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Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner20 Indigo Ink 12/07/2010

Easy to apply, long lasting, flawless finish

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner20 Indigo Ink For years I have been struggling with various liquid liners trying to get a perfect line on my upper eyelid. A few months ago I decided to treat myself to some duty free on a flight and bought a duo pack of the Bobbi Brown eye liner. It is absolutely brilliant. Its really easy to apply and perfect if, like me, you have an unsteady hand. The brush which comes with the liner is great but I find it a little thick for every day use. I have bought myself the fine eye liner brush from MAC (brush no. 210, £14). It really is very fine and produces a perfect line as thin as you want. Do be careful to wash your brush carefully as I have already ruined one by not doing so. I bought brush cleaner from MAC for £8 and it lasts for ages. I find the best way to apply this liner is: 1) apply a small amount to the brush (not too much as it becomes clumpy). 2) Place a finger on the outer corner of your eye and stretch it outwards. 3) Starting with the inner corner slowly draw a line all the way to the outer corner and finish with an upward flick. 4) you can then carefully colour in to even out the line. At £15 this may seem a bit of a stretch just for eyeliner. However, I use mine every day and I have barely scratched the surface in over 3 months. Also, once applied it lasts all day long so you don't have to keep re-applying. In the long run it really is a good investment. Just remember to clean your brush!

Fujifilm FinePix S1500 12/07/2010

Fantastic value, great camera for serious amateurs

Fujifilm FinePix S1500 I bought this camera a couple of months ago and I am extremely pleased with it. It has a 12x optical zoom which is fantastic. (I did alot of research when I bought this camera and the biggest optical zoom I could find for a similar price was 4x.) I love taking pictures of wildlife and it has been great for that as the colours are also really lovely. I have also taken quite a few action shots of flying birds etc and they have come out very well. The quality of the pictures is flawless and good enough for any serious amateur. At 10MP, unless you are going to blow them up to the size of your house, you don't need any more! It is also incredibly easy to use. I have barely looked at the instructions and found my way around the camera within minutes of turning it on. It is very nice to look at, quite small but chunky enough to get a good grip to steady your hand. My previous camera was slimline and I had a lot of trouble keeping my hands still. The grip on this camera has solved that problem for me. There is also the bonus of the digital zoom finder. It isn't great, but good enough if you are having problems with glare from the sun etc. The autofocus is excellent meaning you can zoom right in and still get a crystal clear picture. The super macro feature means you can take your photos just 1cm away from an object. You can also create panorama shots by taking 3 photos and sticking them together. This is a fantastic feature for holiday pictures of landscapes. The only negative ...

Molton Brown Refreshing Facial Wash 12/07/2010

Leaves skin feeling refreshed and beautifully soft

Molton Brown Refreshing Facial Wash This face wash does exactly what it says on the bottle. It is very refreshing and gentle on the skin. I have suffered from bad skin for about 10 years. I have tried so many products all of which claim to help oily skin and reduce spots. I haven't found anything that works without leaving my skin stinking of chemicals. I love Molton Brown products and decided to try this facewash a few months ago. I was very disciplined when I first bought it using it every morning and evening. I can honestly tell you my skin looked 10 times better after just two weeks. I have got so fed up in the past with shop assistants convincing me to buy products that will 'work miracles on my skin' and then seeing no results. But I promise you this works! The packaging is really nice. It comes in a clear bottle with purple and green writing. It has a pump at the top and I usually use one pump in the morning and two at night to help remove make up. It is not perfumed, only smelling of the ingredients. It feels completely natural against the skin and leaves my face looking smooth and feeling soft. I would advise for the ladies to remove any eye make or heavy make up first as the face wash is very gentle and isn't made for removing make up. I also find I don't always need to use moisturiser as the face wash hydrates your skin and never dries it out. I promise this is a great product! I absolutely love it and will continue to buy it as long as they make it!

BeneFit Bad Gal Lash Mascara 12/07/2010

Want clump free eyelashes? This is the product for you!

BeneFit Bad Gal Lash Mascara I first used Benefit's Bad gal Lash a year or so ago when they were giving away free sample sizes with Glamour. Obviously they were giving them away free to promote the product, and it worked! I've been buying it ever since! It costs £15.50, but you can get it cheaper sometimes from Amazon. Don't ever buy it from ebay or an unknown seller as you can never be sure it is real. (I bought some from ebay and it stank of chemicals). You don't want to take that risk with your eyes! I love Benefit products and this mascara is no exception. I've always found it hard to find a mascara that doesn't leave you with clumpy eyelashes, but Benefit have solved that problem! I never have a problem with clumps as long as I don't layer it on too thick! It really does lengthen your eyelashes giving you the 'false lash' effect. I have quite short eyelashes which I've always been annoyed about! But this mascara has solved my issue. It is very versatile; a couple of strokes will give you a nice every day look, or use 3-4 strokes for a smoky evening look. I also have very sensitive eyes and so far haven't had any problems in that area with this mascara. The same goes for their Bad lash eye liner. It comes off easily with good make up remover (I use Clinique naturally gentle eye make up remover £12.50) and lasts all day long. I find the best way to apply this mascara is: 1) place the brush as close to your eye as you can (without touching obviously!) 2) Apply a fair amount of pressure to your ...

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Gloss 12/07/2010

Nice product, gives you a 'glow' rather than a shimmer

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Gloss I have been a big fan of Palmers Cococa Butter for years and so I thought I'd try the Body Gloss when it came out. Like all the Cocoa Butter range it is very rich and thick so it doesn't spread easily. However with persistence it blends in eventually leaving you with beautifully soft skin. This lasts all day and leaves your skin with a lovely warm buttery smell. As for the 'gloss' it isn't the best. If you are after more of a 'glow' than sparkle then it works a treat. I use it to highlight certain areas of my body: my shoulders, collar bone and cleavage! If you're looking for a strong shimmer then this isn't the right product for you. However, if you use a lot it does gradually build up and with the cheap price tag you could argue it would be better to do that than splash out on something like Estee Lauder's shimmer lotion. (Works brilliantly but has a £27 price tag!) The good thing about this product is it leaves a gentle glow which can work during the day as well as at night. It's a nice product, just with the wrong label. I wouldn't describe it as 'gloss' or 'shimmer', probably just highlighter! As for the moisturising qualities, like all the Palmers products, they are great. It leaves you with beautiful supple skin which lasts all day.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser 12/07/2010

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser, great value!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser I really like this moisturiser, it does everything it says on the packet. I have quite troublesome skin, I can't remember the last time I didn't have a single spot! So getting the right skin care is really important to me. I splash out a fair amount of money on my make up and my face wash so I really wanted to find a good moisturiser which didn't break the bank. I bought the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Moisturiser in Boots because I had used Neutrogena products before and was attracted by the cheap price tag. At £3.79 it was a real bargain! It's quite a small tube (50ml), but you only need a very small amount so it lasts quite along time. As soon as I used it for the first time I knew I liked it. It went onto my skin really smoothly and blended in quickly. Although my skin took slightly longer to absorb the moisture than some brands I was left with a smooth, oil-free complexion. It provides a really good base for my foundation which now goes on really smoothly. I use it every morning and evening and I noticed a difference in my skin after about a week. At the same time as buying the moisturiser I bought Molton Brown's Skinfresh Facial Wash. At £20 it's quite pricey, but it really is brilliant (see my review for this). As the moisturiser is so cheap I think they balance each other out! If you have oily skin I highly recommend both these products. Tip: I read in a magazine ages ago that you can help fight off wrinkles by massaging your moisturising in with an upwards ...

Birkenstock 12/07/2010

Birkenstocks give your feet the support they deserve!

Birkenstock I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks 4 years ago and I am still wearing the very same pair now! They are the 'Madrid' style (one thick strap across the front of your foot). I have just gone and bought myself a new pair, this time the 'Mayari' style, which has two thinner straps and a loop whole for your big toe. .....'Madrid'...... When I bought my first pair of Madrids I wasn't overly enamoured by the look of them. However the feel of them on my feet overrode any concerns my inner fashionable self had with them! I bought them in Costco for about £20 so the price wasn't really a problem. However, I definitely would have paid full price for them, I just got lucky. As I didn't buy them from a shoe store I didn't get any advice on wearing them in and looking after them. I went straight into wearing them all day every day, come rain or shine! The first couple of days I wore them they were comfy, but I was very aware of the lumps and bumps on the sole. However, after about a week the sandals had slowly moulded to the shape of my feet and it almost felt like I didn't have any shoes on! Because I didn't pay full price for them I didn't take great care of them. I wore them out in the rain, on the beach, in the sea, on cobbled streets.....everywhere! However, four years later and they are only just getting to the point where I'm wondering whether to throw them out! That's great value for money! So, imagine how long they would have lasted if I'd looked after them! ......The ...
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