When Sophie introduces Jai to her parents, her father disapproves of him because of his ethnicity. Jai is sure his parents will have no issues with Sophie but his mother Sandhya also disapproves because Sophie is Roman Catholic. The young lovers plan to elope but Jai doesn’t turn up on the day and soon after Sophie is set to marry Gordon and Jai is set to marry Gayatri. ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ Dil Jo Bhi Kahey means "Whatever the Heart Says" in Hindi. I’ve seen this story many times in Bollywood where a young man and woman meet at college, fall in love (after a series of misunderstandings) and go back to their parents only to find out that their parents: · are mortal enemies · think their son/daughter’s choice of partner is not good enough for them · disapprove because the families practice different religions · disapprove because the families are from different parts of the country · want their son/daughter to marry the son/daughter of their best friend from decades ago because it’s their best ...

The Wedding Date (DVD) 09/02/2016

The Wedding Date - I Wouldn't Mind HIM As A Wedding Date

The Wedding Date (DVD) The Wedding Date is a Hollywood romantic comedy starring Deborah Messing (of Will and Grace fame) and Dermot Mulrooney. ~*~PLOT~*~ Kat lives in New York and is seemingly happily single. This changes when she's asked to be maid of honour at her younger half sister Amy's wedding to Ed. Kat's family lives in London and Kat is rather worried about seeing her ex fiancé Jeff at the wedding who is Ed's best friend and best man. Jeff had dumped Kat 2 years previously and as she still holds a torch for him she doesn't want to attend the wedding alone, she hires a gorgeous and sophisticated escort called Nick to attend the wedding as her partner. Jeremy appears to still have feelings for Kat so her plan to make him jealous seem to be working until some awful truths come out about why he dumped her and these truths risk wrecking Amy's marriage to Ed before it's even begun. To make things more complicated, it's evident that Kat is developing feelings for Nick (feelings which seem to be mutual) so she's torn between her feelings for Nick and Jeremy. How will it all pan out? ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ I've seen The Wedding Date a few times now and it's one of those films I'd happily watch again. Deborah Messing was previously someone I'd only seen in the long-running and popular US sitcom Will & Grace and it was an adjustment in some ways to see her in a different role. Whereas in Will & Grace she played a rather neurotic character, in The Wedding Date, she comes across as generally more ...

No Entry (DVD) 01/02/2016

No Entry? No Thank You!

No Entry (DVD) No Entry is a Bollywood (Hindi language) comedy drama which was released in 2005. ~*~PLOT SUMMARY~*~ Kishen, Prem and Shekhar are 3 friends who have varying degrees of success with women. Over-worked Kishen is very loyal to his very untrusting wife Kajal. Prem is a serial (wannabe) philanderer and his wife Pooja seems oblivious to this. Shekhar is getting married to Sanjana who he's recently fallen in love with. Prem decides to set up his friend Kishen with Bobby, a club dancer, to see if Kishen falls for her and if he can get him to loosen up a bit as well as for a bit of revenge as Kishen has caught him out in a compromising situation. This is where things start to get confusing with who is dating who, if anyone, outside of their marriage. To confuse things ever more, the wives get confused about just who Bobby is, with 2 of them thinking she is one of her husband's friend's wife! Cue a lot of confusion... Will anyone make it out of this with their relationship intact or will it all come tumbling down on the 3 friends? ~*~ANALYSIS~*~ Firstly let me say, I'm not a big fan of Bollywood comedies. I haven't found many Bollywood comedies over the years that were actually that funny, or rather, than actually amused me enough to appreciate them as a comedy. No Entry stars Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan and Fardeen Khan as Kishen, Prem and Shekhar respectively and Lara Datta, Esha Deol, Celina Jaitley as Kajal, Pooja and Sanjana. Bipasha Basu stars as Bobby. I do generally ...
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