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Finding Nemo (DVD) 18/05/2017

Finding Nemo The Best Animation Movie

Finding Nemo (DVD) Finding Nemo is the animated film released in 2003. This story was written by Andrew Stanron, Lee Uncrich and in the production by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. Finding Nemo told about the protection provided by the clownfish Marlin (Albert Brooks), together with Dory (Ellen De Generes), children explore their men, Nemo (Alexander Gould). Along the way he was taking a risk for children who escape from the attention and protection . This film got a tremendous response and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. And in the year 2008, according to the association or the Institute of American Film, Finding Nemo is a film that fit in the ten best in the big 10 this year. Short story, after the pair clownfish Marlin and his wife, Coral (ElizabethPerkins) move to their new home, the Coral by Barracuda slain along with their egg-egg, except one. Marlin to find the eggs and the promise will never leave, the name proposed by Nemo Coral.The egg was destroyed during the attack by going Barracuda. Nemo and the first day in school, but he was frustrated and embarrassed by the over protective his father, .Marlin often warned the dangers the sea because he fears the destruction of eggs before. Nemo is still too small and weak compared with the other eggs. Nemo want to show that the fear is just fear his father Nemo deliberately swim away from the place, and at the time he was arrested by a Scuba diver. Marlin tried to pursue driver Scuba, but he lost ...
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