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Nokia 6280 01/10/2006

Nokia 6280 Good for Office Job

Nokia 6280 The nokia 6280 is another excellent phone by nokia. If you have had a nokia before the menu is the same simple format. The Video calling quality is not that good but i have never used it before so i have nothing to compare it to. I hope somebody else will comment. The handsfree option works better then any other phone i have had, and truetones are clear and of good quality. The one problem with this phone is that if you work in a dusty enviroment the screen does get dust behind, it and you can not get rid of it. (even tried taking it apart but you can not remove the front cover) This is why i say its good for office job. Overall good phone and mp3 player and camera, And for the price I would say that its worth the money. I hope you found this review helpful and best of luck. ...
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