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Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blind 02/11/2017

Night, night sleep tight!

Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blind Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blind I’m sure my parents would have been amazed at the fact that people buy ‘black out’ curtain s today after living through a war when they had to use them! And this ‘Gro Anywhere Blind’ is basically just that – a black out curtain. When my grandson was a baby, my daughter and her husband found that when the clocks went forward, as well as losing an hours much needed sleep (as anyone with a baby will understand), the lighter nights played havoc with their two-year-old daughter’s sleeping pattern. Trying to convince her that it is bedtime when it was light outside was a nightmare. She had always gone to bed at 7.00pm but getting her to bed when it still seemed like daytime outside was impossible and it was getting nearer to 8 or 9 before she went to sleep, at which point her new little brother would be looking for food. Now, my daughter was never one of these mums who kept the house quiet for naps or even closed the curtains when she put the baby down for a sleep; she would vacuum around the baby in broad daylight as they napped when they were tiny – but none of this stopped them soon demanding pitch-black environments and this blind certainly made it easy to create this environment for them both at home, on holiday and staying with family. About the Gro Anywhere Blind WHAT THE MANUFACTURER SAYS “A Portable blackout blind for when it’s still too light to say night night! Anyone who has stayed away from home with little ones will know ...

Le Creuset 22cm Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish 01/11/2017

Ooh la laa! C'est très bon

Le Creuset 22cm Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish Le Creuset 22cm Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish The item that I am reviewing today is my wife’s pride and joy – her duck egg blue Le Creuset cast iron casserole dish. She has owned this casserole dish now for almost seven years; it was a joint anniversary present of our daughter and son and an item that my wife had longed for for years. To be honest, when she received it although the colour was very pretty – a very pale blue – I was a little worried as to how long the dish would carry on looking good – but seven years on – and after a LOT of use, it is still looking really good, and my wife leaves it out on display in our kitchen. Le Creuset Le Creuset is probably the most famous name in high quality cast iron and enamelled cookware. undoubtedly most famous for their casserole pots and dishes. They began producing their first porcelain enamelled cast iron pots in 1925 in a foundry in Fresnoy le Grand, France; and it is here that they are still making their world-famous casseroles and pans. Their products are expensive, but come with a Lifetime Guarantee, and they really are worth the initial expense. Made by skilled craftsmen, each cast iron piece receives two coats of enamel. The first is fired at 840°C, and is clear and uncoloured. This means the second coat, the coloured enamel, sticks well to the cast iron. This special colour coat is applied internally and externally. After the enamel is applied it is air dried to produce a highly durable, hygienic and shock ...

Mookie Scramble Bug 29/10/2017

Scrambling good fun for little legs

Mookie Scramble Bug Mookie Scramblebug Scramblebug Tide Blue and White Just about a year ago, while browsing the central aisles in Aldi a large colourful box caught my eye – this box held a ‘Mookie Scramblebug Tide’ and had a price tag of £19.99 on it. The description on the box was that it was “a unique foot-to-floor ride on for 1 -3-year olds”. With a grandson who was then around eighteen months old, we thought that this would make an ideal Christmas present for him, and so the Scramblebug joined the potatoes, meat, veg etc in the trolley. Mookie? Who the ……? To be honest, when I bought the toy I thought that ‘Mookie’ was one of Aldi’s own names; however, when I got home I checked and found that this exact toy had a RRP of £39.99 - although Amazon had it for around £29 (you have to love an Aldi bargain, don’t you!). It seems that Mookie has been going since 1987 and concentrates mainly on outdoor sports toys and is best known for the Swingball brand for which it acquired the global rights in 1993. It is also the UK’s number one supplier of ride-ons with Smart Trike, Scuttlebug and Scramblebug among its main brands. Just What is a Scramblebug? Designed for children aged 1-3 years old (or 20kgs/40lbs), Mookie say that “The Scramblebug is a unique foot-to-floor ride on that moves in all directions as all four wheels have 360-degree movement.” and add that it is "a great way to take children from a baby walker to ride-on" So, while being basically a sit-on push along toy It is ...

Cif Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray 03/10/2017

A shiny finish without too much effort.

Cif Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray Cif Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray Never let it be said that I’m always right, but when my wife went all googlie eyed over e new stainless-steel fridge freezer, I did say it would show every mark!! But, she had to have it, and yes, it does show every mark!! About six months after we had bought the freezer, we were walking around our local Aldi, where I always browse those middle aisles (you can pick some great items up there!), when I spotted a box of silver looking bottles – with the words - Cif Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray - on and they were on offer for £2.49 a bottle. I showed the boss and she agreed this seemed a good price and one went in the rapidly filling trolley. What to look for If you go looking for a bottle of this spray, it is very easily recognisable as it comes in a striking silver/metallic looking plastic bottle that contains 450ml of the product. The top of the bottle has a clear plastic trigger spray nozzle attached by a white plastic screw lid. The reverse of the bottle gives general information on the product such as directions for use, warnings and ingredients. The neck of the bottle is ergonomically shaped to make it easy to hold, a label on the front has a large CIF logo and a shiny tap and the back contains the usual ingredients, warnings and ways to use. Warnings and Ingredients The ingredients in this product are: • <5% Anionic Surfactants • Non-Ionic Surfactants • Phosphats • Perfume • Benzisothiazolinone As with all cleaning ...

Little Tikes Large Phone Dough Set 23/09/2017

A rather phoney phone here - this is a box!

Little Tikes Large Phone Dough Set Little Tikes Large Phone Dough Set I do love a bargain!! Earlier in the summer we were walking around Asda when my wife spotted a pile of Little Tyke Phone Dough sets with, what seemed like an incredibly low price of £2.50 on them – a great little toy to keep the grandkids happy, we thought – so a couple went into our trolley. We were intending to keep them for Christmas presents but when our two-year-old grandson came to stay for a visit we ended up giving him one to play with; as my wife said, it was cheaper than a kiddie’s magazine! About the Little Tikes Large Phone Dough Set This product comes in an open box so that you can see the toy inside; the phone measures around 10” long, 5” wide and 3” deep and is basically a red plastic, phone shaped box with lid. It has just four removable buttons, that are in fact moulds for the Play-Doh – 1 blue, 1 green and 1 yellow flower design and 1 white duck design. Inside the box are 6 20g sachets of Play Doh – 2 red, 2 green, 1 yellow and 1 blue and a yellow plastic knife/cutter. The toy is aimed at children aged 2+ My Opinion If I had paid any more than £2.50 for this product I would have felt like I had been ripped off. It is NOT a toy phone, it is a plastic box!! It certainly doesn’t resemble any phone that I have seen, it is a red chunky semi-phone -like shaped plastic box with a lid on it. There is a cartoon face at the top (which I am presuming is supposed to be a screen) and a Little Tikes logo on the bottom, in ...

Diesel Bad Eau de Toilette 20/09/2017

And the whole world has to answer right now - I'm Bad!!!!!

Diesel Bad Eau de Toilette DIESEL BAD EDT With having a January birthday, it’s not very often I get smellies bought for me mid-year, unless I get some for Father’s Day. However, after my daughter visited Prague in July, as well as a couple of bottles of Czech beers she also brought me a 50ml bottle of Diesel Bad EDT, an aftershave/cologne/Eau de Toilet that I have never had before. When I saw an advertisement for this fragrance, I was a little surprised that my daughter had chosen it for me as it certainly seemed to evoke a bad boy/James Dean type image – I would have thought my image was more Old Spice (with an emphasis on the Old and not the Spice!!), although I DO have a pair of Diesel shoes!! And have you seen the bloke in the advert? Believe me we look nothing alike – unfortunately! Diesel themselves describe this fragrance with the following words, that again make me wonder what persuaded my daughter to buy it for me: “Diesel BAD evokes brooding virility and a sense of erotic mystery. Covered in a grainy black leather texture, the Diesel BAD bottle has a seductive, masculine look, inspired by the classic black leather biker jacket.” From the Italian Diesel company, this fragrance has been designed by the perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim who claim that it the only fragrance that combines notes of tobacco and caviar! Caviar? Now that’s a bit fishy!!! Th make it worse, Diesel say that the caviar gives a “provocative and erotic” touch “like a trickle of sweat on a man’s chiselled ...

Patriots Day (DVD) 03/09/2017

"It is terrorism, we will take it."

Patriots Day (DVD) Patriots Day (DVD) "77-16 to Control: need an ambulance on Laurel Avenue. Suspect in custody, shot and run over. I repeat: shot and run over. I gotta f***ing quit smoking." +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++ Genre – Crime, Drama, History, Thriller Running Time – 113 minutes Certificate – 15 Country – America Awards – 2 Wins & 3 Nominations IMDb rating-7.4/10 from 419,173 rates Release date: 23 February 2017 Directors: Peter Berg Producers: Mark Wahlberg, Dorothy Aufiero, Dylan Clark, Stephen Levinson, Michael Radutzky Tagline: “The inside story of the world's greatest manhunt.” +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++ Main Cast Mark Wahlberg ... Tommy Saunders Dicky Eklund Jr.... Young Police Officer Michael Marchand... Young Police Officer Kevin Bacon ... Special Agent Richard DesLauriers Rhet Kidd ... Harrold John Goodman ... Commissioner Ed Davis Michelle Monaghan Carol Saunders Alex Wolff ... Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Themo Melikidze Tamerlan Tsarnaev Frank Czarnowski... Officer Outside Harrold’s Apartment Christopher O'Shea... Patrick Downes Rachel Brosnahan... Jessica Kensky Jake Picking ... Officer Sean Collier Lana Condor ... Li Film Trailer The Film "Two people took many days and weeks to plan out hate but love responded in an instant." ‘Patriot’s Day’ is a recreation of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack that killed and injured so many people on the 15th ...

SnuzPod Bedside Crib 31/08/2017

Rockabye baby in a SnuzPod

SnuzPod Bedside Crib SnuzPod Bedside Crib and Mattress When my daughter was expecting her second child eighteen months ago my wife informed me that we were buying a new Moses basket; my daughter had discovered that she was expecting a little girl and the Moses basket we had bought for my grandson two years earlier WAS very blue. So, I was taken to a worryingly expensive looking baby shop in town! My wife’s attention was caught by a rather modern looking crib, made of a natural coloured wood and cream canvas – “That looks lovely!” said the wife, “That looks expensive!” though I!! Guess what, it was!! It was just short of £200, I seem to remember the Moses basket we bought for my grandson being around £30!! The eagle-eyed shop assistance obviously spotted the little pink hearts popping out of my wife’s eyes and pounced on us – explaining all the benefits of this expensive bit of baby furniture. She then obviously spotted the fear in my eyes as I looked at the price tag (which I have to say was well hidden from immediate view! “It’s your lucky day!” squealed the assistant – “They’re all out of stock” thought I hopefully,” we do have one of these for sale for just £150”, I was told (JUST £150!!!!) – “it IS slightly damaged”. We were led to a store room where one of these cots for the wealthy baby was in a state of partial dismantlement, the assistant picked up a piece of the frame and pointed out a scratch on it – to be fair I wouldn’t have thought it a £50 scratch. My wife wasn’t convinced a ...

Black & Decker Kx3300T - 2300 Watt Wallpaper Stripper 29/08/2017

My wife let me have a stripper!

Black & Decker Kx3300T - 2300 Watt Wallpaper Stripper Black & Decker Kx3300T - 2300 Watt Wallpaper Stripper I’ll start by saying that my item looks different to the one pictured on Ciao (see my picture); but when I suggested mine they told me to put the review here! When we moved into our house two years ago there was a lot of the dreaded wood chip wallpaper on some of the rooms. I considered getting in a decorator (quotes were FAR too expensive), and then hiring a professional wall paper stripper, but at over £20 a day, and I knew this was going to be several days’ work – so again a lot of money). A Facebook ‘friend’ recommended this Black and Decker stripper to me, and told me that he had had success in removing sculptured wallpaper and woodchip with one. When I looked online I managed to pick one up for around £35 from Argos (although it was a lot more expensive from some dealers) – so this was already less than just 2 days of a professional one! The Stripper This stripper comes neither in a Police Woman’s outfit or wearing a feather boa but in a box measuring around 32 x 34 x 24 cm, the box is relatively heavy at around 2 ½ kilo’. It comes with an orange and white 4-litre water tank that has a water level indicator so that you can check the level water without stopping. It also has spout that can be filled with water directly from the tap without removing the container. The large (29 x 18 cm) orange steam plate is attached by a 3.65m black flexible hose and it has 3m long cable. The water tank unit has a heating ...

Bestway Inflatable Swim Seat 26/08/2017

This swim seat floats my boat!

Bestway Inflatable Swim Seat Bestway Inflatable Swim Seat One of the joys of being a granddad for me is being able to take the little ones swimming. I go to the pool myself every week and I always ensured that my children learnt to swim as early as possible. Teaching a baby to swim can be extremely rewarding: not only are you enhancing their confidence, but it’s great exercise, it supports a healthy lifestyle, it means that they will be safer around water as they get older and it’s also one of the best ways of spending some fun, quality time together. My children have all entrusted me with their children in the pool from as soon as they were able to go in, and each one of them has started their swimming experiences with the use of one of these Bestway Inflatable Swim Seats. While I do go on to take them from the ring for teaching them properly, the most important thing is to make swimming fun, so that the baby learns through play. With this seat, the baby can feel comfortable and secure, while getting them used to the water, and they also give old granddad some peace of mind as to their safety. These yellow swimming aids only cost a few pounds and are excellent value and extremely useful. As we are going to Centre Parcs in a couple of weeks with my son and his family, including 6 months old grandson; I have bought a new swim seat (for the grand price of £3.75), I thought it would be easier to carry the unpacked ring rather than take the one we already have. The Product The seat comes folded quite ...

Dyson DC34 23/08/2017

Powerful suction - but not for long

Dyson DC34 Dyson Hand Held Hoover Model Number DC34 I think my wife and I must be either very dirty or very clean, as – with just two of us at home – we own the grand total of three vacuum cleaners; an ‘upstairs’ vacuum for the bedrooms and landings, a ‘downstairs’ vacuum for – well downstairs and the one that I tend to use the most the handheld Dyson, or the ‘Dyson DC34 Multi Floor Handheld Vacuum’, to give it its correct title. We have had some rather cheap and nasty hand-held cleaners in the past, which HAVE been cheap and HAVE been nasty; and when we parted with £75 on a new Dyson hand held cleaner around four years ago I did wonder was it worth the money. However, the actual price for the product was usually double this – we bought this on a special offer deal on Amazon – I think it was probably the start of that silly Black Friday thingy that has worked its way over the Atlantic!! So, I wasn’t complaining when it saved me £75! Let’s get Physical – sorry I mean Technical! First of all, here is a quick look at the technical details of this appliance: Brand Dyson Model Number DC34 Colour Orange/Grey Item Weight 1.3 Kg Dimensions 32.2 x 11.5 x 20.5 cm Capacity 0.35 litres Volume Capacity 0.35 litres Power / Wattage 28 watts Voltage 22.2 volts Runtime 15 minutes Special Features Bagless, Cordless, Cyclonic, Lightweight, Self-Emptying Function, Washable Filter So, this product is a bagless handheld cleaner with a lithium battery which Dyson claim charges around ...

Stanley Sortmaster Organiser 20/08/2017

Sorted me so well I bought it twice!!

Stanley Sortmaster Organiser Stanley Sortmaster Organiser Two years ago, I received a birthday present off my wife, that when wrapped was very intriguing!! I do tend to annoy my wife, by investigating presents by constantly scrutinising, turning and twisting the wrapped item (the more she moans the more I do it!!) This was intriguing; it was quite big about 16” x 13, rectangular, not to heavy – and it rattled when I shook it! When I eventually ripped the wrapping paper of my present I found that she had bought me a Stanley Sortmaster Organiser which she had filled with various screws, nails, hinges, hooks, fuses etc; all those things I never seem to be able to put my hands on when I need them. I was very impressed with this thoughtful gift, so much more thoughtful for the fact that she had filled it for me, and two years on I am more than happy with the box itself. About the Product The Stanley Sortmaster Organizer is a single organizing unit that can be used individually or stacked together with more. Designed mainly for the DIY enthusiast, it can also be used for storing anything like beads, stamps, sewing materials, Lego pieces etc. The Sortmaster has removable dividers inside which means that you can customise it for smaller parts or for larger hand tools, the manufacturer claims that these dividers allow for up to 1024 different configurations. Shaped rather like a small plastic suitcase (complete with handle) there is a bottom black tray with six small central compartments which are fixed, ...

Mega Bloks 8237: Play 'N' Go Table 18/08/2017

Great toy for little kids who want to build big!

Mega Bloks 8237: Play 'N' Go Table Mega Bloks 8237: Play 'N' Go Table When our two-year-old grandson was coming to stay, we knew that he would be bringing a bag of his favourite Mega Bloks; so, when we saw the Play N Go Table for sale in Tesco for £31, just after we had received our Tesco Club Card vouchers, we decided to buy it I bought for him to use as both a play table and a storage place for his Mega Bloks. About the Product The toy comes folded in a colourful cardboard box that measures 13.33 x 60.96 x 40.64 cm. Inside is a folding table and 20 Mega Bloks that come in different shapes and vibrant prime colours; these pieces include a chunky yellow car and driver and bridge. The top of the table measures around60cm by 40cm and, and when the legs the legs are unfolded it stands at just over 30cm high. These legs fold in underneath the table' for storage – when the legs are folded the table (which could be put on a dining table to play with) is just 13cm high. The table itself is a lovely bright red and it has blue legs. The top of the table is made up of four removable flat, square pieces in blue, green, yellow and orange, these have studs for the Mega Bloks to fit on and they make the base for the children to play on. A narrow road (just the right width for the car) runs around this base. There is a small dial in the middle of this base which locks in the four pieces and also lets you remove them for storage. There are also handles on either side of the table, making it very easy to move. There is ...

Everybody Wants Some (DVD) 08/08/2017

I don't want some, thank you!!

Everybody Wants Some (DVD) +Everybody Wants Some+ This was a DVD was in a group that my daughter brought for us to watch before passing on to the local charity shop. Looking at the front cover, this didn’t really seem to be the sort of thing that we would normally watch but with such quotes as ‘Slaps a smile on your face that won’t quit’ on the back of the DVD cover, I thought I may as well give it a watch to take our mind of the miserable British summer weather! + Film Details + • +Directed by Richard Linklater • +Release date March 30, 2016 • +Running time 116 minutes • +Starring Will Brittain, Zoey Deutch, Ryan Guzman, Tyler Hoechlin, Blake Jenner, Glen Powell and Wyatt Russell • +Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 87% • +Classification: 15 +Story and my opinion+ The story in this film follows Jake (played by Blake Jenner), a first-year college student and baseball pitcher at the fictional South Texas State University; where he is a member of their baseball team. It starts in 1980 (“Thursday August 6th, three days and 15 hours before class” in fact – as the caption on the screen tells us!) and we are shown life in the baseball players’ privileged frat house that Jake joins and begins his new life with the other boys on the team: Jay (played by Juston Street), Roper (played by Ryan Guzman), McReynolds (played by Tyler Hoechlin), Dale (played by J Quinton Johnson) and Beuter (played Will Brittain) – not forgetting the rather hippy-like guy who smokes a lot of dope, Willoughby (played by ...

Russell Hobbs 21140 04/08/2017

The wife's on a diet so I'm all hot and steamy!!

Russell Hobbs 21140 Russell Hobbs Tiered Steamer Model Number 21140 God help me, the wife is on a health trip!! Away has gone the deep fat fryer (oven wedges all the way now!) and out has come the steamer!! She is insistent that each get our five portions of fruit and vegetables a day (and will not accept a glass of reds wine classes as a portion) so there has been a lot more vegetable cooking here of late- meaning more pots and pans to wash. So, it was a bit of a relief when the steamer emerged from the gadget cupboard as it is so much easier on the washing up the plastic trays to this, and I do have to admit the steamed vegetables are better. To be fair, our steamer 9around 2 years old now) has always been used a fair amount in the time we’ve had it – it is just being left out all the time now!! About the Product We bought our steamer from Asda around two years ago, and it cost us £22.99 (the receipt is still in the box, which we keep ‘just in case’ – I think it’s an age thing!)!!) The said box is still ‘under the stairs’ and also contains the instruction leaflet that came with it; this box is quite small – around 11” cubed I would say as the compact steamer stores inside it. The instruction leaflet that is in the box is pretty basic as the steamer is pretty easy to use; it is helpful though with recommended steaming times. The steamer consists of three clear plastic trays with handles and are around 4” tall, one clear plastic lid and a plastic, white plastic lower unit with plug ...
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