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Member since: 30.04.2003
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About me: All reads gratefully received! If I miss you give me a shout! Thanks for the premium fund ciao!

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frankieb1992 My names Francis i love music i volunteer for oxfam and write reviews in my spare time
beautybuff Finally worked out why my photos were so blurry, I was saving the thumbnail, should know better too with my supposed knowledge of photograpy! Doh. Better pics from now on folks x
kattwig Finally got the job I've always wanted, full time shifts, so ratings/reviews are a little on the few and far between side, but I will be back. Blog - Candyfloss Dreams and Cupcake Sleep -
Deesrev THANK YOU for the continued supportive rates and kind comments on my reviews you lovely folk xXx Even with a Diamond, the monthly PF's seem very low, will need to devote even more time to site :~(
BrookieFan99 I have my Chromebook now & am back for good (want you back, want you back...No not going to burst into song!) But anywhoo it's nice to be earning again & talking to some friends. Thanks for any R / R / C's, greatly appreciated. :)
MatP2 Woo! I'm now green. Thanks all.
ladyofflame Still can't sign in to DY, won't accept my login details - found their email address but they say sign in issues fixed, updated them, awaiting response but they're obviously really busy right now.
Absinthe_Fairy Very grateful for the Es on my latest review :-)
Elysia2003 Back again. :o) Thanks for stopping by. Julie x
haybel19 No information
sonic0209 Look like a newbie, but actually I'm returning after a long break - so long that my previous account was deleted!! Determined to get back into the swing of things...
basketofbuttons The pumpkin season is here again !
SoadFan Orange :D Bronze, so near yet so far :P
Dentolux Hailing from the Rock of Gibraltar, I spend my days hiding from the sun doing geeky stuff. From time to time I'll write about my hobbies including reviews on anime, movies and video games.
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