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It´s not about the music, it´s about psychopaths This is about the movie Whiplash, not about the DVD. And you know why? Because every dvd is the same. You have the movie, some subtitles, directors cut and bla bla bla...Who buys dvds these days anyway? Really? No one gets it? I won´t talk about the story. Visit IMDb for a story. The director is obviously a big jazz lover (as he prooved in La La Land) so he put the great story and even greatest characters into the environment he knows and loves. However, the most greatestestest thing about this movie is how every single character is a bad person and still, somehow, we like them all. True, we love Fletcher as we love lord Voldemort, not as we love Hermiona, but it´s there. You know what I am talking about. This story is about two psychos who does whatever it takes to make their carrier fulfilled. The young (and kind of pathetic to be honest) musician Andrew threw away his GF, his father and the whole family, his friends etc. just to be a, to be the best drummer ever. WTF? He is a psychopath, it´s not even questionable. The old (and rly muscular) teacher Fletcher already threw away all his friends, family and everyone else. He hates people, he yells at people and he doesn´t like anyone, just to raise the best musician know what´s next, right? PSYCHO ALERT! This film is NOT ABOUT JAZZ It´s a masterpiece which describes two different approaches to be a psycho. You think they are completely different persons? No, they are completely the same. Ok, ...

Awesome Wave - Alt-J 12/04/2016

That´s What I Imagine When You Say WorldMusic

Awesome Wave - Alt-J What does "Alt - J" really means? It is a shortcut at the MACs for a greek letter delta and in mathematics it stands for Difference . This band is different what so ever. Their subtle spontaneity, playfulness with which they can work with their voices, varying rhythms that you always makes you move and especially the ease with which they serves great tunes with a coherent structure. A brief review of some songs: INTRO It´s the perfect beggining of the album. as his gradual layered structure is very elegant and shows us what will come to us later.The song begins with only subtle tones of the piano, which sketches the melody. After a while, ringing guitars with drums joins and in the second minute, vocals comes in with a strong support of droning bass. Breezeblocks It happens very often, that for a fan of the band the well-known songs aren´t as good as the rest of its creation. Not in this case. Despite coherent quality of all Alt-J´s songs, Breezeblocks is still one of the best. This dark and provocative love song takes on a sinister picture. The song itself is brilliant evidence of Alt-J´s ability to control the formation of miniatures both in the sound and the lyrics with a vigorous end: "Please don’t go, please don’t go, I love you so, I love you so, Please break my heart, ah ha!" Matilda Matilda refers to the main character of French movie Leon, where 13 y o Natalie Portman started her stellar career. The entire text reflects the various aspects of the matter that ...

Moulin Rouge (DVD) 28/10/2015

Spectacular Spectacular

Moulin Rouge (DVD) This musical deserves your attention I loved this film since childhood. The colors, the hyperbole, the naive tragic, THE SOUNDTRACK. Besides Love Actually I know of no other movie that could so easily teetering between sheer cliche, comedy and drama. Well, the movie isn´t really teetering. Because all of these aspects are combined in perfection and creating the sparkling diamond of musical movies. Story line Young, naive writer Christian, moves to Paris, into the heart of bohemian life, to find the true meaning of phrase Freedom, beauty, truth and love. He succeed as a screenwriter of a play for Moulin Rouge, where he falls in love to a courtesan named Roxanne .... sorry, I meant Satine. But an important investor of Moulin Rouge, the Duke, also falls in love with Satine and the story is getting complicated. If Satine choose to love Christian, Moulin Rouge fails and with it her lanched acting career. The only way to save their materialistic dreams, is to obey to the cruel Duke and thereby, probably, destroy the sincere love. Arts in Film There is so much art in the movie, whether experimental capture Moulin Rouge itself or drunken imagination of Children of the Revolution. The greatest beauty, however, is in dance choreography and singing skills of the actors. Selection and processing of the songs is just perfect, it almost seems that the authors first invented the soundtrack and then the script. And nothing is more surprising than when Obi-Wan Kenobi sings the first ...

3Doodler 28/10/2015

If you can´t afford a 3D printer

3Doodler I saw some videos on YT and I immediately wanted this toy. Actually, I thought it was fake, but then I visited a crowd funding platform server, where a bunch of enthusiasts tryied to get money for their 3Doodler project and i realized it´s really going to happen. Anyway, I have it home and I have to say that this device quite fulfilled my expectations. Basically it's a printhead of 3D printers, you hold in your hands. On one side you put there a hard plastic, and on the other will flow quickly hardening plastic fiber. Inside the pen is ventilator for cooling. Held in the hand is quite comfortable despite the thicker embodiment. Two buttons for fast and slow extrusion of plastic are easily accessible. Shortly, it´s made well, and it´s a product made by professionals. I was kind of disappointed, when I realized, I am not able to make amazing things with it. Because I am not a very good artist - the pen is all right :-) So I ended up with glass painting, sad, that I will never be able to "3Drow" the Eiffel Tower. What I want to say is, that 3Doodler is working just fine, but it´s a machine for people who know how to draw and seeking for fun. It can´t substitute a 3D printer, but it´s very amusing to use.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (DVD) 28/10/2015

Kingsman: Killer Gantleman

Kingsman: The Secret Service  (DVD) After the first few minutes, after the two opening scenes, I thought: "My God, it will be baaaad" . But I couldn´t be more wrong. I don´t know if it was the director's intention, misunderstanding on my part, or perhaps just really unhappy start, but after the initial disappointment, I was more and more excited. Battle between good and evil and tottaly black and white characters in the sort of half-comic filing is not entirely original topic in these days, but director Matthew Vaughn proved through his focus on detail, that it´s still possible to create an original and modern movie format. Not only that, in the film there is a persistent plot twists, there is also twists in genres. One minute you're laughing at hyped thug, where people are dying by the dozens and minutes later almost cryin when you realize, that the director means it seriously with tha story and vice versa. Great directorial and screenwriting made movie, which reflects how experienced the authors are, and how refreshingly playful minds they have. Kingsman has an amazing action, great atmosphere and it´s fun! Basically it´s a movie about gantlemen and how to act like a gantleman even if you have to kill people. It also reminds me a bit comedic elements of the Coen brothers movies. So if you liked Burn After Reading, you will love Kingsman! ...

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd 28/10/2015

One of the best rock albums ever made - The Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd Excellent instrumental and vocal portion of art-progressive-psychedelic rock. Whereas this album is pessimistic-nihilistic story with extremely depressing lyrics, it invokes strong emotions in every listener. All nine songs are based on pure life experience of musicians and you can feel it in every tone, in every solo and even in every break. And when I say life experience I mean sex, drugs, sadness and artistic perception of everyday life. These true musicians managed to create a fantastic story and they cought it on microphone. In modern music is very rare to listen to a story which is writen by the music itself; not by lyrics. The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd is one of the most commercially successful records of all time and I totally understand why. ...
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