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Mega Bloks 8237: Play 'N' Go Table 18/08/2017

Great toy for little kids who want to build big!

Mega Bloks 8237: Play 'N' Go Table Mega Bloks 8237: Play 'N' Go Table When our two-year-old grandson was coming to stay, we knew that he would be bringing a bag of his favourite Mega Bloks; so, when we saw the Play N Go Table for sale in Tesco for £31, just after we had received our Tesco Club Card vouchers, we decided to buy it I bought for him to use as both a play table and a storage place for his Mega Bloks. About the Product The toy comes folded in a colourful cardboard box that measures 13.33 x 60.96 x 40.64 cm. Inside is a folding table and 20 Mega Bloks that come in different shapes and vibrant prime colours; these pieces include a chunky yellow car and driver and bridge. The top of the table measures around60cm by 40cm and, and when the legs the legs are unfolded it stands at just over 30cm high. These legs fold in underneath the table' for storage – when the legs are folded the table (which could be put on a dining table to play with) is just 13cm high. The table itself is a lovely bright red and it has blue legs. The top of the table is made up of four removable flat, square pieces in blue, green, yellow and orange, these have studs for the Mega Bloks to fit on and they make the base for the children to play on. A narrow road (just the right width for the car) runs around this base. There is a small dial in the middle of this base which locks in the four pieces and also lets you remove them for storage. There are also handles on either side of the table, making it very easy to move. There is ...

Everybody Wants Some (DVD) 08/08/2017

I don't want some, thank you!!

Everybody Wants Some (DVD) +Everybody Wants Some+ This was a DVD was in a group that my daughter brought for us to watch before passing on to the local charity shop. Looking at the front cover, this didn’t really seem to be the sort of thing that we would normally watch but with such quotes as ‘Slaps a smile on your face that won’t quit’ on the back of the DVD cover, I thought I may as well give it a watch to take our mind of the miserable British summer weather! + Film Details + • +Directed by Richard Linklater • +Release date March 30, 2016 • +Running time 116 minutes • +Starring Will Brittain, Zoey Deutch, Ryan Guzman, Tyler Hoechlin, Blake Jenner, Glen Powell and Wyatt Russell • +Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 87% • +Classification: 15 +Story and my opinion+ The story in this film follows Jake (played by Blake Jenner), a first-year college student and baseball pitcher at the fictional South Texas State University; where he is a member of their baseball team. It starts in 1980 (“Thursday August 6th, three days and 15 hours before class” in fact – as the caption on the screen tells us!) and we are shown life in the baseball players’ privileged frat house that Jake joins and begins his new life with the other boys on the team: Jay (played by Juston Street), Roper (played by Ryan Guzman), McReynolds (played by Tyler Hoechlin), Dale (played by J Quinton Johnson) and Beuter (played Will Brittain) – not forgetting the rather hippy-like guy who smokes a lot of dope, Willoughby (played by ...

Russell Hobbs 21140 04/08/2017

The wife's on a diet so I'm all hot and steamy!!

Russell Hobbs 21140 Russell Hobbs Tiered Steamer Model Number 21140 God help me, the wife is on a health trip!! Away has gone the deep fat fryer (oven wedges all the way now!) and out has come the steamer!! She is insistent that each get our five portions of fruit and vegetables a day (and will not accept a glass of reds wine classes as a portion) so there has been a lot more vegetable cooking here of late- meaning more pots and pans to wash. So, it was a bit of a relief when the steamer emerged from the gadget cupboard as it is so much easier on the washing up the plastic trays to this, and I do have to admit the steamed vegetables are better. To be fair, our steamer 9around 2 years old now) has always been used a fair amount in the time we’ve had it – it is just being left out all the time now!! About the Product We bought our steamer from Asda around two years ago, and it cost us £22.99 (the receipt is still in the box, which we keep ‘just in case’ – I think it’s an age thing!)!!) The said box is still ‘under the stairs’ and also contains the instruction leaflet that came with it; this box is quite small – around 11” cubed I would say as the compact steamer stores inside it. The instruction leaflet that is in the box is pretty basic as the steamer is pretty easy to use; it is helpful though with recommended steaming times. The steamer consists of three clear plastic trays with handles and are around 4” tall, one clear plastic lid and a plastic, white plastic lower unit with plug ...

Egg-Per'fect Color Changing Egg Timer 28/07/2017

One egg or two madam?

Egg-Per'fect Color Changing Egg Timer Egg-Per'fect Color Changing Egg Timer Can you guess what I am talking about? Delia Smith has published two recipes on it; chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli, says if you can't do it, then you shouldn't be cooking at all, and the renowned Mrs Beeton claimed that they taste much better when they are been newly laid. Yes, that’s it – a boiled egg! We’ve all heard people say, “I can’t boil an egg!!”, well until last Christmas, I was one of those people!! According to my wife, boiling an egg is simple once you have mastered the basics. I guess I must be the exception to the rule, whenever I was on breakfast duty and decided to do boiled eggs, they were either as hard as the hobs of hell or virtually uncooked. Then last Christmas, Santa must have noticed my problems and decided that un oeuf was un oeuf, and he left me a handy little gadget in my stocking. This gadget was an Egg-Per'fect Color Changing Egg Timer (and no I haven’t turned American or forgotten how to spell ‘colour’ – that is actually how it is spelt on the packaging!) What is it? This is a small egg-shaped and sized little red plastic device with a flat bottom. You simply sit in the pan with your boiling eggs and a coloured disk on the egg gets smaller and smaller. There are indicator marks for soft, medium and hard boiled. As the temperature rises the outer edge of the timer changes colour, because it has the markings for “soft/medium/hard”, you can take out your eggs when they are just right. Egg-Per’fect ...

Bosch ISIO 0600833000 060083300B 0600833070 Grassshear 26/07/2017

They're shears Jim - but not as you know 'em!!

Bosch ISIO 0600833000 060083300B 0600833070 Grassshear Bosch ISIO Shrub and Grass Shears Last year I was bought a new ‘toy’ to add to my man cave!! Grass shears may seem boring – but not my new toy – my Bosch ISIO Shrub and Grass Shears, this is miles away from what I think of as grass shears!! The Product This is an electric cordless shrub & grass shear set is an indispensable multifunctional garden tool. ideal for trimming and edging around the garden, with an additional range of "multi-click" attachments (available separately) The tool comes with a grass and a shrub blade, a charger and an instruction manual, all in a padded zipped black semi rigid fabric case. The tool has an integral 3.6-volt Lithium-ion battery, is lightweight and comfortable to use and a comfortable soft handle. THE BOX CONTAINS • 1 x Bosch ISIO III Shape & Shear • 1 x shrub blade • 1 x grass blade • 1 x charger • 1 x soft bag • 1 x instruction manual MANUFACTURER’S DETAILS • Comes with - 1x battery, 1x 80mm grass shear blade & 1x 120mm shrub shear • Accessories included - 1x charger • “Anti-Blocking System”. Prevents the shear from stalling and enables relaxed work without interruptions • Compact and lightweight: the ideal shape, size and weight for effortless operation. • High endurance and power: lithium-ion battery enable undisturbed work for up to 50 minutes with one battery charge TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION • Amp rating 1.5Ah • Batteries included Batteries included • Blade length (mm) 120mm • Charge time 3.5hours • Material Metal & ...

ecoair PURE 126 AIR Purifier 25/07/2017

For a breath of fresh air!

ecoair PURE 126 AIR Purifier Ecoair PURE 126 AIR Purifier We bought our air purifier two years ago when my hay fever began to get worse; it was quite an expensive purchase (at almost £200) but it was recommended to us by a friend who had one and swore by it. What is it? Designed for smaller rooms (up to 29 sqm) this slimline appliance removes odours and common airborne pollutants from the air. At around 16” wide and 15” high, it is not too obtrusive in the room, does not use too much power, is easily operated by the touch panel operation, has a 3-fan speed and has a timer that can be selected from 1 to 7 hours or to be on continuously. This model has 4 types of filters, these area: • The Carbon Filter – which reduces cooking, tobacco and pet odours as well as capturing large dust particles, lint and per hair • The HEPA Filter with Anti-Bacterial Filter which captures 99% of smoke, dust, pollens and other airborne particles. (this is the same type of filter that traps dust within vacuum cleaners) • The VOC Filter - reduces unstable organic compounds that are evaporated into your environment. • The TiO2 Mesh Filter – which reduces organic pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. There is also a UV light – which sterilizes the air and neutralizes bacteria and viruses to improve air quality, as well as an ioniser, which distributes negative ions throughout the room to remove microscopic particles from the air and introduce traces of Ozone killing bacteria and Viruses in the air. The ...

Essentials Home 3 Cup Drip Espresso Coffee Maker 24/07/2017

For decent coffee in a few minutes.

Essentials Home 3 Cup Drip Espresso Coffee Maker Essentials Home 3 Cup Drip Espresso Coffee Maker My wife does not drink tea, she is completely addicted to coffee! While I do often sneak myself the odd pot of cha I do tend to drink mainly coffee with my wife. I have, in the past, found it difficult to find my ‘perfect’ way of getting a good cup of coffee. No matter what method I choose, it usually smells a lot better than it actually tastes. And I do prefer ground coffee to instant coffee. I have had filters, cafetieres and Moca pots but nothing really hit the spot. Then last Christmas my wife and I were bought an Essentials Home 3 Cup Drip Espresso Coffee Maker as a present, and we have been using it constantly ever since. What is a pour over coffee maker? Basically, to make a ‘pour over’, you just need ground coffee (freshly ground preferably), a filter, and a filter holder. The process simply involves pouring water over and through the grounds to extract the coffee flavours into your cup. Making coffee this way (unlike some other methods) continuously replaces the liquid surrounding the coffee grounds with new, fresher water, so promoting a faster, more efficient brew About the Essentials Home 3 Cup Drip Espresso Coffee Maker This is a very small, simple and straightforward bit of kit! Small at just 13cm x 15cm x 17cm, it will easily fit away in a cupboard and not take up much room. It comes in a cardboard box with a small sachet of ground coffee, enough for one brew, and it comprises of just two parts; a small, ...

Aico Ei141 Ionisation Smoke Detector 24/07/2017

There's no smoke without fire!! Be prepared.

Aico Ei141 Ionisation Smoke Detector Aico Ei141 Ionisation Smoke Detector There are some benefits to being old it seems! We get free ‘Safe and Well Visits’ from the Cheshire Fire Brigade. The visits include some traditional fire safety information and free smoke alarm fitting, but they also offer additional advice on slips, trips and fall prevention; bowel cancer screening as well as offering support to people who wish to stop smoking, taking drugs or reduce their alcohol consumption. Well they weren’t getting their hands on my single malt, I don’t smoke or take drugs so, basically, it was just the fire safety and new smoke alarm that we got! It is now 2 years since we had our last visit from the firemen, and the smoke alarm they fitted was an Aico Ei141 ionisation smoke detector. Had we wished we could have chosen and bought our own smoke detector, but we were happy enough with the one we were given. Our old one was about 12 years old and it’s constant peeping had made me remove the battery. The Fire Brigade’s campaign is because they say that without smoke alarm you are four times more likely to die in a fire. The advice we were given from the officers who called was: 1. Fit smoke alarms on every floor of your home (we live in a bungalow so that was an easy one) 2. Make testing the alarm part of your household routine in three simple steps: • Test it by pressing the button once a week • Change the batteries once a year if your alarm has removable batteries • Clean the alarms casing every six months to ...

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub 11/07/2017

Rub a dub bub two kids in a tub - a colourful one at that!!!

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub ~~~Alex Toys Rub a Dub Draw in the Tub Bathtub Crayons~~~ When my daughter and three-year-old grandson and 6-year-old granddaughter were coming to stay for a few days, my wife and I had a mooch around Home Bargains for little things to keep them occupied during their stay. One of the things we spotted, and popped in our basket, was a small box of crayons and rubber that are especially designed for using in the bath. It seemed a very good purchase to me, for just £1.99. ~~~What do you get? ~~~ The box (which measures around 8” x 6”), contains six special bathtub friendly coloured crayons in special plastic holders– red, yellow, orange, blue, violet and green and a yellow, duck-shaped sponge with one white abrasive side. Everything is nicely packaged in the box, which has a white tiled background and bubbles on, there is a duck shaped cut out to show the sponge and a small horizontal cut out along the top to display all six coloured crayons. The presentation is far nice enough to be given as a present. They are recommended for children aged 2+ Manufacturer’s Details • These colourful bathtub crayons can be used to create bath time art on tiled surfaces or on little bodies! • The 6 crayons are formulated gently enough to be used on the body and wipe easily from non-porous surfaces • Draw on tile and wash off when done • Clean, bath time fun • Includes red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange bath crayons in plastic holders • Duck sponge included • Taking a bath has ...

A5 Spiral Back Hard Cover Note Book 04/07/2017

I could be the next Bridget Jones - but the male version!

A5 Spiral Back Hard Cover Note Book A5 Spiral Back Hard Cover Note Book With most of my writing being done on the computer these days, combined with my getting to be an old codger, I have to say that my hand writing has deteriorated a lot. However, I still do write a diary of sorts, every evening I jot down what has happened during the day; I find it a cathartic and healthy experience – it’s almost like going to a therapist. I started doing this when I retired, I got skitted at work for my ‘note making’, and when I left a colleague presented me with a rather posh leather baked notebook and fountain pen and said I could use it to make notes about my retirement! I did, and it has become a ritual I do every night – and you’d be surprised just would an ancient old f**t like me manages to find to put in it. I am now on my fourth notebook, after the first the rest are mundane supermarket/stationary shop notebooks – although, as I still use my fountain pen as part of the ritual, I do look for a good quality paper in the books. My latest notebook - which has now got two months of my exciting life in, was purchased from The Works; it wasn’t the cheapest available, as I said I do look for good quality paper, and it cost me £3.25 (they did have a similar design with thinner paper for £1). The Notebook This notebook came in four colours, red, blue, black and green – I chose the blue, which is a quite deep blue colour, as you cana see in the pictures.. The notebook is A5 size and contains 180 pages (that’s 90 sheets ...

Cuprinol Garden Furniture Wipes 26/06/2017

Bring new life to a tired old garden table

Cuprinol Garden Furniture Wipes Cuprinol Garden Furniture Wipes With the recent good weather, we have spent a fair amount of time in our garden, and eating out on the patio on our wooden garden furniture. We used to use a general household spray to clean the table but last year we discovered Cuprinol Garden Furniture Wipes in Homebase and we have been using them ever since. These wipes come in a fairly large pack (around 10” x 5”) which contains 10 wipes (measuring around 10” x 7”), there is a pull-down seal for removing the wipes on the front of the pack. The wipes are specially impregnated with orange oil and wax and are designed for wiping down wooden garden furniture. We paid £5 in Homebase, but we now buy them from E bay where the price starts at around £3 a pack – with free postage. ( They are also available on Amazon from £4.22. What are they? The wraps are large and very strong and have a very pleasant smell; they have been specially designed for cleaning and conditioning all wooden garden furniture, such as teak. They are perfect for giving your garden furniture a newly waxed look and are also convenient for wiping up spills and any deposits the local birds may have left. The wipes do not only remove dirt, grease and grime but also nourish your wood. MANUFACTURER’S DETAILS • For any type of wood • Long lasting water repellent ...

Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Thomas Hardy 16/06/2017

A gripping story of love, loss and tragedy.

Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Thomas Hardy Tess of the D’Urbervilles Thomas Hardy “Bless thy simplicity, Tess” Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D'Urbervilles I have just returned from a week in Menorca; before I went I decided to take a look through the bookshelf for a couple of books to take with me. I had planned on a James Patterson or Lee Childs, however my eyes lingered on some old classics, that have not been read for many a year. When I first encountered Hardy during my English A level era (many moons ago) I can’t say that I was that enthralled with his work; however, reading them again later in life, he became a firm favourite and, I have to say, Tess of the D’Urbervilles has always been my most favourite. So, despite me knowing the story well, I chose that book to sit, read and inwardly digest on my jollies in the sun! “Did it never strike your mind that what every woman says, some women may feel?” Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D'Urbervilles First published in 1891, and initially called 'A Pure Woman', Tess of the D’Urbervilles was highly controversial and Hardy really aggravated the Victorian society as he courageously tackled ‘no go’ topics such as violence, murder and rape - topics common in modern literature but at that time – unmentionable and considered to be obscene. He received so much adverse criticism about these subjects that when his fifth edition was published he added the following quote to the front cover - "If an offence come out of the truth, better it is that the offence come than the ...

A.Vogel Luffa Nasal Spray 04/06/2017

This is to be sniffed at - then wake up and smell the roses!

A.Vogel Luffa Nasal Spray For some reason, about ten years ago, I suddenly started to get hay fever. For someone who loves gardening and the outdoors, for my body to suddenly react to the pollen released by plants and flowers. The blocked nose, the sneezing, being unable to breathe, a runny nose and itchy eyes all brought on by the pollen initiating my body to release Histamine. There are several ways of dealing with this uncomfortable condition – lock your doors and windows and stay away from the pollen (something that I refuse to do) or taking anti- Histamine tablets. I already take quite a few tablets for other conditions, so was reluctant to do this – also they made me feel rather groggy – even the ‘non-drowsy’ ones. Then several years ago, a friend recommended that I try A.Vogel Luffa Nasal Spray, a nasal spray that does NOT contain steroids, and is a natural product made from herbs – I was immediately converted. The 20ml bottle has become a life saver for me, it costs around £7.50 from Holland and Barrett (although the one I bought this week was on special offer of £6), it can also be bought from pharmacies, other health shops or on line. The bottle comes in a white box with a yellow flower on and is white with a small label on the bottle and a long thin spout with a spray pump built into the top. Just remove the cone shaped cap and with your thumb supporting the bottom and two fingers across the top flat top just below the pointed nozzle then put the pointy part into your nose then push the ...

Nivea Men Silver Protect 48H Anti Perspirant Deodorant Spray 28/05/2017

Don't sweat it? Nivea has it covered!

Nivea Men Silver Protect 48H Anti Perspirant Deodorant Spray Nivea Men Silver Protect 48H Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray I will soon have reviewed most of the contents of my suitcase for my holiday to Menorca; I have so far covered my sun spray and after sun, I am now reviewing another Nivea product that is a favourite of mine, and one that I have purchased for in my suitcase - Nivea Men Silver Protect 48H Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray. At one time, I would just pick up any generic deodorant, and them and whatever Lynx sprays I was bought for birthday and Christmas were my regular deodorants; and then two years ago my brother bought me a Nivea gift set and in it was a can of Nivea Men 48 Hour Silver Protect Antiperspirant. Since then whenever I have run out of the Father’s Day/birthday/Christmas deodorant gifts I always actively seek out this spray. Luckily it is readily available in all supermarkets and pharmacies – I usually pay between 2.00 and £2.50, but my latest holiday purchase was from Superdrug and cost me just £1.64 – Bargain. (I bought two!!!) Specifications • 250ml bottle • Suitable for all skin types • Fights body odour - antibacterial formula with silver ions • 48h effective anti-perspirant protection & NIVEA MEN Care Complex • Skin tolerance dermatologically approved • No alcohol or colourants • Average price: £2.50 • Country of origin: Germany • Package Type: Aerosol can • Recycling Information: Packing – Recyclable if empty • Ingredients: Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Cyclomethicone, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, ...

Nivea Sun Cooling After Sun Spray with Aloe Vera 27/05/2017

Who knew Nivea could be cool!

Nivea Sun Cooling After Sun Spray with Aloe Vera Nivea Sun Cooling After Sun Spray with Aloe Vera As I mentioned in my last review, we are currently getting ready for our holiday to Menorca; two of the items that are going in the case are frequent flyers with us when we go to warmer climes Nivea Sun Immediate Protection Moisturising Sun Spray SPF30 and Nivea Moisturising After Sun Spray, this second review follows on from on the Sun Spray SPF30, and is for the Nivea Moisturising After Sun Spray Specifications • 200ml bottle • Suitable for all skin types • Cools and soothes the skin • Good, Skin compatibility dermatologically approved • 24h moisturisation • Light formula enriched with Aloe Vera • Average price: £5 • Country of origin: Spain • Package Type: Bottle/ Dispenser • Recycling Information: Packing – Recyclable • Ingredients: Aqua, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Cera Microcristallina, Ceteareth-20, Glyceryl Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Methylpropanediol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ceteareth-12, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Palmitate, Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Linalool, Butylphenyl Methylproprional, Limonene, Citral, Geraniol, Parfum This Nivea after sun spray is soothing and refreshing for after spending a few hours in the sun. Nivea Sun Moisturising It has a quickly absorbed light formula which contains Aloe Vera (known for its soothing ...
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