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Everything that starts with F ... 18/11/2007

Football Team - My Current Dream Team

Everything that starts with F ... Best Footballers Currently Playing Anywhere In The World: Goalkeeper - Petr Cech (Chelsea) As a Manchester United fan it pains me to say it but I think Cech has to be the best goalkeeper in the world. He is still young (especially for a keeper) and he has a huge frame which no doubt helps him to reach positions that other goalkeepers would have had no chance of doing. Quite similiar to Edwin Van Der Saar, another quality keeper, but Cech is my number one choice because of his younger age. Left Back - Patrice Evra (Manchester United) When Gabriel Heinze left Man Utd I was a bit annoyed because I thought he was a great, aggressive little defender, good going forward and able to put in a good cross when needed. However, Evra has been given the nod now as first choice left back and he is already proving his worth to the team. Not only is he very strong and good defensively, but he gives another edge to the team when going forward - making some great runs and turning provider for goals on many occasions. A young, very quick and skilful defender (or winger). Center Back - Nemandja Vivic (Manchester United) The Serbia and Montenegro international has been a rock in the defense recently at Man Utd, forming an immense partnership with Rio Ferdinand. Also weighs in with some goals going forward, as is very good in the air with some strong headers scored already this season. Very dangergous at set-plays. Center Back - Carlos Puyol (Barcelona) Although Barcelona are going ... 24/03/2007

Get quite rich quite quickly... Thanks to the popularity and diversity of the Internet, there are now ways to even earn money whilst online. Imagine being able to earn money whilst spending money, or being able to earn money writing product reviews and even answering surveys. This is all very possible and easy to do, however the hard part is actually finding the location of these websites (without having to pay for this information). This is where comes in. Paid 2 Review contains links to all of these websites, helping you greatly when it comes to hunting these valuable resources down for your own personal use. The website also contains some very useful articles and tutorials related to earning money from the Internet. Therefore the website acts as a kind of resource/reference site, for which you can use before joining the various paid websites. It is probably worth saying now that the Paid 2 Review website doesn't actually pay any money out at all; it just provides links and information about the websites which do. The Paid 2 Review website focuses mainly on the websites available which can help you by; earning money from writing product reviews, answering surveys and by earning cashback. As explained on the website in great detail, product review websites are basically websites like this one, Ciao, where you can join for free and write reviews on thousands of products listed on the website. You would then be paid when the review gets read and rated. Answering surveys is quite ... 12/03/2007

A Swift Choice When It Comes To Web Design EDIT: I didn't realise at first but the company had overcharged us, and have since refused to refund the difference. Simply don't return messages, do not use this company. I was at work recently and overheard that my boss was thinking of upgrading the company's current website. To be fair I wasn't exactly surprised - the site layout and presentation was poor, it was hard to navigate through the mazy and confusing menu, and the colours looked a bit like something out of the sixties. I recommended a web-design company which I had recently stumbled upon - Swift Media UK. This was a relatively young, but well established web-design company, specialising in producing affordable but visually-appealing and simple-to-use websites for the smaller sized businesses. I felt this would be the perfect web design company for my boss, as we were quite a new business, still small in size, without much money to spend to improve the current website. I recommended the company to my boss and he seemed very impressed by their own website, and was impressed looking through testimonials of their other sites. He trusted me with the job of contacting this company, and passing on all the relevant information needed for the website. Armed with all the information needed for the new website, and with the support of my boss, I visited the Swift Media website once again. I was struck by the warm, crisp design of the website, impressed again with the fantastic looks of the site, but at the ...

Lay My Bet 22/01/2007

Earn an unlimited amount of money from betting

Lay My Bet This is an excellent website which has managed to earn me a few thousand pounds, thanks to the process of "matched betting" which is explained on the website. From matching your bets at an online exchange you can make bets at no loss, and in doing so qualify for bookie bonuses. Definition: To lay a bet is simply to bet that a certain event will not happen, ie to take the place of the bookmaker. An Example: Say that Man Utd are playing Aston Villa in a football match. The odds for Man Utd to win (when expressed as decimal odds) are 2.25 (or 5/4 as fractional). The odds for Aston Villa to win are 4 (or 3/1). Odds for the draw are 3 (or 2/1). If you were to lay Aston Villa to win, and you were willing to do this with an amount of £10, you are basically offering £10 for someone to bet on Aston Villa to win. You are taking the place of the Bookie, and allowing a punter to place a bet. When you lay a bet, you are betting against that event happening - so in this example, you are betting against Aston Villa winning the match. If Aston Villa lose or draw, then you are successful. Only if they win, have you lost your money. You can lay any bets at an online exchange, the most popular ones being Betfair and Mansion. We will discuss these in more detail later on in the article. Say Aston Villa win, you have to pay out £40. (The £10 lay and then the £30 winnings - £10 lay x odds of 4 = £40). However if Aston Villa don't win - they lose or draw, then ... 23/03/2006

HotBargains UK - start earning money today! HotBargains UK *Introduction* Hotbargains UK is a relatively new website which rewards its users for performing simple tasks online. Whereas sites like this one (Ciao) rewards its users for writing product reviews or for answering surveys, Hotbargains UK rewards for different various things - signing up to websites, clicking links, purchasing goods and much more. There are plenty of already established websites in the mould of HBUK, all in competition with each other, with some of the most famous being Rpoints and Ipoints. All of these websites perform in exactly the same way, offering financial gain in return for online-activities. *How it works* Normally when I talk to my friends about the HBUK website, I am greeted with confusion and bewilderment - how can a website offer money for performing such mundane tasks, like clicking a link? The response is quite simple - the website gets a higher reward for the tasks we do, and so they can offer part of the reward to us. For example, say HBUK offers 8p for performing a search at a search engine. The search engine is probably giving HBUK about 14p for every search, and so HBUK will be earning 6p for every search. This way it keeps everyone happy - the users are earning and HBUK is earning. *To sign up* To join the HBUK website you simply need to go to the website and click on the register link. You will be greeted with a simple form to fill in, with the only details required being your name, username ...

Mustek PVR-A1 08/02/2006

Mus-tek back to the shops!

Mustek PVR-A1 *The Intro* The Mustek PVR A1 caught my eye whilst I was browsing some mp3 players online. Not only did it have a very low price (about £70 at the time), but it also boasted a 3 inch colour screen, had the ability to play video's, store images and even more surprisingly it had the ability to record direct from a TV. Obviously I was sceptical about the quality of such a product after seeing the price and the amount of features which it offered. In the end I took a risk, and to be honest I think I should have listened to the sceptical side of me. That's not to say that the Mustek PVR is a bad product, but it just lacks the overall quality which its innovative features could have so easily delivered. *The Package* A colourful and picturesque box was responsible for containing the Mustek PVR, and it did a good job. Upon opening the box I discovered the following items: Mustek PVR A1, Wallet-case, Headphones, AV Cable, Li-on Battery, Power Adapter, USB Cable, Installation CD, Ulead VideoStudio 6 The Mustek PVR's appearance borders on the smart/tacky side. Though it is coated with a smart and colourful blue plastic, the metal buttons look a bit cheap. In all it looks a bit like a kid's fancy toy, with the bright blue and silver. The 2.5 inch TFT colour screen takes up most of the PVR helping to keep the size of the PVR to a minimum. The PVR measures 7.7 cm x 9.6 cm x 2 cm, which is an ideal size for something so portable. At a weight of only 110g, the ...

Cooler Master Thermal Compound Kit Processor heatsink paste (PTK-001) 28/10/2005

Masters at cooling

Cooler Master Thermal Compound Kit Processor heatsink paste (PTK-001) *What it is* Usually when it comes to computers, not many people have much knowledge of what processor heatsink paste actually is, and what job function it does inside a computer. To be honest though, you aren't really going to know what it is (not that many people would care) unless you were actually interested in the hardware-side of computers, and the configuration of the components. Basically processor heatsink paste is a thermal compound which is applied to the heatsink before it gets attached to the processor. This is done to make sure there is a good contact made between the two components. This is really important because the processor generates so much heat inside the computer, and this heat needs to be transferred instantly to the heatsink. Because it is really hard to make sure the heatsink is perfectly flat and able to make good contact with the processor, the thermal compound is used to bridge any gaps (not that they would appear to the human eye). The paste also prevents any air from cooling the processor, because by using a paste you are able to cool the processor more successfully (laws of science that air is a poor conductor of heat compared to most liquids or solids.). If you're lucky enough to purchase a heatsink which comes with a thermal pad attached to it, then you don't need to bother with the thermal compound. This is because the pad does the exact same job as the compound - it ensures good contact between the heatsink and processor, and takes away ...

In at the Deep End (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Roll Deep 28/08/2005

In at the deep end? I don't think so

In at the Deep End (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Roll Deep *Intro* In At The Deep End is the title of the debut album by Roll Deep, the group which are most well-known for bringing you Wiley and the mecury music prize winner Dizzee Rascal. The East-London based group has been around for many years, mainly releasing underground work when the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Wiley were still part of the group, before they had broke off to do their own thing. This album is seen as being long-overdue, and is their first release aimed at breaking a way into the mainstream music market. However it has definitely been worth the wait, as this CD is a great mix of grime and pop, bravely mixed by Roll Deep to create their own fresh and instantly recognisable style. *Roll Deep* Roll Deep consist of about 9 MC's and 3 DJ's and a vocalist (names and cartoon-pictures in the album booklet), and upon listening In At The Deep End, it seems as if it's a near-perfect mix. The majority of the tracks feature special guests doing their bit on the records too, adding a bit more quality to the album. The style of the music has to be labelled as grime and according to the online encyclopaedia 'Wikipedia' ( the definition of grime is "a musical offshoot of the early 21st century UK Garage scene that developed in London's East End between 2002-2004.' The style can be described as a mix between electronic music and hip hop, and is often broadcast by MC's on pirate radio, who practice their talents underground before even ...

BenQ CD-R 700 MB 52x 14/06/2005

ThankQ BenQ!

BenQ CD-R 700 MB 52x Intro Recordable and re-writable CD's are one of the most popular forms of storage nowadays for computers, and this is no doubt down to the inevitable gradual-distinction of floppy disks, and the slump in prices for CDs. Nobody seems to use floppy disks anymore, they are too unreliable and can hardly fit any data too (1.44 MB usually) and when you compare this to the 700MB or so that CD's can hold, you can see why these are more popular. CD's can last over a hundred years too (according to the BenQ website) - if they are kept in the perfect conditions. Where I got them & price I decided to purchase these BenQ CD-R's as I felt that 100disks which hold 700MB, for only £10, is a really good price. This works out at about 10p per CD, which isn't bad at all! It sounds ridiculous that you can pay a couple of quid for a few floppy disks, combining about 5MB, where as for £10 you can get 100 CD-Rs which combined will hold 7GB. I purchased the Ben Q CD-R's from the Dabs website, and it has a wide array of other CD-R's and CD-RW's. CD-R's can only have data burned on them once, and after you do this the 'burning session' is closed, meaning you cannot come back to the CD later and add or delete anything. The CD is finished and complete. Whereas with CD-RW's they can be used over and over again, once you burn data to them you can come back to it later on and delete data and add data, and so on. So in theory you could just buy one CD-RW and keep using it over and over, but if ...

Sky Sports 1 - Soccer AM 25/05/2005

Great bouncebackability

Sky Sports 1 - Soccer AM Soccer AM is a real treat for any football fans out there, and is even something which will appeal to those who aren't really into the game. Though the whole programme is based around football and the latest goings-on, it will still appeal to your typical-stereotypical males. This is thanks to the constant jokes throughout the show, and the 'Soccerettes' who model their team's colours whilst doing a catwalk. More on this later though! Soccer AM was first aired in August 1994 and it has been going strong ever since, becoming more and more popular since its launch. It is aired on Sky Sports 1 during the football season (40 weeks - about 40 episodes) and is shown on Saturday mornings at 9am until 12am. Sometimes it finishes around 11.30am if there is a football match being shown live on sky at 12, though normally (and luckily) the programme isn't affected too often. The show is presented by Tim Lovejoy, an avid Chelsea fan (or Chelski, since they were taken over by Roman Abramovich) and the lovely Helen Chamberlain who supports a team on the opposite end of the football scales - the not so glamorous Torquay United. These 2 presenters have been around since the programme started, and I feel that they really make the show what it is. Lovejoy seems a really funny and honest down to earth person, and Helen seems like the perfect lady - an attractive blonde who loves her football. Perfect! These two make a really good team when presenting the show, and aren't afraid to muck about ...

Gigabyte GA-7NNXP - motherboard - ATX - Socket A - nForce2 Ultra 400 21/05/2005

Gigabyte this

Gigabyte GA-7NNXP - motherboard - ATX - Socket A - nForce2 Ultra 400 *Introduction* When I decided to build myself a computer from scratch, I firstly had to have a think about what I will be using my computer for in its day-to-day tasks. The fact the computer would mainly be used for playing computer games, watching DVD's, listening to music and using the internet, meant that quite a powerful PC would be required (No point under-estimating the power required, otherwise I will have to upgrade again, and the computer would be outdated in no time!) I began to search for a motherboard that would fulfil all these needs and maybe a bit more too. I decided on a budget and felt that about a fifth of it could be spent on the motherboard which after all is probably the most important component inside a PC. I had about £100 to spend on this, and went about researching on the Internet and in computer magazines for the most highly recommended motherboards. I stumbled across the Gigabyte 7NNXP whilst looking through a computer magazine, and they had given it a golden rating and it was obviously highly recommended. I found many more good things written about the Gigabyte 7NNXP, on the internet mainly, and jumped at the chance of owning one myself. I was lucky enough to see it available on the Dabs website in the B-Grade stock section (my favourite place for looking for PC components). Apparently it had been used briefly by one other person, and was still boxed with all accessories, drivers and manuals etc. For £80 I thought it was a real bargain for ...

Cooler Master CoolDrive 4 30/04/2005

Be cool with the Cool Drive 4 *updated*

Cooler Master CoolDrive 4 In the world of pc modding and enthusiasts, there is a lot of choice and variety out there for people wishing to have the most powerful, stylish and unique computers. The market seems bigger then ever for PC modifications and such, with the gaining popularity of overclocking* (adjusting the processor* chip for example, so that it runs faster then recommended) meaning there is an increase in demand for better fans and cooling-accessories. The Cool Drive 4 is an enclosure for hard-drives, with a fan fitted inside it to keep cool the drive, and to reduce noise vibrations which the hard-drive would usually emit. It also has a feature of being able to monitor various over system temperatures, the processor*, graphics card*, PC case, and of course the hard drive. It does this thanks to 4 temperature probes, which you can place around the PC as you wish. The Cool Drive claims to offer an airflow of 9.21CFM, which isn't great but it is only a small fan which is being used to cool the hard-drive. Upon putting my hand up to the grill protecting the fan it's really hard to feel the air being drawn in, such is the power of the fan. Yet it does still manage to reduce the hard-drive temperature, which is what it's meant to be doing anyway. It also claims to be no louder then 29dBA, which is hard to judge, but it is really really quiet in operation so it's probably about right. This particular model - the Cool Drive 4, produced by well known manufacturers Cooler Master, is a ...

128 MB Dabsvalue usb memory stick 27/04/2005

(very, very) Easy Disk Memory stick

128 MB Dabsvalue usb memory stick I first saw the Dabs value Easy Disk memory stick when I was reading my latest Dabs Special Offers' email, and noticed that they were selling it for just £10. I jumped at the chance to own one, as did my brother. It was an amazing price to get 128MB of storage and on the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 format too. I really needed some kind of portable storage as I go to college a few days a week on a computing and electronics course, and I needed to be able to take some of the assignments home. My work totalled up to about 10 MB, and I hated using floppy disks as I found them so unreliable, often they would need re-formatting or they would just stop working, so I just gave up on them. As the college computers don't have CD drive burners, I decided I would have to make the most out of the USB ports that they do offer. I realised by purchasing a USB memory stick I could use the USB port at college to download my work, and then upload it later on to my computer at home, as it too thankfully had a spare USB. The Easy Disk was delivered the next day, and I was able to bring my work home with me whenever I needed to catch up. It looked quite smart, with an aluminium look and feel to it, with black plastic running around the sides. The Easy Disk logo is printed on the front, along with the 'Hi-Speed Certified USB' logo next to it. There is a metal hoop attached to the top of the memory stick, allowing it to be attacked to a key ring for example. It came with a green fabric band too, ...

Sony D-E 330 27/04/2005

Sony Walkman (though you could jog, man)

Sony D-E 330 (sorry about the title!) I brought this CD-player a few years back, before embarking on a long drive up to Scotland with my family for a holiday, to save me from having to put up with my parents' choice of music. For only about £40 at the time, I'm really glad I did. Looks The CD-player itself looks really smart, finished with silver and white giving It an aluminium style yet is made of plastic. Though it isn't weak - the player feels really solid, but I have managed to scratch the top of mine. This is probably down to my own fault though, bundling it in my schoolbag in a pocket which is far too small, where I also kept my house keys .Not good! The Sony logo is embossed on the middle of the player, in small silver writing, which looks quite classy. Below this is Sony's Walkman logo, a bubble-style W with a full stop. Below this it says Walkman in a futuristic looking blue font, again which looks quite classy. Then below this are the words ESPMAX and the model name, boasting the fact it plays CD-R's and CD-RW. The player is in a round style obviously, as it needs to fit a CD inside it, and this is the same style of all portable CD players. It's quite a nice size as it's hardly much bigger than a CD, just by half an inch or so at the front where all the buttons and the screen is located. The LCD screen is very clear, positioned centrally at the front of the player, and is a nice size too. Everything on the screen is very clear and well laid out. The bass ...

Creative WebCam NX Pro 22/04/2005

Creatively someone is watching you

Creative WebCam NX Pro I decided that I would get a webcam so that my mates could see me on MSN when they talk to me, as I can see most of them as they all seem to have webcams. They are quite commonly bundled in with brand new PC's such as ones brought from PC World etc, so I thought I better get myself one to go with my computer. I was browsing the web one time with the thought in my head, and checked the Dabs pages and such and then looked on Amazon and found it in the market place for sale, complete with a microphone at about £15. I felt this was a very good price, as it was in its original packaging and such still, and seeming as it was on sale about £30 elsewhere I better buy it before someone beats me to it. I quickly checked the specifications on the Creative website, mainly checking the resolution which it offered. Lots of the cameras digital video capture resolutions were about 352 x 288 but this webcam had a 640 x 480 resolution. It also had a 1024 x 768 resolution for capturing still images, where as some others had a smaller 640 x 480. Thanks to this better resolution, more pixels would be used to make up the picture, so therefore there would be a far better picture then most of its rivals. Digital video capture resolution is the most important specification to look at I think, as it tells you what the resolution will be in video-mode, which is what webcams are used for really, and gives you an idea of what the picture quality will be. The webcam and microphone came in a ...
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