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LG Viewty KU990 11/10/2008

Viewty or the Beast ???

LG Viewty KU990 When I received a call to say that my mobile phone provider was offering me a upgrade I rushed down to the shop to take a look at what new toy I could get next, after much browsing and scratching of the head I decided upon the LG Viewty it seemed to fit all the functions I required in a mobile phone and looked stylish as well. Was I let down by falling for it's silky good look's or did I just buy a stairway to mobile heaven read on to find out. Phone As a phone for making call's the Viewty is great with a big touch screen display you can easily dial numbers or access the phonebook with ease, a stylus is supplied in the form of a lipstick shaped dongle but this soon becomes disguarded and the finger is easily used in its place. Text messaging is slightly more difficult when using the fingers however the predictive text and memory for words is brilliant along with its ease of use when it comes to adding multiple recipients to messages. Camera As with most mobile phones nowadays the Viewty comes with a very powerful 5MP camera which is located on the back of the phone. It has some great functions available with a flash, zoom, quality selector and video option it did everything and more I hoped a phone camera could do. The switch to operate the camera is a slider located on the side of the phone with three options Playback, Video or Capture. A simple flick of the switch and your in the mode to shoot pictures show people photo's you have already taken or film a bit ...

Fujifilm FinePix S5700 07/08/2007

Shoot Like A Pro !!!!!!

Fujifilm FinePix S5700 Me and my wife both decided that it was time for a new digital camera as our old canon finally gave up the ghost. We went out to chose a new camera and decided that the Fuji S5700 fitted the bill down to a tee as we had used her fathers on a few occasions and were very impressed. We contacted her father and to our surprise he had recently upgraded his camera so let us have his which came with all the manuals and accessories as well as many he had bought to go with it. The camera is very solid to hold and feels like it would take a whack and still work not that I would like to find out, this was important to us and many cameras we had looked at felt far to light and plasticy which is something we don’t like. As for size the camera is best operated with two hands for steady pictures and is very comfortable to hold. The lens to the camera sticks out unlike many flat cameras feeling like a really professional piece of equipment and when combined with the tripod stand and various other accessories really makes for a good photographic experience. The picture quality is fantastic with a 7MP capture that allows for great enlarged photos keeping the quality where many lesser cameras lose out when enlarging your captured images. There are 12 different settings from landscape photos to portraits which are easily selected through the on screen menu and the switch above the camera, these settings are ideal especially when you want to capture live sport or the kids running around ...

The Godfather (PS2) 06/08/2007

An Offer You Can't Refuse!!!!

The Godfather (PS2) I thought I would buy myself a PS2 game for a change so when I took my 13 year old boy into Gamestation I chose The Godfather in the hope that it would give me just as much enjoyment as the film did all those years ago and I must say I was not let down by this game title at all. If I was to compare this title to another game then I would have to say it is a much more structured version of Grand Theft Auto as the storyline is much easier to follow and the game play is just as violent and destructive. On a down note I would defiantly keep this game away from your younger children as it has some bad language and very violent scenes and missions. Game Play The game play is very easy to follow you can free walk and drive as well as hijacking various vehicles and buying up new and more powerful weapons as the game progresses my favourite would have to be the Derringer machine gun. The cut scenes are very good at various stages of the game and explain the story very well; these are very much the same as Grand Theft Auto but with the film in mind. Your mission is to become the Don (Crime Boss) of New York and take down various other Mafia families along the way. In between these missions you can also complete jobs for the family using various weapons and methods of execution along the way. The cars I must say are very limited though with only 4 or 5 different types to chose from but the control and interactive environments are very good. Controls The controls do take ...

Delonghi PACL40 15/05/2007

Am I The Coolest Around????

Delonghi PACL40 Hi all and sorry for the long stay away from Ciao but things have been really hectic this end but now the warm weather is fast approaching I have dusted down my next item for review. I bought a Delonghi L40 air conditioning unit last year when the weather hit it’s extra hot heights and once the summer died down it got packed away. Being so hot last year we had some serious problems in our bedroom what with the windows getting moist due to lack of ventilation whenever we had a shower etc and causing condensation when the windows were closed, weird I know but that is what happened. As well as the ventilation problem in our bedroom it also acts like an oven when the heat hit’s the windows and come bed time it is hotter in the bedroom than outside so much so I went to B&Q and spent a whooping £400.00 on an air conditioning unit but what a difference it made. The Unit acts not only as an air cooler but also as a dehumidifier removing unwanted moisture from the air so great for keeping us cool in bed at night and good for ventilating the bedroom and keeping on top of build up of moisture on the windows. The unit has three settings for temperature and is thermostatically monitored, when on it draws in warm air and passes it over a refrigerating unit which cools it and the fans dispel it at whichever setting you require. The unit runs off of the mains supply and has a 1 metre hose that you need to feed externally to remove the excess hot air from the room, this can be done via a ...

Jokes 17/04/2007

Have A Giggle It Is Good For You !!!!!!!

Jokes Here I would like to take some time to try and put a smile on your face, not everybody's sense of humour is the same so sorry if these jokes are not to your liking but I am going to tell my Top 10 jokes so hopefully there is something for everyone here. A laugh a day keeps the moody blues away so enjoy and let me know what you think. 1. A man walk's into a bar and orders a drink looking really depressed the bar tender ask's him "what's wrong with you?" Man replie's "Me and my wife had a row and she is not speaking to me for a whole month" Bar tender says after pondering this "Is that not a good thing after all" Man says "Yes it would be but tonight is the last night of the month" 2. A Man and a Woman meet at a bar. They get along really well and they decide to go to the girl's place. A few drinks later, the guy takes off his shoes and then washes his hands. He then takes of his clothes and washes his hands again. The girl has been watching him and says, "You must be a dentist." The guy, surprised, says "Yes! How did you figure that out?" "Easy," she replied, "you keep washing your hands." One thing led to another and they make love. After they have done, the girl says, "You must be a good dentist." The guy, now with a boosted ego says, "Sure, I'm a good dentist, How did you figure that out?" "Didn't feel a thing!" 3. How doe's Micheal Jackson pick his nose? From a Catalogue 4. How do you get a little 80 year old lady ...

Juwel Rio 240, Fish Aquarium 04/04/2007

There's Something Fishy Going On!!!!

Juwel Rio 240, Fish Aquarium Hi all it's been a while have had a few problems at home but back now and writing so here I would like to tell you about one of the two aquariums I have running in my house. This is my smaller tank which contains my Chilid fish the tank is the Juwell Rio 240 and is very good for those who feel ready to move on to their next size up tank at an intermediate level. Below I will include all the information you need to get and start using this aquarium and what you get in with the price. What Do You Get ? The main part of any aquarium is the actual tank and here you have a very generously sized tank which measures 121L x 55H x 41W cm, this will allow for about 20 medium size fish in my case chilid's however my are nearly out growing it. The glass is very thick and very well sealed I have had no problems with leaks at all and with the right care and tool's used for cleaning stay's in pretty good shape for a long time. Next up is the lighting which is supplied by two separate bulbs that are supplied with all fittings already installed one for UV light and the other for effect, these can be adjusted and slid along the top of the tank to maximize where the light hit's especially important if you have live plant life. Supplied are two 120cm 38W bulbs. A great feature is the built in and boxed in filter and heater unit which is essential when caring for tropical or salt water fish. The pump is a multi filtration system which is very easy to change just lift out the cartridge ...

Where's Spot? - Eric Hill 29/03/2007

Where Am I Hiding ???

Where's Spot? - Eric Hill Where's Spot ??? --------------- ----------- I am going to have a go at reviewing a few of my children's book's which have given me and the kid's hours of fun time together especially when it comes to bed time stories my three year old is very keen on a bed time story and I have to go through about six books before he will go off to sleep. I am going to start with an old favorite of mine that my kid's now love Where's Spot ? I recovered my copy from when I was a child from my Nan and Granddads house not long ago and I couldn't believe the great condition it was still in being about 20 years old. I used to spend ages at my Nan and Granddads house and all the old toys of mine were there and were pulled out on a recent visit I got some blast's from the past and was surprised how well I had kept my toy's and thanks to Nan and Granddad they had not ended up in the bin. Written by Eric Hill some 25 years ago Spot is an adorable puppy who is always up to mischief and in Where's Spot you will find Spot's mum sally searching the house looking for him because he has hidden somewhere. Each page features Sally looking behind, under or in an item of furniture for where that naughty Spot has hidden. Behind a flap which your child can open up is an animal of different varieties each answering Sally's call for Spot in their own unique way. The illustrations are great and fun with bright colours set on plain white background making it easy for your child to identify what is going on ...

Morphy Richards 75225 29/03/2007

Improve Your Nocturnal Life !!!!!

Morphy Richards 75225 The winter is almost over now and although it has at times been very cold when we have been going to bed it has been like climbing into a nice warm nest and snuggling down, we always had a problem with getting into a cold bed until we invested in a Morphy Richards 75225 Electric Blanket which has really turned around getting into bed on a cold winters evening from something to dread to something to really look forward to. Our house is a very cold one and until we have the money to have it all properly insulated then we have to make do the best way we can but one thing we could control was the heat when we got into our bed, little did I know what a difference it would make to our lives in more ways than one. One day whilst out in Milton Keynes shopping centre spending some gift vouchers we came across this electric blanket in John Lewis department store and for a double electric blanket we though it very reasonably priced at only £45.00 so we snapped it up with our vouchers. On getting home we wasted no time in reading up on the blanket and following the very easy instructions on setting it up. Below I will take you through step by step how to set up the electric blanket and my experiences of it. Features ------------ Luxury quilted material Covers whole mattress (Double Bed Edge to Edge) Rapid heat up (Takes about 4 minutes) Temperature sensing (Adjusts to Body Heat) Programmable timer (Same as Central Heating Dials) Sleep button (Instant ...

Black & Decker Black AND Decker 28/03/2007

Do You Need A Hand Held Sucker??

Black & Decker Black AND Decker We all own a vacuum cleaner and I have a Dyson but they are no good for reaching in those hard to reach places or doing the car unless you park your car right near the house, I also have the added need for a quick and easy way to clean up spills and crumbs from the babies when they are having their dinner. I am constantly having to either get the dustpan and brush out or the hoover so I decided to get a hand held vacuum cleaner. I looked online and after considering many different models the Black and Decker WV4850 seemed to be great value for money as at £19.99 it not only sucked up crumbs but had an attachment for sucking up spillages and an easy to empty dust/moisture container. I had used many different types of hand held and never really got on with them or liked the idea but at £19.99 I could not go wrong and I am so glad I ordered it now. The hand held arrived promptly and I got it out straight away to give it a go under the kitchen table but that's when I realized it needed setting up and charging which was no problem at all following the easy to set up instructions supplied with the hand held. As well as the handheld and it's accessories for getting in tight spots it came with a brilliant charging base which can be fixed to a surface or to the wall, for ease sake I attached to the wall as I knew if the kid's get hold of it then it wouldn't last five minutes. I set it up near my microwave and plugged in the charging base and slipped the handheld on for charging. I ...

Black & Decker - Mouse Sander 27/03/2007

Do You Like It Rough Or Smooth ???

Black & Decker - Mouse Sander Reason For Purchase --------------- --------------- - A few months back we were in the market for a new dining room table only problem was that when I looked into the prices of a solid pine table which is what we were after I could not find one for under £350.00. I decided that we would have to go for a second hand table that was in good condition so after logging onto the Friday Ad website I found somebody local selling a solid pine table with six chairs for only £80.00 and they would deliver free of charge. I quickly snapped it up and had it delivered the following day. When it arrived I was over the moon it was very solid and heavy with great chairs all very well detailed and molded only problem was there were quite a few stains and scratches on both the table and chairs. I thought to myself well this is not a problem I will just sand them all down and wax them again and they will come up like new. I parted with my cash assembled the table and set about sanding it down by hand. This was taking forever and I was not able to penetrate the wood enough to remove the wax and stains. I dug out my old sander from the toolbox but being a cheap tool it was knackered and really didn't do much so off to B&Q I popped to see what was available that may help. One problem I had to consider when choosing my next sander was that I needed one that was able to get in amongst the grooves in the table legs and the rim around the edge of the table. I considered a few models but ...

Weider 8515 Crosstraining Gym 26/03/2007

Exercise That's Bad For Your Health!!!!

Weider 8515 Crosstraining Gym I am like most people in the fact I like to keep fit and look as good as I possibly can and to help me along with this I bought the Weider 8515 Multi Gym because of being at home with five children it can be very hard to find the time to get down to my local gym and at just £299.00 I thought I was really getting a good bargain. I ordered the Gym from a home shopping catalogue and was very disappointed at having to wait a whole 5 weeks for delivery but eventually it arrived. Below I will take you through my experience of this Gym in a step by step process and include all the features you need to know about it and what I found good and bad about it, this will hopefully provide you with enough information to make an informed purchasing decision. Setting Up -------------- The Gym itself arrived to me in what seemed like a hundred thousand parts and the instructions were very confusing, I persevered and set it all out in the way instructed by the manual but still struggled and had to get my cousin round to help me. This was very fortunate as it took two people to assemble later on in the process anyway. You have to set up loads of pulley systems and cables as well has safely fastening various screws and bolts to secure the Gym together. It took the two of us well over 3 hours to assemble but once it was done it looked very impressive. I must also add that should you try assembling one of these Gym's yourself please be very careful I ended up with numerous gashes to my hands ...

National Geographic Star Planetarium 25/03/2007

Lay Back, Relax And Watch The Star's !!!!!

National Geographic Star Planetarium My eldest boy has always been into telescopes and I have bought him just about every type of toy and early stage scope on the market so when I saw the National Geographic Star Planetarium I just had to buy it for him. I first spotted it in Toys R Us for £39.99 but checked online and ordered it from Amazon at £29.99 and it promptly arrived three days later and I gave it to him to try out. As soon as I gave it to him it was out of the box and being set up which only consisted of popping in the batteries and turning it on. He absolutely loved it below I will explain what it does and how you use it. How To Use --------------- -- The Star Planetarium is quite simple really in it's idea but is great better than I expected, first we closed all the curtains in the living room and turned off the lights making the room as dark as possible. Then once you have the room as dark as possible you simply place the cassette in and press play whilst turning on the machine. The room is suddenly illuminated just like the night sky with hundreds of stars spread all over the room and commentary explaining where all the different constellations are and the names of hundreds of the brightest stars in the sky. You can also set up comet's and shooting stars to appear in the sky making it an amazing show and has the youngest sitting still and quiet in absolute amazement. The display in the room is a full 360 degrees and is very clear and realistic more so than I could have imagined I was very ...

Sony D-NF 007 24/03/2007

007 Is Now An Antique!!!!!

Sony D-NF 007 **My Experience Of Sony DNF 007** Here is a piece of social history the good old fashioned CD player and I still have it collecting dust in my cupboard upstairs, I have now moved on to the Ipod Nano but here I will tell you about my now extinct Sony DNF 007 what a good name 007 lol. I used to use it all the time on the way to work and especially when out running however when running it was not great even though it has a built in shock proof system it only stores where it jogged at and does not actually continue playing through the bumps of which there are many when I am out running or cycling. The unit itself is very smart in a black design with an LCD screen which displays your current tracks playing various other settings such as extra bass that are currently in operation. All the controls are on the headphones that are supplied with the unit these include all the usual suspects such as play, stop, pause and also added extras such as extra bass for those who like to have their eardrums burst. The controls on the headphones are admittedly basic but serve their purpose very well and I have had no problem with them in the three years that I owned the player. A great feature on this model at the time was the ability to play music burnt onto CD's in MP3 and WMA format on your portable player I made up hundreds of discs of music which I was then able to take out and about with me. Well not out and about when running but I always kept my favourite 2 or 3 discs in the ...

Sony DCR-SR52E 23/03/2007

What Would You Film ???

Sony DCR-SR52E With five kid's in our house there are always fun and games going on, yes it can be very hectic but hey that's the joy of having children. When you have children there are always those special moments that you want to last forever first steps, first words, first bike ride and many more and the best way I have found to record these memories is with my trusty camcorder the Sony DCR SR52E. It wasn't an easy choice with so many available but for the price and the features available on it my decision was made very easy. The best thing I liked about it was the Hard Drive at 30 GB held up to 20 hours of filming and was very easily transferred to the PC for playing and editing. Other great features are the ability to take photos whilst filming and even inserting a Duo Stick for memory and storing your still images separately. I am no technical genius but what I can tell you is that this camera gives a great quality picture and is very easy to operate, there is a LCD screen which is 2.7" and is touch screen so you can control all the settings easily on the one screen. When I fully charge the integrated battery I tend to get about 6 hours of filming time and its easily charged by placing in it's cradle which was supplied when I purchased it for £359.99 from Jessops. Record and stop selection is easily operated from the LCD screen menu but be warned to learn all the functions will take days of reading the very extensive manuals supplied with the camera. Another feature I find ...

Little Tikes Easy Store Basketball Set 23/03/2007

How Is Your Shooting??

Little Tikes Easy Store Basketball Set My Experience Of Little Tikes Basketball Set --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- - Who likes to shoot hoops ? Well for those who have not got a clue what I am talking about it is Basketball, yes that's the game where you run around bouncing a ball and throwing it (Shooting) into the net and my kid's absolutely love the game even my three year old is seen in the garden bouncing the basketball and any ball he can get his hands on and throwing it. It is exactly this that gave me the idea of getting a basketball hoop but my problem was with no wall to attach one to and even if I had it would be to high for my three year old I couldn't do it but that's where Little Tikes came in and saved the day for my kids. Last summer they constantly wanted to go down to the play area and play basket ball only problem with that was the local hoodie gangs hang around there and the kids just would not be safe. I shopped around for different ideas and that's when I found in Toys R Us the Easy Score Basketball set. I ordered it online through Toys R Us at £45.00 and a few days later it arrived. It was very easy to set up just sliding the top section of the stand into the bottom section and securing, the net just hooked on to the hoop and the kid's were ready to go in the garden with their own basketball net and ball which was also supplied. The brilliant thing about this set was that all the kids had fun playing including the younger ones who with the height ...
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