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Pokkén Tournament (Wii U) 24/09/2016

Pokkén Tournament Is a Feast

Pokkén Tournament (Wii U) Pokkén Tournament is one of the freshest releases on Wii U this year; at least for me it is. It contains elements of several classic games like Tekkén, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Naruto and many more. The name of this video game is a combination of the words Pokemon and Tekkén, because those two games are the most obvious influences that make up this brand new game. The real question is this: can it beat the atmosphere of the originals? Gameplay and atmosphere The basic goal in Pokkén is to win the fight, but there are quite a few detailed features that make it more than just a fighting game. For one, there are two special phases in this game: the Duel Phase and the Field Phase. The latter is set in a three-dimensional location where you have to hide and think about your next move. It was very unexpected to see this phase in a fighting game; it definitely adds a nice touch and makes it fun. The Duel Phase brings you back to the realm of fighting, using combinations and special powers that are featured with each character. The powers are applied pretty equally, so there aren't any ultimate characters to help you cheat. There are 16 Pokemons to choose from here, including the old and the new ones. Their powers are same as in the cartoons, so the fans won't be disappointed. The Tournament also feels vibrant and exciting, since you're trying to be Number One. It can get very difficult towards the end, so you really have to give your best to win against »the computer«. ...

The Technomancer (PS4) 18/09/2016

Compelling Tales of The Technomancer

The Technomancer (PS4) The Technomancer is one of the latest in the series of role-playing games(RPG) released for PS4. This trend has become very popular in the last decade, so there's a lot of content on the market. Keeping that in mind, there are many misses in this genre due to the sheer number of products. I'm very familiar with RPGs, so I wasn't too surprised to hear about Technomancer and I didn't raise my hopes at first. Gameplay If you've ever played BioWare, then you know what an original RPG feels like. It's a new experience, a detailed world combined with an interesting gameplay and reward system. The Technomancer is actually a sequel to a 2013 game Mars: War Logs. The game wasn't really a hit, so they decided to completely rename the sequel for obvious reasons. The goal of each player is to attain specific skills which help you win a war on Mars. Yes, the location is still Mars in The Technomancer, which was one of the more intricate details from the original. The army and the Abundance Corporation(what a title) are two of the strong forces in this fiction tale of war, and you're in the middle of everything. So there is a gripping story here, combined with bountiful of tasks to keep you busy for dozens of hours. Graphics The graphics are one of the attributes of this video game, especially considering this is a PS4 release. It stands out as one of the best-looking games I've ever played on my console. I miss all of those details on most of the other RPGs, so I'll definitely ...

Monster Hunter Generations (Nintendo 3DS) 16/09/2016

Monster Hunter Seals the Deal

Monster Hunter Generations (Nintendo 3DS) Monster Hunter: Generations is an action-packed new installment in the MH series. This one is a combination of the last few games in the franchise from Capcom, so there aren't any new features to think of, especially for the hardcore fans of the games. Being a fan of this series myself, I was still pretty entertained by this video game. Graphics The visual effects are expected, but it's still an improvement compared to the last few Monster Hunter games, so getting this one isn't completely pointless. Another great part about it is that there's a lot to choose from, so this game will keep you occupied for the next few months. This game is released on Nintendo 3DS, so it doesn't look as good as it would have on PC, but I didn't notice that due to the small screen of Nintendo 3DS. I've played many games on Nintendo 3DS and I can say that this one holds up. Gameplay MH: Generations is still a role-playing game, so there aren't any significant changes in the gameplay here. You can choose your character in the beginning of the game, and you can adjust the charactheristics to suit whatever you like. Fighting is very important in this game, because it's the most fun. The fighting mode is full of possibilities, which means that you can really get creative with your punches and kicks. You also have to use material and skins to make your weapons, which become very useful. I've played over 80 hours of this game on my 3DS, so you can bet it's very interesting if I'm still hooked on ...

7 Days to Die (PS4) 06/09/2016

7 Days to Die is plain torture

7 Days to Die (PS4) 7 Days to Die is a new video game for PS4, so I was looking forward to checking it out since I like zombie games. Recently I've reviewed the latest Dead Island game, which was a solid example of a good, story-driven zombie apocalypse. This one, however, had a set of many issues, Gameplay Let's begin with the good stuff. The gameplay in 7 Days to Die is a hybrid of Minecraft and typical zombie games, like the Dead Island series. Because it's a hybrid, the people that made this game decided that it doesn't need a story. This was a huge letdown for me, because the game felt empty. Basically, your only goal is to survive and defend yourself. The really interesting aspect was the Minecraft influence; you can build things using environment, which can help you defend yourself against zombies, when there's simply too many to "kill". You can build forts to hide or to protect yourself, but you have to be careful, because your fort can't help you forever. Graphics The visual effects were another low point for me, because they used the animations that look very similar to Minecraft. This makes sens, because there are so many elements of that game in 7 Days to Die. I felt a bit cheated because of that; after all, doesn't this make it just an edited Minecraft game? This is an obvious experiment that didn't go so well, so I would really recommend waiting for the sequels or other games like this that are on the way. Personally, I think it's an embarassment, because the game looks at ...

Guitar Hero Live with Guitar Controller (PS4) 02/09/2016

The new Guitar Hero Live is surprisingly good

Guitar Hero Live with Guitar Controller (PS4) The new Guitar Hero Live video game has been rumoured to drop for a while now, so I was thrilled to try it out over the last weekend. I'm a fan of the original Guitar Hero, because it gave me the desire to learn how to play an actual instrument, which was incredible. The original Guitar Hero was a simplistic way to play your favourite rock songs, and the feeling was honestly fantastic. Still, it cannot be compared to this new Guitar Hero Live, which is much, much better. Guitar play The new controller is more complicated, which consequently makes the experience more realistic. There are more buttons to push, more rows to master, and more fun to have. The new guitar looks cooler as well, with the new polishing and a better-looking material. It's also more sustainable, because I remember breaking my original Guitar after a couple of weeks. This one looks untouched after a week of constant jamming. Playing this game was also more reactive this time around, which also felt great. It's a bit easier to master because of that, but there are more available buttons, so it evens out in the end. Overall, the game feels bigger and better, which is everything I could hope for. Music There's a wide selection of different songs here, diving into rock, punk, country, and any other guitar-based genre of music imaginable. I personally loved playing the songs by Faith No More, because I love the band and it feels good to play a favourite tune in front of millions of fans. The whole live ...

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Xbox One) 01/09/2016

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided sets an example

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Xbox One) Deus Ex is back with another video game in the famed spy series. Personally, I preffer Splinter Cell, but that's another story. Deus Ex is a unique world, which can hardly be compared to any other series in the gaming industry. The structure of each game is very detailed, allowing the players to use many different ways to accomplish each mission. Atmosphere You are Adam Jensen, a professional spy in the future, which is a pretty good basis for a video game. The atmosphere in this Xbox One game is very realistic, so it was quite enjoyable for me to play. This video game is surprisingly set in Prague, so that's a new location in this series. There are many available gadgets in Mankind Divided, which is standard for Deus Ex games. The Titan Armor is very useful for protection, which you'll appreciate in this heavy shooter. You can choose the view from the first or third person, which is also great- more games should include this option. There's also a lot of hacking in the game (future, duh) and it's actually presented in a clever way, so it's fun to hack your way through each door. Graphics The visuals in Mankind Divided are exceptional as always, so that adds to the realism in the game as well. The environment is very destructable, which is integrated in the story in several missions. You can use the environment to save on bullets too. You can do this by looking for a secluded path to avoid the guards. This part of the game reminded me of Splinter Cell, because they're ...

UFC 2 (Xbox One) 01/09/2016

The ultimate UFC game on Xbox One

UFC 2 (Xbox One) The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been elevating the level of adrenaline for a long time now. The tournament spawned back in 1993, and it's truly becoming a national trademark in the States, just like wrestling. It has become significantly bigger in the past few years, with amazing contestants like Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. The latter is only 28 and he has quickly become the face of UFC with his incredible performances and personality. All of those reasons led me to try the new UFC 2 game, and I have to add that I wasn't experienced in games like this one. Maybe that's why I really liked it; it was a fun and unique experience to say the least. There's great value in the combat of this game, which is very solid. Combat There's a variety of different moves to choose from, which makes the fight feel very realistic. I had only one issue with the combat, which can be fixed in the next game, or so I hope. You can kick, punch, strangle, or even bite, but there are rules for that last one, of course. The game is simply trying to create a feeling that anything can happen, which is so true in the real fights. Still, this is a sport simulation, so there's a judge and you have to follow his rules. The fighting is also very direct, so it feels like you're actually in the ring. The issue lies in the response of the fighters in my opinion. There were times where I really tried my best to come at the opponent with a sick combination of kicks and punches, but it turned ...

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (Nintendo 3DS) 31/08/2016

Mario and Luigi are still rocking the world

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (Nintendo 3DS) Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is another fun video game released for Nintedo 3DS this year. As the title suggests, paper is involved in this game, and it's exactly what you would expect it to be; it's like playing Mario, but he's made out of paper. Sounds boring in theory, but does it flop in reality too? Characters and setting This is a game with two main characters, Mario and Luigi. You can play either one in the singleplayer campaign, while the other character helps you on your journey. And boy, it's quite a journey; it took me over 30 hours to finish the singleplayer campaign alone. Helping each other is essential for progress, so there's a nice component to the game in this way. Locations are quite expected; lots of hills, rocks, clouds, and other Nintendo trademark locations. The name of the location is Mushroom Kingdom, which is just so typical for Nintendo. The only difference here are the visuals, because everything looks like it's made of paper and nothing else. So everything looks drawn very good, but it's still a video game. Use of paper Paper isn't only visual in this game; you can also bend things to get ahead sometimes. You can shift your body so it's narrow since you're a 2-D character and you're facing sideways. So there are a couple of neat physical tricks in the game. This part of the experience tends to be very creative, which I loved a lot. Your character can also grow, which makes the fights even more interesting. Combat Fighting is another very ...

Rocket League (Xbox One) 31/08/2016

Rocket League is one for the ages

Rocket League (Xbox One) Psyonix has released Rocket League in the summer of last year for PC and PS4, and in the beginning of this year they've also added the version for Xbox One, since it was a summer smash. I remember reading about the game before it came out and I have to say I was quite sceptic. The idea is very out there, because it combines two very different elements - soccer and racing cars. In theory, it sounds more like an experiment and it's certainly unique in concept. Atmosphere The vibe of the game turned out to be the best attribute of the game for me, which was more than unexpected. I don't mind soccer or racing, but I couldn't imagine myself enjoying this video game, but I definitely ended up being hooked. Driving is very satisfying and it allows you to try out impossible tricks. There's a mode with altered gravity, which is especially fun. You can jump with your car there, or you could drive on the walls. There's also a soccer component to the game, of course. You're located on a soccer field, which is enormous and magnificent. The roaring audience adds an nice touch to the atmosphere, as does the vibrant and energetic soundtrack. Gameplay Your goal (no pun intended) here is to get the massive ball to the target on the other side of the court. Your opponent is trying to do the same thing, so offense is as vital as defense in Rocket League. You can jump, crash another car, dribble in a way, or do a number of other available stunts. Cars are very detailed and they have ...

Gardens of the Moon (Malazan Book of the Fallen) - Steven Erikson 31/08/2016

Why Gardens of The Moon is Essential in Science-Fiction

Gardens of the Moon (Malazan Book of the Fallen) - Steven Erikson Book Review: Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson Introduction Steven Erikson is one of the most established science fiction writers today. He got his props due to his A Tale of The Malazan Book of The Fallen saga, which contains ten heavy books. People who like George R.R. Martin tend to go to Erikson after they've read Martin's work. The world in their series is similar in many ways and different in some ways. I will mention the connections, because there are many Martin fans out there that don't know about Erikson. It makes sense, because Erikson is not as direct of a writer and there's no Gardens of the Moon, the tv show to promote the series of books. Inception Gardens of The Moon was published in 1999, after many years of rejections. Erikson had the project mapped out in his head and on pages ten years before the book made it to the shelves. Labels weren't interested, because the story is complex and there are too many characters. Steven created this world of fiction with his friend Ian C. Esslemont, who has written books in the same realm as well. They started off with the idea of this being a role-playing game, but it was turned into a novel after being rejected too many times. The characters There are many characters in each book and the author tends to switch characters between books. Chapters aren't named after characters, but there's a similar technique involved. Each paragraph is written from the point of view of a certain character. We get many short ...

Hoi An (Vietnam) 30/08/2016

Hoi An: A Well-Preserved Ancient Town

Hoi An (Vietnam) Going to Hoi An was one of the best things I ever experienced. On my first day in Vietnam, I took a trip to the An Bang Beach, which is beautiful and ful of sand. Swimming there is a treat, with no rocks to hurt your feet. Cua Dai Beach used to be another example of a large beach, but it's not possible to swim there right now. There was a lot of coastal erosion, which mudded the beach and made it a very dirty swimming experience. I still decided to check it out, because it's vast and kind to the eye. It's very dry from March to September with temperatures passing 30 degrees Celsius. October is the first month of the dry season, which is very empty in Vietnam. I like heat, so I didn't mind going there, although I do mind crowds of people. It wasn't that bad after all and people turned out to be very friendly. The Ba Le Well is one of the main historic attractions for tourists in Hoi An, so I had to pay a visit. The myth goes that it once had a key to the town's most famous type of noodle- cao lau noodle. The water from this well is rich with aluminium, which gives a sturdy texture to the noodles. A restaurent with the same name is located close to this wall. I went there for lunch one day and I kept coming back. The people are very nice and the noodles have a unique feeling to them, unlike any other pasta I've tried before. It's seasoned with local spices and shrimp, at least that's my favorite dish. I took the city tour after a day of rest. I knew the city had a lot to ...

Mirror's Edge Catalyst (Xbox One) 25/08/2016

Mirror's Edge strikes back

Mirror's Edge Catalyst (Xbox One) Mirror's Edge returns with the heavily anticipated sequel, but does it meet the expectations? I'm a big fan of the first Mirror's Edge video game, which was a breath of fresh air in the gaming industry. This video game on Xbox One is all about the movement of the main character, Faith. She's very skillful and flexible, so she can easily cross very tall buildings when she's in pursuit. The world There is something unique about the atmosphere of Mirror's Edge, I have to admit it. The colouring is very futuristic; a variety of wonderful hues of light and dark colours. Both games are set in the near future, which gave the developers a chance to get creative. Even the shapes of the buildings seemed very abstract and complex, so I give them high praise for the excellent feeling of the game. I find it important because it directly affects my experience when I'm in the middle of a mission. Storyline You are Faith in this game, which means that your in for a very strong female character in this franchise. Faith is a young rebel; a girl who's always on a mission for freedom. The times in the future are tough; communication has become illegal, so you have to be really good to get past the authorities without getting noticed. If you do get noticed, there's bound to be trouble. The fighting is very complex in the new Catalyst video game, so you'll need to practice in order to improve. I remember my first fight in this game - I didn't manage to land a single punch. Even after hours of ...

Dead Island Definitive (PS4) 23/08/2016

The latest Dead Island game is Definitive

Dead Island Definitive (PS4) Dead Island: Definitive (PS4) is the latest game in the recently launched franchise, Dead Island. The first two games; Dead Island and DI: Riptide were both massive hits, due to the many fans of zombies. This game is one of the reasons zombies are so popular today: The Walking Dead, The Fear of The Walking Dead, Left for Dead etc. As long as there's "dead" in the title, the product is bound to be a success these days. Did the latest zombie game deliver on the same promise? For the most part, I think the game works just fine. This is sort of a remake of the first DI video game, so there aren't any big surprises here, if you're a fan of this series already. I was a fan, so I knew the story, but I still enjoyed this remake for what it is. There are many positive factors of this game, making it a fascinating survival experience. The world As the title suggests, the main location in this story is an island, full of zombies. This is a cool concept, and it works really well in this series. You are constantly feeling trapped on this unforgiven island, always running away from danger. The atmosphere is simply amazing and creepy at the same time. You can use several tools, but you'll always end up being outnumbered by the dead, so your best weapon turns out to be running fast. The missions are intense to the point when you forget that this is a game and you just start running away and frantically looking for an exit. Graphics Dead Island: Definitive is a much better-looking video ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan (PS4) 23/08/2016

TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan is just another flop

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan (PS4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is the lengthy title of a new fighting game on PS4. As the title suggests, we're in Manhattan this time around, so get ready for spectacular street-chasing and explosive combat. At least that's what I was expecting, since this is a famed and respected series in the eyes of the young and the not so young. Unfortunately, the game didn't meet my expectations. Characters We all know the four characters that are the essence of this game: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael. You can play one of the characters in this game, while the remaining three are being controlled by the computer. This sounds good in theory, but it doesn't hold up in the execution. As it turns out, the fighting aspect, which is important in a game like this, isn't all that clear and coherent. Everything felt all over the place to me, which makes it really difficult to focus on the enemies and even distinguish them from your friends. It looks like a Michael Bay movie at times; there are all sorts of explosions, trying to compensate for the lack of real content. The missions There are nine major missions in the singleplayer campaign, and it took me less than five hours it finish it (no cheating, of course). This is pretty sad for a video game; it's closer to being a demo, so it's way too expensive and way too easy for my taste. If there would be some challenging difficulty, at least that would make the game last longer, but that's not the case. ...

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U) 22/08/2016

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is not a smash

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U) Nintendo hit the market with Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash at the end of last year. This edition is available for Wii U, so there's always some personal excitement involved when these games come out, for me at least. I have played most of them and I'm still waiting for this console to flourish with better games. With over a decade in this Tennis series, I was hoping to see an improvement. Mario as a character is of course the trademark of Nintendo, so I was looking forward to this sports game. Alas, I was disappointed since this is not the first tennis game from Nintedo, but it sure feels like it is. There is simply no depth to this game; no tournaments, campaigns or any other ways that make games more complex. You can just play tennis against the "computer" or with your friends. Playing doubles with friends is probably the best you can get out of this game; the problem is that all of the previous tennis games offer the exact same thing. Evidently, originality is the issue of this game for me. If this wasn't Mario, the game would be in real trouble. There are 16 characters available to choose from, and I really liked most of them; not that there were any new characters, of course. The familiar characters are the only thing that adds any true value to the game. Also, the graphics are pretty nice, which is another reminder that pretty packages sometimes only look pretty. Surprisingly, there was a single notable novelty in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. When you're playing, there ...
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