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Once (DVD) 21/09/2008

not good

Once (DVD) Some are calling this film a musical, but it certainly doesn't look or feel like one Once is essentially a film that uses a number of songs to tell a very modern and simple story. It is the tale of two people who stumble across each other on the bustling streets of Dublin. a street musician who lacks the confidence to play his own songs. The other is a Latvian mother trying to find her way in a strange new town. As their relationship develops they discover each other's talents and the story revolves around them pushing each other to achieve their dreams. The actors are good and obviously have superb musical talent, but on this occasion it just does not get to the soul. might be just me by the reviews but not a good film

TomTom GO 720 18/09/2008


TomTom GO 720 i have this one in my work car. the Tom Tom 720 does what it says it does If you keep it up todate online it works really well, the maps are now kept well up todate. take the tomtom plus service and always go for traffic with speed camaras, its a must. sometimes the traffic can make your journey longer but just use traffic system as a report and press alternative route missing out bit with a jam. speed cameras are kept up todate, even were they stick the mobile units and roadwork ones. screen covers a large area, i turn the 3D mode of the map version work better, noght mode is good change the standard voices they are boring and quite annoying comes with built in blutooth for phones which is OK

BioShock (Xbox 360) 18/09/2008


BioShock (Xbox 360) Bioshock Great game one of the best games i have ever played Welcome to rapture, this game has a good story and good length, the mix of story, shooter and problem solver. Gain physical ablity to get you through the game not just use guns and run around killing everything. The dark story line if really aimed at adults, not one for the kids, the big daddy are one of the best features of the game unlike most shooters they are like the End of level baddies but you choose when your ready to take them on and then comes the the moral choice in the game. given the choice to be bad or good influnces the way the game plays out. if you have not got this game yet, get it

Sony KDL-40 X 3500 18/09/2008

Sony done right

Sony KDL-40 X 3500 i am not going to give Specs sony can do that this is what i think of the TV We use this TV at work, they have got the money to spend on a TV like this. Good High Def TV with Full 1080p output, great picture, one of the best i have seen, i dont really like sony as a company because the do charge for thier name. blacks are very very dark and clear, probably the best TV we have ever plugged a console into around this price bracket, if you are seriuos about gaming get this TV Films and Tv are really good on High Def, sound , picture really clear even near full volume. it looks really good as well, i suggest mounting it on the wall, looks amazing with the clear glass round the side. Buy this TV because its good not because its Sony

Tropic Thunder (DVD) 17/09/2008

Tropic thunder

Tropic Thunder (DVD) TROPIC THUNDER. As part of my job i got to see this movie Saturday. and i'm glad i did one of the funnist films i have seen in ages. Funny as sin, witty i came out crying after the film . The three main actors Ben Stiller. Jack Black. Robert Downey, Jr are brilliant together, and story line tthey have to work with is really good if a bit simple. this is a good film to take mates to on a night out. don't expect a love storyor thriller its not going to be one of thoose films is it. Go and see this film when it out in the cinemia, and i dont often recommend films to friends three idoit actors full of them self, in trouble, good come back for Robert Downey Jnr

Samsung RSA 1 DHMH 16/09/2008

my beer loves this fridge

Samsung RSA 1 DHMH Samsung RSA 1 DHMH I love this product it is an extremely stylish fridge freezer from Samsung would look great in any modern kitchen. this fridge freezer is frost free, and unlike self cleaning ovens it works .i not seen the need to worry about defrosting my freezer. it has a fast freeze as well to save the flavour of the food when you freeze i love the water and ice dispenser,which works really well giving plenty of and ice and water Very large inside, with plenty of internal space in the fridge and freezer section.the freezer has clear sections so you can see inside the sections i got some specs of my manual Capacity - 555 Litres Energy Rating - A Chilled Water & Ice Dispenser - Yes Temperature Control - Single thermostat Dimensions - H: 1789mm W: 912mm D: 734mm Buy,buy,buy my beer loves this fridge ...

Acoustic Solutions CTVL 32 W 3 HD 16/09/2008

Acoustic Solutions CTVL 32 W 3 HD

Acoustic Solutions CTVL 32 W 3 HD Good TV Brought one for the spare room.for the price and this quite good Picture is good not top quailty,but what do you expect for the price, sound perfomance is good but can distort at higher levels, just mess around with the bass a bit. Brightness, colour on the picture are good, not bad connections on rear of TV Don't be fooled this is a good TV accousitic Soloutins are not the the new BUSH (poor quality for lower prices), this is good for the price. Value for money - go for it this TV is not going to be a sony or panasonic, but if your not to bothered or want a bedroom or spareroom TV this is one i would choose. Good, Cheap ...

Dell Inspiron 1525 16/09/2008

Dell Inspiron 1525

Dell Inspiron 1525 This is one of three Dell laptops i currently own. This is the best. This laptop is very fast and powerful for what you pay, the intel 2-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor drives this laptop so fast. go for a large memory option when buying, svaes a lot of money in the future Sound can distort at higher levels, grapics are bright and colours are bright. Unlike earlier inspiron model the webcam is a good addition, Wifi seems to get a slightly better reception, not sure why WIFI card is the same in Both. Glossy 15.4 screen looks amazing, Dell have learned from the Inspiron 1501, go for a longer life battery still quite short with WIFI on. My best bit advice is pay for a mid range model, your get about the same spec off sony for about £800 more

Panasonic TH-42PZ81B 15/09/2008

Review of a Panasonic TH-42pz81B

Panasonic TH-42PZ81B Review of a Panasonic TH-42pz81B Not a bad bit of plasma kit, a bit expensive but with panasonic you pay for the name, The picture very good, blacks a quite decent, glare of the screen is very low, in High Def full 1080p the picture is very sharp and coulorful, movies are cool like being in the cinema but without the idoit eating skittles next to you. Sound quality is good but if your paying this for a TV you can afford home Cinema system. I found unlike My Lg 42inch plasma this TV works really well with Xbox360 and Playstation 3 console, well up there with LCD for gaming. Good HDMI connection and other ports, would recommend this TV, the only way your going to get anything better is to stump up sony prices

Peugeot 206 CC 1.6 15/09/2008

Peugeot 206cc

Peugeot 206 CC 1.6 i'm not going to give the Specs you can get them of a website, this is what i think of the car. I brought a peugoet 206cc last year for my girlfriend,so far its not been to bad to us The 1.6 has some kick behind. i got 120mph out it with the roof up. the peugeot has a hard ride to it, the roof works well folding back in about 45 second, streering is quite responsive. The rear seat are a waste of time unless your a child under 7, have had 5 adults in the car on the way home from casino but it is one of the most painful things to do in life. The boot space is good with the roof up and there is some with the roof down. Get a warranty its a must, parts for it are expensive, the roof hydrulic pump went on ours and would have cost us £3K to replace ...

Dell Inspiron 1501 15/09/2008

Dell inspiron

Dell Inspiron 1501 Dell inspiron 1501 - turion 64 x2 - 15.4 TFT This is oldest of the three Dell's i have in my house, but they are still avaliabale for sale on line. a great buy at a cheap price, overall the Dell is very good With a large 15.4 screen the picture is very good, with a large ghapics card installed game and video are excellent. connectivity is very good, on Wifi and easy to connect, good sound can get a bit distorted at higher levels of sound. Well presented keyboard, mouse pad is easy to use, bnattery life can be a bit short on the standard battery, but a longer life battery is avaliable from most good stockist If your looking for a good laptop for cheap try this one, i got mine on Ebay new with a one year warranty for £200

Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z100 15/09/2008

Great Camera

Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z100 Casio Exilim zoom EX-Z100 , Recently brought this camera, to go on hoilday day with to replace one we brouht a couple of yesrs ago, All i can say it is a great digital camera. The zoom is very good, X4 opical make a lot of difference to picture sharpness and detail when zooming in, (digital zoom can lose a lot of fine detail). the best shot selector is easy to use with many new features includes, it is however missing a panaramic function. The large screen makes up for not having a view finder, the video capture is very good, with a large capacity SD-card it can be used as a good hand held video camera. Can only use the supplied chargable battery, but it has a good life on it and a small sized charger. Very good camara for what you pay. Lght, easy to use, good functions and great Pictures ...

Dell Latitude D630 14/09/2008

Dell Latitude D630

Dell Latitude D630 i have three DELL latops now this one is used for work, its qiute good for what it's for, It has bluetooth, WIFI, and built in broadband modem On Wifi the connection is very fast but on broadband modem is painfuly slow, this could be because it is on T- Mobile, the sceen is small but it does the job. the intel Dou core 2 is very fast. Spares are expensive but that is how DELL makes most of it profits, Value for money i would say is quite good, a Sony or Tosh at the same spec is £100's more, battery life is a bit short on a standard battery, and at about a £100 more for the extra life battery its a problem Overall not a bad Laptop for work, wolud not say it would be good as a home laptop. ...
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