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Smirnoff Ice 13/06/2011

lovely, especially on a hot summers day!

Smirnoff Ice Personally, this is my favorite alcoholic beverage. The taste is very refreshing and it tastes quite fruity. This drink is perfect when you're sitting in the sun and it's a beautiful day with your friends or family and you'd love an ice cold drink. It has great quality and is great just as a social drink if maybe you don't want to get drunk or it also has the potential to make your night out even better as it is not harsh to drink at all and is very complimentary to the taste buds and also it can be a refreshing drink that is also adding to your drunk levels at the same time! This product is very cheap! Personally, when I buy this product I buy it from either Iceland, Asda or Tesco as these are the places that most regularly have offers on. The offer I usually pick up is '2 for £5' or '2 for £6' or something along those lines. Of course in some shops the alcohol can be quite expensive so I suggest you look around before you buy any beverage as you could be missing out on huge savings! The only disadvantage of this product is that if you pour it into glasses rather than drink from the bottle then you will notice that the drink will only give you about 3 or 4 glasses; however this may only be an advantage if you are sharing the bottle, for example. If this drink isn't a high enough %vol, then I have known many people to add a little vodka to the drink. Depending on your opinions and beliefs this may be something you are definitely somebody who will try it or someone who is ...

Fanta Orange 09/06/2011

My Favourite Drink.

Fanta Orange Fanta Orange is my favourite thing in the world to drink. It is so refreshing, especially on a hot day. There is so much flavour to it and sometimes you may just crave the taste. The only disadvantage I know of this product is that it is a fizzy drink, and therefore it is very gassy. Fanta is available in a lot of different flavours for you to try, there is no excuse for not trying it. This product can be quite expensive as the prices have gone up with the recession, but you'll be happy to know that you can find a 2 litre bottle of fanta for just £1 in supermarkets such as Asda if they have this offer on. Supermarkets know the popularity of fizzy bottled drinks and therefore they constantly have offers on with this product, I assure you. I would recommend fanta to literally anybody, everybodys taste buds are different. You may have already tasted this drink a few years ago and have already decided that you don't like it, but for all you know you may have changed your mind if you try it again!

The Notebook (DVD) 09/06/2011

Beautiful Love Story..

The Notebook (DVD) The Notebook is a great example of a great love story. It is an outstanding film that is sure to pull on your heartstrings. It keeps you gripped the whole way through as you are constantly wanting to find out what happens next! I originally bought this film because of it's reputation. My friends had used phrases like 'It's the saddest film i've ever seen' which made me want to make my own judgement and see if it really was worth all of the fuss. I bought it on and if I remember correctly I think I paid around £3 for it which was a bargain. When I first watched the film I couldn't actually get into it and therefore only watched about 10 minutes of it before switching it off. I made my mind up that it was not worth the fuss until one night I decided I needed to watch it. I sat up and watched it the whole way through and although I wouldn't say it's the saddest film i've ever watched, I certainly cried and cried and still cry each time I watch it! The basic storyline is a man and woman falling in love and the girl being almost forbidden to see him anymore because her family don't think he's at the right standard for their daughter. Of course that is only a fraction of it, but I wouldn't want to give it away now, would I? Of course it is a love story, so it obviously has a happy ending one way or another. The cast play amazing parts and make you feel like the actual characters, it is an outstanding level or acting throughout the film. I must recommend all of you ...

Coleen x Perfume Eau De Toilette 09/06/2011

a perfume i'd recommend!

Coleen x Perfume Eau De Toilette When i buy a perfume I tend to look for a sweet scent, which is exactly what this perfume is. The scent is almost fruity and isn't sour or unpleasant whatsoever. The one thing that impressed me was the packaging. Sometimes I find that certain brands seem to go a little overboard with the design of the bottle of perfume, making it look way too much, or even cheap and tacky. However, this product really stood out and caught my eye. In this scenario, less is definitely more! The bottle being long and rectangular, with the contrasting colours of black and lilac makes it very simple and very cute. The name of the perfume 'Coleen x' is also written in black with a unique choice of handwritten style font. This perfume is not particularly expensive and may be found in gift sets for very good prices! Coleen perfume is definitely good value for money and I would not hesitate to buy it again. It lasts for hours which is an excellent advantage as it makes you feel confident all day long, also making it great value for money! I would recommend this product to people between the ages of 13 and 40. This recommendation is due to the fact of opinion. In my opinion I would sometimes argue that very sweet, fruity perfume should not be used on mature women as I simply believe it can suggest a certain immaturity or cheapness, to recommend a perfume for a more mature women I may suggest a fragrance such as Chloe Eau de Parfum which is also very nice but not as fruity. This is slightly more ... 09/06/2011

I buy almost everything on here! From a personal point of view, I think Amazon is a great website to buy from. In general, the most common things I buy are Apple IPhone 3GS hard back phone cases, DVD's and CD's. The phone cases really impressed me when I first began to buy them here because they're such good quality, I buy my cases for £1-£3 and it's approximately 6 months for me before they crack or break or I just get bored of it and want a new one. Now you may argue that this is not a very good quality product, but for as little as £1, is it worth debating about? They offer a HUGE variety or colours and patterns on the hard back phone cases and so far I have had pink, white and yellow. They fit your phone perfectly and some even come with free screen protectors which in my opinion everyone should own! The CD's and DVD's are unbelievably cheap. You can save massive amounts compared to buying in a highstreet store and the service is even better. Alot of the time, some products are eligible for Amazon's free uk super saver delivery, and this delivery takes between 2 and 5 days (from experience not statistics). Each time my products have arrived, they have been packaged in a brown cardboard envolope and even wrapped in bubble wrap in some cases. It has never been necessary for me to return an item or contact customer services so I cannot comment on this but surely this must be a positive sign as my family and I have been using for years and never had any problems. Therefore I would recommend ...

Vicks VapoRub 09/06/2011

Vicks Fast Defence - Vapour Rub..

Vicks VapoRub Everytime I have a cold, or a blocked nose, I always use this product. The way I use it is by one of three ways: 1) Rub a small amount of the gel onto your neck in between the gap of your collar bones. 2) Wipe some of the gel onto a tissue and simply sniff the tissue. 3) Simply hold the Vicks tub to your nose and breathe normally. Although this product can be purchased either cheap or expensive, the good thing about it is that it lasts such a long time! I have had my tub of Vicks for appoximately 2 years now and I'm only about half way through (and I get a lot of colds throughout the year!). This is because you only need a small amount each time, and it will work wonders! In my opinion Vicks has a really refreshing, almost addictive smell to it; the kind of smell in which once you slightly smell you want to smell it more. So liking the smell is a bonus because you're enjoying it while it's working it's magic. I would recommend this product to anybody, especially people who are tired are paying lots of money on products that don't even work! Quite frankly I believe that this product is excellent value for money and if I didn't have it, I don't know how I'd survive through a cold!

Sure Deodorant Spray 08/06/2011

sure, I'd use it again

Sure Deodorant Spray In my opinion, this is a very good deodorant with an obvious good reputation. It is quite a popular brand and does exactly as it says it does. The first thing I look for is if it is anti-persprint or not, and I assure you that Sure deodorant does last as long as it says it does. Of course, it does not stop you sweating but it certainly prevents any bad odor and therefore resulting in you feeling confident and not having to worry if you're the unlucky person with odor issues! The deodorant comes in a variety of scents. I have bought a selection of these and an truthfully say that none of them smell bad and don't particularly choke you (unless you spray an over excessive amount, of course). Depending on where you shop, this deodorant may be priced either rather cheap or a little over-priced! Sometimes the store may have a range of offers on and you may pick up a bargain, but as the saying goes.. 'you only get what you pay for'. Personally I would argue that this brand takes particular pride in it's advertisement and it may be because of this that it has such a good reputation, but as an experienced customer of this deodorant, I would recommend it to all people and would rate this brand as one of the best.

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse 08/06/2011

could be mistaken for st tropez!

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse This product is becoming increasingly more popular and I completely understand why. St Moriz instant tanning mousse is the best cheap false tan I have ever used! If applied correctly it can look just as nice as a professional spray tan done at a salon. I have used this product for a few years now and I would never think of changing. Usually, I apply the mousse on my body and also I buy the St Moriz instant tan mist spray for my face and simply spray it on as instructed. I begin by putting on a pair of gloves (usually I wear the ones out of a spare hair dye box as I find them the best), and then simply squirt a handful of mousse into my hands and begin rubbing onto the body part in circular motions until it looks even (please note not to rub in too much as it may peel off like dry skin. It is normal to look slightly odd at first as the tan would be stuck to your hairs and won't yet be fully dry). The mousse absorbs into the skin almost immediately after being rubbed in which is very beneficial if you are rushing. After fully applying your tan you must avoid any contact with water for at least 12 hours. I recommend applying the tan before bed. The next morning when you wake you should rinse off the base coat of the tan in the shower, this will make your tan look more natural; then you should moisturise. This product can be picked up from the highstreet for as little as £2.49 which is an absolute bargain compared to the St Tropez brand which can cost £30. In my opinion both ...

Primark (Shop) 07/06/2011


Primark (Shop) The closest Primark store to be is the Liverpool branch. The store has 5 floors with each containing a wide variety of stock for all ages and all genders. Primark sells pretty much any item of that you need including: jeans, vests, cardigans, lingerie, swimwear, shoes (casual and party), baby clothing, nightwear, dresses, skirts, leggins, shorts, blouses and SO MUCH MORE! They have hundreds of accessories to suit you whatever the occasion. In my opinion Primark is a great store for those times when you realise that you've forgotten something or you decide to change your outfit and urgently need to change your accessories; Primark has whatever you need! Due to it's popularity, Primark stores are known to be jam packed with very long ques! Fortunately the long ques do decrease very quickly as the staff work as quickly as they can and provide great service. As it is constantly busy, you may sometimes find yourself shoving past people to get to an item, or getting aggravated at how busy the store is, but luckily you will never find yourself fighting over the last item of your size or the last item in stock because they have a huge amount of stock to avoid this! The quality of their products is outstanding! It is great quality for money and you can get great bargains and huge savings! I would recommend this store to virtually anybody! Although you need a certain amount of patience, I would certainly vote that it is worth the wait!

P.S. I Love You (DVD) 07/06/2011

what a film!

P.S. I Love You (DVD) I loved this film from the minute I watched it! The general storyline is that a woman becomes a widow and her husband has made a big plan and leaves her numerous letters so that she remembers who she used to be and gets her life back. This film may make you a little emotional in certain parts as is does to me when I watch it. This is a very well thought about film and in my opinion the creator of the film is very clever and has thought of a very incredible story line and to follow it up with such a good film is pretty impressive. As Gerard Butler is one of my favorite actors, I must say that he never let me down and played a great part in it (well of what you see of him!), as so do the rest of the actors/actresses play excellent parts! The songs included in this film are really lovely songs and I guarantee you'll want to listen to them after youve watched it! You can pick this film up for very cheap and nowadays you can purchase films for very cheap at or There is also a book version of this film in which was written before the film was released and the book also has a very good reputation.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula 07/06/2011

I've used better..

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula I first bought this product as it advertised that it would reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and after months of use I came to the conclusion that that was a lie and it did not reduce them at all! When you apply this cocoa butter it feels rather nice and cool on the skin. Unfortunately it takes quite a long time to soak in and therefore you feel like you have to stand waiting around for hours! After it eventually soaks in it does leave the skin feeling fairly smooth which does give you that little bit of extra confidence! Personally I do like to apply this product after shaving, it makes your legs feel great and this too gives you an extra confidence boost! You can buy this product with or without the scent, I bought it with the scent. The smell is neither lovely nor disgusting. In my opinion the smell isnt very noticeable which I preferred. This product isn't overly expensive and is a satisfactory value for money in my opinion. Personally, I prefer to use Vaseline cocoa butter. This product is much cheaper, soaks in much more quickly, has a lovely scent and is great for applying if you're wearing something short on a night out as it gives your legs that extra smoothness and radiant glow and it even smells good! ...

Insette Insette Flexible Hold Hairspray 07/06/2011

does it's job!

Insette Insette Flexible Hold Hairspray When I first began to use Insette flexible hold hairspray I bought it simply because it was cheap! It is very good value for money and you can buy the large tin for as little as 98p! I have to admit when I use hairspray I tend to go a little overboard with it and use it in excessive amounts, hence why I have rated it as sticky and stiff after use. As I use so much of it, my hair tends to feel a little dry when I brush it out. I use Insette hairspray when I'm going on a night out or when I have a big hairstyle that needs extra hairspray support, and I have to say it is excellent at keeping your hair in place! Another advantage is the smaller tins of Insette hairspray that you can fit in your bag just incase you need to top your hair up, it's great! On the other hand the smell of the hairspray isn't so nice, and if you spray too much be careful you don't choke! The smell often remains in your throat for quite a while which isn't so pleasant. I would recommend this hairspray to anybody who isn't prepared to spend a lot of money on hairspray. In my opinion this hairspray is excellent value for money and the saying is true - you only get what you pay for!

Clairol Nice 'n Easy 06/06/2011

Nice 'n' Easy- That's not a lie..

Clairol Nice 'n Easy When I first began dying my hair, I never used to do it myself, my mum used to always apply the dye for me as I'm a bit of a clutz. I have always been blonde and the shade that I use when I dye my hair is Nice 'n' Easy SB1 Summer Blonde. When I first used it I was a little unsure as I was a little weary of what colour to expect but my mum reassured me and said it would be the same as the box, and she was right! As I have always been a light blonde, the colour took very well to my hair and was almost identical to the colour on the box. The only disadvantage that I must pick up on is the strong smell of the dye, it isnt very nice and makes my eyes water. I would recommend Nice 'n' Easy box dyes to anybody who wants to colour their hair within the comfort of their own home. They aren't too expensive and sometimes have really great offers on! As long as you follow the instructions you can't go wrong and are bound to love it, just like me.

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum for Her 06/06/2011

old womens perfume

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum for Her Personally, I wasnt a fan of this perfume. It had a very 'mature' smell to it, hence the suggestion that old women should wear it. I received this perfume as a gift for my birthday and definitely would not buy it for myself. The packaging is rather plain and simple and the bottle is just rectangular with the writing 'eternity' in block capitals towards the top of the bottle. If you were to like the perfume then one advantage would be that it does last quite a long time and doesn't wear off too easily. However I did not like the perfume and therefore this, for me, was a disadvantage. Another advantage was the low price, considering it lasts long the low price would be a huge advantage whereas for me I'd rather pay more and get a perfume that smells nice.

Born This Way - Lady Gaga 06/06/2011

Just as good as The Fame- maybe even better!

Born This Way - Lady Gaga As a fan, I have supported Lady GaGa since her very first release and I have saw her live in concert 4 times. I was in love with her debut album 'The Fame' and though she was such a great unique artist with such style and originality, and I wasn't sure how she could beat her first album. But she certainly surprised me! As she released each song to iTunes as her big count down to the release of the Born This Way album, it became crystal clear that Lady GaGa had the determination and talent to raise the bar and prove to everyone how great she really is! On various albums, there are only a few really great tracks, whereas on Born This Way I can honestly say, without being biased, that I am in love with every single track! Each track has clearly been thought about individually and each had so much work put into them. The lyrics are outstanding and make so much sense and are everything that GaGa wants them to be! She is such a great artist and I recommend any fan of hers to buy this album TODAY!
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