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Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick 25/05/2017

Giving it a bit of lip...

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick I'm a bit fussy when it comes to lipsticks. I am particular about the smell, texture and shade and you really don't know how it's going to be in all aspects until you try it out. I do not use the tester tubes (other than maybe on the back of my hand) due to the thought of shared germs. Because of this, I have a fair few unloved lipsticks in my collection, that i have used once or twice and hated, regardless of price. This one, happily is in the loved category, I'll tell you why in the following review... The brand I bought a couple of items from Estee Lauder last year and got a bag full of freebies. I’ve only just found the lipstick hiding in my collection (!) so started to use it daily as I had finished my other regular Clinique lipstick. I like a nude lipstick that is barely there better than a bold lip for a day time look. At the time of purchase there was a choice of pure colour lipstick between (if I remember correctly) a coral orange shade and the rose tea crème which is their most popular selling shade. First impressions This lipstick looks quite pinky in the tube and comes nicely packaged in the traditional blue and gold of Estee Lauder. It look classy and elegant in terms of packaging. The Rose Tea Crème is number 17 and you can actually read the gold label at the base of the lipstick which is good as I struggle to read some beauty packaging (is it my eyes or is it their bad use of colour and contrast?!). Not a cheap lipstick The Feel Unique website sells a ...

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel 24/05/2017

The perfect day time cream

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Last year, I was chosen by the social media phenomenon bzz agent to try out the Neutrogena cleanser and in the pack I was sent a huge bundle of the hydro boost water gel moisturisers. What I discovered was that I liked the cleanser (also reviewed on here) but I LOVED the hydro boost water gel. First impressions This is a very light moisturiser and it is not runny as it sits in a gel type formula. The gel has a cloudy look to it but dries to an invisible and matte finish. In use I used ll the samples and vowed it was one of the best and most cost effective day moisturisers I had ever tried. It's still my "next to buy" on the list of moisturisers when I finish all my tubes and pots in the stash. What they say The Gel-Cream Moisturiser contains a unique and innovative Continuous Release System containing Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin and this formula helps to: To retain water to create a reservoir the Gel replenishes the epidermis with a boost of hydration. As well as continuously releasing moisture through the day the formula protects the skin barrier. Neutrogena has been an innovative leader in skin health working with dermatologists for over 60 years. Benefits: - suitable for dry skin - Fragrance-free - For smooth, supple skin through the day - Continuous Release System containing Hyaluronic acid - Skin is smooth, supple and refreshed - Oil-free - Dermatologist tested Price A 50 ml pot is supposed to be £12.99 but there are ...

Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner 23/05/2017

Black quality kohl

Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner Thanks to Selfridges beauty box which landed this Nars eyeliner in my life. I had tried a lip liner and a blush from Nars and a pencil chubby lipstick that I relaly liked so I was hopeful that the eye liner would also be good too. First impressions This is a black kohl pencil that looks wooden but is plastic with a twist up base so no need to sharpen it, just twist it up. I got the shade via veneto which is a dark black shade, I always use black or brown as an eyeliner so this was perfect for me. About the brand Makeup artist. Photographer. Iconoclast. François Nars is one of the most influential image-makers in the world. His rule-breaking philosophy of beauty celebrates bold originality, supporting decades of fashion world collaborations with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld. The brand, born of François’ fascination with colour purity, debuted with 12 original high-pigment lipsticks at Barney’s New York. Twenty years and countless collections later, NARS continues to bring high fashion, high style, and forward thinking to beauty. In use You can use this eye liner to create a bold, dramatic look but less pressure and some blending can achieve a more natural look. I like to use eye liner to give my lash line a fuller look but I'm not in to thick liner and I only go for the top lid as I get quite watery eyes so the water line lower lashes would end in disaster if I tried to line them! The pencil glides on, the colour is good and it lasts for ages. I use a ...

BeneFit Boi-ing 22/05/2017

Boing! But does this concealer have me jumping for joy?

BeneFit Boi-ing Concealers, I have tried all sorts since my teens, and can never really find a favourite. On a daily basis I do not really bother much with concealer as my foundation or BB cream gives enough coverage but there are times when I want to cover a small break out when I feel I need a little more help. I have owned the Boi-ing concealer from Benefit on more than one occasion, the first time it was far too dark, picked up on discount and almost instantly regretted. The more recent ownership was a multi buy on Feel Unique which resulted in a free Boi-ing concealer (choose the colour you want) and that's how I ended up with one in my collection yet again. First impressions The Boi-ing comes in a cute box which is made to look like a little suitcase. Inside mine has a flip top lid although the full size is screw off rather than hinged. In use I use mine with a little brush or cotton bud if I am travelling to avoid putting my finger in all the product. You never know if you are spreading germs after all. I dab the concealer over the areas I wish to conceal. So that can range from blemishes and sun spots (darker pigmentation) to thread veins around the nose or shadows under the eye. I have a few uneven patches on my forehead too that I sometimes like to conceal. it is recommended to warm it up a bit before so I dab the back of my hand with the brush before using it. My thoughts I have No2 in my collection. You can choose from six shades so I guess mine is light medium. This is a ...

Benefit Dual Sharpener 21/05/2017

Sharpen your tools

Benefit Dual Sharpener Make up these days is so complicated thanks to the wide market choice out there. In pencils, I have lip liners, eye lines, highlighters and brow pencils that all need sharpenining and for some reason they are all different sizes in terms of girth. My last pencil sharpener broke so I was on the lookout for a new one but I knew I needed a dual rather than single sharpener. The purchase I was buying a Benefit gift set to try out their lipsticks and there was a free threshold spend concealer if you bought two ifems from Benefit. I bought the Benefit dual pencil sharpener as the cheaper buy (but I did actually need it anyway!). Priced £4 I did not think this was too bad as it's quite a deluxe one. First impressions The pencil sharpener from Benefit has had a make over since this listing came on to the site. IT is now peachy pink and boxed and the same design as the black one but a lot more girly-fied. There is also a ueful tool attached, a pointy stick which helps with the clean up of the blades after use. There is no guard to catch the shavings so you have to use it over a bin. In use This is quite easy to use. The smaller side is fine for a normal sized pencil and the larger side will fit chunkier pencils. It works in a regular way and creates a nice clean edge on the pencil point. My thoughts I think a lot of us blindly buy make up in a wooden pencil form without a thought as to how we will sharpen it once that lovely shop display point of the pencil is used up. You ...

Benefit They're Real Double the Lip 20/05/2017

Lipstick and liner in one tube

Benefit They're Real Double the Lip This lipstick is a totally new concept for me. It gives a lined effect without having to use a separate pencil as it is all built in to the one lipstick. How I got mine I fancied trying this for a while since I saw this lipstick released although I have not actually seen anyone raving about it! I found a set that had two different colours in it and I thought it would be a good starting point. My set I have this lipstick in two colours: revved up red and pink thrills. You can get it in eight different shades on the Feel Unique website. I got mine in a gift set called "Kissy Missy". I do like the Benefit gift sets because you get to try a few more items for you money (they might not be full sized but still work out to be better value I think). First impressions It is a teardrop shaped lipstick, with a slightly different twist up method (it's like a wheel on the end). The overall shape is long and thin and it is easy to hold. I don't think it will last as long as a normal lippie as it is a lot thinner (and shorter!). In use You do have to think a bit before applying about making sure the liner (darker shade) is on the outside so the top lip is quite easy then you have to spin it around for the bottom lip. My thoughts This lipstick is really different and quite fun to use. I am glad I got to try it. The formula feels quite moisturising and makes my lips nice and soft and it lasts well, until I eat or drink and it transfers off the lips a bit. Price and availability ...

BeneFit Benetint 19/05/2017

multi task with Benetint

BeneFit Benetint If you like to keep make up simple then Benetint is definitely the one for you! This is a multi tasking stain that can be used on lips and cheeks. It is quite a deep red scary looking colour in the bottle but it is blendable and buildable when you wear it as makeup. Benetint is probably the most well known of all the product range from Benefit and has been sold for as long as I have known the range. First impressions This comes in a bottle similar to nail polish. I have had it a few times in make up set, most recently the Kissy Missy set. The liquid goes such a long way I have never actually finished a bottle yet! In use I use the brush to dab a few drops on my lips or cheeks then blend with the fingertips. If I want a deeper lip shade I just add a few more layers letting them all dry in between. It doesn't have a glossy finish like lipstick so it just stains the lips and lasts or a long time and you can dink and eat without it budging. My thoughts I like this as a fuss free product that I will use if I am having a low make up day or I just want a tinted lip without having to apply regular touch ups. I like the economy of the product - a bottle will last a year with regular use quite easily. What they say This is tinted love! Sheer enough for even the fairest of gals Benetint by Benefit gives you an English rose bloom in your cheeks. It’s the original lip and cheek tint that gives streak free, kiss proof colour! Kiss proof and water proof, this indelibly sheer tint, ...

L'Oreal L'Oréal Color Riche A L'Huile 18/05/2017

Grenade bottles

L'Oreal L'Oréal Color Riche A L'Huile I had noticed the L'Oreal nail varnish bottles that looked like a little hand grenade and beinga fan of their make up I was ready to try it out. I picked up a couple of polishes recently in "Cafe du Nuit" and "nude demoiselle" which were both suitable colours to wear for work and pretty neutral in the bottle. I could have picked more nice colours from the range but I thought I'd start off with a couple to see how it went. First impressions The little glass bottles have a nice chunky look to them. They seem robust and hold 13.5 ml of polish which is generous. In use I always do a base coat and usually two layers of colour then a top coat as I find I get a much better length of wear from the manicure. I can go from 5 to 7 days with this method. I am also loving a matte effect top coat at the moment although these polishes do have a shiny finish. The brush It is worth taking a look at the brush in nail polish as it does affect how easy it is to apply. These bottles have a wide brush that is not too long and it is quite easy to apply the polish neatly to the nail. I use the push technique, where you start a little gap above the cuticle and push down before sweeping up. This way, you can get as close as possible to the cuticle without making a mess. If it does go wrong, a cotton bud or small acrylic make up brush dipped in remover creates a clean edge afterwards. Price and availability I have seen these in loads of shops but I bought mine in Tesco and they were £5 each or ...

Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser 17/05/2017

Kylie's choice

Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser I got a tube of the wild rose 24 hour moisturiser in a mini travel set called "party survival" from Korres. I was interested to try out this moisturiser although I have to say that rose is not a favourite scent of mine. About the brand Korres is a modern Greek Apothecary with skin, bath, body and color products formulated with nature's most powerful ingredients. First impressions This is quite a thick cream but it does fit in with the 24 hour theme. I keep it in my swim bag for that post swim tight skin I suffer from. I'm not one for beautifying much after swim but moisturiser fir my face is a must. On the tube it describes this as a moisturiser and brightening cream. In use i was quite pleased that this moisturiser does not have much of an aroma, in fact I could not detect the rose scent although I do find it lightly floral it is nothing overpowering. I felt immediate relief upon application but it did not feel as long lasting as I was expecting. This works fine under make up but I would need a primer as well to get a better base or starting point. My thoughts I have a bit of a mixed view on this moisturiser. It does work quite well but I also find the formula a bit greasy and for a day cream I prefer something a bit lighter and quicker to work with under make up. or this reason I would be more likely to use this as a night cream. Price and availability This is quite an expensive skincare product. A 40 ml tube is £20 on the Look Fantastic website. What they ...

Versace Red Jeans Eau de Toilette 16/05/2017

Accessible, timeless fragrance

Versace Red Jeans Eau de Toilette Versace Red Jeans is a fragrance I have been wearing, on and off since I was 19. I always return to it because I miss it in my life when I don't have any in my perfume collection. This fragrance is so easy to wear, in a fresh and everyday kind of way. Despite the big brand name this is quite a cheap fragrance to buy, and it comes in a lovely tin too so you get a great deal, especially if you shop around. How much and where from I usually buy the 75ml which retails at £15 in Superdrug. I think the fact that I have bought this a dozen times demonstrates my loyalty to this particular fragrance. Main notes A feminine scent with a Floral blend of freesia, lily and red currant. Also contains Freesia, Ylang-Ylang, Sandal Wood, Gardenia and Red Peony. What they say... A Sparkly fragrance that is seductive without being over whelming. Evocative a lifestyle that is young and free. My thoughts I don't know if it is because of the price bracket but I would not wear this on a night out as it's more of a day time perfume to me. It is light and fruity and reminds me of fun times which is a nice way to think of a fragrance. I don't associate this as a floral scent despite the flower content. I guess i am picking up on the red currant more as it definitely smells more like berries. It comes in a nice decorative tin which helps with travel and keeps it away from daylight which also helps it to last longer. I have had bottles for years and they never seem to go 'off'. I also think this ...

Ted Baker Regency Houses Hand Cream 15/05/2017

Regency hands

Ted Baker Regency Houses Hand Cream My friend treated me to a lovely Ted Baker bag of goodies from the Regency Houses range. The hand cream was included in a 50 ml tube. It is described on the back of the tube as a moisturising hand cream with a delicate infusion of Bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and Patchouli will be sure to keep your hands pampered. First impressions This hand cream comes in a nicely decorated tube (which also matches the gift bag print). Its body is pale pink and the lid is gold. It has a flip top lid and you squeeze out a little to use it. In use This hand cream is a simple product to use. I squeeze out an acorn sized blob for both hands (maybe a little less actually!) and work it in to the front and backs of my hands then also around my nail beds to nourish the cuticles. If I am using it around bed time I also give my feet a treat and do the same whilst vertical so I am not treading it in to the carpet. On the hands, it sinks in quickly and is not ever so thick so you can carry on with your business quite quickly. My thoughts i was not sure whether I would like this very much due to the ingredient Patchouli which I am not a big fan of as it reminds me of smelly incense sticks but actually you can't detect it, so I needn't have worried about it. To buy or not to buy? The main selling place for this product seems to be ebay. Mine came in a set so I am not sure of the price paid as it was also a gift. A 125ml hand cream on Boots by Ted Baker is priced £10 currently to give you an idea ...

Shu Uemura Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil 14/05/2017

A lot of bang for your buck!

Shu Uemura Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil First of all, I need to state that this product is not made by Shu Uemura. It is just Sanctuary Spa oil, so the listing is wrong and misleading. I have mixed feelings about the Sanctuary Spa range with products I love and products I hate along the whole product line. I am a sucker for cleansing products, I just love them! Whether it is because I wear make up every day and like to do a proper cleanse (forget double cleansing, let's talk about triple cleansing!... ). The discovery.... i picked up a bottle of this facial cleansing oil from the Latest in Beauty (choose your own selection) subscription. The site has hundreds of items you can pick from and I chose a bottle of cleansing oil as one of my items as i have enjoyed cleansing with oil before and wanted to try this one out. Mine is a 50ml bottle which is a decent size for the sample scheme. First impressions I was a bit disappointed by the basic packaging (not like the listing image so I have taken a picture to share with you). It is quite practical and does not leak so I am happy with that but the bottle is a bit plain with a white plastic lid. I also had an issue with the writing on the clear bottle. I have good eyesight, don't need glasses and have regular eye exams but I could not read the writing on this bottle in any sort of light, I tried holding up to the window, holding it over a towel, squinting, up close, far away, nothing. The bottle was covered in writing but I don't have a clue what it said. I headed ...

QVC 13/05/2017

It's probably not what you think!

QVC QVC stands for .. .Quality, Value, Convenience. You've probably heard of this shopping channel. I buy quite a lot of my beauty supplies from QVC, for several reasons, from quality and value which I will go into in this review. I must state up front that I do not buy other genres (like fashion or garden or electronics) from them so can only comment on my personal experience. In the past... Twenty years ago, QVC was seen as a bit of an obscure way to shop, more for those unable to hit the shops, who had plenty of money to pay over the odds for items but I feel that now, the tables have turned. Why I like it For me, I like to watch the beauty presentations, they show you how to use the products and get the most out of them. They are quite honest and tell you who it won't work for and you can see them using them on different skin tones so you can work out which shade works best for you. Quality There is no rubbish being sold on the website, it is all top brands and high quality items. You do pay a price for that quality but there are plenty of offers to be had and they often sell out online so obviously other people watching think that the price is right. Website I mainly use the website to order items although there is a telephone line you can ring. The videos are captured on the website too so if you miss the live feed you can watch the clip at your leisure. This a good reminder if you have forgotten how something works! Value It's worth keeping an eye on their daily ...

Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil 4 Gun Metal 12/05/2017

A new look from Barry M

Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil 4 Gun Metal My Barry M Eye Shadow Pencil was a bit of an impulse buy. I do not usually buy much from the Barry M range, I usually stop and look at the nail varnishes and that's about it but there was something about this pencil that drew me in. I have pencil no 2 which is the colour bronze. I was branching out in my eye shadow palettes in to more orangey shades and wanted an eye liner that would complement this. First impressions The pencil is chunky in size and has a clear lid. It will need to be sharpened after some use so you will need the 'big end' of a double pencil sharpener to keep it available although not sharp for obvious reasons. The barrel of the pencil is coordinated to the shade of the pencil which you can get in three colours: purple, gold and bronze. All statement colours I think! It also states on the barrel that this is a waterproof product which is good for me as I do suffer from watery eyes so I need my make up to stay put. In use This is a creamy pencil and it is smooth to apply, it needs a minute to 'set' properly but once in place it does not budge easily. The metallic material is easy to spot in it as it very nicely glimmery. it removes with a proper eye make up remover quite easily too. My thoughts This is a nice product but it's not really an eye liner, it is an eye shadow and I am trying to use it as a liner but as it is a chunky pencil it can be hard to get a fine line but I don't mind that as it is not one I wear for work, more of a weekend statement ...

Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Instant Foaming Cleanser 12/05/2017

Calming skin cleanser

Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Instant Foaming Cleanser I have had the Caudalie Fleur de Vigne instant foaming cleanser in a luxury sized sample a few times now, the latest addition coming via the cult beauty bag which had some fantastic beauty items in it and was received as part of a large order from their website. The foaming cleanser is ideal for use in the shower in my opinion and helps give an additional cleanse to my skin. I would add that I usually remove my make up using a cream cleanser, special eye make-up remover and micellar water. The foaming cleanser is a second step cleanser that I use not to remove make up but to give my face a clean without using actual soap. On a day when I did not wear make up I would opt for this foaming cleanser instead. First impressions In the bottle, it is a clear liquid that you can see through the plastic but once you pump it and it meets the air, it turns in to a foam which is very easy to use on my face as a cleanser. In use I use this on wet skin and it smells really fresh, feels light and leaves my skin feeling really clean. I do have to use moisturiser afterwards as it leaves my skin feeling a bit tight too. It is important not to shake the bottle or get any air in to the product before you pump it up. The pump is very smooth and easy to use and each time you press you need to do a full pump so no half measures on this particular product. What they say Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser transforms into a light and airy foam, for gentle and comfortable cleansing that will leave ...
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