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Renault R19 16V 04/12/2002

a real french car

Renault R19 16V It was in 1994, when I bought my Renault 16V. I had to pay about 8.000€ or 5.000 GBP with the actual exchange rate. The main reason, why I bought a Renault and not a Volkswagen was, that the equipment of a Renault was much better than that of a Volkswagen for the same price. The car was three years old and had a mileage of 70.000km. In the beginning I was extremely satisfied with the car, its acceleration was enormously. The motor with its 99KW had no problems to accelerate the 1.300 Kg heavy car in just eight and a half seconds to a speed of 100km/h. I could feel how my body was pressed against the seat. Nevertheless was the gasoline consumption between 7,5 and 8,5 liters per one hundred kilometers. Although this enormous acceleration, there was no problem with the handling of the car. The standard tires are of the size 195/50 and guarantee to keep the car in trail in every situation. I had never the feeling that the car would break out, even in fast driven Curves. Also the chassis ensured a save feeling. The suspension was really hard, but not so extremely to feel every unevenness of the street and for a sport car on my opinion the engineers had decided the right compromise between comfortability and sportility. With the interior I was satisfied, too. Everything was well organized, there was place enough in the doors for several things. The seat was comfortable and gave a good hold in curves. My only Problem was, the space between my head and the top of the ...

Thomson DTH3600 31/07/2002

MP3 inclusive

Thomson DTH3600 My old CD player was going weaker and weaker, so I needed a new one. I decided to buy not a new CD player, because the DVD becomes more famous every day and so I wantet to get one. Why a Thomson ? When I was searching for a DVD-Player there were several no-name products availaible that supported MP3, but most of them had either a poor picture quality or a noisy sound. Thomson was the first brand who had a player with the famous MP3 and also an acceptable picture quality. My only problem was, that it was just deliverable with a silver front and all my other components are in black and so it didn't fit together, but who cares. Meantime it is also available in black, but mine is silver now. My first impressions The player comes with two thick handbooks in fourteen languages, but I'm one of the kind who doesn't want to read long instructions and so I put them away and installed the player on my own, what was really very simple, it wasn't possible to do anything wrong. I just had to plug in the power supply and connect the player with my dolby surround receiver that handles also the video signal. I was excited like a little child that gets his birthday presents and so I wanted to see results. I put in a DVD to the player and after a few seconds it began to play. I was deeply impressed, the picture was extremly clear, much better than that of a video recorder. The sound was brilliant all over my living room, the surround effect was great. My first film Before I ... 13/07/2002

Ciao in Germany Since about two years I have been writing now on this platform, but not here, because as you can see there are just two other opinions from me. Much more I wrote on the german site, and thats what I want to tell you about. When I started it was totally different from today. In the beginnings you got 50 Pfennig (about 15 pence) for each opinion and 10 Pfennig (3 pence) per reading of a member, there were no guest books and it wasn't possible to comment anything to an other member. The payable fee seems be be a much, but you should remember, that there were not as many members, as today and you could have been happy to get between twenty and thirty readings for each opinion. My first opinions were very short, they were not much more than the minimum, that was about ninety words and so you could think about, that they weren't really helpful. But at this time nobody minded and everybody clicked very helpful, just to get a good rating for himself. Then came the comments and ciao started to become a community, now it was possible to contact other persons, to ask questions about the product or to give hints, even as to justify your given rating. Some abused the comments just to get more readings on their own opinions and some others disliked their stupid comments which were like “good opinion, please read mine, too” or just a “well done” but most of us were happy with the new functionality. Within that time the community was growing to fast and the they had to change the ...

His Dark Material I: Northern Lights - Philip Pullman 03/07/2002

Another world

His Dark Material I: Northern Lights - Philip Pullman At my old job english was part of my business, but since I moved to an other company I had no more english conversation and so I decided to start with reading books in their original language, and most of them are written in english. My first ones were the hobbit and the lord of the rings, what was very hard to read, because of its size. After that I read the four books about Harry Potter, and they were very easy to read, because they were written for children and so once again I was searching on amazon what customers, who had bought Harry Potter, bought also. There I found the first book of Philipp Pullmans trilogy "His dark materials" which is named "Northern Lights", also known under "The golden Compass" for a price of 7€ in paperback. Two days later it was delivered to me and so I started to read. That was in Juli last year and soon I was lost in a wonderful new world. Imagine, that everybody of you has got a daemon beside you to which you can talk. This daemon has got the form of a pet and while you are a child it can chance his form just as he likes to do. Just when you grow up and reach adulthood it will have to manifest in that form, that corresponds to you character. The daemon has just a small radius around you where it can go and it isn't possible for him to leave you or both of you will die. The story is about a nine year old child called Lyra. She has lost her parents and so she grows up in Jordan College, but she has no contact to other children, because ...

Ciba Vision Focus Monthly Visitint 02/07/2002

See well

Ciba Vision Focus Monthly Visitint About three years ago I bought my first contact lenses, which were 2-year lenses, because of all soft lenses they were the healthiest solution for the eye. But my problem was, that once I forgot to keep them in liquid and they were destroyed. For the next time I wanted a cheaper solution, because I thought it would be to expensive to buy 2-year lenses to often and so I have chosen the monthly disposables from the same vendor like my lenses before. The second reason for monthly disposables was that a lens may be get lost during swimming and therefore the lost wouldn't be so expensive. The lenses have 55% water, what means, that they are very comfortable to wear, but if you a very dry eye it might be better to choose lenses with less water. They are available with a radius of 8,6 and 8,9 and for the best solution you should contact your optician. In any case, if you buy contact lenses for the first time you should discuss that with your optician, because it could be very dangerous to experiment with contact lenses. For my first lenses I paid about 100 € per 6-Pack and because my eyes have different diopters I had to buy two of them, what cost me completely 200 €. In the meantime I buy them via Internet, what is much cheaper and so I get one pack for 25 €. But the difference in the price you should see as consulting, that you can't get over the internet. In each pack there are six separate packed lenses. They are kept in an container with isotonic liquid that saves ...
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