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Nestlé Milkybar Raisins 29/06/2005

Milkybar Raisins

Nestlé Milkybar Raisins Many of you will have heard of the infamous Milkybar chocolate and its wide appeal to children. There are many different varieties already available, and one day I came across this new addition to the range called Milkybar Raisins. **Packaging** It is very similar to the Milkybar buttons packaging. It's mostly cream and red with the words Milkybar Raisins splashed across the top half of the packet. The Milkybar kid waves at you from the bottom half of the packet with lots of these chocolate raisins floating around him, so you get an idea of what it actually is you're buying. Right at the bottom of the packet is a purple strip saying, "A delicious source of milk goodness" "Real juicy raisins". On the back of the packet is the usual nutritional information and ingredients. It also states "Real juicy raisins, yummy fruity treat, and delicious Milkybar chocolate" Sounds good, so here I go and open the packet, pretty simple, on the front top right hand corner it says "tear here" oh goody! Ermm hang on a minute, this isn't opening! I tried hard to get these open but the packet just would just not rip! I go across the top trying to tear it and finally manage to get it open easily, without much effort somewhere in the middle, and to make it worse, it doesn't make a nice tear, oh no, half of the packaging comes off. Luckily I was careful enough not to spill any of the contents inside. So with half the packaging gone I pour the contents out into my hand and lay them out to see ...

Dove Cream Oil Body Wash (supreme silk, pure silk) 10/06/2005


Dove Cream Oil Body Wash (supreme silk, pure silk) I was looking for a different shower gel as my current one was almost finished. I was in Boots when I came across the offer for this. "For the ultimate silky shower experience", says the blurb on the back of this body wash I'm holding. Doesn't sound bad does it?? So what was this? Dove Cream Oil Body wash. I have used Dove products in the past and have been happy with them, so bought this. The body wash comes in an oval shaped bottle. The bottle is a beige type colour with a gold sheen to it. The front design is minimal, simply stating the name and its special ingredients, pure Silk, Macadamia oil and active moisturising cream. Why are these ingredients so special? Well according to Dove; • Reveals a naturally beautiful silky sheen • Intensive rich moisture care • Luxuriously rich lather • Non greasy So here goes me ready to use it. The bottle has a flip top lid, this is easy to open. I pour about a 10p sized blob onto my srunchie. The body wash comes out easily. It is quite runny so you have to be careful not to pour too much out in one go. The body wash has a faint aroma, its nothing special; to be honest it smells just like their own soap bar does! It is beige in colour and the texture feels creamy and soft. In using it, the body wash lathers up very quickly, and for the 10p sized blob I used, there is a lot of it. It feels really nice against my skin, like silk you could say! It glides easily over my skin and the lather doesn't ...

Davina McCall - The Power Of 3 (DVD) 18/05/2005

Work that booty

Davina McCall - The Power Of 3 (DVD) I already have the "Pump It Up" DVD, which I absolutely love, even though it kills me nearly every time I do the workout! I am getting better though…. So anyway I wanted a DVD, I could alternate with this that would help me tone of specific areas of my body, ok ok, I need a whole new me!!! This is when I came across the Davina Mccall - Power of 3 DVD. I read quite a lot of reviews on it beforehand and they all seemed positive, in the way that the workout is really good and actually works! (makes a change) Most of us have heard of Davina Mccall through the addictive; ok maybe not, Big Brother series. On this DVD she demonstrates her exercise regime, (which apparently helped her lose weight after her pregnancy), with the help of her personal trainers, Mark and Jackie Wren, yes they are a husband and wife team. The title 'Power of 3' basically means there are 3 routines to follow; you do them all 3 times a week and eat 3 sensible meals a day, although I can never stick to the last point! The workout part of the DVD contains 5 sections > Warm up > Legs and bum > Upper body > Abs > Cool down Each section includes interval training, which are short bursts of fast aerobics that are designed to keep your heart rate up so you are in your fat burning zone. The intervals last for 1 minute and are varied throughout the DVD to suit the regime. Each exercise is done in three sets of 8 reps, i.e 24 altogether. There are easy versions of the exercises shown too in case ...

This Year In View - 2004 19/01/2005

Chocolate doughnuts n things

This Year In View - 2004 Well since everyone has been doing these… 1. What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before? I went Asda one day and successfully did bay parking, an hour later and after shopping, I totally forgot where I parked the car… By the way it was dark Oh and I also joined ciao, yay! 2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for this year? I don’t make new years resolutions. Mainly because I can never keep them. The most obvious one for me would be to keep fit and healthy. I work out at home but sometimes I can go for days without doing anything, so this year I suppose I can motivate myself to keep this up 3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Not that I know of… 4. Did anyone close to you die? No, thank god. 5. What countries did you visit? None this year. I really wanted to go abroad in my three month break before I started uni, but my cousins wedding was coming up in August and too many preparations and stuff. But still I would’ve liked to go abroad; preferably somewhere hot and sunny 6. What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004 A better job. I currently work in a chemist on Saturdays; it’s boring but brings in a bit of money for myself. 7. What event from 2004 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? Definitely the recent Tsunami disaster. When most of us were enjoying our Christmas break, from no fault of their own, these helpless peoples lives were thrown into turmoil in a matter of ...

Boots No.7 Shimmer Capsules 19/01/2005

Shimmer Babes

Boots No.7 Shimmer Capsules Boots No.7 Shimmer Lights The shimmer powder comes inside a very thin glass tube, which is contained in another rectangular shaped bottle. The whole bottle is made of glass, so you can see the powder inside. It has a plastic roller ball applicator. All in all it looks very classy. Shimmer lights come in three colours, silver, pink and gold. I have the silver one called Ice Crystal So what is shimmer lights used for? “Summer sparkle for eyes, cheeks and body” says the writing on the bottle. “Simply glide on and blend in for a subtle sexy shimmer.” Hmm doesn’t sound too hard so here I go….. Before putting it on anywhere I tried it out on the back of my hand just to see the effect once again and to avoid my face looking like a glitter ball. The powder comes out fairly easily. The first thing I noticed was the huge amount of shimmer particles in two strokes and the lack of colour. However I when I applied more, the colour became more noticeable but it is VERY sparkly because there are a lot of shimmer particles, looks more glittery than anything else. I was moving my hand around so the powder would catch the light, and I must say it looks fantastic. It certainly lives up to its “Shimmer” name. It reminded me of one of those really sparkly black dresses that some women wear and sparkles when the light catches it! Ok so it looks great on the back of my hand, but whose going to be looking at that? Let’s try it somewhere it’s supposed to be applied. ...

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll On 03/01/2005

Smooth, Fresh 'n Wet

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll On I’m a big fan of Dove products, mainly because their products are mild and do as they say, so it didn’t take me long to choose this from the many roll-ons on display whilst in Boots. The picture for this above isn’t what the packaging looks like now. The bottle is easy to hold with a slim bottle and the roller ball at the top points at an angle. The ball itself isn’t very big but not too small either. This design makes it easy to apply to the underarms. The bottle boasts the typical simple white and blue design by Dove. The front label tells us what the product is and the back has a label with the ingredients. On reading them there isn’t alcohol listed on them (unless they have some other name for it to fool us non chemists!) and this is good because alcohol tends to dry out the skin. Also this label you can peel back, but there is nothing under here except a warning which says “Do not apply to irritated or broken skin”. And also there is an address, should you wish to write to them. This deodorant is an Anti Perspirant and also contains ¼ moisturising cream which provides effective all day protection. On unscrewing the lid you get a faint smell of the deodorant. The one I chose is called ‘Fresh’. It’s a pleasant smell, not too strong, just errmm Fresh! (And slightly talc like!) So it won’t ruin the smell of any perfume you wear. The actual deodorant is not clear; it is very pale white in colour. It also has a creamy feel to it but it’s not thick. Applying ...

Samsung E300 Mobile Phone 22/12/2004

My super sexy sleek phone

Samsung E300 Mobile Phone I decided to go for this new model by Samsung mainly because my other Samsung model was just old. The features also appealed to me and I will explain them in detail as this review goes on….. I purchased this pay as you go phone for £99 on special offer from The Link, but the price can vary up to £129. PACKAGING The phone came in Orange’s box, which is a simple black box which the orange logo and in orange writing which says ‘Samsung E300’. On opening the box you will find a tray with complete with the actual phone, a simcard, the charger, a silver hand strap and two booklets, one of which is a detailed booklet for the phone and the other is a quick start guide. THE PHONE The Samsung E300 is a clam shell design. It is approximately 84mm x 47mm x 23mm in size and weighs 85g, so it’s small enough to fit in the tiniest of handbags ladies! It is silver in colour with a black strip on the front. On the front of the phone is the 65 colours, TFT, 96 x 64 pixels, external display, the camera lens and a service light. On the left hand side of the phone is the volume key and on the right are the camera key and infrared port. There is also a small external ariel. On opening the phone, you see a 65k colours, TFT LCD, 128 x 160 pixels internal display and the keypad. On turning the phone on you will be greeted by a short tune, which can be turned off if you find it annoying, which I do! Once the phone has found its network your phone is ready to use. The display shows the ...

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Weightless Smoothing Serum 07/12/2004

Shiny happy hair

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Weightless Smoothing Serum Recently I was on the look out for a hair serum that would leave my hair shiny and healthy looking, because at the moment without any help it just looks dull, can get frizzy and you can see quite a few split ends that don’t look very nice at all. I was in boots when I came across this hair serum by Garnier. It’s called “Sleek and shine weightless smoothing serum”. It comes in a see-through, sphere shaped bottle with a dispenser on the top. The dispenser can both open and close so it is handy if you’re taking it somewhere as it avoids spillages. The packaging is green in colour to match with the rest of the Fructis range. The serum is part of the “Garnier Fructis Smooth and Sleek” range which also have the shampoo and conditioner. The whole range is apparently an “Innovation” and has this label splashed across each of the products. What it claims to do is: ~ Smoothes hair from root to tip ~ Tames frizz ~ Weightlessly nourishes and conditions hair fibre. ~ Leaves silky smooth and super shiny hair I decide to go for this as it does exactly what I wanted plus more. I paid £3.99 for the bottle which contains 150ml of serum. I also looked at the price in Superdrug and it was also the same, so I got mine from boots (purely for the points!) The directions on the back of the bottle tell you to “massage 1 -2 shots” to towel dried hair. Also for a super smooth effect comb hair straight whilst applying gentle heat. After washing my hair, I waited until it was ...

HTML Profiles and Member Photos 06/11/2004


HTML Profiles and Member Photos I got the idea about writing this review in one of my uni lectures. The lecturer was going about html/xhtml stuff and I was sitting there bored out my head, basically we were going over everything I learn back in college. I’m not an expert but I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt with you guys. Anyway back to the review. Ciao have kindly given us space to complie our own personal homepages, so why not try out HTML to create interesting profiles. I will try to make this as easy as possible to understand because it can get confusing with all the different codes all over the place. But first back to basics. *************** ** What is HTML? *************** ** Many of you will probably know about this after compiling your personal homepages on ciao, but let’s go back to the basics. HTML stands for HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE. My definition of html would go something like; HTML is the coding behind a web browser I looked up a few definitions on the web and came up with one that was easy to understand; “HTML is the coding language used to create Hypertext documents for use on the WWW. Basically it is a set of ‘mark up’ symbols or codes inserted in a file that tells the Web browser how to display a Web page’s words and images for the user. The individual mark up codes are referred to as elements.” You may have also heard of XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language). This is a newer version of HTML. It has a stricter set of rules on how to display the coding than ...

Trevor Sorbie Protection Straightening Addict Conditioner 09/10/2004

This Ones For The Addicts

Trevor Sorbie Protection Straightening Addict Conditioner You may have read in my previous reviews, I’ve mentioned that I’m always straightening my hair. This is obviously bad for the hair and can cause a lot of damage which results in broken hair and split ends. I have dry, dull looking hair, so I was on a mission to find a conditioner that puts back the moisture and shine. Boots have a section that stock professional hair products such as, Charles Worthington, Trevor Sorbie and Toni & Guy, amongst a few others. I was looking at the Trevor Sorbie section and came across this range for “Straightening Addicts”. This seemed perfect for me because it’s due to the constant heat styling that my hair is in such bad condition. So I decided to go for the conditioner. Also i was impressed by the girly pink colour! ***Packaging The bottle is a skinny prism sort of shape which has a lid that cuts off at an angle. It is frosted and you can see the pink colour of the conditioner inside. On the front there is a single label on the lid which says "Trevor Sorbie professional" and in larger letters say "Straightening addict". On the back are the listed ingredients and text about the product and what it does ***Cost £4.99 for 200ml ***What it does As the name suggests, this conditioner is beneficial to those who straighten their hair often. What makes this so special is that this conditioner repairs, protects and replaces moisture lost from constant heat styling. Also it; >Repairs & replenishes heat damaged hair >Helps ...

10 Beauty Products You Couldn't Live Without 07/10/2004

This will make you look gorgeous

10 Beauty Products You Couldn't Live Without I’m writing this because of a suggestion made by karenuk (hope you enjoy!). I’ve got tons of beauty products on my dressing table, half of which I never use. I’m always a sucker for trying out new things only to find out they never do as they say. One of which I really must complain about. John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum. It keeps your hair frizz free? I don’t think so, hardly does anything part from make my hair look greasy after a while and no I don’t use too much of it! Anyway enough of that, I’m sure you’re all dying to know my ten fave products!!! Here goes. ~~~~~~~ Tweezers ~~~~~~~ A long time ago I hated the way my eyebrows looked and decided I had to do something about it, so I got a pair of tweezers and started pluck plucking away. And to this day I still do. I broke every rule and plucked hairs from the top and ends of my eyebrow as well as underneath which you are not supposed to do because it ruins the natural shape. The shape I’ve got now is ok I suppose, and a lot of hair doesn’t grow back because I’ve been plucking for ages. I don’t use no expensive tweezers, just the same one I’ve had for years which came in one of those make-up sets you get for Xmas. I like them because the tips are slanted and thin. (read my review on perfect eyebrows!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ Avon beyond colour lash fortifying mascara ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ I absolutely love this mascara. As the name suggests, I first saw this in the Avon ...

10 Things You Couldn't Live Without 03/10/2004

I need u soo bad!!

10 Things You Couldn't Live Without I like filling these things out because it’s fun and lets all you guys know a little more about me! So here goes my top ten things, and people, I cant live without, (not in any particular order!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ 10 – Hair straighteners. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ I don’t know how I managed to cope before ever using these. I have thick frizzy hair (yep every girls nightmare) and by using these I have straight sleek looking hair. So far I’ve got through three different pairs, Philips, Vidal Sassoon and now Remington. Companies are always making changes to their straighteners to encourage people to buy them, such as steam shot, ceramic plates, and now there’s even one that straightens hair while it’s wet!! I’m trying not to use mine too much now because I know how much damage they can do and also winter is coming and I don’t think my style would last through all that wind and rain, damn British weather! ~~~~~~~~~~ 9 – Make-up. ~~~~~~~~~~ If I wrote about each one separately, my top ten list would be filled up. I have to have the basics, mascara and lip gloss are a must for me, a little goes a long way. My favourites are L'Oréal Lash Architect Mascara and Rimmel Lip Gloss crystal clear. Both of these last for ages. I don’t always like to look to ‘done up’ with the whole foundation, eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick thing going on; I tend to leave all that for special occasions. I don't like people who wear dodgy make up, I must say I've got a bad habit of criticising ...

A-Z for Members Challenges 02/10/2004

My A - Z of things

A-Z for Members Challenges I’m always up for a challenge so this didn’t prove too difficult hmm…… anyway here goes. A is for arachnophobia. I hate spiders and I don’t like the movie. The thought of huge spiders makes my skin crawl. I don’t like the ones that run really fast too ewww. B is for budgies. I have two a male and female and they are the craziest birds I’ve known. The female just loves to sit on her swing and look into the mirror adoring herself all day long, well apart from the times she gets off to eat! C is for chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, come on admit it. You know the feeling you get after you’ve eaten your favourite choccie…? Yeh that mmm. I love galaxy chocolate its so creamy and smooth… D is for dancing. I go every week. Not only does it keep me fit but its lots of fun too! Plus you don’t look like a fool on the dance floor trying to bust some moves. E for exercise. If I never did any I’d be in trouble. I’m good at committing myself to this because it gives me a buzz and keeping my figure just motivates me more. Another thing that motivates me is seeing guys weightlifting at the gym hehe oops don’t tell my bf that! F is for family. Where would I be without them? Ok on some of my off days I’ll be like ‘I hate u’ and ‘leave me alone’, slam doors etc but really I don’t mean it. I love u mummy, daddy… lil sis (even though you are the most annoying person I know!) G is for Glamour magazine. Its small it fits into your life and handbag. Most of it is filled with ...

L'Oreal Lash Architect 02/10/2004

Cheat your way to beautiful lashes

L'Oreal Lash Architect I have the most unglamorous eyelashes they are just short and stick out straight. I hate using eyelash curlers mainly because I can’t be bothered! I'm always on the lookout for mascaras that claim to lengthen, curl and thicken lashes. I normally use Avon beyond colour lash fortifying mascara but had run out of this and I can’t live without mascara. I went into boots (yep here I am again!) and decided to look for a mascara that would actually work. I was looking at the L’Oréal section and this was very helpful because there was a chart with all their mascaras listed and exactly what they do. I was drawn to lash architect because it claims to give a false lash effect. There was also a picture of a woman with the most amazing never ending eyelashes, but I think she had the help of something more than just mascara! So what does this mascara claim to do? It is enriched with 3D polymers, which is an exclusive formula that wraps around every lash, building a spectacular look from every angle. Lashes are fuller and curvier than ever. It also has a patented spiral brush, again this is also exclusive to lash architect, which gives volume, curve and separation to every lash from base to tip. It gives a totally glamorous look, with clean cut definition. I liked the idea of a clean cut definition. Price £8.49 from Boots What does it look like? The mascara comes in a silver tube that is a sort of oblong shape, which helps the tube rolling off my dressing table onto the ...

Sanatogen Gold A-Z 28/09/2004

All you need from A to Z

Sanatogen Gold A-Z Nowadays for most people it is hard to make sure you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals daily. This is due to busier lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits, and with a growing concern for obesity in this country, it is vital that we make sure we are eating the right foods and getting the right nutrients. There are five food groups that we need to eat a variety from to keep a healthy diet, these are in order from what you should eat most to the least; 1. Bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, noodles and breakfast cereals. 2. Fruit and vegetables. 3. Milk and dairy foods. 4. Meat, fish, poultry and pulses. 5. Foods containing fats and sugars. I personally do not follow this and my diet consists of the list above going backwards. I knew myself that I wasn’t getting all the vital vitamins I needed and so thought I should do something about this. I have tried taking multivitamins before but mainly I forget to take them everyday and then I just totally forget to take them at all and when I do remember it’s been so long that the use by date has been and gone! But this time I didn’t let this happen. Why? I don’t know really; think it’s because I spent quite a lot of money on this so thought I’d make the most of my money. I was in my local boots store (yes I know I am there a lot!) and was browsing through a shelf full of all these different vitamins and mineral tablets. There was a huge line of sanatogen products and most of these were on offer so I had a look at ...
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