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Logitech Internet 350 - keyboard 21/12/2011

Good every day computer keyboard

Ebuyer 20/12/2011

Good prices and fast shipping times

Ebuyer I always look on if I'm looking for any computer or other electronic equipment as they usually have some of the best prices compared to other retailers, especially PC World (UK), Currys, Comet, etc. Although it appears they sell Apple products more expensively though, for some reason. I've bought many things from eBuyer and most of them have shipped very fast. I did have one product that didn't ship for a few days, though; but generally, eBuyer are very good at dispatching fast. While I haven't had to deal with eBuyer's customer services to date, today I've submitted a request for a refund on the delivery costs because of Parcel Force's inability to deliver my product on time (guaranteed 'AM' delivery) - Parcel Force even set it to as "attempted to deliver" which isn't true since I was in the living room for half the day in case the delivery came at any point. That said, the delivery driver stated that he tried the wrong house before but I can't believe it really, as the post code was clearly shown on the packaging; so while I have no problems with eBuyer, they don't deserve my delivery money (Parcel Force) if they are going to charge more for simply what was a standard next day delivery, since the delivery driver stated he would "redeliver" after 5pm. Which he did, thankfully. eBuyer has quite a wide range of products and at varying prices and usually at great prices, too. I bought an 18.4" monitor with a desktop PC I bought for around £85 (the monitor, that ...

HP G62-105SA 24/05/2010

A nice all purpose notebook

Apple Mac mini - Core Solo 1.5 GHz - 512 MB - 60 GB 19/04/2010

A very nice Mac, portable desktop computer!

Apple Mac mini - Core Solo 1.5 GHz - 512 MB - 60 GB The Mac mini is one of the most reliable Mac's I have ever come across; encased in a small form factor with a nice and appealing design - yet with having a processor that's really capable of multitasking tasks - the Mac mini really is a great choice especially if you are looking to purchase your first Mac. This Mac computer is an older version that was released in 2006 and is a model that is no longer sold by Apple, as it has been succeeded by a better Mac mini model, which includes the latest memory, hard drive space and processor power you'd expect in 2010 and is still relatively priced affordably, considering where Mac computers are concerned. This older model I am reviewing can still be bought on eBay from those that wish to sell their older Mac mini (i.e. this one) to upgrade to a newer Mac, in some cases. This older Mac can still run the latest and greatest version of Apple's Mac operating system, Mac OS X version 10.6 (called Snow Leopard) - which is an added bonus of why buying a used Mac mini like this one is a great saving. If you intend to buy a cheaper Mac mini from eBay, make sure it has an Intel processor (it should clearly state this in each listing on eBay from sellers). Apple, back in 2006, switched from PowerPC to Intel processors (which most of the rest of the industry uses then - and also nowadays) and as of Mac OS X 10.6, only Intel processors are supported so it's important that if you buy a used / old Mac, to ensure it has an Intel processor. Also, in ...

Apple Mighty Mouse - mouse 19/04/2010

Apple Optical Mighty Mouse

Apple Mighty Mouse - mouse This mighty mouse is made by Apple to go with, or to be purchased separately for use on your Mac computer. Apple makes a line of computers known as "Mac" such as their notebook lineup like the "MacBook" and "MacBook Pro" and their desktop lineup including their all-in-one desktop computer" called "iMac" where the monitor and computer is built-in (hence, all-in-one). Apple also sell and ship their own keyboard and mouse accessory with their iMac lineup by default, and can be purchased separately if you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Back before late 2009, Apple only sold one mouse accessory called the "Apple Mighty Mouse" which was shipped with their iMac lineup and to be sold separately to those that wish to purchase it. In late 2009 a new, more expensive mouse, called the "Apple Magic Mouse" was released and the Apple Mighty Mouse was renamed to as "Apple mouse" and now the iMac ships with the Magic Mouse (but if you order an iMac online you can choose the Apple mouse to go with your iMac instead of the Magic Mouse, if you prefer). So now Apple has two mice on offer, the Apple Mouse and the Apple Magic Mouse, but in this review I'll be reviewing the Apple Mouse (obviously previously known as the Mighty Mouse). Apple Mighty Mouse is a strange but unique name for a mouse and you could say that it incorporates a very unique design compared to literally any other mouse on the market, and keeps up with the fact that every Apple product looks really aesthetically pleasing, and ...

Sony VAIO E Series VPC-EB1E0E/WI 17/03/2010

Review of Sony Vaio VPCEB1E0E/WI

Sony VAIO E Series VPC-EB1E0E/WI The Sony Vaio E series of computers from Sony are pretty new – as far as I’m aware they were only released this month in the UK, and announced worldwide in February. This is as far as I’m aware. I have always been interested in the Vaio computers from Sony because they include a nice kind of keyboard called a “chiclet keyboard”, which means the keys are isolated into their own separate bracket; which means better and easier typing. I must say, especially for those that touch type with all their fingers, you’ll feel right at home with this keyboard – it definitely means precise and comfortable typing. Because they’re isolated keys, typing isn’t as loud as conventional laptop keys, which is a bonus all the same. The model I have is VPCEB1E0E/WI which I purchased in Comet, priced at £549.99, but to be honest if you ask the right way (with interest in the laptop) you’d probably find yourself able to get some form of “manager reduction”, I got a £20 discount on the laptop since I bought 3 years accidental damage cover. If you’re going to buy it from Comet, as far as I’m aware you can pay the accidental damage cover on a monthly interval for 4 months instead of paying upfront – so for instance if its £200 then it’d be £200 / 4 – that is what you’d pay month over month till you’ve paid the full amount for the accidental damage cover. This Vaio is full-rounded, has everything you’d need; webcam, good amount of memory and hard drive space, 15” widescreen display, Windows 7, very ...

Tesco JK07 13/02/2010

Works well, has a mesh filter and so reasonably priced!!

Tesco JK07 I've wanted to purchase a plastic kettle for some time now; the previous metal kettle for me made the taste of the tea not as nice...when I travel to see my other side of the family they have metal kettles and their tea turns out delicious; its probably because they have soft water while we have hard water. That's the reason I wanted to purchase a plastic kettle, and although there's always going to be a difference in taste between soft and hard water I just wanted a simple kettle that works. I was shopping in Tesco and I thought Tesco must sell plastic kettles - so I had a look around to find the Tesco Value (JK07 Model No.) kettle; priced at less than £5 it was more than reasonably priced. This kettle doesn't look "cheap" - looks good and works well. It boils in about 2 and a half minutes, depending on how much water you put in to it. The tea tastes no different to a well known branded kettle. This kettle, despite being a "value" product would be fine to be used as a replacement for a faulty kettle and for those that want to purchase a kettle that is cheap yet that can be used as a main kettle in the house. It has a mesh filter too near where the water pours out and can be easily removed and cleaned under a tap (included instructions explains what to do); useful to those in hard water areas as like all plastic kettles, they can accumulate limescale over time. I would certainly recommend this kettle, works well for me and I couldn't see anyone being disappointed with it. ...

Apple MacBook - 13.3" - Core 2 Duo - MacOS X 10.6 - 2 GB RAM - 250 GB HDD 26/01/2010

A Great All Purpose Laptop!

Toshiba NB200 21/11/2009

A very stylish, great looking netbook and a great keyboard!

Apple Mac OS X (v10.6) Snow Leopard 03/10/2009

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad keyboard 02/10/2009

Fantastic keyboard, so lovely to type on...

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad keyboard I've just purchased the Apple Snow Leopard Mac Box Set from my local Apple authorised service provider, and decided to buy an Apple keyboard with it. The Apple keyboard is priced around £28.00 - and no matter what keyboard I try I can type the fastest with this keyboard due to the separated keys. Very quiet key stroke during operation and just very pleasant to use. The keyboard enclosure is made from aluminium and even without being too close to the keyboard you can smell the aluminium when you first open the product, but the smell soon wares off. Nothing bad or anything - just saying! I actually purchased the keyboard without the numeric keypad - but you can purchase one with or without the numeric keypad usually at the same price. The keyboard's caps lock has an LED light on the top left corner to denote the obvious, and you have to press the caps lock key momentarily for it to register and activate. Reason? Incase you accidentally tap the caps lock key while typing, so more likely you'll only have caps lock key activated when you actually want it activated...which is quite useful. Takes a few times to adjust to pressing momentarily (and when I say momentarily I mean just a spit second). The keyboard also comes with 2 USB ports on the side for peripherals like a mouse (or the mighty mouse, in some cases) instead of having to plug directly into your Mac/PC. The USB ports won't power high-power peripherals like an iPod Touch (apparently) unless its connected to the iMac ...

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v 27/09/2009

An overall good netbook

Logitech MX MX400 - mouse 20/09/2009

Generally a good mouse

Logitech MX MX400 - mouse The mouse itself is quite big, its really made for desktops and although it'll work fine on laptops the mouse is quite large and the cord is lengthy so if you intend to use this mouse primarily on your laptop - it may fit the bill but the cord length may be a bit too big for some. This mouse uses laser tracking technology and I can see the big benefits of this over optical tracking. I can even use this mouse on my hand as precisely as I can on my works on a few more surfaces in my house than my optical mouse. The tracking and cursor movement of this mouse is generally the same as other mouses. I've tried many mouses and some are more or erratically more sensitive than other mouses, and by that I mean the speed of the mouse in cursor movement compared to other mouses on the same speed setting. This mouse is fine, however. A few speed adjustments via the Logitech Control Center may help though, which is included when you purchase the mouse. The scroll wheel is OK, although its difficult to middle click due to the vertical scrolling feature the scroll wheel has. Just push the scroll wheel to the left and it scrolls vertically leftwards - vice versa for pushing the scroll wheel towards the right. It's difficult to middle click without accidentally pushing it towards the left or right for it to register as scrolling. I don't normally middle click with this mouse due to this problem, and just CTRL + click to open links in a new tab. The mouse also has side buttons ...
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