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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (DVD) 15/05/2010

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days - Stereotyped Battle Of The Sexes

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (DVD) I am not usually a fan of romantic comedies. However, while at the cinema waiting for another film to start, the trailer for "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" came on and did its job beautifully, making me want to go see it. My first attempt was unsuccessful: I had gone to the cinema with a boyfriend, and when he realised what film I wanted us to watch he point blank refused to see it, thinking it was some kind of hint or that it would give me ideas. We ended up watching "Bruce Almighty" instead. I finally got around to watching it years later, when my mother bought it for about £1 from a supermarket. ~~~***~~~ Released in 2003 "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" was directed by Donald Petrie and based on Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long's spoof cartoon book by the same name. The film tells the story of Andie (played by Kate Hudson), who is a journalist at New York-based magazine Composure, a Cosmopolitan-esque publication. She writes a regular feature of "How to..." do various things, but finds the trivial nature of her usual topics rather dull. Inspired by her colleague Michelle's relationship problems, she pitches her boss the idea of writing an article about being able to drive away a new boyfriend in 10 days. Elsewhere in Manhattan, advertising executive Ben (Matthew McConaughey) is competing with fellow ad women Judy Green and Judy Spears (Shalom Harlow and Michael Michelle) for a lucrative diamond jewellery account. To convince his boss, he tells him that ...

Accepted (DVD) 03/05/2010

ACCEPTED - Getting A Higher Education

Accepted (DVD) -------- PLOT -------- Crafty slacker Bartleby Gaines has a problem: having spent his high school years applying his time and intellect to partying, making fake IDs and other extra-curricular activities, he finds himself rejected from every single college and university he applied to. Unable to face his parents' disappointment, he decides to pretend he has been accepted to study at an inexistent college. He is joined by fellow college rejects Hands, Glen and Rory, and together with his friend Sherman Schrader - who has been accepted into the prestigious Harmon College - they create the South Harmon Institute Of Technology (S.H.I.T.), complete with its own website and acceptance letters. Bartleby takes over a disused psychiatric hospital and gets Schrader's roguish uncle to play the Dean during his parents' "college tour". The ruse works, but the following day he wakes up to find a horde of expectant students at the S.H.I.T. gates: It turns out the college website was fully functional, and all those students had been accepted. In possession of a million dollars' worth of tuition fees and resourceful as ever, Bartleby quickly appoints his friends as staff and faculty, and proceeds to make the most of the academic life. Everyone's enjoying being in the S.H.I.T. but trouble is brewing close by at the bona-fide Harmon College: Suspicious of how a whole educational institution just sprouted overnight like a mushroom, alpha preppy jock Hoyt (whose girlfriend Monica ...

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser 01/05/2010

Simply Replenishes and Moisturises!

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser For some reason, my skin went through a change a few years ago, and from normal/oily became dry, complete with the occasional spot of flakiness. This is especially aggravated by cold wheather, so it is worse during the winter and autumn months, although it is generally present all year round. Add to that the fact that my skin is also sensitive, finding a moisturiser that works and doesn't cause skin irritation becomes a more complicated task. Having lost count of the number of moisturisers I tried and tested to see if they would work on my skin, I finally went to a dermatologist who perscribed some moisturisers that actually had visible results. Last year I went travelling, and while I was away my perscriptions ran out. On my return to chilly England last month, I found myself having to find a temporary replacement until I was able get my usual moisturiser. I chose the Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser, one of the very few facial moisturisers available at the supermarket that I had not tried before. --------------- ------- The Packaging --------------- ------- Simple do justice to their name with the way they package their products. In this case, the moisturiser comes in a very straightforward plastic bottle with a screw cap. The bottle itself comes in a box, and both have the same green lettering and graphics on white background which, despite not being fancy, looks very good. --------------- -- The Claims --------------- -- According to the ...

French for Beginners - Angela Wilkes 30/04/2010


French for Beginners - Angela Wilkes I've had a copy of this book since I was a child. My father is a french speaker, so when I learned to read he bought me this book to get used to reading french. Fast forward some years, and I saw it again on sale, and was delighted to see that not only the content remains the same, but that I still remembered every single illustration, even though I hadn't looked at them since I was 7 or 8. The book introduces readers to the basics of the french language: * How to greet people * Naming things * Arranging things * Telling where things are * Saying what you like to eat * Going Shopping * Talking about your family * Telling the time * Hobbies * Months and seasons * Colours and numbers Each topic is taught using cartoons which feature an array of recurring characters: Pierre, the snorkeller; the dancers; the sunbathers; the painter; the Teddy Boy; and many, many more... The drawings are the key element in the book - they set it apart from other beginner's manuals as they have two advantages: 1) They provide context and act as visual aids: Seeing the sentences being used in appropriate circumstances helps to encode the information, so that it is more easily memorised. 2) They make learning more enjoyable: There is a comedic aspect that pervades the illustrations, that make what could otherwise be a tedious endeavour a much more interesting and fun experience. The humour can be found on many levels: in the expressiveness of the drawings; in the ...

Domino (DVD) 17/04/2010

DOMINO Debacle - "We should have stopped when my goldfish died."

Domino (DVD) Directed by Tony Scott (whose previous works include Top Gun, Days Of Thunder and True Romance) and released in 2005, DOMINO is an action film inspired by the life of bounty hunter Domino Harvey. About Domino Harvey Domino Harvey (1969 - 2005) was the daughter of stage and screen actor Laurence Harvey, who starred in The Manchurian Candidate, Room At The Top and BUtterfield 8. She was raised in England and educated at boarding schools, being expelled several times for fighting. After school she allegedly was a Ford model, and studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute, although no one at the modelling agency or drama school has any recollection of her. By the age of 20 she had moved to California where her mother (who had married Hard Rock Cafe co-founder Peter Morton) was living. After spells as a ranch hand and a firefighter, in the early to mid 90s she worked as a bounty hunter in Los Angeles. In 1994 the Daily Mail ran an article about her, which prompted film director Tony Scott to track her down and propose making a film about her. After she sold the rights to her story, Domino remained involved in the project, visiting the film set and even contributing some music to it. It has since been reported that she had been denied script approval, that her friends and family have said that she was unhappy with aspects of her portrayal in the film, and that she was planning a documentary that would tell her true life story. A long-term drug addict, Domino ...

Canon PowerShot E1 16/04/2010

Canon PowerShot E1 - The "E" is for "Excellence"

Canon PowerShot E1 Canon know how to make good digital cameras. My experience with another Canon Powershot and two Canon Ixus cameras, each of them capable of taking great photos, meant I had high expectations for this interesting looking camera. The Look In a shop display, the Canon Powershot E1 stands out immediately from the other digital cameras. With soft, curvy lines, and with a surface so reflective that it looks enamelled, it seems like a 1960s product rather than an 2008 offering. The choice of colours - baby pink, baby blue and white - only reinforces the retro feel. It is not the tiniest of cameras [ W = 10.5cm x H = 6.5cm x D = 3.5cm ] and with its curved design, certainly not the kind that will fit into a small pocket, much less stay there unobtrusively. Oh no. And quite rightly so - this is a camera to be seen. At 223g, it is also not the lightest camera around, although still very easy to carry. Although aesthetics are not a consideration of utmost importance to me when it comes to technology (my priority is to get the best quality product I can) I must say that the camera is indeed very cute, and is a welcome change from the abundance of regular looking cameras. It has grown on me, and I like it more now than I did when I first saw it, when I thought it might be a bit too quirky. The Results The Canon Powershot E1 is a 10 megapixels compact digital camera. The flash is great, albeit non-adjustable, and is very quick to operate: from being switched ... 11/04/2010

Endless Hours Of Photo Fun! Photobox is an internet-based photo printing company. With photography labs in London, PhotoBox offers a variety of products that customers can personalise with uploaded photographs and images. The website is fairly easy to navigate, and all the important links can be found on its main page: The different categories of products available; the special offers; delivery information; referral incentives (etc.). Products: ------------ There is quite a wide selection of products to choose from, most of which offer additional variations of theme, colours, size and layout. - Prints: standard, posters, enlargements, framed, collages. - Calendars : A3, A4, A5 & A6 calendars. Desk, wall and poster calendars. Choice of start month, as well as many different templates to choose from. There is also the option of a NSPCC calendar, with a percentage of the cost going to the charity. - Stationary: Includes business cards, notebooks, greeting cards and postcards. Wide variety to choose from. Many different and very attractive designs available and, for photo notebooks, choice of plain and lined white paper. - Photobooks: Various themes for special occasions. - Wall Décor: Canvas, acrylic, poster, collage and pro poster prints. Various sizes. - Clothing: the usual T-shirts and bags, as well as over 70 other products to be personalised (caps, aprons, umbrellas, jackets, scarves...) - Home Gifts: Mugs, mouse mats, coasters, placemats and cushions. - Fun Stuff: Fridge ...

David Starkey's The Six Wives Of Henry VIII - The Complete Series (DVD) 08/09/2009

Ye Royale Balles And Chaynes - The Six Wives Of Henry VIII

David Starkey's The Six Wives Of Henry VIII - The Complete Series (DVD) This is David Starkey's documentary about the six women that married King Henry VIII, and a companion to the historian's book of the same name. In it, Starkey explores how each woman came into the King's life, under what circumstances the marriages occurred, how they progressed and how, eventually, they came to an end. The documentary contains both re-enactments of events by actors, and footage of David Starkey speaking directly at the camera, dwelling the places where the action occurred. About the presenter: --------------- ---------- David Starkey is an English historian specialising in the Tudor period. He studied History at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, and subsequently taught the subject at the London School of Economics. The wives: ------------- ~ Catherine of Aragon ~ Catherine came to England to marry Arthur, Henry's older brother. Arthur's death less than 5 months after the wedding posed a dilemma as to what was to become of Catherine. It was decided that she was to marry Henry, which would salvage the political alliance with Spain. Catherine was wedded to Henry as a maiden in 1509. She gave birth to Princess Mary, but did not produce the male heir that Henry desired, which displeased him. Meanwhile, Henry had several mistresses at court. By 1525, one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting had caught his eye. Her refusal to become his mere mistress led to Henry deciding to dissolve his marriage to Catherine. Catherine ...

Slash - Anthony Bozza 01/08/2009


Slash - Anthony Bozza An autobiography written with Anthony Bozza and published at the end of 2007, this gives Slash's first hand account of his life, up until the date of publication of the book. ~ About Slash ~ Born Saul Hudson in London, England, Slash moved to Los Angeles as a child, and eventually became a guitar player, forming Guns N' Roses in the early 80s. As the guitarist of Guns N' Roses and co-author of some of the best known and most successful rock songs ever written, Slash is arguably one of the best guitar players and certainly one of the most recognisables figures in rock. Since leaving the band that made him famous he has worked on other projects, and most recently formed Velvet Revolver with several of his Guns N' Roses bandmates. Notorious for the outrageous lifestyle and behaviours that Guns N' Roses were known for, with this autobiography Slash attempts to give his official and definitive version of his life and career. ~ About Anthony Bozza ~ A journalist best known for his work at Rolling Stone magazine, by the time he collaborated with Slash he had already co-authored Eminem's and Tommy Lee's autobiographies. He is responsible for weaving Slash's musings and recollections into the eloquent and coherent narrative of the book. ~ The autobiography ~ Slash's story begins in Hampstead, London, where he was born in 1965 to an Englishman and an African-American mother. His father was an artist and his mother a costume designer. After spending his childhood ...

Wall Street (DVD) 29/07/2009

Greed Is A Bitch

Wall Street (DVD) It is the mid 1980s, and Bud Fox is a young and ambitious stockbroker who is determined to succeed in the financial world. Fox wishes to work with corporate raider Gordon Gekko, a legendary figure on Wall Street whom he idolises. In his attempts to get his attention and convince him to give him a chance, Fox tells him some confidential information that he has learned from his father, an airline worker and union representative, that provides Gekko with the opportunity to make a significant profit. This has the desired effect, and Gekko agrees to become his mentor. But Gekko only plays for high stakes and not by the rules, and he makes it clear that his association with him is dependent on Fox supplying him with this type of key information, even if it has to be by illegal means. An initially reluctant Fox is swayed by Gekko's promises of extreme wealth and all the luxury and perks that it brings. His deals with Gekko quickly bring him all the expected rewards (and some unexpected, too), and Fox finds himself in an luxury apartment, with a high-maintenance girlfriend (who, unbeknownst to him, is one of Gekko's former lovers) and living the high life he has always desired. Meanwhile, he has devised a plan to buy the airline his father works for and expand it. With Gekko apparently on board, he presses his father to get the union to support the deal. When he realises that Gekko's real intentions are different, his feelings of betrayal and guilt make him ...

That's Not My Bunny - Fiona Watt 09/07/2009

O Bunny, Where Art Thou?

That's Not My Bunny - Fiona Watt THAT'S NOT MY BUNNY is another book in the Usborne "That's Not My..." Touchy Feely Books series. The Touchy-Feely books are designed to encourage children's language development and stimulate their senses by incorporating various fabrics and materials in the drawings. Every book follows a little white mouse in search of something that belongs to him. These books have been published for a number of years, and are very popular. It should be noted that with every new edition, the books tend to undergo some design alterations, with the colours often changing from one edition to the next. The edition I am reviewing is the lastest one. --------------- -- CONTENT --------------- -- This time the little white mouse is searching for his bunny. Cover: "That's not my bunny... its tail is too fluffy." ~~~~ The cover has a yellow background decorated with flowers, and it features a brown bunny sitting with its back to us, with the bunny looking over its shoulder. The bunny has a disporportionally large bushy tail, made of very soft grey synthetic wool, which is indeed very fluffly and very cute. Page 1: "That's not my bunny... its paws are too rough." ~~~~~ The background is yellow with pink flowers. There is a close-up of a white bunny with its hind paws in the air, with black, hard pads. There is the very cute detail of the tiny mouse that has climbed up one of the flower stems in order to get a good look at the bunny. Page 2 & 3: ...

Three Men And A Baby (DVD) 09/07/2009

Bringing up baby - the manly way

Three Men And A Baby (DVD) THREE MEN AND A BABY is a comedy set in New York city, in the mid-1980s. It stars Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson and Tom Selleck as three thirty-something friends who live together in New York City. Jack (Ted Danson) is an actor, Peter (Tom Selleck) a successful architect and Michael (Steve Guttenberg) is an artist. The three of them have been enjoying the single life in Manhattan, boasting a very busy social life, and have recently moved in to their newly refurbished apartment. During the housewarming party, a friend of Jack's asks him for a favour: he would like to have a package for him delivered to Jack's address the next morning, to be picked up a few days later by a someone else. Jack agrees, but as he departs the next day to shoot a film in Turkey, he passes the responsability on to his two flatmates. The following morning, Peter and Michael find a baby girl on their doorstep, with a note from one of Jack's ex-girlfriends explaining that it is their baby and that as she cannot cope with caring for her, she is leaving her with him. Assuming that this is the 'package' Jack was talking about, the two friends are as furious as they are shocked, and they are left having to take care of the baby, knowing nothing about how to do it. They are so consumed with their predicament, that when a neighbour hands them a small package that came for them, it goes virtually unheeded. A few days later, when two strangers arrive to pick up their package, as ...

That's Not My Dragon - Fiona Watt 06/07/2009


That's Not My Dragon - Fiona Watt Another adventure in the Usborne Touchy-Feely Books saga. The Touchy-Feely books are created for babies and toddlers, and aim to help children develop their language and sensory skills, by including different types of fabric, colours and textures in every book. Each book follows a little white mouse that is looking for something that belongs to him. This time the little mouse is on a mission to find his missing dragon. --------------- -- CONTENT --------------- -- As always with the Touchy-Feely books, the story starts on the cover. Cover: "That's not my dragon... its ears are too tufty." ~~~~ The cover is blue and features a purple dragon with orange spots and tiny yellow wings, whose ears are made of pinkish fur which sticks out of the book. The writing on the cover is silver, and the background is decorated with silver stars and spirals. Page 1: "That's not my dragon... its spots are too slimy." ~~~~~ This scene has a green background which is decorated with inumerous silver stars of different sizes. The dragon is pink, with shiny silver horns and dark pink, shiny cushions as spots. Page 2 & 3: "That's not my dragon... its claws are too knobbly." ~~~~~~~ In this scene the little mouse finds a blue dragon with pink horns and shiny, scaly wings. The claws are very light, shiny pink, and have a hard, gravelly texture. The background is yellow with lots of silver stars. Pages 4 & 5: "That's not my dragon... its tail is ...

Ovaltine Malt Drink 05/07/2009

Ovaltasty... Ovaltastic... Ovalovely...

Ovaltine Malt Drink I was practically weaned on Nesquick, so the first time I ever tried Ovaltine I wasn't impressed. In fact, when I found out it contained egg, I was very much put off: "Egg in my chocolate milk? Eeewwwwwww!!!!!..." Several years later, and I gave it another go, this time being more open minded, and found myself enjoying it increasingly with every drink... to the point it became one my favourite drinks! So it was definitely an acquired taste, but undoubtedly one worth acquiring. Ingredients and Nutritional Info: --------------- --------------- --------------- ---- - Ovaltine is made of 73% barley malt extract and 8% fat reduced cocoa. It also contains sugar, egg, vegetable oil and various vitamins and minerals. A 25 g serving in 200 ml semi-skimmed milk contains 191 Kcal and 22.5 g of sugar. Taste: --------- Even though the amount of barley malt extract greatly surpasses the amount of cocoa, I find the flavour is a delicate balance of the two main ingredients. I love ovaltine made with hot milk - and in fact, the instructions on the packaging recommend making the drink with hot milk - but my absolutely favourite way to drink Ovaltine is on summer days like today (scorching hot), made with cold milk straight out of the fridge - SO AMAZINGLY REFRESHING! PACKAGING --------------- ---- Ovaltine comes in oval shaped white plastic containers, with a wrap around plastic label and a plastic screw lid. The label is mostly ...

Cineworld Cinemas 05/07/2009

A world of cinema... for £162

Cineworld Cinemas I am fortunate to live right next to a large Shopping Centre, that not only contains many good stores but is itself surrounded by many other retailers, restaurants, cinemas, etc. My favourite attraction: the Cineworld multiplex. Cineworld is Britain's second largest multiplex cinema operator in the United Kingdom, with 74 cinemas and over 800 screens. It also has one cinema in Jersey and another in the Republic of Ireland. Its first cinema opened in 1996, and the company has since integrated the UGC cinema chain. I like the "ambiance" at my local Cineworld. There is another huge cinema complex down the road, and even though everything in it is more spacious (lobby, screen rooms, washrooms) and boasts a slicker, more sophisticated decor, it feels colder and less welcoming. Cineworld, on the other hand, has an altogether more comfortable and comforting atmosphere. Almost everything about Cineworld is warm and inviting: - When entering the lobby, one is greeted by the aroma of popcorn and hot dogs and candy - Like a delicious embrace... - The decor is in a warm tone of red and black. I like that it is darker than the rest of its surroundings. - The chairs are comfortable. - The sound is not too loud. - The temperature: they sure don't save on the heating bills! Although today when I was there I noticed that they have set the air conditioning to a cooler level, to reflect the hot weather we have been having. - The handy magazine "Unlimited", ...
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